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Cambridge Memorial Room 
Cambridge Public Library 


Chilson's Patent Gone Furnaces 


(Patented in America. England and France.) 


Tins Furnace is now in such general use. and 
its reputation being so well and favorably estab- 
lished, renders it needless to particularize here 
Its many superior advantages fori arming build- 
ings over any other known plan. Sizes suitable 
for warming all classes of private or public build- 
ings, and for setting either in Brick Work or as 

Tins celebrated Range has become an INDISPENS- 
ABLE FIXTURE in all well regulated Kitchens. 

It is truly the "COOK'S FAVORITE," 
as can be proved bv the manv thousands of Testi- 
monials received. 

Sizes in variety, f.-r Dwellings. Hotels. Jrc. with or 
without Water-Backs for Bath-Boilers? and 
ot her washing purposes: also HOT PLOSETS WD 
HOT-AIR FIX I 1"1H>. for heating additional rooms 
when desired. No Housekeeper will long use any oth 
er plan of Cooking Range after an examination of tins 



Combines the most important improvements ever made in Cooking Stoves. This statement is fully con- 
firmed by the large number of testimonials received from those who have used these stoves the past sea- 
son, and five minutes examination of the stove itself will further prove all that is c'aimed for it. 

Sizes suited to all practical purposes, from tliat of the smallest family, to the largest class of hotels, with 
or without Water Hacks, Extension Tops, Hot Closet.-. Reservoirs. &c. and fittedfor either Coal or Wood. 

Chilson's New Parlor and store Stoves. Registers, Ventilators, Frame Orates, Ac. constantly on hand, 
and for sale at the Subscriber's Store, 09 & lOl Blackstone St. Boston, or at his Foundry 
in Mans/lcld, Mass. OAlt DCTIElt CHILSON. 

Cambridge Directory 


Successors to Forster, Lawrence & Co. 








II6M11I® ©HAIK! 

All of which are Warranted to be made in the hest manner. 








Decorated & White China, 




■u&A keaw w&mm% 


This is of Brilliant glaze, and is less impervious to water than coarser white granite wares. 

Common Colored and C. C. Rockingham and Yellow 'Ware in original 
Crates, or Repacked. 



Kerosene Lamps . Rich Cut and Moulded Goblets, 

TTJZMrJBlL/ER©, «fcc. 


Nos. 151 & 153 Milk St, Boston. 

George W. Bassett. Abram French, John T. Wells. Lemuel E. Caswell. Lewis G. Coburn. 

Cambridge Directory. 









2^ = 3 

ga £ < » ® 







2 £? & «-. a 


p ^p o-<p, 

s a ' ^sr 

2 2 ojs- 

rt, B 




05 Ui 

-t O 






in 3 -'^ m -I £ >-* *" 

J * !3 - ^ -< rt> <x> 


& JO 



2 2 0' 

*-, O- »^ g © CO ® s 3 P 

o 2 o 

2 p 
P — 
05 w 

2- o 

c o p =H 

oi i rt> S» 
• ^ rt> B 




















— ^ » 


* * * 

*+■ ST 

22 "^ ~ 

s § ; g 

S ^ e. 

8 22 » 

-: - = 

^ oe 

S5 ® 

2 s 


I— ■ 




rt 2 

P s 

3 <P 

".? k 


tr« £ 

B 5* 

C- C/q 

CD ~ 


S 3 










h^ OB 

1— ■ 

Sashes, Box 


1 &• 


s C© 







Ph £ 3 I 

h ' a =j 1 

M — 






Is H 


= s 




a Eh 


' 7 • 



&fl <! 


pit) 2 





M 9 o 
IP *» 2 





BE) *** ^ 
M «* © 

. / ) ^ - - 








Cambridge Directory, 

John D. Sprague & Co. 


!•_'!. LEVERET! S'l'IMOKT. 


Caleb Beal, 


A choice asortment of 

^©as* @@if ©©* tatai , &©* 

Lowest prices for cash. 

All orders called for, and goods delivered free of expense. 
Goods delivered at East Cambridge, Cambridge and Somer- 

LUKE & mm, 


AW® MAWm, 




Orders received by mail will be promptly attended to. 
James Luke, Jr. George H . Bent 



ill Wa®Magt@® 8& - 

Having taken permanently the large and spacious rooms, known as the 


One block south of Boylston Market, we shall be pleased to see our former 
patrons and friends, and all in want of good 


Our Stock, mostly manufactured by ourselves, in the most faithful man- 
ner, of the latest designs, comprising 





In Great Variety, 

Cannot fail to command the favor of all in want of Furniture, whether in 
regard to QUALITY, STYLE, or PRICE. 

Every .Article warranted as recommended. 

N. B. Goods packed in the most faithful manner, and forwarded with- 
out charge to the purchaser. 

S^" Nearly all the Horse Railroad Cars pass directiy by the door, and it 
is in close proximity to the Boston & Worcester, Old Colony, Newport and 
Providence Railroads. 


Boston, August, 1SC.G. 


Cambridge Directory- 






Mo. 25 Court Street, 








( hoice Brands of First Quality of Cigars. 

All kinds of Tobacco, every variety of Pipes, Pocket Books 
Cigar Cae 



f 11E0E 2TI ECJ1S1 





445 Rue de Richelieu, Paris : 



(K^This ; g t h e on iy Steam Scouring Establishment in Mass- 
achusetts, and any others assuming that name are imposters. 

A* ^mWAWW@> 9 

Respectfully informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of Boston and vicinity, 
from the long study and practical experience that he has obtained in his 
native country, and throughout Europe, in the art of Chemistry and Color- 
ing, that he can produce superior and fast colors, and his mode of prepar- 
ing goods for coloring is such that the fabric will in all cases, retain its for- 
mer strength and lively virtue, and in no instance will it assume that dull 
and decayed look unavoidably produced by dyers in this country. 

The public are also informed that this establishment, managed by expe- 
rienced workmen, will give particular attention to the 


In a very superior manner of all kinds of Goods — such as Silks, Satin s, 
Velvets in particular, Merinos, Thibete, Cashmere and Crape Shawls, Can- 
ton and Italian Crapes, Gimps, Fringes, Curtains, Piano and Table Covers, 
Hosiery, &c. &c. 

He is also the inventor of a New Steam Process, far surpassing anything 
yet offered to the public, for cleansing [all made up] all kinds of Ladies' 
and Gentlemen's Dresses and Garments, made of Silk, Velvet or Woolen, 
Plain or Embroidered, without taking to pieces, leaving all the Velvet and 
Silk Trimming on, and without Shrinking. 

He also prides himself upon his skill in Coloring, Cleansing and Curling 
Feathers, so as to give them a life-like and graceful appearance. In this 
particular, he has yet met with no competitor. 

Ladies will please remember that his prices are as low as is often paid for 
inferior work. 

10 Cambridge Directory. 






FRUIT, «fc C . 

Goods delivered in any part of the city free of expense. 
Citizens of Cambridge will find it to their advantage to call and examine 
our stock before purchasing elsewhere. 



ife&n, ®a% & W&t©E Ftp©* 

And Fittings of every description. 





Constantly on hand at lowest prices. 



Advertisements. n 



O* ®>, ©ebb ICo 


Choice Groceries, 

62 A 64 Cambridge St. 

Opposite Chambers Street, * BO S3; OIL 

All the Choice Brands of 

fmmiltj $hm f ffirnkm, $£t. 


Every variety of 

Tea & Coffee, Sugar, Pickles & Preserves, 


And all goods usually kept in a first class Grocery, 


~ < 8 8 >— 







Cambridge Directory. 








I— I 


GO v 













P b 

B, ^ 

O n> 

B B» 


cr> >o 
B B 

X o 

(t> p 
CO "^ 

^ B 

» O 











fL Z B p 
e+ o <r+ P. 


- P >-s CO 







® ° 

Wp |^ 

P - M P 

w • ^ 
Bg fro 

P _ Oq i" 
c^hQ p — 


p ftcg 


p. p H P= 

oj; Ho 
P* & H i—i 

<;B » 

<orq g» 
P P^o 4 
jt> p>n> 

o> » B 

P g^ 



p S^°§ 

p, cT W p 

co p COO 

" 2> §- 

HlJ^P So 

T p p-i" 

P-2.P g 

pro B-g, 
o ^h- 
3 top & 

: -, J — p- » 

o p o r^ 

___ CD •— ^H 

Oi» <jQ 
2 p ► 










tr 1 























H t. tafi 


? ^ ^ 










^— a 







Advertisements. 13 

John Harrington & Co. 

17 Tremont Row, Boston. 

Dealers in HOSIERY, 









Always in store a complete assortment of the above goods, 
in quality and at prices to suit every class of customers. 
We shall devote our whota attention to our 


and shall offer great inducements to families requiring complete 
outfits as above. 


which are superior in quality of Wire, Tape and Maufacture 
to all others, constantly on hand, or made to order. 

Every article marked in Plain Figures. 


14 Cambridge Directory. 

m*L@M & ©Alls 

Photograph Rooms, 


163 & 173 WASHINGTON ST. 

B O ST O Iff. 

Warranted to give satisfaction, are taken at this well known establish- 
ment, at prices varying in accordance with the style and finish, from the 

" Cartes de Yisite," at $4.00 per dozen, to the " Life Size, in Oil, at 

$50 to $125. 

The best Artists the country affords are engaged in finishing 

pictures in 


And no labor or expense is spared in the endeavor to ad- 
vance the art in the appreciation of the public, and to afford to 
the patrons of the establishment that perfect satisfaction their 
generous support demands. 


has been added for the convenience of parties wishing to sit 

for large groups, which, in point of light, and facilities for 

Photographing, cannot be equalled by any in the city. 

Particular attention is also given to 


and this branch of the art is becoming more and more a source 
of comfort to those who have likenesses of deceased relatives 
and friends which they wish preserved. 

The PLctuE© CMlta-? 

is constantly receiving additions, and will amply repay a visit, 
.V cordial invitation is extended to all. 


also enlarged and finished in any style, and in the most perfect 



Liverpool (irate, with soapstone bac». 



B O S T|0 N . 

M a u u f a <• t u r e r a <> f 


Registers, Summer-Pieces, 

!"Stiil>lt» Fixtures, 


Portable Parlor Grate, 


For Wood, or Hard and Soft Coal, 

Constantly on hand a lar>r«' as- >itment of Frames 

of the latest style of patterns. 

Frames trimmed with Silver, Fire-Gilt and Frinces' Metal, at shortest notice. 

B^ = ' Particular attention is paid to the packing of (irate.* for California, 

China, or other foreign places. 

> L aw rence Donovan, 


Havana and Domestic 


puf (Tobacco, pccrsrUaum |£ip#, fa. 

ZVo. 37 Hanover Street, 

Sign of Indian. I >> ( ) S T ON. 

Manufacturer of the celebrated "AS YOU LIKE IT " and " CHAEMEE" brands of Cigars. 


Camb rid report 

Cor. of Main ana* Magazine Sts. 

Photographs and Tintypes of all sizes and i\\ very rea- 
| sonable prices. 

Pictures Copied into every style, and finished in Ink or Colors. 

Remember that there are no stairs to eiimb. 

1<> Cambridge Directory. 

Goldthwait, Snow & Knight, 

Importers and Manufacturers' Agents. 

No. 33 Washington Street, 



npr.ij s Mtmntm wttum, 


f'apestf ,iee, 1 fr r e e B $lye, 


At the very lowest prices. 

By the Single Carpet or in large quantities. Contracts on 

favorable terms for furnishing houses throughout. 



mmran MtnnHdmtn f 


BUGS, &C, 




i:sr.iiti;isg£i:£P t.v 1799. 


Manufacturers <>i* 






S O B 'i' O B 

The Highest Premium 


-i_L_U ; 

Was awarded' to 


For tli 


At the Tenth Exhibition, 1865, of the Massachusetts Chari- 
table Mechanics' Association. 

18 Cambridge Directory 




-< % >— 

Elegantly Embossed in colors. 



Wedding, Business, and Visiting 
Cards; Seals, Bank Checks, &c. 







Branch Office, — 10 Courtland St., New York City. 

493 Main St., Cambridgeport, 

Next to the Masonic Hall Block. 

The undersigned having taken the store as above, would invite the at- 
tention of the public to the following goods : 


Ladies are invited to call before purchasing elsewhere. Sales of Furniture 
at Houses, Stocks in Stores, and Real Estate attended to. 

I. B. KNIGHTS, I. P. DA VIS, Auctioneers. 


To the citizens of Cambridge and vicinity : 

Do you desire a nice article of Hulled Corn ? If so, give us a call, and 
we will warrant a good article, or no sale. Price 10 cents a quart. 

Also JPop Com and Com Balls. 


Corner Norfolk and Main Streets, Basement, Cambridgeport. 




East Cambridge. 

N. B. Furniture neatly Repaired. 

Tl Cambridge Directory, 

III! AIT© ®@¥ s ! 






R. Iff. ROAFS 


Opp. the Cambridge National Bank, 

Charles A. Sawyer, 


Graining & Glazing, 

Mo. 318 Main Street, 

East of Universalist Church, 


Residence, — 72 Columbia, corner Harvard Street. 

N. B. All Orders promptly attended to. 

Advertisements. vii 




Clothes Dr yingMachines 

Snow Shovels, Ladders, Steps, Trellises, &c, 

MAIN ST., Opp. WINDSOR, Cambridgeport, Mass. 
All orders prompty attended to, and work warranted 

j. c. WILDER, 

495 Main St., Cambridgeport. 

Paints and Glass on hand and for sale. All orders promptly attended to 
with dispatch. 



Annunciators and Speaking Tubes, Foot and Gong Bells put up in the best 
manner and warranted to give satisfaction. Kesidence, 400 Main Street. 



Mala W)%^ @pp» @@tamfei^ 


Horse Shoeing and Carriage work promptly attended to. All kinds of 
Iron Work neatly done. 


Cambridge Directory, 




3 sizes. 

The cheapest and 
most economical par 
lor or office stove in 

Keeps Fire 



Without re-kindling 




No dust comes into 
the room while shak- 
ing the grate, and it 
is a saving of 

25 per cent. 

in fuel over all other 



New Magnet Cook Stove, 

Coal or Wood, with Plain or Extension Top. 

In presenting this entirely new stove we feel confident that we are offer- 
ing a stove surpassing any yet introduced, combining all good qualities here- 
tofore introduced, with many new and important features, among which are 
cleanliness, it having one of the best shaking and dumping grates, the ashes 
falling into a nicely arranged Ash Pan located directly under the grate, the 
operation being performed while the stove is entirely closed up, thereby 
avoiding all dust in the room. 



77 Cambridge Street, 



Cambridge Directory. 

TOWS! & SHaMBl, 



mm & fmim m§m% 

of the most approved patterns. 






of every description, together with a complete 
assortment of 


Ice Cream Freezers, &c. 



Done to order in a faithful manner at short notice. 

Advertisements. xi 




Wood, Bark, Cement, Lime, Hair and Plaster, 



Wharf, Cragie's jBridge, East Cambridge. 
Boston Office, ------- 15 Kilby Street. 


All orders addressed by mail or left at either office promptly attended to 

J. H. & J, P, THAYER & CO,, 

House & Sign Painting 

nrnxios no©i4iii^ 

Done at short notice. 


Wholesale and Retail. 
514 & 520 Main St„ next door East of City Sail. 

James H. Thayer, Joshua P. Thayer, Farwell J. Thayer. 

xii Cambridge Directory. 


fin jjwntmtt imttpig. 

CHARTERED, A. D. 1833. 

Available and Cash Capital, $169,534,17. 

This Company continues to insure on First Class 
Risks in any part ot Massachusetts. 

No charges made for Policies, Assignments or Transfers. 

The Company are now paying Forty and Fifty per cent, 
return premium on all expiring policies. 

There are no liabilities or unadjusted losses. 

Applications for Insurance, or renewal of Policies may 
be made at the Company's Office, 

Melledge's Block, corner of Norfolk and Main Streets, 

JOSIAH W. COOK, President. 
John A. Smith, Secretary, 











House Builders, 






Field & Parlor Croquet 

Games manufactured and For Sale, 


Just Below Windsor St. 



Cambridge Directory. 

546 Washington St., Boston. 

Manufacturer and Dealer in all kinds of Ladies' and Gents' 




Cor. Kneeland Street, BOSTON. 

Pianos to let and repaired ; Old Pianos taken in exchange. 
Payment received by instalments, if desired. 










We were awarded the first premium over all competitors at the Fair of 
the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic's Association tor the best Pianos. 
These pianos are celebrated lor eveness of tone, beauty of finish and dura- 
bility ; will stand in tune longer than any other Pianos in the market. We 
warrant them equal, if not superior to any other Pianos in the country. 

We would call especial attention to our new and improved scales. Old in- 
struments exchanged for new on favorable terms. Tuning and Repairing 
done in the best manner. 

r * v .l\ \SES * ciV" A\ 



^ - BOSTON. ~ J. 



Q.TCuvellirig, (Packing ^ Shipping Qrruriks, 

Of all styles and qualities. Also 


Union Block, 47 Unio n Street, Boston. 



Main, corner of Norfolk Street, 

In Buckley's Block, @A3MBM®@E3?Q&^. 

WWill attend to business lu Boston, 


Cambridge Directory. 



Beef, Pork, Lard, Hams, 

Sausages, Pigs' Feet, Apples, Cranberries, Potatoes, &c. 

Brighton St., few doors south of Harvard Square. Cambridge. 

J. Dana Hovey, 




gurssiog sums. 

In Whole, Half, Quarter and Eighth Barrels. 

Potash, Concentrated Lye, &c, English Sauces 
and Pickles, Sardines, 


Not excelled by the most popular mineral waters in the world. 

Pure California Wines, 

From the Vineyard of Messrs. Kohler & Frohling, Los Angeles, California, 

Genuine London Porter and Ale, Jeffrey's Scotch Ale, 
Superior Bottled Cider. 

Garden, Field and Flower Seeds, Guano, Plaster, Flour of Bone, etc. 

Advertisements. xvii 

Charles RI?©r Iran Works 



Gasometers, Sugar Tanks & Wagons, 

Charcoal and Bag Filters, Granulators, Water, 
Oil & Ship's Tanks, Oil Stills, tfc. 

Iron Bridges and Roofs, 

And all Descriptions of Plate Iron Work. 




Manufactured Gutters, Conductors, 

Mouldings to match, etc., constantly on hand. 

Main St., West Boston Bridge, 


Stationary and Portable Steam Engines, 

Furnace Blowers, Force Pumps, Ac, Machinist's Tools of 

all kinds made to order. Dies for Stamping 

Tin Plate of all Patterns made, 

And Jobbing of all kinds done at short notice. 



Cambridge Directory. 

4, <b« i4iri©sir & ©@ 





East Cambridge. 

Boston Office, No. 31 State Street. 






469 Main St., Cambridgeport. 





418 Main St., Cambridgeport. 




WftJttiitig mi iflitilikling 


Nos. 87 & 89 Blackstone St, Boston. 

Wte> M©@ti I© 


The Cheapest ! The Best ! ! The most Powerful ! ! ! 
and the most Economical 

We invite special attention to our IMPROVED VENTILATING and 
GAS CONSUMING FURNACES, differing in many essential particulars, 
from those which heretofore have been offered to Ihe public. 

They are constructed upon new and improved principles, and cannot 
be excelled m economy, durability, power of heat, purity of air, and ease of 

Cambridge Directory. 


385 Washington St. Boston. 




(Plummer Professor at Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.) 
Messrs. A. M. McPhail & Co. 

Tbe Piano I bought of you ten months ago, gives entire and perfect satisfaction, and is believed to 
be an unsurpassed instrument of its kind. Many performers.— some of these, persons of superior 
skill,— have tried it, and all, without exception, have spoken of it in terms of unqualified praise I 
6hall be glad fur vou to use my name, or to make reference to me, in any way in which it can be' of 
service to you. I am'very truly, A. P. PEABODY. 



The following Gen- 
tlemen, with hun- 
dreds of others have 
furnished testimo- 
nials, and kindly al- 
low reference to 

Mat. Gkn. J. H. LaNE. Prof. L. MARSHALL, 


For delicacy of touch 
purity and brilliancy 
of tone, and beauty 
of finish, these in- 
struments are unsur 







ISTos. 4:4r and. 4=Q Union St. 





Window Shades, Mirrors, Mattresses, Feathers, &c., Setts of Parlor and Chamber 
Furniture. Sold at Retail at Wholesale Prices. 

C . D . WILDER, 


Corner of Main and Norfolk Streets, 

Custom Work and Repairing done in the best manner. 




Blackstone St., CAMBRIDGEPORT. 



CLOTH WOEK, both plain and gilt, 


In every Style, and in the best manner. 

Large or small editions of works neatly and speedily bound. 
Orders by Mail, or left at Messrs. Little, Brown, & Co.'s, Boston, will receive 
prompt attention. 






Cambridge St., near Prospect, 


Keep on hand and put up to order, in Barrels, half Barrels, Tin Boxes/^etc, all 
kinds of CRACKERS, viz : 

Butter, Water, Soda, Wine, Milk, Pic-Mc, Oyster, Graham, 
Toast, Pilot, and Soft Crackers. 

D^- All orders addressed to THURSTON, HALL, & CO., Cambridgeport, 
Mass., will be promptly attended to. 



Manufacturers of Stationary and Portable 





Iron Roofs, Kettle Curbs, Shafting and Pulleys, and Machinery 
of all kinds. 






^0^1 IFatttitg Chromi**; 

Pork, Lard, Hams, etc., Paints, Oil, Glass, and Putty. 

Gore, cor. Third Sts., E. Cambridge. 

The best Family Flour constantly on hand. 


Carriage and Sign Painter, 

Cor. Cambridge and First Streets, 

H. IfcYIDEIS, &z CO., 


Wmi inSk SEtaofe Wlmt f 

TEAS, Sz>g. 
Cor. Iiiman and Hampshire Streets, - - CAMBR1DGEP0RT. 




Main Street, next to Luke's Grain Store, L. P. 

Particular attention paid to Horse-shoeing in all its branches. New work 
and Jobbing attended to with despatch. 




J. J. McNUTT, Builder and Manufacturer of Wood Mouldings, Brackets, Bank Counters 
and Desks, Sashes, Doors, Window Frames, Drawers, Packing Boxes, &c. Planing, Sawing, 
Turning, Fret Sawing, &c. Also, Hope, Twist, and Spiral Mouldings and Balusters. 

All orders addressed to J. J. McNUTT, Novelty Wood Works, will be executed with promptness 
and despatch. 


§du St Bmthp Ikilte, 

Near the College, Cambridge, Mass. 


Particular attention paid to Repairing in all its branches. 

Flanders" Exchange H@tel f 

Junction Cambridge and Bridge Streets. 



J. M. FLANDERS, Proprietor. 



thee union 






Manufactured under 


Public Buildings and Institutions, Railway Stations, Hospitals, Stores, School-houses, 

Churches, Green-houses, &c, and with special success and 

acceptance in Private Residences. 

B. F. CAMPBELL, Superintendent 

57 Bromfield Street, Boston. 










J. Vv\ WEST. 

Particular attention paid to Custom Work. 

Citizens of Ca?nbridge, Try us. 

Collector art (Smral fjnsiiuss &%tnt, 

Office, Mechanics' Exchange, 23 State Street, 

House, 33 Handeii Street, Charlestown. 

Office Hours, 9 to 11 A. M. ; 3 to 5 P. M. 

Special attention given to the collection of Debts, Dues, and Demands in Boston 
and vicinity; also, to the recovery of Personal Property on Lease or Mortgage upon 
breach of conditions. 

Physicians requiring the services of an experienced Collector, will find in him an 
efficient and reliable representative. 

Satisfactory References Furnished. 





Flour and Grai?i, of all kinds, 

Provisions, Salt, Faints, Oils, 


Cor. of Bridge and. East Streets, 








12 Cornhill & 25 Washington Street, 

(One of the Oldest Stands in Boston) 

Manufacturers and Dealers in 



• Feather Beds, Mattresses, 

Looking Grlasses, 


Parlor, Library, Dining, and Chamber 


Of Rosewood, 3Iahog-any, Walnut, Oak, 
Chestnut, and 

Painted in every variety of style to suit the Purchaser. 



€#41, W##H 

AHD BA££, 




Orders sent by Mail, or left at Messrs. J. E. Thater & Bros., 40 State Street, 
Boston, will receive prompt attention. 





Office in Bsink Bnilding., 

Residence, 38 Second Street. 


Order Boxes at the Offices of E. W. Sanborn, Court Square, 
and H. Merrill, 59 Court Street, Boston. 

, S. A. STETSON & CO., 

352 Washington Street, 

(Hay ward Block), BOSTON, 

Manufacturers and Dealers in 




Fixtures Refinished, and Pipes Repaired. 

G-. FEEA, 


423 Washington St., Boston. 

G. F. manufactures every description of Fancy French and German Confection- 
ery Wokk. Families supplied with everything requisite for a genteel dinner or eve- 
ning party. Ice Creams, Plain and Fancy Cakes, Pastry and Confectionery, constant- 
ly on hand. Parties supplied at the shortest notice with Sherbert Jelly, Blanc 
Mange, Table Ornaments, &c. 

03^ Every article from this Establishment warranted first quality or no charge. 



Agent for the sale of 



& BAKK. 

F. T. Lerned formerly of the firm of T. P. LERNED & SON, would be 
happy to see any of his old customers and others who may favor him with 
a call, and hopes by a strict attention to business to merit their continued 

He has constantly on hand all of the choice Coals for family use includ- 
ing the following kinds, viz :— 








ENGLISH CANNEL, ) Soft Coals for 
SCOTCH CANNEL & } Parlor Grates 
WESTMORELAND, S and Offices. 


Old Co's Lehigh Lump, 





Orders by Mail addressed either Boston or Cambridgeport, will 
receive prompt attention. 



-t q a a 7 w 








/X\_ Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1866, by DEAN g/(6) 
SdJPk. v Dudley, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for JlfflG^ 

*• the District of Massachusetts. &n)le) 


PRICE, $1.25. 


Manufacturers of 




%$%mi!hxittitt (BtatftaM* ffetaafj: %mtlvltim f 

Also, a Silver Medal, First Premium 


SILVER MEDAL, Highest Premium, and only one awarded 
For Superior Workmanship* 

The following are Extracts from the Heport: 

" The Grand Piano-Fortes of Messrs. Hallet, Davis & Co., have many 
very admirable features. Thev have a great body of tone, and are specially 
commended for their fine touch and their beautifal singing quality." 

" The Square Piano, of the same makers, No. 12,790, was very much ad- 
mired. It has g ea; fulness, depth and mellowness of tone, and in certain 
grave styles of nusic would probably be unexcelled by any similar instru- 
ment on exhibit on." 

Besides the above, Thirty-two First Premiums have been awarded 
our Pianos. — nine f< r Grand and Best Parlor Grands. 

TgiT'JZvery I?istrument is Warranted for Five Years* 

Second-hand Pianos taken in exchange for new. 
Illustrated Catalogues sent free to any address desired. 




This volume of the Cambridge Directory has thousands of changes in 
various locations and firms. The improvements on the last issue are so 
conspicuous as to require no mention here. Infinite pains have been 
taken to get reliable information. In some parts of Cambridge the ground 
has been canvassed over several times, for the purpose of correcting former 

Three printing offices have been employed in order to expedite the typo- 
graphical part of the work. But, I regret to say, that the firm in Cam- 
bridge, who undertook to print the middle portion of the book, have de- 
layed it considerably ; and hereafter, I shall not entrust the printing of any 
part to any office but my own. 


Boston Business Directory Office, 

55 Water St., Boston. 


Allen A Endicott, page xxii 

Baldwin A Tileston, 14 

Bassett, French A Co., front col. 3 

Bates Geo. W. 21 

Bay ley A. R. 24 

Bay State Commercial College, at head of 

every second two pages. 
Becker Frank, colored, 186 

Bent, Griffith A Co., front, colored, 15 

Bill A. D. back col. leaves. 
Blake £. H. 26 

Black A Case, front colored, 14 

Boston Silver Glass Co. 8 

Braman, Shaw & Co. front colored, 2 

Brewer David, xvi 

Brooks Wm. C. A Co. 2 

Brown W. P. 23 

Bryent Walter, 30 

Buckley A Bancroft, front colored, 7 

Burton H. E. V 

Berkshire Life Ins. Co. inside back cover 
Butterworth John, outside of back cover 
Cambridge Chronicle, 10 

Cambridge Lauudry, 23 

Cambridge Mutual Fire Insurance Co. xii 
Cambridge Press, 21 

Campbell B. F. xxv 

Carew Thomas A. 1 

Carruth D. J. & Co. 20 

Chapman F. Ln xxiv 

Chase George W. 15 

Chelsea Dye House, 6 

Chilson Gardner, iront colored, 1 

Choate Henry A. lines around front cover 
Clapp Otis, 5 

Codman A Shurtleff. opp. contents. 
Cohen S. 21 

Coleman A Clapp, colored page, 187 

Collamore H. L. & Co. 14 

Colley B. E. A Co. xiv 

Commercial College, front, colored, 13 

Cook J. M. 20 

Cook J. W. xii 

Cox Leonard, 23 

Cushman E. F. top ef every other two pages 
Danforth Charles H. front colored page 15 
Davis T. M. 29 

Davis A Co., back, colored, . 
Dillingham J. R. front col. 12 

Donovan Lawrence, front col. 15 

Drake A Son, 24 

Draper A Halliday, front col. 12 

Estes LP. 19 

Engley Wm. F. xv 

Evans Joseph vii 

Fairbanks & Beard, bottom every fourth p. 
Fairbanks, Brown A Co., inside front cover 
Fera Geo. xxviii 

Fisher George, 10 

Flagg A Favor, 5 

Flanders J. M. xxiv 

French Charles, opp. commencem't of name* 









French James, 
Fyfe A Carruth, 
Gale, Dudley & Co. 
Geldowsky F. 
Getchell Randolph C 
Goldthwait, Snow A Knight, front col 
Gove Calvin, front col. 
Graves George Jr. 
Gray James, 
Greenleaf Geo. W. 
Hallett, Davis & Co. opp. preface. 
Hammond J. W. 

Harrington John A Co. front col. 
Haskell Wm. H. vlii A ix 

Haynes J. W. (Boston Silver Glass Co.) 8 

Healey James H. xxiii 

Healey J. I. A Brother, 18 

Hendley & Goodall, xxvi 

Hichborn Geo. R. A Co. 11 

Higginson Stephen, 9 

Hobart Joshua, 24 

Holman John A Co. front, colored, 5 

Holmes & Blanchard, 16 

Holmes A Davis, 15 

Holt A. F., M. D. 1 

Holt Joseph G. xxi 

HoytB. J. Tii 

Hovey H. N. xxiii 

Hovey J. Dana, xvi 
Hubbard J. W., col. page, opp. bus. dlrect'y 

Hudson Thomas S. 31 
Hunnewell J.L. col. opp. bus. directory 
Hyde James F. C. outside back cover 

Jackson Joseph A. 12 

Jackson S. 8. 6 
Kelley J. Wesley, top front cover 

Kendall A Roberts, xvil 

Kennedy F. A. v 

Kern & Fitch, 12 

Kimball William, vil 

Knights A Davis, v 

Learnard A Hartley, front colored 6 

Leavitt H. H. 22 

Lemon A. F. xxi 
Lerned Fred. T. opp. title page. 

Lewando A. front col. 9 
Litchfield R. Jr. outside back cover 

Lockhart A Seelye, 2 

Lombard A Co. 31 

Lovell & Parker, front colored, 11 

Lowell A Britt, front, colored, 18 

Luke A Bent, front colored, 6 

Luke E. H. colored page, 186 

Kinsley Lyman A Co. I 

Maiden Dye House Co. 20 

MarcyH.O.,M.D., 4 

Mason TV. A. 
Maynard E. W. 
McCorraick M. 
McDermott W. O. 
McNutt J.J. 
McPhail A. M. & Co. 
Merriam & Co. 
Metcalf M.J. & Son, 
Miller Stephen, 
Mills Wm. 
Moore Clark, 
Morandl Francis, 
Morgan Alfred, 
Mnnroe & West, 
Munroe Wm. A. 
Neff W. J. Mrs. 
Osborn D. front col. 
Packard Alvin, 
Packard & Burrill, 
Pond Moses, colored pages, 

Parker Artemas, 

Parker Luther L. 
Parker Sewing Machine, 
Peak John & Son, 

Pond & Dunoklee, 

Read James J., colored, 

Rich, Pitman & Co. 

Richards Geo. H. outside 

Roaf R. N. 

Royal Insurance Company, 

Ryder H. & Co. 

Sage O. W. 

Sanborn, Moore & Co. 

Sanborn A. C. & Co. 

Sawyer C. A. 

Sawyer J. S. 

Sever & Francis, outside 

Shelton & Cheever, front colored 

Smalley L. W., front colored. 

Smart G. A. 
















200, 201 








back cover 









front cover 


Smith J. N. & Sob, If 

Smith M. L. 11 

Souther, Flint & Co. «1 

Sprague John D. & Co., front colored, 6 

Stearns Nathaniel C front colored, 4 

Steer John, end of letter Z 

Stetson S. A. & Co. xxviii 

Stone Charles, 
Stratton T. W. 
Taylor Simeon 
Taylor & Mason 
Thayer J. H. &. J. P. & Co. 
Thurston, Hall & Co. 
Thwing & Collins 
Towne & Fuller 
T raiser Henry 







Tuesley & Griffin foot of every fourth page 

Tufts F. H. 26 

Turner G. R. * 

Tuttle A. C. 23 

Tyler J. L. »▼ 

Uhrig Joseph. xviii 

Walker F. A. & Co. front col. p. 12 

Walworth Jas. J. & Co. front col. p. 10 

WardH.B. 12 

Ware Geo. W. & Co. xxvii 
Warren Geo. K. foot of every other page 

Warren Ralph 21 
Whitney & Brackett inside of back cover 
White, E. Y„ M. D ., back colored 

White Hannah M. 16 

Wellington Bros. xi 

Wilder C. D. xxl 

Wilder J . C. vil 

Williams & Everett 25 
Wilson H. G. front edge of leaves 

Wilson, Banister & Rollins 23 

Winchester E. A. A W. front col. p. 17 

Woodward A Brown xv 

Wyman Wm. xxvii 

Young A. E. Boston Silver Glass Co. 8 


Abbreviations. 13 

Advertisements, colored 
leaves in front and bacK 
part of the Directory, 
white leaves in front, 
pp. v — xxviii inclusive, 
numbered with Roman 
numerals, and pp. 1—36, 
Inclusive, at end of the 
book, numbered with 
figures. The Index to 
the Advertisements, is at 
nage 3. 
Afmanac, (Counting 

House), 4 

Banks, 207 

Bridges, 5 

Buildings, Blocks, Halls, 

Ac, 12 

Business Directory 179 

Cambridge City Officers, 
Ac, 204 





Church Societies, 


Odd Fellows' Lodges, 


City Register, 


Religious Societies, 




Private Schools and 

County Officers, 






Railroad Companies, 


Directory to Dwelling- 

Savings Banks, 




Schools, Public, 


Directory to business 

14 Private, 






Fire Department, 






Streets, Courts Squares, 



Lanes. Places, Ac, 


Harvard University Offi- 

Teachers of Public 





Index to Advertisements 


Teachers of Private 

Lawyers, see Counsel- 





Temperance Organiza- 

Masonic Societies, 




Mt. Auburn Cemetery, 




Municipal Register, 


Ward Boundaries, 







Atwood, S. C. restaurant, Masonic Block, h 

16 Auburn 
Brown, Geo. H. armorer, 15 Auburn 
Buckley, Daniel A. coppersmith, 15 Auburn 
Clano, Frederick (D. Oummings A Co.,) b 

"V ooden ware, 42 South Market, house River 

near Franklin 
Holt. A. F. physician, has removed his 
t effice to Main opp. Pearl, 
Farrell M. J. armorer, 15 Aubnrn 

King A Pearson, Photographers, Harvard Sq. 
Marcv, H. O. Physician, has removed to 8 

Mitchell J. S. A Co., Photographs, have sold 

out to King A Pearson 
Stevens, Frank R. clerk P. O., instead of letter 

White, Edward Y. Surgeon. Dentist Main cor. 

Essex St., Cambridgeport 
Wood, F. A., M.D., Office, No. 9 Austin Street 

Codman & Shurtleff, 




Besides a complete assortment of articles intended for the exclusive use 
of the Medical and Dental professions, have always in store, at lowest 
prices, a great variety of the following articles, suitable, to the wants of the 
general public 

A large assortment of best patterns from which to select, to meet the 
requirements of each case. If possible, persons requiring Trusses should 
call at our establishment, where they can have a suitable Truss carefully 
fitted, by a competent and experienced person, familiar with the anatomy 
of Hernia. When a call in person is impracticable, a careful description 
should be sent, stating whether the rupture is on the right or left side ; also 
the measure around the person, two inches below the top of the hip-bone. 
If the rupture is at the navel, the measure should be aroun the body at the 


For Varicose Veins, Swollen Limbs, and Weak Joints. Of these goods we 
have several classes of Silk and Cotton, possessing different degrees of 
elasticity ; the " Stout Silk " being usually the most satisfactory. The sizes 
are of full length (of leg), three-quarters, half, or Knee-Hose, Knee-Caps, 
and Anklets. 

Also, Elastic and Spring Abdominal Surporters, Shoulder Braces, Sus- 
pensory Bandages, Apparatus for Weak Ankles, Bow Legs, Club Feet, etc. 

Also, Crutches of various and most approved kinds ; Syringes ; Rubber 
Urinals, to wear on the person, day or night, for Males and Females ; Gal- 
vanic Batteries ; Hearing Trumpets ; Auricles and Conversation Tubes for 
the Deaf; Respirators, to prevent coughing on entering cold or warm air ; 
together with many other articles for the use of the sick and invalids. 

N. B. For the convenience of Ladies, separate apartments and attend- 
ance by those of their own sex. 

S^T" Instruments, Shears, Scissors, Razors, Knives, etc., Sharpened.and 
Repaired in the best manner. 

A liberal discount to the trade. 

J. French, 80 Washington St., Boston, 



Houses, Stores, and Land, in Boston and vicinity ; Farms and Beal Es- 
tate of every description, in all parts of the United States, bought and sold 
on the most liberal terms. Also negotiation of Notes and Mortgages. 
Particular attention paid to the care of Keal Estate, Collection of Bents, 
Dividends, and Interest. 



SalMolTu WeTh'Fr Sa SulMo Tu We Tli Fr Sa 


5 6| 7 
12 13 14 

2 3 

9 10 

16 17 

19 20 2122 23 24 25 
26 27 28 29 3031 


2 3 4 5 6 7 

9 10 11 12 13 14 
16 17 18 19 20 21 
23 24 25 26 2728 
30 — 

— 1 
7 8 

3 4 5 
9 10 1112 

14 15 16 17 18 19 

3 4 5 

10 11 12 

2122 23 24 2: 
28 29 30 31- 




2 3 
14 15 16 17 

18 19 20 2122 23 
25 26 27 28 29 30 

2| 3 

51 6 
12 13 

16 17 18 19 20 21 

23 24 25 26 27 26 29 

2i 3 4 

^|20 2l!22!23 24 25|26 
127 28!2930 3i: — I — 

6 Y 

13 14 
1718 19 20 21 

24 25 26 27 

3 4 5 

10 11 12 
17 18 19 
24 25 26 





1 2 

8| 9 


21 22 23 
28 29 30 

11 12 


24 25 

6 7 
12 13 14 
19 ! 20'21 

26 27 28 



29 30 31 

3 4 5 6 7 
10 11 1213 14 

17 18 19 20 21 

23124 25 262728 


1 2 3 4 5 

8 9101112 

15 16 1748 19 

22 23 24 25 26 

28:29 30 31 


1®6 Washington St. 3 Boston. 


Allen street, from North avenue to Orchard 

Allston, from between Magazine and Pearl to Waverley 

Amory, from Broadway to Hampshire 

Antrim, from Cambridge to Broadway 

Appian Way, from Garden to Brattle 

Appleton, from Brattle to Vassal Lane 

Arrow, from Main to Bow 

Ash, from Brattle to Mount Auburn 

Ash street court, from Ash street 

Auburn, from Sydney to Pleasant 

Auburn court, from Auburn to Watson 

Austin, from Main to Inman 

Austin place, from Austin between Norfolk and Essex 

Avon, from Linnaean to Shepard 

Baldwin, from Cambridge to Kirkland 

Baldwin place, from Baldwin street 

Banks, from Mount Auburn to Western avenue 

Bath, from Mount Auburn to the wharf 

Bay, from Main to Kinnard 

Beacon street (Somerville), from Hampshire street to Milk street 

Beech, from North avenue, opposite Porter's, to Elm, in Somerville 

Berkeley, from Phillips place to Craigie 

Berkshire, from Bristol north 

Blackstone, from River to Western avenue 

Blair place, from Bolton street 

Boardman, from Harvard to Broadway 

Bolton, from Dublin east and west 

Bond, from Concord avenue to Garden 

Bow, from Main to Mount Auburn 

Bowdoin, from Linnaean to North avenue 

Brattle, from Brattle square to Watertown 

Brattle square, head of Brattle street 

Brewery street, from Broadway to Washington 

Bridge, from Craigie's Bridge to Somerville 

Brighton, from Harvard square to Brighton line 

Brighton Bridges, from River st. and from Western ave. to Brighton 

Bristol, from Market to Hampshire, and from Webster av. to Portland 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Canibridgcport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, Boston. 


Broadway, from Main, Ward 2, to Cambridge 

Brookline, from Main to the river 

Brookline bridge, from Brookline street to Brookline 

Brooks, from Magazine to Pearl 

Brooks court, from School to Gilpin 

Buckingham, from Craigie to Concord avenue 

Cambridge, from Bridge to Kirkland 

Cambridge Great Bridge, from Brighton street to Brighton 

Carver, from Sacramento to Somerville 

Cedar, from Spruce to North avenue 

Centre, from Hancock to Dana 

Chapel place, from North avenue to Holmes Chapel 

Chapman place, from Howard street to Gerry 

Charles, from near Sixth to the water 

Charles court, from Charles near Third 

Charles river, from Mount Auburn to Dyke street. 

Chatham, from Cotton to Dana 

Chauncy, from North avenue to Garden 

Cherry, from Main to Harvard 

Chester, from North avenue to Somerville 

Chestnut, from Pleasant to Magazine, and from Pearl to Waverley, 

Ward 4 
Chestnut, from Bow to Main, Ward 1 
Chestnut place, from Essex east near Harvard 
Church, from Harvard square to Brattle 
Clark, from School to Webster avenue 
Clay, from Spruce to Harvey 
Clifton, from Spruce to Harvey 
Clinton, from Main to Harvard 

Coggswell avenue, from North avenue to Fitchburg R. R. 
Columbia, from Main to Somerville 
Concord avenue, from Waterhouse to Belmont 
Coolidge avenue, from Mount Auburn to Watertown 
Copperthwait, from DeWolf to Banks 
Cottage, from Beacon to Elm, in Somerville, Ward 5 
Cottage, from Pleasant to Pearl, Ward 4 
Cottage court, from Cottage near Pearl 
Court, from Main to Charles 
Cragie, from Concord avenue to Brattle 
Cragie's bridge, from East Cambridge to Boston 
Crescent, from Oxford to Sacramento 
Cross, from Main to Franklin 
Crossland, from Bristol to Clark 
Dana, from Main to Cambridge 
Dana court, from Western avenue near Pleasant 
Dana square, Magazine, from Brooks to Lake 
Daniels court, from Hillard 
Davenport, from near North avenue to Elm 
Davis, from Harvard to Hampshire 

Fairbanks and Beard, Howard St., Boston, Wholesale Dealers in Draught Ale. 

All Branches of a Complete Business Education Practically Taught. 


Deacon, east from Pioneer to Dock street 

DeWolf, from Mount Auburn to Copperthwait 

Dickinson, from Davis to Broadway 

Distillhouse street, from Cambridge near Windsor to Somerville 

Divinity avenue, from Kirkland north 

Dock, from Broadway to Deacon 

Donnell, from Concord avenue to Garden 

Douglass, from Main to Austin „ 

Dublin, from Garden to Spruce 

Dunster, from Harvard square to College wharf 

Dyke, from DeWolf to Holyoke 

East, from Bridge to Hall's wharf 

Eaton, from Pine to Cherry near School 

Eighth, from Spring to Cambridge 

Eliot, from Brighton to Mount Auburn 

Ellsworth, from Broadway to Cambridge 

Ellery, from Main to Cambridge 

Elm, from Harvard to Webster avenue 

Elmwood avenue, from Brattle to Mount Auburn 

Erie, from Magazine to Brookline 

Essex, from Main to Harvard 

Essex court, from Essex 

Everett, from North avenue to Oxford 

Everett place, from Mount Auburn to Gas Works 

Fayerweather, from Brattle street north 

Fayette, from Cambridge to Broadway 

Fifth, from Charles to Winter 

First, from Cambridge to Otis 

Follen, from Waterhouse to Concord avenue 

Forest, from North avenue to Oxford 

Fort Putnam, junction of Fourth and Otis 

Fort Washington, Washington square, foot of Hamilton street 

Fort , east of Cambridge Cemetery 

Fort , Franklin near Putnam 

Foster, from Lowell to Willard 

Fourth, from Charles to Bridge 

Franklin, from Putnam to Sydney 

Franklin alley, from Cambridge to Gore 

Fremont, from River to Pleasant 

Fresh Pond lane, from Brattle to Fresh Pond Hotel 

Frisbee place, from Kirkland opposite Quincy 

Front, from Main to Village 

Front street court, from Front near Sydney 

Garden, from North avenue to brickyard 

Gardner, from Tremont to Prospect 

Gardner court, from Mount Auburn opposite Story 

Gilpin, from Main to Washington 

Gerry, from Mount Auburn opposite Hillard 

Gore, from Bridge to Somerville 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building-, Cauikidgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cushman, sue. to Cusbnian & Brooks, 90-04 Trem. St., Boston, 


Green, from Pearl to Putnam, and from Brookline to Sydney 

Groveland, from Spruce south 

Hamilton, from Magazine to Waverley 

Hammond, from Oxford to Carver 

Hampshire, from Broadway, L. P., to Somerville 

Hancock, from Main to Broadway 

Harrison, from Main to Washington 

Harrison avenue, from River to Pleasant 

Harrison place, from Bowdoin to Wright 

Harvard, from Main, L. P., to Main near Harvard square 

Harvard square, junction of Main and Brattle 

Harvey, from Cedar west 

Hastings, from Moore to Brewery street 

Hastings square, Brookline, between Chestnut and Henry 

Haymarket square, Main, junction of Western avenue, River, and 

Magazine streets 
Henry, from Waverley to Pearl 
Highland, from Appleton to Reservoir street 
Hillard, from Brattle to Mount Auburn 
Hollis, from North avenue to Spruce 
Holmes place, from Kirkland to North avenue 
Holyoke place, from Mount Auburn to Holyoke 
Holyoke street, from Main to Dyke street 
Houghton, from Prospect to Oak 
Howard, from River to Kinnard 

Howard court, from Mount Auburn north to Charles river 
Hunting, from Cambridge street to Somerville 
Inman, from Main to Hampshire 
Irving, from Cambridge to Kirkland 
Irving place, from Brattle to Foster 
Jackson, from Spruce to Harvey 
James, from Brattle to Mason 
Jay, from River to Kinnard 

Jennings, from Brookline near Main to Jennings court 
Jennings court, from 2 Front street to Jennings street 
Jones alley, from Broadway to West 
Kent, from River to Western avenue 
Kinnard, from River to Putnam 
Kirkland, from North avenue to Somerville 
Kirkland place, from Kirkland near Divinity avenue 
Lake, from Magazine to Pearl 
Lambert, from Cambridge to Gore 

Lambert avenue, from North avenue near Fitchburg Railroad 
Lechmere place, from North to Boston and Lowell Railroad 
Lee, from Main to Broadway 
Leighton court, from East street west 
Leland street, from Brookline to Pearl 
Lilac court, from Portland west, near Hampshire 
Lincoln, from Windsor to Elm 

Tuesly k Griffin, Hats, Caps, Furs, k, 15S k 1(J0 Court St., Bowdoin Sq„ Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Paris Artificial Flowers, Wreaths, Buds, Arc. 


Lincoln place, from Essex east, near Austin 

Linden, from Main to Mount Auburn 

Line, from Cambridge hear Fayette to Kirkland 

Linnaean, from Garden to North avenue 

Loughrey, from Dock street to Pioneer 

Lowell, from Mount Auburn to Brattle 

Madison, from Concord avenue to Garden 

Magazine, from Main to Captain's Island 

Magazine court, from Magazine street to Walnut court 

Main, from West Boston Bridge to Harvard square 

Maple avenue, from Broadway to Cambridge 

Market, from Broadway to Elm 

Mason, from Garden to Brattle 

Meacham, from North avenue to Somerville 

Mellen, from North avenue to Oxford 

Mill street, from Holyoke to DeWolf 

Monroe alley, from Court to the water, Ward 3 

Montgomery, from Spruce to Harvey 

Moore, from Broadway to Washington 

Mount Auburn, from Main to Brattle 

Mount Vernon, from North avenue near Lambert avenue 

Murdock, from Gardner to Hampshire 

Murdock court, from Western avenue to Putnam 

Murdock place, from Mount Auburn near Sparks 

Norfolk, from Main to Somerville 

North, from East to Water 

North avenue, from Harvard square to West Cambridge 

Norton, from Bowdoin to Avon 

Norton court, from Norton near Wright 

Norton place, from Kirkland, opposite Irving 

Oak, from Cambridge street to Somerville 

Orchard, from Davenport to Somerville 

Osborn, from Main south to the marsh 

Otis, from First to Eighth 

Otis place, from Mount Auburn opposite Hillard 

Owen place, from Eliot west 

Oxford, from Kirkland north to Somerville 

Palmer, from Brattle to Church 

Park, from Pleasant to Magazine 

Pearl, from Main to Henry 

Perry, from Magazine to Pearl 

Phillips place, from Mason to Garden 

Pine, from Harvard to School 

Pioneer, from Broadway to Deacon, L. P. 

Pioneer place, from Dock street to Broadway 

Pleasant, from Main to Willow 

Plymouth, from Hampshire to Portland 

Portland, from Hampshire to Cambridge 

Prescott, from Harvard to Cambridge 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kneeland St., Boston. 


Preston, from Cambridge to Kirkland 

Prince, from Pleasant and from Magazine 

Prison Point Bridge, from Cambridge street to Charlestown 

Prospect, from Main to Somerville 

Putnam, from Mt. Auburn to Western Avenue 

Quincy, from Kirkland to Main 

Railroad street, from Dublin to Sargent 

Raymond, from Linnaean to Walden 

Reed, from Spruce to Harvey 

Reed's lane, from Broadway to West 

Remington, from Main to Harvard 

Reservoir street, from Fayerweather to Vassal lane, opposite Walden 

Rice, from North avenue to Cedar 

Rice place, from Mt. Auburn, near Lowell 

Rideout, from Cambridge street to Somerville 

River, from Main to Brighton line 

Rockwell, from Pleasant to River 

Roseland, from North avenue to Somerville 

Roslyn, from Brattle to Mt. Auburn 

Russell, from North avenue to Somerville 

Sacramento, from North avenue to Somerville 

Sargent, from Spruce to Railroad street 

School, from Austin to Main 

School court, from Brattle opposite Story 

Shepard, from North avenue to Garden 

Short, from Bridge to North, Ward 3 

Short, from Pleasant to Magazine, Ward 4 

Sixth, from Vine to Gore 

Soden, from Western avenue to Franklin 

Somerset, from Pleasant to the creek 

Somerset place, from Magazine to Magazine 

South, from Brighton to Holyoke 

Second, from Gore to Spring 

Seventh, from between Spring and Thorndike to Cambridge 

Seventh street court, north from Cambridge 

Sparks, from Mt. Auburn to Vassal Lane 

Spring, from South Second to Eighth 

Spruce, from North Avenue to the Meadows 

Staie, from Front to Osborn 

Stevens court, from Fourth west, north of Winter 

Story, from Brattle to Mt. Auburn 

Suffolk, from Columbia to Norfolk 

Summer, from Prospect to Inman 

Sydney, from Henry to Hamilton, and from front to Auburn 

Sumner, from Kirkland to Cambridge 

Tanney, from North avenue to the Alms House 

Temple, from Main to Austin 

Tenny court, from Orchard to Elm in Somerville 

Third, from Charles to Boston and Lowell Railroad 

Fairbanks k Heard, Manufacturers of Soda and Mineral Water. 

Send Address for Samples of Penmanship and College Journal. 


Thorndike, from South Second to Eighth 

Tremont, from Broadway to Somerville 

Trowbridge, from Main opposite Putnam to Broadway 

Tuttle, from Wyeth to Donnell 

Union, from Market to Lincoln 

Union square, junction of North avenue with Beacon street 

Valentine, from Pearl to Brookline 

Vassal lane, from Concord avenue, Fresh Pond, to Concord av- 
enue opposite Wyeth Street 

Vernon, from Main to Green 

Village, from State to Front 

Vine, from South Third to Sixth 

Walden, from North avenue to Vassal lane, opposite Reservoir 

Walnut, from Pleasant to Waverley 

Walnut court, from Walnut 

Ware, from Harvard to Broadway 

Washington, from Main to Norfolk 

Washington court, from Putnam east 

Washington square, (see Fort Washington) 

Water, from Bridge to Miller's River 

Waterhouse, from Garden to North avenue 

Watson, from Pearl to near Brookline 

Waverley, from Henry to Hamilton 

Webster, from Magazine to Pleasant 

Webster avenue, from Hampshire to Somerville 

Webster place, from Pleasant, between Cottage and Webster 

Wendell, from North avenue to Carver 

West, from Inman to Lee 

West Boston Bridge, from Cambridgeport to Boston 

Western avenue, from Main to Brighton line 

Willard, from Brattle to Mount Auburn 

Willard place, from Foster near Sparks 

Willard st. court, from Willard 

Williams, from Pearl to River 

Willow, from North avenue to Somerville, Ward 5 

Willow, from Magazine to Pleasant, Ward 4 

Willow place, from Cambridge street to Somerville 

Windsor, from Main to Somerville 

Winter, from Bridge to Fifth 

Winthrop, from Holyoke to Eliot 

Winthrop square, corner Mount Auburn and Brighton 

Worcester, from Columbia to Norfolk 

Wright, from Norton to Harrison place 

Wyeth, from Concord avenue, opposite Vassal lane to Garden 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cushman, sue. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trem. St., Boston, 



American Protestant Association Hall, Second, corner Gore 

Bank Building, Harvard square 

Bay State Glass Works, Bridge street, E. C. 

Brimmer Block, Harvard 

Brooks' Buildings, Main, L. P. 

Buckley's Hall, corner Norfolk 

Cambridge City Hall, Main 

College Buildings and Chapel, Harvard square 

Douglass Block, Main 

Fraternity Hall, 53 Cambridge 

Friendship Hall, Pearl 

Gore Hall, Harvard square 

Harvard Block, Harvard square 

Hixon's Block, Pearl 

Institute Hall, 77 Cambridge 

Kerosene Works, E. C. 

Lyceum Building, Harvard square 

Museum of Com. Zoology at Harvard College, Divinity avenue 

Odd Fellows' Hall, Cambridge, E. C. 

Osborn's Block, State 

S. of T. Hall, Cambridge street 

Union Hall, 71 Cambridge 

Viles' Block, Main, corner Pioneer, L. P. 

Washington Hall, Wood's Building, Main 

Williams' Hall, Western avenue, near Main 

Webster Hall, Main, corner Norfolk 

Welch's Block, North, opposite N. E. Glassworks 

Wood's Block, Main 

Whitney's Building, Brattle square, Old Cambridge 


Boynton's Wharf, East Cambridge 

Burrage, Shepherd & Co.'s Wharf, Broadway, L. P. 

College Wharf, foot of Dunster, Old Cambridge 

Gale & Dudley's Wharf, L. P. 

Hall's Wharf, end of Bridge street, E. C. 

Holmes & Rugg's Wharf, River near City Mills 

Leonard's Wharf, Main, L. P. 

Luke & Bent's Wharf, Main, L. P. 

Smith's Wharf, Mellen, L. P. 

Sanborn's Wharf, Bridge street, East Cambridge 

Wellington Brothers, Bridge, near Cragie's Bridge 

Wyman's Wharf, East end Cragie's Bridge 

Warren's Wharf, Bridge street next to Cragie's Bridge 

Tuesly k Griffin, Trunks, Valises, Bags, k, 15S k ICO Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 


The increasing demand as a preventative of all pain in extracting teeth 
under the influence of 

itr-o^g @X?€ ©as, 

has made ic necessary for the undersigned to enlarge his apparatus for 
its manufacture; and for the future, patients will not be obliged to wait 
(excepting only as their turn may come), and this delay may be avoided by 
previous engagements. The fJas is now r prepared three times daily, thus 
guaranteeing freshness and purity. 



1st. Under ALL circumstances it is perfectly safe. 

2d. From one to twenty Teeth can be extracted at ONE 
inhalation, the entire operation lasting not over three 
minutes, without the least pain to the patient. 

3d. It never causes sickness at the stomach. 

4th. It leaves the patient with no lassitude or debilitating 

5th. It is not disagreeable to inhale. 

Tha following extract from a note received by Dr. D., is submitted: 
" I have examined the apparatus, mixtures and processes for prepara- 
tion of Nitrous Oxyd Gas, and find the apparatus of the most approved 
kind, the mixtures pure, and the Gas free from all deleterous mixtures. 
CHAS. T. JACKSON, M. D., State Assayer." 


In his profession, he offers his services to all who inav wish operations In 



The superior facilities and advantages off ere 1 at 





Are well worthy the attention of Young Men and Ladies desiring 
thoroughly to qnalify themselves for the practical duties of a 
successful Business Life. 

During the past year, we have prepared upwards of five 
hundred for the various departments of mercantile and nautical 
life, who are now reaping the benefits of our thorough and 
practical course of instruction. 

Penmanship, Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, Navigation, Tele- 
graphing, Business Correspondence, Ac. 

Are taught as required in actual business. We impart to each 
student the most thorough, practical and reliable knowledge, — 
not mere show and theory, but the real work ; and those who 
properly pursue our prescribed course of study always find they 
have acquired that which enables them to fill many and varied 
positions of honor and profit. 

We have frequent opportunities of placing our students in 
good positions. {(^Evening Session, Sept. 1. 

Call or send for Circular. Students received any time. 

Remember the No. — ISO Washington St. cor. Franklin St. 

Charles French, A. M. Principal. 

Aided by competent Assistant* . 

Importer and Dealer in Small Ware, Haberdashery, &c. 


Abbreviations. — b. stands • for "business in Boston," — h. for " house," — 
n. for " near," — cor. for " corner of," — opp. for " opposite," — bds. for " boards/' 
— L. P. for "Lower Port," — H. U. for "Harvard University," — btwn. for 
"between," — U. S. A. for "United States Army," — Ave. for "Avenue," — 
Sq. for " Square,"— St. for " Street," — PL for " Place," — Ct. for " Court." 

AARONS MOSS, cigar maker, 317 Main, h. Eaton, n. Cherry 

Abbot Ezra, assistant librarian H. U. bds. Mrs. Everett's, Berkeley, 

Abbott Edward Rev. h. Harvard, cor. Clinton [cor. Craigie 

Abbott George W. C. commission merchant, h. Windsor, cor. Hamp- 

Abbott Henry H. b. engineer, h. Dickinson, n. Moore [shire 

Abbott Horatio N. machinist, h. 152 Cambridge 

Abbott James Mrs. h. Mt. Auburn, cor. DeWolf 

Abbott Jesse, carpenter, h. Windsor, cor. Lincoln 

Abbott John H. bds. Mrs. Abbott's, Magazine Ct. 

Abbott John P. printer, h. Webster Ave. n. Columbia 

Abbott Joseph Mrs. h. 35 Brookline 

Abbott Levi, b. gas-fitter, 62 Cherry, h. Norfolk, n. Harvard 

Abbott Louise Mrs. widow, bds. Jennings 

Abbott Lucy L. Mrs. h. Magazine Ct. 

Abbott Samuel, stonecutter, h. 63 Sixth 

Abbott Charles H. clerk, Glass Works, h. 63 River 

Aberhardt Jacob, printer, h. Bay, cor. Green 

Abrams Daniel, laborer, h. Hastings, n. G. J. Railroad 

Ackers John L. P. painter, bds. 6 Walnut 

Ackers Sarah A. Mrs. h. 63 River 

Ackers Webster, painter, bds. 63 River 

Ackers William H. printer, bds. 63 River 

Adams Albert, h. Winthrop, n. Holyoke 

Adams Alexander, blacksmith, h. Broadway, n. Moore 

Adams Charles A. h. Leland, n. Brookline 

Adams Charles J. deputy jailer and master House Correction, h. 

Thorndike, cor. Third 
Adams Harry H. b. clerk, bds. Thorndike, cor. Third 
Adams Henry K. b. shipwright, bds. Mrs. Sawin's, Linden, n. Main 
Adams Issachar, peddler, h. North Ave. n. Rice [dike 

Adams Jabez F. stairbuilder, Seventh, cor. Cambridge, h. 71 Thorn- 
Adams John P. gasfitter, 12 Harvard Row, h. Holyoke, n. Mt. Auburn 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, CamkMgeport, Mass. 


Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, corner of 


Adams Joseph M. b. whalebones, 12 Hawley, h. Columbia, n. Lin- 

Adams Peter, printer, h. Harrison Ave. 

Adams Samuel P. b. com. mer. h. 60 Cherry- 
Adams Silas P. butcher, bds. at W. Williams', opp. River 

Adams William R. machinist, bds. 62 Otis 

Adler William, b. cigarmaker, h. 44 Washington 

Aeger Edward, laborer, h. Sargent, n. Spruce 

Agassiz Alexander, naturalist, bds. Quincy, cor. Broadway 

Agassiz Louis, Prof, of Zoology and Geology in the Lawrence Scien- 
tific School, H. U. h. Quincy, cor. Broadway 

Agin James, laborer, h. 41 Pearl 

Agin Michael, teamster, h. Brookline 

Ahearn John, laborer, h. Sargent 

Ahearn Michael, bricklayer, h. Dublin, n. Sargent 

Aiken (Joseph M.) & Woodard (Jonas) charcoal dealers, Prison Point 
Bridge, h. 122 Spring 

Aiken Susan A. widow, h. Western Ave. cor. Jay 

Albee Sumner, b. attorney, 20 Court, h. Essex, n. Lincoln PI. 

Albro John A. h. Holyoke, cor. Holyoke PI. 

Alden Albert, h. 58 Thorndike [tre 

Alden Elbridge G. b. oil merchant, 181 Broad, h. Hancock, opp. Cen- 

Alden Esther Mrs. h. Brattle, cor. Appian Way 

Alden George A. b. commission merchant, 23 India, h. Lee, n. Main 

Alden Harvey, h. Harvard, n. Holyoke 

Alden Thomas, bookbinder, h. Green, n. Bay 

Aldrich Ambrose, b. F. H. Market, h. 25 Norfolk 

Alexander Daniel, blacksmith, h. Columbia, n. Hampshire 

Alexander Hugh, seaman, h. Green, n. Sydney 

Alexander Thomas, printer, bds. Sydney, n. Walnut 

Alexander Hugh, bds. 348 Main 

Alexander Uriah, carpenter, h. 348 Main 

Alger Augustus, brass finisher, h. Winter, n. Third 

Alghieri Simon, cook, h. Pleasant, n. Main 

Allan Thomas, machinist, h. 4 Windsor 

Allanson John, engineer, bds. 412 Main 

Allanson John S. Mrs. bds. at 412 Main 

Allen Albert F. machinist, bds. C. C. Allen's, Columbia, n. Austin 

Allen Ann Mrs. h. Fifth, n. Winter 

Allen Caleb C. (Allen fy Endicott), machinist and boiler maker, old 
Car Factory, Main, h. Columbia, n. Austin 

Allen Charles, b. printer, 22 Court, h. 58 Washington 

Allen Charles E. printer, h. Pearl, cor. Perry 

Allen Charles H. physician, h. Temple, cor. Austin 

Allen Charles H. stairbuilder, bds. at C. H. Hall's, Cambridge 

Allen Frank, fireman, bds. R.R. Blk., Bridge 

Allen Henry, Mrs. h. 59 Gore 

Allen J. Addison, printer, h. 23 Western ave. 

Allen James, h. Franklin, n. Hancock- 

Fairbanks k Beard, Wholesale Dealers in boiile Ale, Porter, and Cider. 

Kneeland Street, Boston, Mass. Day and Evening Sessions. 


Allen James H. b. tailor, h. Innman, n. Hampshire 
Allen Mary Miss, h. Dunster, n. College Wharf 
Allen Samuel A. h. Market, n. Clark 
Allen Thomas Capt. h. Harvard, cor. Boardman 
Allen Thomas, h. Franklin, n. Hancock 
Allen Wilkes, dentist, Brattle, cor. Hillard, h. do. 
Allen William, laborer, h. Suffolk, n. Columbia 
Allen William H. B. b. clerk, 55 Chatham, bds. Market, n. Clark 
Allis Solon L. draftsman, h. Pleasant 
Allison James, printer, h. Green, n. Bay- 
Alls Rosella Miss, h. 54 Elm 

Almy George W. b. 52 North Market, h. Magazine, cor. Perry 
Ames George W. city teamster, h. Windsor, cor. Hampshire 
Ames John G. carpenter, h. 13 Moore 
Amsden Joel F. h. Fayerweather, n. Brattle 
Anable Courtland W. Rev. h. Harvard, n. Ellery 
Anderson Benjamin, peddler, h. Windsor, n. Cambridge 
Anderson James, bootmaker, h. Ripe pi. 
Anderson James, carpenter, Daniels ct. 
Anderson James J. machinist, h. 122 Harvard 
Anderson Lewis, carpenter, h. 22 Brooks pi. 
Anderson Matthew, carpenter, Mill, h. South, n. Dunster 
Anderson Robert, cutter, h. Green 
Anderson Thomas, carpenter, h. Webster ave. n. Camb. 
Andre Charles, currier, h. North Ave. n. Tannery 
Andre Richard, b. w r atchmaker, h. 26 Hastings 
Andrews Elbridge G. kindling wood dealer, h. 99 Otis 
Andrews Freeman B. student, 449 Main, bds. Magazine 
Andrews George, h. Third, n. Charles 
Andrews George W. teamster, bds. 99 Otis 
Andrews Horace C. (Cummings fy Andrews) grocer, Brighton, cor. 

Mt. Auburn, h. Otis pi. 
Andrews Huey, ice teamster, bds. G. E. Muzzey's, Concord Ave. n. 

Catholic church 
Andrews Nelson S. painter, bds. Western ave. n. Putnam 
Andrews Robert M. (Flaherty fy Andrews) painter, Brattle, h. 

Brattle, n. James 
Andrews Samuel G. proofreader, h. Western ave. n. Putnam 
Anglen John, h. Kinnard, n. Putnam 
Anglim James, laborer, h. Dunster, n. South 
Anglin Sarah Mrs. h. rear 4 Washington 
Ankerson Leonard, jr. clerk, bds. 69 River 
Ansell Stephen, butcher, h. Main, n. Pearl 
Anshelm John H. shoemaker, h. 122 Harvard 
Anthony John, wheelwright, S. A. Davis's Bridge, h. Somerville 
Anthony John G. bds. 86 Austin 
Appell Frederick, b. currier, h. Otis n. Eighth 

Appell Louis, cabinetmaker, h. Sixth, n. Vine [Camb. 

Appleton Henry K. jr. apothecary, 77 Cambridge, bds. Fourth n. 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building', CambriJocport, Mass. 

E. F. € ii "ih in a n, sue. to Cnshman & Brooks, 90-94 Trent. St., Boston, 


Appleton Sophia H. Mrs. widow, bds. C. W. Bradley's, North ave. 

opp. Chauncy 
Applin Sumner, (Braman, Shaw, fy Co.), furniture manufacturers, 

Bridge, opp. Prison Pt. Bridge, h. Chapel, cor. North ave. 
Apthorp Robert E. b. broker, City ex. h. Harvard, opp. Ware 
Arey David B. currier, h. Howard 
Arkerson Wm. H. clerk, bds. 12 Prospect, n. Austin 
Arkerson Leonard, clerk, bds. 69 River 

Arkerson Leonard, rope manufacturer at Brighton, h. 69 River 
Armstrong Irwin, laborer, h. Tuttle n. Wyeth 
Armstrong James Mrs. washerwoman, h. Rice pi. 
Armstrong William C. printer, h. 21 Cherry 
Arnold Edward L. b. clerk, bds. Main cor. Hancock 
Arnold John, teacher, h. Walnut, n. Brookline 
Arnold Joseph W. b. agent, h. Brookline, n. Auburn 
Arnold Samuel S. b. hide and leather dealer, 31 & 33 Batterymarch, 

h. Main, cor. Hancock 
Arnold William (J. B. Brigham 3? . Co.), b. commission merchant, 38 

Central, h, Prospect, n. Gardner 
Ashburner Anne Miss, h. Kirkland, n. Preston 
Ashburner Grace Miss, h. Kirkland, n. Preston 
Ashcroft Joseph, b. carver, h. 61 Washington 
Athearn James F. h. 50 Windsor 
Atherton Charles D. teamster, h. 85 Gore 

Atherton William S. conductor, U. Railway, h. Sacramento, n. Oxford 
Atkins Alexander, laddermaker, bds. 71 Gore 
Atkins Higgins, woodworker, bds. 372 Main 
Atkins Jonathan B. b. sea captain, h. 57 Magazine 
Atkins Nathan K. bds. 91 Gore 
Atkins Reuben, bds. 71 Gore 
Atkins Silas H. planer, h. 71 Gore 
Atkins William, carpenter, h. 71 Gore 
Atkinson Kinsman, clergyman, h. Appian Way 
Atkinson William P. h. Kirkland 
Atwill John B. h. Elm, cor. Beech 
Atwood Benjamin F. b. bookkeeper, h. 76 Thorndike 
Atwood Charles H. b. ticket master, B. L. R. R. h. 43 Spring 
Atwood Eliza, h. Hamilton 
Atwood Ephraim, b. clerk, h. 69 Thorndike 
Atwood Hiram H. b. clerk, h, 5 Green 
Atwood Richard N. b. clothing, 14 Dock Sq. h. 399 Main 
Auerbach Maximilian, public library, h. 32 Windsor 
Austin Charles A. brushmaker, h. Fifth, cor. Winter 
Austin David, b. bank, h. Hancock, n. Main 
Austin Nathan N. b. salesman, h. 47 Auburn 
Austin Susan S. Mrs. widow of R. T. h. Linnoean, n. Bowdoin 
Aveling Richard, compositor, boards Charles River, cor. Dyke 
Averall Joseph, carpenter, house near G. J. Railroad [Cambridge 
Averill Anna W. teacher, Thorndike Grammar School, bds. 109 

Tuesly k Griffin, Hats, Umbrellas, Travelling" Bags, k, 15S & ICO Court St. Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Housekeeping Goods. Prices very low. 


Averill Charles H. b. clerk, 73 Hanover, h. rear 58 Washington 

Averill Gerry, painter, house Pearl, near Cottage 

Averill Joseph W. officer State Prison, house 109 Cambridge 

Avery Harris, laborer, house Gore, near Fifth 

Avery John, policeman, house Broadway 

Axtmann John, brassfinisher, house Thorndike, near Fifth 

Ayer Joseph N. teamster, house 4 Broadway 

Ayers Jacob, cabinetmaker, boards 45 Sixth 

Ayers Jacob E. cabinetmaker, house 45 Sixth 

Aylward William J. sailmaker, house Harvey 

Ayres Maria, widow, house 9 Harrison avenue 

BABBIDGE LEVI F. puntier, glasshouse, house 51 Winter 

Babbit William E. civil engineer, house 138 Cambridge 

Babcock James, printer, house Auburn, near Magazine 

Babcock John, copal varnishmaker, h. Prospect, opp. church 

Babcock Lysander F. varnishmaker, bds. Prospect, opp. the church 

Backus George P. dentist, house Green, near Brookline 

Bacon Henry A. mason, house 100 Otis 

Bacon John D. b. tailor, 90 Devonshire, house Elm, near Broadway 

Bacon Leonard, brushmaker, house 128 Thorndike 

Bacon Simeon D. teamster, house Leighton court 

Bacon Warren, b. goldbeater, 11 Province, house Lee, near Main 

Badger Henry C. Rev. house Auburn, near Magazine 

Bagley James, coffinmaker, house Spring [Cambridge 

Bailey Albert D. fireman B. and L. N. R. boards Fourth, near 

Bailey Alfred, mason, house on the marsh, near Fort Washington 

Bailey George A. conductor Cambridge U. R. R. boards Fourth, near 

Bailey Isaac W. carpenter, Allston, house Pearl, near Hamilton 
Bailey Isaiah, jr. mason, house near Fort Washington 
Bailey Jacob L. tinplate manufacturer, Cambridge corner, Second, 

house 34 Second 
Bailey James, teamster, house 1 Leighton court 
Bailey John, laborer, house 2 Hastings, near Brewery 
Bailey Theodore A. plumber, 424 Main, boards at J. Bailey jr's. near 

Fort Washington 
Bailey William, hostler, house Leighton's court 
Bailey William H. {Priest 3? Bailey), b. wool dealers, 144 Congress, 

boards J. B. JNason's, Orchard 
Baird Lewis, machinist, house Meacham, near North avenue 
Baker A. T. carpenter, house Harvard, near G. J. Railroad 
Baker Benjamin Mrs. house 79 Gore 

Baker Catharine C. Mrs. house North avenue, corner Holmes place 
Baker Henry, glasscutter, boards 76 Gore 
Baker John F. britannia worker, house 14 Sixth 
Baker R. A. Mrs. house Broadway, near Prospect 
Baker Thomas, hostler, house Gore, near Third 
Baker William A. machinist, house 111 Cambridge 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Camkiilgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 "Washington Street, Boston, 


Baker William L. baker, house Columbia, near Hampshire 

Baker William S. Mrs. house Clinton, near Harvard 

Balcom Reuben, b. painter, house 55 Washington 

Balch John H. clerk, bds. Geo. H. Lyons, Main, near Mt. Auburn 

Baldwin David, laborer, boards 8 Gore 

Balch Moses P. watchmaker, Main, corner Norfolk, house Roxbury 

Baldrey Stephen, b. porter, house 63 Third 

Baldwin Benjamin G. boards J. W. Baldwin's, North avenue 

Baldwin {Jacob, jr.) & Tileston {Charles S.) 9 wood and coal, Main, L. 

P. house Boston 
Baldwin {James W.) & Heald {David), b. provision dealers, 25 North 

Market, house North avenue, opposite Linnsean 
Baldwin Mary, widow, house 78 Third 
Baldwin Peter L. mariner, house 25 Washington 
Ball Edward, glassblower, h. Fourth, corner Spring 
Ball Elijah, house Pine, near Harvard 

Ball Jennie Miss, music teacher, boards Fourth, corner Gore 
Ball Joseph G. baker, 461 Main, Wood's block, house 5 Essex 
Ball Lozien, conductor Union Railroad, house Everett place 
Ballou J. E. printer, boards Mt. Auburn, near Putnam 
Ballam Alexander, laborer, house DeWolf, near Charles River 
Ballard Joseph, jr. printer, house Brighton 

Ballard Thomas, b. barber, house Cambridge, near Webster's avenue 
Balmer John, cardriver U. R. R. house Tuttle, near Donnell 
Balmer Richard, teamster, house Foster, near Sparks 
Bancroft Edward, trader, house 53 Washington 
Bancroft Eliza, house 35 Second 
Bancroft J. C. expressman, boards Porter's Hotel 
Banfield John H. house 101 Vine 
Banfield Thomas E. mason, house Vine, corner Fifth 
Bang Jacob N. printer, house Windsor, corner Market 
Bangs Barnabas, b. bookkeeper, house 86 Austin 
Bangs George P. house 71 Brattle 
Bangs Isaiah Mrs. h. 241 Harvard 
Bangs Martin J. b. hair-dresser, house 91 Spring 
Bannan James, laborer, house Webster avenue 
Bannan Peter, b. porter, house Gore, corner Second 
Barbey Jacob E. baker, house 63 School 
Barbour James H. b. clerk, boards 9 Ellery 
Barbour James S. b. clerk, house 9 Ellery 
Barbour John N. Dep. Collector U. S. Internal Revenue, 449 Main, 

house 33 Franklin [37 Cottage 

Barbour William S. civil engineer and surveyor, 449 Main, house 
Bardwell Daniel, charcoal peddler, house Gore, near Third 
Bardwell Joseph D. house painter, house 22 Fifth 
Barker Alex. A. overseer at Mount Auburn, house Watertown 
Barker Edward, glassmaker, house 4 Third 
Barker John G. gardener, at G. G. Hubbard's 
Barker Joseph, laborer, house Elm, near Hampshire 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Hop and Sarsaparilla Beer. 

for fitting Young Men and Ladies for tlie Practical Duties of Life. 


Barker Joseph D. carpenter, h. Donnell, cor. Concord Ave. 

Barker William H. laborer, h. River, n. Auburn 

Barker William H. laborer, h. Fourth, n. Vine 

Barnard James E. h. 35 Franklin 

Barnard Mr. h. 68 River 

Barnes John, b. teller, Merchants Bank, h. Bowdoin 

Barnes L. (D. N. Shillings 8? Go.) lumber dealer, Prison Point 

Bridge, h. Burlington, Vt. 
Barnes William, laborer, h. 390 Main 
Barnett Abraham, b. cigarmaker, h. Perry, n. Brookline 
Barney William L. h. Lee, n. Main 
Barrett Andrew, laborer, h. Suffolk, n. Columbia 
Barrett Bridget, Mrs. h. 4 North 
Barrett Bridget, widow, h. 7 North 
Barrett Edward G. clerk, bds. Inman, n. Hampshire 
Barrett John, laborer, h. Lechmere pi. [n. Harvard 

Barrett Michael (John Dwyer S? Co.), b. leather dealer, h. Windsor, 
Barrett Oliver, b. piano-forte maker, h. Inman, n. Hampshire 
Barrett Thomas, machinist, h. Fourth, n. Bridge 
Barrett Timothy, tinplater, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 
Barrett William M. physician, 129 Bridge 
Barrington Thomas, gardener, h. Foster, n. Sparks 
Barron Herman, brushmaker, h. 79 School 
Barron Oscar, stonecutter, h. Otis, cor. Eighth 
Barrow Joseph, iceman, h. Spruce, n. brickyard 
Barrow Louis, gardener, h. Spruce, n. brickyard 
Barrus Amanda J. Mrs. h. Magazine, n. Auburn 
Barry David, teamster, h. Spruce, cor. Rice 
Barry Henry, b. lithographer, h. Broadway, cor. Trowbridge 
!Barry Henry A. bds. H. Barry's, Broadway 
Barry James, laborer, h. Tannery 

Barry James, photographer, boards Mrs. Tufts', Magazine 
Barry John, photographer, bds. do. 
Barry James, tinman, h. Winthrop, n. Dunster 
Barry John Francis, b. salesman, h. Magazine, n. Walnut 
Barry Michael, plasterer, h. Broadway, n. Fayette 
Barry William J. b. clerk, at Navy Yard, bds. 43 Winter 
Bartholomew Edwin, printer, h. Broadway, n. Clark 
Bartlett Bela N. b. machinist, h. Otis, cor. Sixth 
Bartlett David C. laborer, h. Essex, cor. Harvard 
Bartlett Horace S. clerk A. A. Ramsay, bds. Somerville 
Bartlett Ichabod C. b. 46 School, h. Chapel, n. North ave. 
Bartlett James N. cabinetmaker, h. Seventh, cor. Thorndike 
Bartlett John (Little, Brown fy Co.), publisher, 110 Washington, h. 

Bartlett Joseph G. printer, h. River [n. Sacramento 

Bartlett William B. dry goods and clothing, Harvard Row, h. Oxford, 
Bascom William B. b. clerk, h. btwn. Pioneer and Dock 
Bass George, h. Fremont, n. Pleasant 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Canibridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. C ashman, sue. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trcui. St., Boston, 


Bass George, jr. b. clerk, h. Fremont 

Bass Jonathan H. bootmaker, h. Sixth, n. Vine 

Batchelder Charles, mariner, h. 30 Windsor 

Batchelder Elbridge A. b. baggage master, Eastern Depot, h. Frank- 
lin, n. Pleasant 

Batchelder John M. b. 31 Kilby, h. Remington 

Batchelder Samuel, b. 31 Kilby, h. Brattle, cor. Ash 

Batchelder Samuel, jr. b. counsellor, Court, h. Brattle, cor. Ash 

Batchelder Samuel D. b. Post Office, h. River, n. Auburn 

Batchelder Samuel H. britannia, h. Sixth, n. Spring 

Bate Charles H. printer, h. School Ct. 

Bateman William, cabinetmaker, h. 86 Third 

Bates Benjamin F. brassfinisher, h. Prince, n Pleasant 

Bates Charles, b. clerk, bds. 61 Brattle 

Bates Edward, jr. plumber, 424 Main, h. 14 Green 

Bates Erastus C. (Davis § Bates), graindealer, Main, opp. Norfolk, 
h. Main, opp. Cambridge Bank 

Bates Fletcher B. flourdealer, h. Ellery, n. Main 

Bates George, clerk, bds. 61 Brattle 

Bates George W. furnituredealer, Broadway, n. Hampshire 

Bates James E. b. counsellor, Scollay's Building, bds. Brattle, n. Palmer 

Bates James V. h. Church, n. Palmer 

Bates John S. dry goods, Main, n. Essex, h. Hilliard, cor. Daniels ct. 

Bates William, mason, h. 61 Brattle 

Bates William jr. mason, bds. 61 Brattle 

Bates William H. b. lastmaker, h. Windsor, n. Hampshire 

Bates William Mrs. widow, h. Brattle, cor. Church 

Batson Jacob, h. 40 Windsor 

Batterson William, glasspacker, bds. Second, n. Gore 

Baumeister, Augustus, plumber, Harvard sq. h. do. 

Bayard Edward, carpenter, h. Brighton, n. the Bridge 

Bayley Augustus R. apothecary, Main, cor. Essex, h. Austin, opp. 
Temple [h. Norfolk, opp. Washington 

Beach (Elijah) & Fairbank ( George E.) b. merchant tailor, 52 School, 

Beaman Charles C. clergyman, h. Ash, n. Brattle 

Beaman Charles C. jr. lawyer, bds. Ash, n. Brattle 

Beaman George H. b. clerk, bds. Ash, n. Brattle 

Beaman Nathaniel P. clerk, bds. Ash, n. Brattle 

Bean B. J. boxmaker, at Page's factory, bds. in Boston 

Bean Catharine Mrs. h. 61 Brookline 

Bean William, b. cabinetmaker, h. Broadway, n. Fayette 

Bearce George W. moulder, h. Thorndike, cor. Eighth 

Beard Eben T. cabinetworker, bds. Flanders Hotel [Charlestown 

Beard James, cabinetmaker, at Daniels, Kendall, & Co. First, n. 

Bebo Joseph, laborer, h. Spruce 

Becker Alexander C. Mrs. widow, h. Broadway, cor. Prescott 

Becker Frank, florist, Main, n. Dana, h. Green, n. Putnam 

Beckett David, carpenter, h. Coyperthwait, n. DeWolf 

Beckett Richard, laborer, h. Brighton, n. the Bridge 

Tuesly k Griffin, Hats, Caps, Furs, k, 158 k ICO Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Ladies' and Gentlemen's Underclothing. 


Beckett "William J. laborer, h. Sparks, n. Mt. Auburn 
Beedle Melville C. conductor, U. R. R. bds. Mason, n. Garden 
Beers Hiram S. printer, h. Broadway, n. Hampshire 
Began Patrick, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Bay 
Began Timothy, laborer, h. Bay, n. Franklin 
Begger Stephen, whitewasher, h. 8 Seventh 
Begger William, whitewasher, bds. 8 Seventh 

Beggley James, varnisher, h. 79 Spring [Holmes pi. 

Belcher Charles F. confectioner, Harvard sq., bds. J. Belcher's, 
Belcher Edward F. restaurant, Harvard sq., bds. Holmes pi. 
Belcher Geo. G. signpainter, 308 Main, h. 372 Main 
Belcher Geo. W. painter, h. 310 Main 

Belcher John, h. Holmes pi. [cor. Broadway 

Belcher John A. oyster saloon, Brattle, n. Brattle sq., h. Trowbridge, 
Belcher William, cabinetmaker, h. Pearl, cor. Perry 
Bell Joseph G. b. jeweller, 4 Cornhill ct., h. Mt. Auburn n. Bow 
Bell Robert, glass-maker, h. Charles n. Third 
Bellen Robert, laborer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Bemis Emery, b. tobacconist, 7 India Wharf, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Bath. 
Bemis George, h. 5 Windsor, n. Main 
Bemis Margaret, Mrs. h. Third n. Charles 
Benard Joseph, glassmaker, h. Cambridge, n. Prospect 
Bennett Daniel, carpenter, h. 48 Spring 
Bennett Emmanuel J. cigarmaker, h. 35 Prospect 
Bennett Geo. N. b. salesman, bds. 48 Spring [pect 

Bennett James H. b. produce, 19 N. Market, bds. cor. Main & Pros- 
Bennett {Joseph S.) & Coburn (E. F.) groceries, hay, & grain, Main, 

junc. Harvard 
Bennett Milo E. b. salesman, bds. 48 Spring 

Bennett S. Dexter, b. rubber goods, 3 Morton pi. h. Lee, n. Harvard 
Bennett Wilder, mason, h. 68 Thorndike 
Bennett Wm. laborer, h. Bolton. 

Benney Nathaniel, proofreader, Riverside, h. Walnut ct. 
Bennink Cornelius G. H., blank-book manufacturer, bds. 44 Tremont 
Bennink Gerrick J. carpenter, h. 44 Tremont 
Benson Amori, policeman, h. 133 Bridge 
Benson Henry J. H. hairdresser, 87 Cambridge, h. 87 do. 
Benson John, gardener, h. Eliot n. Mt. Auburn 
Bent George H. (Luke fy Bent) coal wharf, Main, L. P. bds. N. 

Bent's, Austin, n. Norfolk 
Bent Newell, h. Austin, n. Norfolk 
Bentley John, h. Third, cor. Cambridge 

Bentley John H. clerk Register Deeds, bds. Third, cor. Cambridge 
Benwell Henry, b. brasschaser, h. Norfolk n. Cambridge 
Benz George, sausagemaker, h. 120 Spring 
Beran Thomas, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Hancock 
Bergeron Octave, teamster, h. Garden, n. brickyard 
Bernard John, bookbinder, bds. 1 Harrison ave. 
Bernhardt George, cabinetmaker, h. Hastings, fifth below Brewery 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Camkidgeport, Mass. 


BaylState Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kneeland St., Boston. 


Berry Albert, engineer, h. Gerry 

Berry Nathaniel D. farmer, North ave. cor. Everett 

Berry William B. b. carpenter, 18 Fourth 

Berry William B. b. tinsmith, h. Williams 

Bertsch Stephen, brassfinisher, h. 4 Gore 

Berwick Lucy C. Mrs. bds. 94 Prospect 

Besse A. B. b. machinist, bds. Broadway L. P. 

Bettinson Edward W. Supt. Bay State Glass Works, h. 26 Second 

Bettinson James W. glassblower, h. 56 Spring 

Bettinson Mehitable, widow, h. Mt. Auburn n. Dunster 

Bettinson William, bookbinder, bds. Mt. Auburn n. Dunster 

Brunk Leon, cabinetmaker, h. 125 Washington [ave. 

Betton Mary B. Mrs. widow, bds. Alfred Woods, Chauncy, n. North 

Bicknell George A. cabinetmaker, bds. 7Lincoln pi. 

Beurkholn C. b. cabinetmaker, h. Ward's Block, L. P. 

Bicknell Joseph G. cabinetmaker, Main, n. Columbia, h. 7 Lincoln pi. 

Bieler Jacob, cabinetcarver, h. Broadway, cor. Windsor 

Bigelow Alanson, jr. b. clerk, 219 Washington, h. 243 Harvard 

Bigelow Marshall T. (Welch, Bigelow, fy Co.) printer, University 

Press, Brattle sq. h. Cambridge, n. Sumner 
Bigelow Samuel, h. Sumner, n. Kirkland 
Bigley Daniel, stablekeeper, h. 60 River 
Biglow W. B. b. clerk, h. Sumner, n. Kirkland 
Bignoll Harriet, widow, h. 156 Harvard 
Billings Josiah Q. b. leatherdealer, h. Sumner 
Billings Lyman, grocer, bds. Harvard, n. Columbia 
Billings Uriah, h. Harvard, opp. Pine 
Billman John, b. agent, h. Main, opp. City Hall 
Binney Barnabas, collector, h. 96 Otis 

Binney Barnabas jr. b. clerk, Post Office, h. Hampshire, n. Windsor 
Binney Moses, hostler, h. Gore, n. Sixth 
Bird George, carpenter, h. Auburn, n. Brookline 
Bird Henry M. ironfounder, Broadway, h. Somerville 
Bishop Carlos E. peddler, h. 127 Gore 
Bishop Lucy Mrs. h. Market cor. Union 
Bissinger Charles, peddler, h. Thorndike, n. Eighth 
Bixby Eben F., b. pianoforte maker, h. Fisk's blk. 
Bixby H. A. machinist, h. 87 Washington [ton, cor. Avon 

Black James W (Black fy Case) b. photographer, 173 Wash., h. Nor- 
Black James, gardener, h. Foster, cor. Irving pi. 
Black John H. bookbinder, bds. Main, n. Pioneer • 
Black. John M. foreman, h. Main, n. Broadway, L. P. 
Black Palmer, carpenter, h. 156 Cambridge 
Black Robert, carpenter, h. James, cor. Brattle 
Black William, b. tinsmith, h. Main, n. Pioneer 
Blackman Charles, peddler, h. Tremont, n. Pleasant 
Blackman Horace P. organ manufacturer, h. Pleasant, n. Main 
Blackman William, planer, bds. 65 Fifth 
Blair Elizabeth Mrs. h. Gerry 

Fairbanks & Beard, Wholesale Dealers in Lager Beer and Porter, bis, 1-2 bis, k kegs. 

Please Call and Examine our Coarse of Instraction. 


Blair James T. printer, bds. Gerry 

Blair John H. glasscutter, h. 79 Spring 

Blaisdell Charles P. cabinetmaker, h. 112 Thorndike 

Blaisdell D. Henry, conductor, bds. 112 Thorndike 

Blaisdell George J. upholsterer, bds. Mt. Auburn, cor. Howard 

Blaisdell William C. coffinmanufacturer, h. 17 Gore 

Blake Andrew M. b. bookbinder, Main, opp. Norfolk, h. Sydney 

Blake Bridget Mrs. widow, h. Hastings 

Blake Charles H. pyrotechnist, h. 39 Williams [Tenny ct. 

Blake Darius, blacksmith, North ave. n. Porter's, h. Orchard, n. 

Blake E. H. grocer, 156 Cambridge, h. 144 Cambridge 

Blake Edward W. clerk, h. 65 Gore 

Blake Eliza Mrs. h. Garden, n. Wyeth 

Blake James G. b. 12 Cornhill, h. Appian Way 

Blake Joseph, bookbinder, h. 7 Green 

Blake Mary Mrs. widow, h. 56 Harvard 

Blanchard Dexter V. engineer, Lowell Railroad, h. 20 East 

Blanchard Lydia Mrs. h. 96 Otis 

Blanchard Sarah A. widow, h. Brookline, n. Leland [Second 

Blanchard Walter S. & Co. {Lewis Hall), lumberdealers, East, h. 40 

Blatchford George W. b. Treasurer, Museum, h. 103 Norfolk 

Blatchford Mary E. Miss, h. Brattle, cor. Appleton 

Blevins John, slater, Main, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Banks 

Blevins Joseph, slater, h. Foster, n. Willard [way 

Blish Ariadne, teacher, Amory Primary School, h. Dana, n. Broad- 

Blish Lucia A. widow, h. Dana, n. Broadway 

Bliss Henry P. b. 28 Milk, h. Broadway, cor. Amory 

Bliss Hiram C. b. winemerchant, 19 Congress, h. 92 Prospect 

Blodgett {Alvaro) & Rhodes {Silas), carpenter, Elm, n. Market, h. 18 

Blodgett James, glass-cutter, h. 76 Gore 
Blodgett James L. b. musician, h. 23 Broadway 
Blodgett Lucy Miss, nurse, h. 68 Columbia 
Blonday Anthony, stonecutter, h. Vine, n. Third 
Blood Hiram, engineer Steamer 3, h. 39 Cambridge 
Blood Jonathan K. machinist, h. 47 Spring 
Blumve William, blacksmith, Brighton, h. Mill 
Blunt, John J. laborer, h. 9 Hastings 
Boardman Charles, fancy soapmaker, h. 20 Worcester 
Boardman Edward, painter, h. Jackson, n. Spruce 
Boardman Helen F. Miss, bds. at Ira Stratton's 
Boardman James, Mrs. h. Washington, cor. Cherry 
Boardman Rebecca P. widow, bds. 100 Prospect 
Boardman Sarah L. dressmaker, bds. 35 Prospect 
Bodwell Frederick, wharfbuilder, h. n. G. J. Railroad 
Boggs Edwin P. b. clerk, bds. Broadway, cor. Norfolk 
Boggs Francis M. b. steamboat agent, h. Broadway, cor. Norfolk 
Bohm G. Albert, brassfinisher, h. 53 Gore 
Bohonan Frank, b. delivery clerk, bds. Fourth, n. Cambridge 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cnshman, sue. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trcm. St., Boston, 


Boilan Mary, widow, bds. 9 Winter 
Boilan Maiy, widow, h. Charles, n. Fourth 
Boker Simeon, iron moulder, h. Main, n. Pioneer 
Bolby James R. blacksmith, bds. 372 Main 
Boiler Henry, cabinetmaker, h. Sixth, n. Vine 
Bolles Frederick D. Mrs. h. Mt. Auburn, n. Brighton 
Bolton Alden, mechanic, h. Chestnut, n. Sydney 
Bolts Peter P. varnisher, h. Harvard, n. G. J. Railroad 

Bond Richard Mrs. h. Raymond, n. Linnasan 

Bonner John, h. Washington ct. 

Bonney Perez F. b. salesman, 242 Washington, h. 5 Temple 

Bonney William L. b. Jordan & Marsh, h. Lee, n. Main 

Booth Thomas, carpenter, h. Prince, n. Pleasant 

Borman Henry, sausagemaker, bds. 126 Spring 

Bosworth Joseph, carpenter, h. 52 Suffolk 

Bosworth Lucy Mrs. bds. Wellington's, Broadway, cor. Prospect 

Bouge Elizabeth Mrs. h. Wright, n. Norton 

Boughton S. G. salesman, N. E Glassworks, North, h. Greenwood 

Bourn Robert T. (Bourn 8? Leaviti), b. carpenter, 10 Lime, h. Hamp- 
shire, cor. Union 

Bournique Louis Mrs. boardinghouse, Fifth, cor. Cambridge 

Boutelle Charles O., U. S. Coast surveyor, h. Divinity ave. 

Boutelle Sylvia Miss, h. Fourth, n. Cambridge 

Bouvyer John A. cabinetmaker, h. Broadway, cor. Windsor 

Bowditch Azell C. b. seedsman, 43 Tremont, h. 39 Cottage 

Bowen Francis, Alford Professor of Natural Religion, etc. H. U. h. 
Follen, n. Garden 

Bowen James, laborer, h. Hastings 

Bowers Edward, painter, h. 19 Washington 

Bowers Frederick, varnisher, h. 10 Vine 

Bowers John, engineer, bds. Ellery, n. Harvard [Otis 

Bowers William, jr. provisions, Cambridge, cor. Sixth, h. Sixth, cor. 

Bowers William J. clerk, h. 3 Broadway [Boston 

Bowker E. F., engineer & surveyor, bds. 459 Main h. 51 Green, 

Bowker Winslow L. b. insurance, 31 State, h. Norfolk, n. Broadway 

Bowley Isaac, stereotyper, bds. D. J. Crowley's, Dyke 

Bowman Ernest, butcher, h. Sixth, n. Charles 

Bowman Francis, travelling agent, h. Shepard, n. North Ave. 

Bowman Harriet C. Miss, h. Holyoke PI. 

Boyce James S. moulder, h. 5 Washington 

Boyce Thomas, laborer, h. 27 Hastings 

Boyd Esther, milliner, 398 Main 

Boyd Fanny, milliner, 398 Main, bds. 1 Prospect 

Boyd Orman T. b. grocer, 216 State, h. Cambridge, n. Sumner 

Boyd Thomas, b. architect, 72 Water, h. 1 Prospeet 

Boyd William, printer, h. Sidney, n. Walnut 

Boyden B. Frank, grocer, 499 Main, h. 12 Prospect 

Boyer Samuel, stairbuilder, h. 366 Main 

Boyle Edward, laborer, h. Walden, n. Dublin 

Tuesly k Griffin, Trunks, Valises, Bags, k, 158 k 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Dry Goods and IHillinery. Prices very low. 


Boyle Elizabeth Mrs. h. Windsor, n. Cambridge 

Boyle James, grocer, 107 Third, h. do. 

Boyle John, grease collector, h. Webster ave. n. Somerville 

Boyle John, carpenter, h. Elm, n. Cambridge 

Boynton G. H. photographer, 449 Main, h. Boston 

Boynton James, iceman, h. Cambridge, n. First 

Boynton John L. policeman, h. 115 Cambridge 

Boynton Morris B. b. provision dealer, 53 Commercial, h. 55 Cherry 

Boyson Geo. provision dealer, Main, cor. Windsor, h. 321 Main 

Boyson William G. h. 7 Short 

Brabrook Ezra H. b. 4 and 6 Union, h. 298 Harvard [14 Worcester 

Bracket Eliza K. assistant teacher, Webster Grammar School, bds. 

Brackett Frank, b. 83 Pearl, h. 14 Worcester [h. Everett 

Brackett James ( Whitney 8? Brackett) furnituredealer, Brattle sq. 

Brackett Joseph Mrs. h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Hilliard 

Brackett Wm. H. carriagepainter, bds. Mt. Auburn, cor. Hilliard 

Bradbury Caleb, glasspacker, Gore, n. Third [Chauncy 

Bradbury Charles W. b. clerk, 31 Franklin, h. North ave. n. 

Bradbury Horace D. b. clerk, h. 58 Fourth 

Bradbury John H. (Tilton, Bradbury, fy, Co.) b. dry goods, 18 & 20 

Franklin, h. North ave, cor. Everett [vard. 

Bradbury William F. teacher, High School, h. Trowbridge, n. Har- 
Bradeen Jacob F. b. helper, Navy Yard, h. 35 Winter [Willow 

Bradford Alexander W. provision dealer, North ave. n. Walden, bds. 
Bradford Charles R. b. window shades, etc. 103 Hanover, h. 28 

Bradford Horace, machinist, bds. 372 Main 
Bradford Sarah Mrs. h. Sacramento, n. Oxford 
Bradley Abraham, h. Harvard, n. Columbia 

Bradley Geo. teamster at Pierce & Hall's, bds. Flanders' Exchange 
Bradley James, matmaker, bds. Pearl, n. Valentine 
Bradley Robert, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Putnam 
Bradshaw Aaron, b. 7 Central Wharf, h. Erie, n. Magazine 
Bradshaw Alfred, clerk, h. Rockwell cor. River 
Brady James, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 
Brady Jeremiah, glass-blower, h. Fourth, n. Bridge 
Brady John, laborer, h. Fifth, n. Vine 
Brady John Wm. glasscutter, h. rear 43 Winter 
Brady Michael, peddler, h. north of Welch's Block 
Brady Michael J. baker, h. Gerry 
Brady Patrick, b. tailor, h. 8 Vine 
Bragg Jesse K. b. tindealer, h. Ellsworth ave. 
Braisly Dennis, Glass Works, bds. Mansion House 
Braman Anna, widow, bds. 78 Columbia 
Braman (H. B.) Shaw (D. W.) & Co. (Sumner Applin $ E. A. 

Lawrence), furniture manufacturers, Bridge, opp. Prison pt. 

Bridge, b. salesroom, 27 Sudbury, h. West Newton 
Braman Jason, (Braman, Dow, 8? Co.) b. 3 & 4 Haymarket Sq. h. 

Walden, n. North ave. 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cainhridgcport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, 

Brannan Francis, b. currier, h. Charles, n. Fourth 

Brannan James, laborer, h. Winthrop, n. Brighton 

Brannan John, laborer, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Willard 

Brannan John, whitewasher, h. Dunster, n. South 

Brannan Patrick, laborer, h. Donnell n. Tuttle 

Brannan Rosanna, widow, h. Perry, n. Pearl 

Braslan Patrick, laborer, Webster ave. n. Cambridge 

Brannigan John, laborer, h. Walden, n. Dublin 

Braslan Patrick, teamster, Webster ave. n. Cambridge 

Braslin Cornelius, printer, h. Howard, cor. Chapman pi. 

Braslin James E. stereotyper, bds. Willard 

Braslin Mary Mrs. h. Montgomery, n. Spruce 

Braslin Owen, laborer, h. Willard, n. Brattle 

Brassell Daniel, laborer, h. Franklin 

Brasslan Thomas, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 

Brasslin John, laborer, h. Spruce, n. brickyard 

Brasslin Timothy, laborer, h. Spruce, n. brickyard 

Brattles Edward, gardener, h.Follen 

Brazee Morton P. bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Brazier Franklin J. soap-maker, Windsor, junc. Webster ave. 

Brazill Thomas, laborer, h. Franklin 

Breckenridge Ellen A. Miss, bds. Mrs. Tidd's Parks, n. Magazine 

Breen Ellen Mrs. h. Sixth, n. Cambridge 

Breman Michael, laborer, bds. 8 Gore 

Breslin Thomas, clerk, bds. 11 Vine 

Brennan Margaret, widow, h. Vine, n. Fourth 

Brennan James, laborer, h. Pleasant, n. Walnut 

Brennan Michael, upholsterer, h. Vine, n. Third 

Brennan Timothy, grocer, Brighton, n. Harvard sq. h. Appian Way 

Brennan William J. brushmaker, h. Broadway, n. Dock 

Brenner James, bookbinder, h. Valentine, n. soap-factory 

Brewer David, provision dealer, Brighton, n. Harvard Sq. h. Shepard 

Brewer Isaac D. b. tobacco, 14 N. Market, h. Magazine, cor. Perry 

Brewer Thos. H. provision dealer, Brattle, n. Harvard Sq. h. Howard 

Brewster Henry B. printer, h. Cottage, n. Pearl [Sparks 

Brewster John, (Brewster, Sweet, 3? Co.), b. 40 State, h. Brattle, n. 

Brian Jeremiah, blacksmith, h. Franklin, n. Putnam 

Bridden Benj. F. policeman, h. 387 Main 

Bridden Benj. F. jr. telegrapher, bds. 387 Main 

Bridge J. clerk, 281 Main, bds. Chadbourn's, Clark 

Bridges Julia, widow, h. 41 Auburn 

Bridge Samuel G. & Co. (Charles H. Chadbourn), grocer, 281 Main, 

bds. Chadbourn's, Clark 
Briggs Fowler, b. clerk, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Howard 
Briggs Freeman G. b. piano-fortemaker, h. Pearl, n. Walnut 
Briggs Horace C. (Sortwell fy Co.) distillers, Cambridge, n. Windsor, 

h. Somerville 
Briggs Walter D. b. 17 State, h. 552 Main 
Brigham Charles O. (Oxford fy Brigham) 413 Main, bds. Austin 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Soda, in founts k bottles. Orders promptly attended to. 

corner of Kneclnml Street, Boston, Mass. 


Brigham Freeman, salesman, h. 96 Washington [and Washington 

Brigham Josiah M. express, Cambridge and Boston, h. btwn. Harvard 

Brigham Lydia, widow, h. 15 Windsor, n. School 

Brigham O. B. moulder, h. Jennings ct. 

Bright Albert, glasspresser, bds. Mansion House 

Bright Elizabeth, widow, h. Baldwin, n. Cambridge 

Bright Horace O. icedealer, h. Broadway, n. Prospect 

Bright John E. bds. C. R. Beard's, Main, L. P. 

Bright John J. icedealer, h. Elm, n. Broadway 

Bright Nathaniel F. bds. Baldwin, n. Cambridge 

Briley Henry, laborer, h. Front 

Brimbecom Nathaniel, b. 16 F. H. Market, h. 164 Harvard 

Brine John F. b. tailor, 158 Washington, h. 89 Gore 

Brine Robert, tailor, Cambridge, cor. Second, h. 70 Otis 

Brine William, tailor, 63 Cambridge, h. 120 Cambridge [bridge 

Brine William H. upholsterer, Second, n. Cambridge, bds. 120 Cam- 

Briney James, Glass Works, h. r. 126 Bridge 

Briney Thomas, glass-blower, h. r. 124 Bridge 

Brinkley Richard, laborer, h. 1 Hastings, n. Brewery 

Britton Joseph, plumber, 368 Main, bds. Western ave. n. Dana ct. 

Broadakin Hugh, peddler, h. Webster ave. n. Cambridge 

Broderick Daniel Mrs. h. 25 Gore 

Brogan Ellen Mrs. h. Hastings, n. Brewery 

Bronsdon Charles, carpenter, h. 33 Washington 

Brooks Cyrus, h. 2 Union 

Brooks Eugene, b. leather, 100 Milk, bds. Mrs. Brooks's, Lee 

Brooks Geo. F. student, h. 14 Tremont 

Brooks Hiram, trader, h. 57 Prospect [tre 

Brooks Hiram W. b. hardware, 33 Batterymarch, h. Dana, opp. Cen- 

Brooks Isaac, b. truckman, h. Market, opp. Union 

Brooks J. Mason, b. clerk, bds. H. Brooks'^, Prospect 

Brooks John Mrs. widow, h. 37 Winter 

Brooks Mary, widow, bds. M. W. Brown's, Market 

Brooks Mary Mrs. h. Lee, n. church 

Brooks Matthew, carpenter, h. 160 Harvard 

Brooks Nathaniel P. ( William C. Brooks S? Co.) coal, etc. Bridge, n. 

Bay State Glass House, bds. 53 Thorndike 
Brooks Patrick, marble-polisher, h. Rice PI. 
Brooks Robert, bds. 14 Windsor 
Brooks Samuel A. painter, h. 93Spring 
Brooks Samuel B. b. agent, h. 93 Spring 
Brooks Susan E. Mrs. bds. 14 Tremont 
Brooks S. F. bds. 279 Main 

Brooks Sumner J. merchant, h. North ave. opp. Forest 
Brooks William, b. clerk, h. Ill Harvard 
Brooks William C. & Co. {Nathaniel P. Brooks), coal, etc. Bridge, n. 

Bay State Glass House, h. 53 Thorndike [Hancock 

Brooks William H. b. school teacher, 47 Winter, h. Harvard, cor. 
Brooks Wilson G. cabinet maker, bds. Third, cor. Cambridge 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Camkidgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cnshman, sue. to Ciishmnn & Brooks, 90-91 Trem. St., Boston, 


Brown Artemas Z. physician, h. 51 Magazine, cor. Webster 

Brown Benjamin A. provisions, Broadway, cor. Norfolk, h. Gardner, 

n. Prospect 
Brown Benjamin A. cooper, bds. Boyle's, Webster ave. 
Brown Benjamin K. b. clerk, h. Hampshire, n. Elm 
Brown Catharine Mrs. washerwoman, h. Garden, n. Concord ave. 
Brown Daniel, wheelwright, Palmer, h. Appian Way 
Brown Daniel, boxmaker, bds. 294 Main 

Brown Daniel J. h. 9 Clinton [Irving pi. 

Brown Daniel L. real estate broker, Harvard sq., h. Brattle, cor. 
Brown Edward A. cigarmaker, h. 5 Brooks' Building 
Brown Edward H. Mrs. h. 3 Worcester 

Brown Edwin E. carriage and sign painter, bds. Hubbard's, Second 
Brown Elisha H. cabinetmaker, h. Baldwin, n. Kirkland 
Brown Evan, h. Brattle, cor. Story 
Brown Ezekiel, expressman, h. Brookline, n. Auburn 
Brown Francis W. building mover, h. Lincoln, n. Colombia 
Brown George, fireman B. & L. Railroad, bds. Railroad B. 
Brown George A. h. 281 Broadway 
Brown George E. boxmaker, bds. 113 Harvard 
Brown Gustavus, b. printer, h. 93 Cambridge 
Brown Harriet S. Mrs. h. 101 Vine 
Brown Isaac, laborer, h. 21 Hastings 
Brown J. H. baker, bds. Market, cor. Bristol 
Brown James, laborer, h. Murdock pi. 
Brown James, laborer, h. Porter, n. Prospect 
Brown James, stonecutter, h. 3 Vine 
Brown James C. printer, h. Western ave. n. Putnam 
Brown John G. b. clerk, bds. Pleasant, n. Green 
Brown John L. painter, h. 24 Fifth 

Brown Joseph, tinner, h. 355 Main [Devonshire, bds. 86 Austin 

Brown Joseph A. {Hardy, Brown, Goss Sf Co.) b. dry goods, 156 
Brown Julia Mrs. h. 7 North 
Brown Lyman, h. Green 
Brown Major W. h. Market, cor. Bristol 
Brown Mary Miss, h. Brattle, cor. Appian Way 
Brown Mary Mrs. widow, h. Webster ave. cor. Columbia 
Brown Neal, laborer, h. rear 1 Washington 
Brown Peter, stonecutter h. Third, n. Charles 
Brown Robert C. blacksmith, h. Pioneer 
Brown Samuel A. peddler, h. North ave. n. Meacham 
Brown Samuel S. Mrs. h. 4 Hastings 

Brown Stephen D. bookbinder, h. Pleasant, n. Green [Essex 

Brown Thomas C. b. clerk, New Devonshire, bds. at L. Bowers's, 
Brown Walter H. stonecutter, bds. Thorndike, n. Eighth 
Brown Warren, b. draughtsman, 40 State, bds. 98 Prospect 
Brown William F. b. printer, bds. Mrs. Tidd's, Park 
Brown William H. b. engraver, bds. 297 Main 
Brown William S. b. cracker dealer, h. Clark, n. Market 

Tuesly k Griffin, Hats, Caps, Furs, k, 158 k 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Traces, Embroideries, Black Lnoe Veils. &c. 

Brown William Wells, physician, h. Western ave. n. Hampshire 

Brown William W. b. second-hand clothing, h. Brewery, n. Hastings 

Browne Otis S. clerk, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Brownell James H. b. restaurant, h. Broadway, n. Windsor 

Brownlow Joseph, b. expressman, h. Perry, n. Magazine 

Bruce Charles, clerk, bds. 42 Cherry 

Bruce Joseph C. bookkeeper, bds. Centre, btwn. Dana and Hancock 

Bruce Thomas G. engineer Cambridge Water Works, h. Wyeth's Lane 

Brum Antonio E. hairdresser. 53 Cambridge, bds. in Boston 

Brundage John, cabinetmaker, bds. 151 Bridge 

Brunt William, laborer, h. Willard, n. Brattle 

Bruorton George, glasscutter, h. Eighth, n. Cambridge 

Brush John, b. upholsterer, h. 10 Harvard 

Bryant Abram, laborer, h. 56 Harvard 

Bryant Benjamin, lather, bds. 78 Prospect 

Bryant Fred'k S. watchmaker, 112 Camb. h. Hazard's Blk., Third 

Bryant John, h. Eliot, n. Mt. Auburn 

Bryant Lewis H. h. Mt Auburn, n. DeWolf 

Bryant Sophia Mrs. h. 78 Prospect 

Bryant William T. carpenter, h. Willow, Ward 5 

Buck Abijah K. machinist, h. Market, n. Elm 

Buck Harriet Miss, h. West, n. Inman 

Buck John S. carpenter, h. rear 50 Thorndike 

Buck Lucius A. moulder, h. Broadway, n. Clark 

Buck Silas B. carpenter, h. 60 Thorndike 

Buck William S. b. clerk, bds. 60 Thorndike 

Buckland James Mrs. h. Mt. Auburn, n. church 

Buckley Daniel, laborer, h. 8 Vine 

Buckley Daniel, laborer, h. Webster ave. n. Somerville 

Buckley James, laborer, h. Webster ave. n. Columbia 

Buckley James, laborer, h. Short, n. Bridge 

Buckley James, laborer, h. Webster ave. n. Somerville 

Buckley James, laborer, h. 6 Gore 

Buckley John, saloon, Bridge, cor. Short, h. do. 

Buckley Michael, laborer, h. n. Willow pi. 

Buckley Patrick, laborer, h. Bridge, cor. Fourth 

Buckley William, laborer, h. 128 Spring 

Buell Hannah, widow, bds. 23 Spring [Magazine, n.Williams 

Buffington Joseph L. clerk and messenger, First National Bank, bds. 

Buffum James L. b. paperhanger, h. 118 Harvard, n. Clark 

Bullard Asa, b. clergyman, 13 Cornhill, h. 24 Centre 

Bulfinch Stephen G. clergyman, h. Preston 

Bullard John C. cashier Cambridge National Bank, Cambridge, n. 

Third, h. 59 Cambridge 
Bullard Mary A. Mrs. h. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 
Bullard Willard A. cashier First National Bank, h. 561 Main [lass 
Bullock Charles, dentist, 455 Main, opp. Pearl, h. Austin, opp. Doug- 
Bumpus Isaac C. cabinetmaker, h. 27 Spring 
Bundayro Mary Mrs. h. 1 Hastings 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgcport, Mass. 


Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kneeland St., Boston. 


Bunnott Joseph, cabinetmaker, bds. Second, n. Gore 

Bunton David A. h. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 

Burdakin John C. keeper Court House, h. 58 Fifth 

Burdakin Joseph, glasscutter, h. 19 Sixth 

Burditt Jerome S. b. clothing, 509 Washington, h. Alston, n. Pearl 

Burgess Albert L. b. clerk, bds. Union, n. Hampshire 

Burgess William D. carpenter, h. Union, n. Hampshire 

Burke Ann, 56 Harvard 

Burke Barney, laborer, h. Brookline, n. Valentine 

Burke James, b. fireman, h. 45 Washington 

Burke James, b. hostler, h. 115 Bridge 

Burke James, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 

Burke John, carver, h. 132 Bridge 

Burke John, laborer, h. Pleasant 

Burke Otis, laborer, h. 118 Columbia 

Burke Patrick, laborer, h. Hancock, n. Green 

Burkhardt Jacob, artist, H. U. h. Divinity ave. n. Museum 

Burleigh Jacob N. (Humphrey, Fiske, fy Co.), b. flourdealer, 214 
State, h. Putnam, n. Kinnard 

Burnett Frank W. bds. Charles River 

Burnett Lewis, h. Charles River 

Burnett William C. Mrs. widow, h. Harvard, cor. Davis 

Burnham Horace P. tinsmith, h. Leighton ct. 

Burns James, h. Concord ave. n. Alewife brook 

Burns John, laborer, h. Brighton, n. the bridge 

Burns John, baker, h. 7 Pine 

Burns John, printer, bds. Mt. Auburn, n. Hilliard 

Burns John W. b. receiving clerk, B. & L. R. R. h. 87 Spring 

Burns Lucy Mrs. h. Franklin, n. Pleasant 

Burns Peter, provisions, Brighton, h. do. 

Burns Thomas, laborer, h. Kinnard, n. Putnam 

Burns Thomas, glassworker, h. Short, n. L. R. R. 

Burns Thomas Mrs. h. Sparks, n. Foster 

Burns Timothy, provision dealer, Brighton, h. do. 

Burpee Edward, sawyer, bds. 48^- Spring 

Burpee Eliphalet, teamster, h. Columbia, n. Cambridge 

Burpee Hannah, widow, h. Pleasant, n. Western ave. 

Burpee Joseph E. mason, h. Prospect, n. Cambridge 

Burpee Nathaniel, h. Columbia, n. Cambridge 

Burpee Samuel W. teamster, h. Columbia, n. Cambridge 

Burr Lemuel, hairdresser, Main, cor. Essex, h. 10 Hampshire, n. 
Webster ave. 

Burrage (Josiah), Shepherd, (Sumner P.), & Co. (Josiah K. Burrage), 
lumberdealers, Broadway, cor. Court, L. P. h. Prospect, n. 

Burrage Josiah K. (Burrage, Shepherd, S? Co.), lumberdealer, Broad- 
way, cor. Court, bds. J. Burrage's, Prospect, n. Broadway 

Burrage William W. b. counsellor, 4 Niles Block, bds. Prospect, near 

Fairbanks and Beard, Howard St., Boston, Wholesale Dealers in Draught Ale. 

All Branches of a Complete Business Education Practically Taught. 

Burridge Joseph, grocer, Main L. P. h. 5 Broadway, L. P. 

Burridge Joseph, jr. clerk, Main, h. Main, cor. Pleasant 

Burridge Ward J. b. nautical instrument maker, 125 State, bds. 5 
Broadway, L. P. 

Burrill Charles O. {Packard fy Burrill), brushmaker, Cambridge, h. 
50 Thorndike 

Burrill George B. teamster, h. 5 Munroe's Block, Winter 

Burroughs Albert H. moulder, bds. 25 Spring 

Burroughs Abel W. sawyer, h. Seventh, n. Cambridge 

Burroughs Leonard, produce dealer, h. Broadway, opp. Boardman 

Burton {Anson) Fellows {John H.) & Co. {Ezra Burton), brush man- 
ufacturers, Gore, n. Bridge, b. 21 Exchange 

Burton Edward, b. brassfinisher, h. Sixth, n. Otis 

Burton Emma Miss, fancy goods and toys, Sixth, n. Otis, bds. do. 

Burton Ezra {Burton, Fellows fy Co.) brush-manufacturers, Gore, n. 
Bridge, b. 21 Exchange, bds. Lancaster 

Burton Francis E. clerk, bds. 22 Brookline 

Burton Henry E. b. hulled corn, bds. 22 Brookline 

Burton Mary S. widow, h. 22 Brookline 

Burton Thos. B. moulder, h. Perry, n. Pearl 

Bush Elizabeth Mrs. h. Spruce, n. Hollis 

Bush Martha, widow, h. Austin, n. Columbia 

Bush Samuel, mariner, h. 40 Washington 

Busnach Michael S. cigarmaker, 392 Main, h. off Pearl, near Watson 

Busnach Solomon M. cigarmaker, bds. at M. S. Busnach's 

Buss Henry C. b. salesman, h. 73 Thorndike 

Buswell Chas. H. b. leatherdealer, bds. 21 Sixth 

Butler David, h. Harrison ave. near Pleasant [Second 

Butler Harriet A. teacher, Cragie Alphabet School, Fourth, bds. 27 

Butler John, laborer, h. 33 Spring 

Butler Martha H. teacher, Thorndike Alphabet School, bds. 27 Second 

Butler Patrick, baker, h. 15 Hancock, n. Main 

Butler Patrick E. grocer, 105 Bridge, bds. do. 

Butterfield Charles M. {Butterfield fy Wilkinson), b. wholesale liquor- 
dealer, 68 Broad, h. 25 Third 

Butterfield David W. photographer, h. Brooks, n. Pearl 

Butterfield George, Squire's Pork House, bds. Gore, n. Sixth 

Butterfield John, b. provision dealer, h. Fourth, n. Cambridge 

Butterfield John H. clerk, bds. Fourth, near Cambridge 

Butterfield Wm. P. b. com. mer. 8 Custom House st. h. Main, n. 

Buttrick Elizabeth G. Miss, h. Norton, cor. Wright 

Buttrick Ephraim, h. Divinity ave. n. Kirkland 

Buttrick George, baker, h. Norfolk, n. Cambridge 

Buxton Charles B. fishdealer, h. Soden 

Buxton John H. mason, h. 60 Western ave. 

Byram Eben S. cabinetmaker, h. Williams n. Magazine 

Byram Joseph R. b. salesman, 83 Cornhill, bds. at E. S. Byram's 

Byram William H. gasfitter, bds. at E. S. Byram's 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building', Cainbridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cnshman, sue. to Cnshman & Brooks, 90-94 Trem. St., Boston, 


CABOT CHARLES MRS. widow, h. 2 Magazine ct. [Appian Way 

Cabot Follen, b. commission merchant, 5 Arch, h. Garden, near 

Cade Charles B. plumber, bds. 18 Worcester 

Cade George L. superintendent of streets, house 372 Main 

Cade H. E. boardinghouse, 372 Main 

Cade William B. polisher, house Green, cor. River 

Caden Charles, carpenter, bds. 5 Auburn court 

Cahill Edward, harnessmaker, h. Thorndike, near Seventh 

Cahill John, b. merchant, house 67 Sixth 

Cain Mary Mrs. house Kinnard 

Cain William, b. teamster, house Cambridge, near Willow place 

Caldwell Almira Mrs. house 95 Cambridge 

Caldwell James, coachtrimmer, house Sixth, near Cambridge 

Caldwell James A. b. butter dealer, house Sidney, near Walnut 

Caldwell Mathers, house Prince, near Prospect 

Caldwell William, house Harvard, corner Ellery 

Calef H. S. planing-mill, boards 64 Spring 

Calef O. S. planing-mill, Chelsea, h. Third, near Cambridge 

Calef S. C. planing-mill, house 64 Spring 

Callahan Charles, hostler, house Bridge, near Somerville 

Callahan Charles, laborer, house 61 Bridge 

Callahan Daniel, laborer, boards Lechmere pi. 

Callahan Daniel, glassmaker, boards Winter, near Fifth 

Callahan James, laborer, house 6 North 

Callahan Jeremiah, glassmaker, house Cambridge, corner Elm 

Callahan Jeremiah, laborer, house Short, near North 

Callahan John, sexton, house near Catholic Church, Concord ave. 

Callahan John, blacksmith, house rear Vine, near Fifth 

Callahan John Mrs. widow, house Spruce, corner Dublin 

Callahan John P. printer, house 50 Spring 

Callahan Mary Mrs. widow, house Winter, near Fifth 

Callahan Patrick Mrs. house West 

Callahan Patrick, laborer, house 6 North 

Callahan Patrick, laborer, boards Winter, near Fifth 

Callahan Patrick, laborer, house Spruce 

Callahan Thomas, laborer, house Charles 

Callahan Thomas, laborer, house Foster, corner Willard pi. 

Callahan Thomas, laborer, house Spruce 

Callahan Timothy, laborer, house Dublin, near railroad 

Callahan Timothy, laborer, house Lambert, near Cambridge 

Callahan William, laborer, house Sargent 

Callender Charles A. school books and stationery, 389 Main, h. do. 

Callender Frances Miss, dressmaker, Douglass Block, Main, bds. do. 

Callender Sarah B. Miss, milliner, Douglass Block, Main, bds. do. 

Calvert Horatio Mrs. h. 7 Brooks Building, near School 

Calvey John, trader, h. rear 116 Thorndike 

Cameron Alexander, harnessmaker, boards 42 Bridge 

Cameron James M. trunk manufacturer, house Brattle, near Mason 

Cammon John, carriagesmith, house Russell, corner North avenue 

Tuesley & Griffin, Trunks, Valises, Bags, k, 15S k 100 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Paris Kid CJ loves. Prices very low. 


Campbell Alexander, b. electrotyper, 13 Washington, h. Howard, cor. 
River [River 

Campbell Charles J. b. electrotyper, 13 Washington, h. Howard, cor. 

Campbell Edward F. upholsterer, bds. 73 Brattle 

Campbell Hugh, grocer, h. 8 Vine, n. Fourth 

Campbell Jane Mrs. h. 10 Harvard 

Campbell John, b. machinist, h. 17 Jay 

Campbell John M. brassfinisher, h. Windsor, cor. Lincoln 

Campbell Oliver B. (S. Walker fy Co.), b. coal-oildealer, 40 Clinton, 
h. North ave. cor. Forest 

Campbell Robert M. h. Oak, n. Somerville 

Campbell Thomas W. blacksmith, h. Thorndike, cor. Eighth 

Campbell William, boilermaker, h. 47 Washington 

Campbell William H. clerk, bds. 73 Brattle 

Campbell Wilson, engineer, h. 88 Harvard 

Canfield Felix P. machinist, h. 19 Auburn 

Cannell Charlotte Mrs. h. 52 Gore 

Cannell Henry, clerk, h. 52 Gore 

Cannon John Mrs. widow, h. 1 1 1 Cambridge 

Cannon Mary E. Miss, teacher, Otis School, bds. Ill Cambridge 

Cannovan James, laborer, h. 27 Cambridge 

Cannovan James, laborer, h. r. 136 Bridge 

Canty Jeremiah, ledgeman, bds. Bridge, n. Somerville 

Canty John, teamster, bds. Bridge, n. Somerville 

Canty Julia, widow, h. 7 North 

Canty Mary, widow, h. North, n. Lechmere pi. 

Capell Jonas F. clerk, N. E. Glass Works, h. 110 Thorndike 

Capell Thomas, carpenter, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Bow 

Capen George H., N. E. Glass Works, h. 99 Cambridge 

Carew Thomas A. sculptor and marbleworker, Mt. Auburn, cor. Brat- 
tle sq. h. De Wolf 

Carey John W. painter, h. 66 Elm 

Carleton Charles G. medical student, bds. 66 Otis 

Carleton Richard, F. b. pianofortes, h. Hampshire, n. Cambridge 

Carley C. B. machinist, bds. Flanders, Exchange 

Carley James, gardener, h. Garden, cor. Shepard 

Carlie H. K. Mrs. ladies hairdresser, Harvard sq. bds. Main, cor. Austin 

Carlin James, brass moulder, h. 22 Windsor 

Carlin John Mrs. 115 Bridge 

Carlin Patrick, watchman, Union Railway, h. Chapman pi. [Works 

Carlock John R. b. watch-case maker, h. Main, n. Hovey's Bacon 

Carmichael John, baggagemaster, Lowell Railroad, h. 102 Cambridge 

Carnes John, b. shoemaker, h. Cottage, n. Pearl 

Carnes Michael, laborer, h. Bridge 

Carney Hugh F. trunkmaker, h. 97 Bridge 

Carney John, laborer, h. Lambert, n. Cambridge 

Carney Joseph, tin-plate worker, h. Gore, n. Lambert 

Carney Owen, laborer, h. Irving pi. n. Foster 

Carpenter John, cabinetmaker, h. 128 Bridge 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Canibridgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, Boston. 


Carpenter Reuben, b. engraver, h. Clark, n. Harvard 

Carpenter Thomas, b. cabinetmaker, h. Harvard, n. Davis 

Carr Arthur, Glass Works, h. 84 Fourth 

Carr Bernard, soapmaker, h. Perry, n. Pearl 

Carr Charles, soapmaker, h. Perry, n. Pearl 

Carr George, grease collector, h. Willow pi. 

Carr George W. jobber, h. 29 Washington 

Carr Irwin S. tin-plate worker, bds. 116 Spring 

Carr Michael Mrs. widow, h. Brighton, n. Winthrop 

Carr Patrick, h. Perry, n. Brookline 

Carr William, grease collector, bds. G. Carr's, Willow pi. 

Carroll Bridget, widow, bds Fourth, cor. Stevens ct. 

Carroll Catherine, widow, h. Bridge, opp. Bay State Glass House 

Carroll Daniel, machinist, bds. 22 Fourth 

Carroll Edward, barreldealer, h. Windsor, near Webster ave. 

Carroll James H. machinist, Boston and Lowell Railroad Repair 
Shop, h. 11 Winter 

Carroll John) glassmaker, h. Fourth, cor. Stevens ct. 

Carroll John F. glassblower, h. Bridge, opp. Bay State Glass Works 

Carroll John F. machinist, h. 22 Fourth 

Carroll John I. teamster, bds Kinnard, cor. Western ave. 

Carroll John M. peddler, h. Charles ct. 

Carroll William, gardener, h. Bond, n. Garden 

Carroll William H. h. Charles, n. Kerosene Works 

Carruth Charles E. (Fyfe 8? Carruth), grocer, 64 River, h. 66 River 

Carruth George E. clerk, bds. 66 River 

Carson Robert, soapmaker, h. 40 Pearl 

Carson William G. clerk, h. Gore, n. Sixth 

Carter Frank D. restaurant, Brighton, n. Harvard sq. h. Daniel's ct. 

Carter George, glassmaker, h. 4 Munroe's Blk. Winter 

Carter George H. b. clerk, h. 27 Spring 

Carter George P. (Charles Hickling 3? Co.), b. bookbinders, 76 Sud- 
bury, h. Austin, n. Norfolk 

Carter Luke, h. 565 Main, n. Dana 

Carter Nathaniel Mrs. widow, h. Harvard, cor. Moore 

Carten William E. Mrs. h. Linncean, cor. Raymond 

Cartin Frank (Phila.),h. r. 151 Bridge 

Cartret Abigail, widow, bds. C. H. Megroth's, 50 Elm 

Cartwright Ezekiel, ropemaker, h. 3 Austin 

Cartwright Joseph P. wheelwright, h. Cherry, cor. School 

Cartwright Philip, carpenter, h. Clark, n. Harvard 

Cartwright Samuel, painter, h. 9 Cherry 

Carty Henry, bellhanger, h. Willow pi. 

Carvan John, cattledriver, h. Perry, n. Pearl 

Cary Edward, laborer, h. Harvey 

Cary Jeremiah, bds. Fifth, cor. Cambridge 

Cary Michael, bookbinder, h. River, opp. Williams 

Cary Michael, laborer, h. Leland, n. Brookline 

Cary Thomas J. Mrs. h. Ware, n. Broadway 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Soda and Mineral Water. 

Send Address for Samples of Penmanship and College Journal. 


Case Lyman G. ( Case fy Dodge), b. expressman, h. 67 Columbia 

Casey Andrew, baker, h. Pine 

Casey Bernard Mrs. h. Hastings, cor. Moore 

Casey Edward, teamster, h. rear Dexter's store, Broadway 

Casey James, plasterer, h. r. 25 Gore 

Casey James, jr. hostler, h. Third, cor. Cambridge 

Casey Jerry, laborer, h. Hastings 

Casey John, laborer, h. Brookline, n. Erie 

Casey Thomas, clerk, bds. 67 Sixth 

Casey Thomas J. carver, h. Cambridge, n. Fifth [Fourth 

Casey William, undertaker and sexton, St. John's Church, h. 82 

Cashman John, laborer, h. Donnell, n. Tuttle 

Casper Nicholas, brasspinner, h. 8 Seventh 

Cass David, rigger, h. 35 Winter 

Cass Lewis, printer, h. Gerry, cor. Chapman pi. 

Cassalle Frederick, shoemaker, h. 45 Fifth 

Cassidy Edward, gardener, h. Pearl, opp. Cottage 

Cassidy Edward, glasscutter, h. rear 164 Gore [°PP- Cottage 

Cassidy Edward J. clerk, Cambridge Press, 421 Main, bds. Pearl, 

Cassidy Philip, laborer, h. Baldwin ct. n. Baldwin [pi. 

Cate James H. engineer, Watertown Arsenal, h. North ave. n. Holmes 

Cate Joseph, tin-plate worker, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 

Cate Louisa L. Mrs. h. North ave. n. Holmes pi. 

Cavanagh Christopher, gardener, h. Hampshire, cor. Amory 

Cavanagh Dennis, carpenter, h. Vine, n. Fourth 

Cavanagh Michael, laborer, h. Montgomery, n. Spruce 

Cavanagh Patrick, laborer, h. Second 

Cavanaugh Daniel, stevedore, h. Broadway, cor. Windsor 

Caverly Francis, clerk, at E. M. Abbott's, Brookline, h. Pearl, cor. 

Cawley Eliphalet, stableman, h. Gerry, cor. Chapman pi. 

Cazneau Henry R. Mrs. h. 24 Brookline 

Chadbourn Mary S. Mrs. bds. Suffolk, n. Columbia 

Chadbourne Charles H. (S. G. Bridge fy Co.), grocer, 281 Main, h. 
Clark, n. School 

Chadwick Alfred F. boxmaker, h. 46 Washington 

Chadwick F. Henry, b. hardware, bds. 98 Otis 

Chaffee (Knowlton S.) & Cummings (Daniel P.), hardwood charcoal 
dealers, junc. Bridge and Cambridge, h. 118 Cambridge 

Challis C. D. blacksmith, h. 29 Spring 

Chamberlain A. Otis, lettercarrier, bds. 49 Tremont 

Chamberlain Charles U. clerk, bds. Walnut, cor. Magazine 

Chamberlain George D. butcher, h. River, n. Main 

Chamberlain James F. b. silverplater, 104 Washington, h. Hamp- 
shire, n. Columbia 

Chamberlain Newell, butcher, h. River, n. Main 

Chamberlin Alfred N. shoemaker, h. Prospect, cor. Gardner 

Chamberlin Daniel U. hardware, 412 Main, h. Magazine, cor. Walnut 

Chamberlin George H. clerk, 412 Main, bds. Brattle, n. Mason 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Canikidgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cushman, sue. to Cnshman & Brooks, 90-94 Trem. St., Boston, 


Chamberlin Mary Mrs. h. Brattle, n. Appian Way 

Chamberlin Samuel E. h. Wendell, cor. Oxford 

Chandler Benjamin E. cabinetmaker, h. 66 Spring 

Chandler Ebenezer M. provision dealer, Norfolk, n. Harvard, h. 
Amory, n. Broadway 

Chandler Edward R. hatter, h. Cottage ct. 

Chandler Elizabeth Mrs. bds. Walnut, cor. Brookline 

Chandler Fred, bookbinder, bds. 49 Auburn 

Chandler Moses E. b. carpenter, h. Dickinson, cor. Clark 

Chandler Oscar, machinist, h. Clark, n. Harvard 

Chandler Samuel E. clerk at Navy Yard, h. Windsor, n. Hampshire 

Chaney Alden D. soap manufacturer, Clark, n. Harvard, h. Magazine, 
near Erie 

Chaney S. B. soap manufacturer, Clark, h. 28 Tremont 

Chaney Thomas Mrs. h. 28 Tremont 

Channing Edward T. Mrs. h. Quincy, n. Harvard 

Chapin Gardner B. (Meloon fy Chapin), b. produce, 13 and 14 
Blackstone Market, h. 141 Cambridge 

Chapin George A. b. millinery, 158 Washington, h. Wendall 

Chapin George T. (Meloon Sf Chapin), b. 13 and 14 Blackstone Mar- 
ket, h. Fourth, n. Otis 

Chaplin Sarah T. Mrs. h. Austin, cor. Tnman 

Chapman Cyrus, machinist, bds. Broadway, cor. Moore 

Chapman Edmund A. Mrs. h. Brattle sq. 

Chapman Faulkner, carriage painter, bds. Mt. Auburn, cor. Story 

Chapman Francis L. carriage manufacturer, Brattle sq. n. Palmer, 
h. Story, n. Brattle 

Chapman Harrison, machinist, bds. Broadway, cor. Moore 

Chapman Henry, b. paperhanger, h. Cambridge, cor. Webster ave. 

Chapman James (Farrellfy Chapman), b. paperhanger, h. 27 Western 

Chapman John C. machinist, bds. Broadway, cor. Moore 

Chapman Nathaniel B. carpenter, bds. Mt. Auburn, cor. Story 

Chapman Sylvanus, machinist, Broadway, cor. Moore 

Chapman William, billiard saloon, h. Cambridge, cor. Webster ave. 

Chapman William, jr. carpenter, h. cor. Webster ave. 

Charl Joseph, bronzeworker, h. Columbia, n. Lincoln 

Charmois Victor, designer, h. 90 Vine 

Chase Benjamin F. blacksmith, h. Cambridge, n. Willow pi. 

Chase Charles, teamster, h. 24 Broadway 

Chase David L. b. electrotyper, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Chase Edward F. bookbinder, bds. Main, L. P. 

Chase Freeman H. express, h. Moore, n. Harvard 

Chase George W. hairdresser, bds. 416 Main 

Chase H. A. cabinetmaker, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Chase Hannah H. nurse, h. Main, L. P. 

Chase Hiram L. physician, h. Main, n. Hancock 

Chase Isaac F. tin-plate worker, at Charlestown, h. 16 Sixth [dike 

Chase Isaac R. engineer Boston and Lowell Railroad, h. 126 Thorn- 

Tuesley k Griffin, Bats, Umbrellas, Travelling Bags, k, 158 k ICO Court St., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Toadies and Misses' Gloves and Hosiery. 


Chase Jeremiah C. nurseryman, h. 253 Broadway, n. Norfolk [pi. 

Chase Josiah G. civil engineer and surveyor, 459 Main, h. Austin st. 

Chase Luther R. b. carriagepainter, h. 21 Sixth 

Chase Luther W. carriagepainter, bds. 21 Sixth 

Chase Moses B. chaplain U. S. Navy, h. Ash 

Chase Samuel, jr. cooper, h. Pearl, cor. Erie 

Chase Samuel F. icedealer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Chase Simeon, h. Windsor, cor. Washington 

Chase Simeon C. painter, h. Pleasant, junc. Western ave. 

Chase Susan, h. Wright, cor. Harrison pi. 

Chatel Moses, b. 90 Milk, h. Owen pi. 

Cheever Rachel P. Mrs. h. rear 32 Norfolk 

Cheney Charles J. clerk, U. R. R. h. Brighton, cor. Mt. Auburn 

Cheney Edwin L. b. clerk, New T. H. marketcellar, h. 27 Hampshire 

Cheney John, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Putnam 

Cheney Joseph A. policeman, h. Auburn, n. Magazine 

Cheney Martin, soapmaker, bds. Broadway, n. Clark 

Cheney Nathan, 2d (J. C. Johnson fy Co.), b. clothing, 90 Devonshire, 

h. Essex, cor. Howard 
Child Edward F. peddler, h. Main, n. G. J. Railroad 
Child Francis J. Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory H. U. 

h. Kirkland 
Child Joseph, b. sailmaker, 2 N. Market, h. Main, n. Hancock 
Child Joseph, jr. b. leatherdealer, h. 1 Hixon's Block, Pearl 
Child William B. coachman, h. Suffolk, n. Columbia 
Childs A. printer, bds. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 
Childs Henry, printer, h. Hixon's blk. Pearl 
Childs John H. b. bookbinder, bds. 9 Short 
Childs John J. ropemaker, h. 9 Short 
Childs Moses, clerk, bds. Sanderson's, School ct. n. Brattle 
Childs Spencer, teamster, h. 294 Main 
Chipman Albion, cabinetmaker, h. 48J Spring 
Chipman Henry Mrs. h. Green 

Choate Charles F. b. counsellor, Washington, h. Brattle, n. Appleton 
Christian Henry W. printer, bds. Charles River 
Christian Tanguy, shoemaker, h. 69 Vine 
Christie Michael, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Rice 
Christie William, at Dana Hill's club-stable, Pleasant, cor. Green 
Church Abraham, laborer, h. Hastings, below Brewery 
Churchill James C. b. saloon, Charlestown, cor. Travers, h. 6 Watson 
Churchill John W. oysterman, bds. 123 Spring 
Churchill William 0. Mrs. widow, h. 123 Spring 
Claflen David D. painter, Union sq. h. Cottage, n. North ave. 
Clapp Charles C. b. music store, 69 Court, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. 

•Gardner ct. 
Clapp Edward, conductor U. R. R. h. 62 Pleasant 
Clapp George W. b. clerk, bds. River, n. Franklin 
Clapp Horace, mason, h. 1 Chestnut 
Clapp John C. b. 74 Franklin, h. 6 Centre 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Camkidgeport, Mass. 


Bay State [Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, Boston, 


Clapp Walter, clerk, bds. n. Gardner ct. cor. Mt. Auburn 

Clarence Martha M. Mrs. h. Garden, n. Shepard 

Clark Albert E. foreman of yard, N. E. Glass Works, h. 38 Spring 

Clark Alvan (Alvan Clark § Sons), telescope maker, Brookline, n. 
bridge, h. do. 

Clark Alvan G. (Alvan Clark fy Sons), telescope maker, Walnut 

Clark Ambrose H. collector Gas Co. h. Wright, n. Norton 

Clark Amos F. jr. teamster, h. Main, L. P., n. Broadway 

Clark Bartlett, laborer, h. College Wharf 

Clark Benjamin, carpenter, h. Gerry, n. Mt. Auburn 

Clark Benjamin P. & Co. confectioners, 380 Main, h. 31 Franklin 

Clark Chester N. agent brush manufactory, H. of C. h. Fourth, n. Otis 

Clark Elizabeth Mrs. dressmaker, h. Harvard, n. Railroad 

Clark E. R. Mrs. h. 125 Otis 

Clark Eugene, stonecutter, h. Bridge, n. Third 

Clark Francis, painter, bds. 72 Gore 

Clark George, printer, h. Kinnard, n. Putnam 

Clark George B. (Alvan Clark 8? Sons), telescope maker, h. Brook- 
line, n. bridge 

Clark Henry H. proof-reader, h. De Wolf 

Clark Henry J. Assistant Professor of Zoology in the Lawrence Sci- 
entific School, h. Wendell, n. Oxford 

Clark Hosea ( Clark 8? Brown), wooldealer, h. Prospect, cor. Broadway 

Clark James P. gardener, h. n. Catholic Church, Concord ave. 

Clark John, carpenter, h. Dunster, n. Mt. Auburn 

Clark John H. bds. Brattle, n. Harvard sq. 

Clark John M. b. waiter, h. rear 34 Norfolk 

Clark John W. carpenter, h. Windsor, cor. School 

Clark Lewis C. confectioner, bds. 31 Franklin 

Clark Maria Mrs. h. 50 Auburn 

Clark Mary Mrs. h. 1 Harrison ave. 

Clark Moses Mrs. h. 66 Otis 

Clark Ozias, carpenter, h. 63 South Fourth 

Clark Patrick, driver, U. R. R. bds. Brighton 

Clark Patrick T. b. clerk, h. Amory, n. Hampshire 

Clark Samuel L. painter, h. 33J Washington 

Clark Simon P. carpenter, Cherry, n. School, h. 40 Cherry 

Clark Thomas, carpenter, h. 19 Tremont 

Clark Thomas, shoemaker, h. Rice 

Clark William, bootmaker, Allen, h. Somerville 

Clark William, laborer, h. South, n. Dunster 

Clark William, bookbinder, h. 50 Auburn 

Clarke Augustus P. physician, 399 Main 

Clarke Sarah H. widow, h. Brattle, n. Harvard Sq. 

Clarkson Alexander, glasscutter, h. 22 Winter 

Clarkson Thomas, b. jeweller, 210 Washington, h. Rockwell, n. Pleasant 

Clary David, laborer, h. Bridge, opp. Bay State Glass House 

Clary Francis P. laborer, h. Baldwin 

Clary James, laborer, h. Perry, n. Pearl 

Fairbanks & Beard, Wholesale Dealers in bottle Ale, Porter, and Cider. 

for fitting Young Men and Ladies for the Practical Duties of Life. 


Clary Patrick, laborer, bds. Lechmere pi. 

Claussen Frederick F. shipmaster, h. Inman, n. Hampshire 

Clausson Peter N. French bootmaker, 11 Harvard Row, h. Green, n. 

Clayton William, painter, bds. 298 Main 
Clery John, laborer, h. East, n. Hastings' Wharf 
Cleveland Albert D. policeman, h. Tannery 
Cleveland Clement, student, bds. Winthrop sq. 
Cleveland Mary W. Mrs. h. Winthrop sq. cor. Brighton 
Cleveland William C. engineer, h. Winthrop 
Clough John K. b. bookbinder, h. 60 Columbia 
Clous Augustus, carver, h. rear 22 Winter 
Clous Charles, carver, h. rear 22 Winter 
Clouston William, carpenter, h. Williams, n. Magazine 
Clover Fernando, laborer, house Clay 
Clow Edmund, printer, h. Perry, n. Pearl 
Clukas William H. cabinetmaker, h. Cambridge, n. Fifth 
Cobb Josiah H. b. grocer, 550 Washington, h. Fremont, n. River 
Cobb William, shipmaster, h. 50 Austin 
Coburn A. bds. Flanders' Exchange 
Coburn B. V. bds. Flanders' Exchange 
Coburn Cornelia A. h. North ave. cor. Willow 
Coburn F. Enoch {Burnett fy Coburn), groceries, hay, and grain, 

Main, cor. Harvard 
Coburn Lyman, coffinmaker, h. 9 Winter 
Cochran John, cabinetmaker, h. 35 State 
Cochran M. printer, h. Harrison pi. 
Coffee Cornelius, laborer, h. North, n. East 

Coffee Dennis, gatetender, Lowell Railroad, house North, near East 
Coffee Michael, laborer, boards North, near East 
Coffee Patrick, hostler, boards Pearl, near Valentine 
Coffin David, laborer, h. Murdock 
Coffin Jeremiah, laborer, house Broadway, near Ellery 
Coffin John, house 15 North 
Coffin Mary Mrs. h. Portland, n. Hampshire 
Coffran John, h. 15 North 

Cofran Noah M. policeman, house Concord avenue, near Sparks 
Cofran Samuel M. brickmaker, house Concord avenue, near Catholic 

Cogan Michael, laborer, house 12 North 
Cogswell Edward R. student, boards Main, cor. Prospect 
Cogswell Francis, master Putnam Grammar School, boards 33 Second 
Cogswell Joseph G. house Main, corner Trowbridge 
Cogswell Samuel B. machinist, house Brooks block, near School 
Cogswell Thomas, b. dentist, Tremont cor. Park, boards 33 Second 
Cohen Benjamin L. b. watchmaker, house Pine 
Cokeley David, laborer, house North 
Cokeley Patrick, laborer, house Willow pi. 
Cokeley Susan Mrs. house 35 Gore 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Canibridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cushman, sue. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trem. St., Boston, 


Cokeley Timothy, laborer, house Cambridge, near Oak 
Colbert John, stableman, h. Winthrop, n. Dunster 
Colburn Cephas, shoemaker, house 6 Windsor 
Colburn Charles N. house Mt. Auburn, opposite Howard 
Colburn E. G. foreman, boards Ward's block, Main, L. P. 
Colburn George W. b. 33 Summer, house Dana, opposite Centre 
Colburn Theodore E. b. architect, boards Mrs. Colburn's, Ash 
Colburn Warren Mrs. house Ash, corner Brattle 
Colby Benjamin, tobacco presser, house 63 Fifth 
Colby Hezekiah B. watchman, house 127 Broadway 
Colby Lewis, b. clergyman, h. 22 Inman, near Main 
Colderwod John, house 22 Windsor 

Cole Abigail, widow, house 137 Columbia [Hancock 

Cole Charles D. b. publisher, 548 Washington, house Main, near 
Cole George A. b. cordwainer, boards 137 Columbia 
Cole George E. b. clerk, house 369 Main 
Cole Hanun W. house Trowbridge, near Broadway 
Cole Jeremiah, laborer, house Green, near Putnam 
Cole Seth, printer, house 5 Union 
Coleman George W. b. clerk, boards Otis, near Fifth 
Coleman John, brassfinisher, house 18 Windsor 
Coleman Mark W. b. tin-plate worker, house Otis, near Fifth 
Coleman Michael, laborer, house Mt. Auburn, near Willard 
Coleman Michael, tailor, house Webster ave. Somerville 
Coleman Thomas, laborer, house Third, foot Charles Third 
Coles Winslow V. b. plateprinter, house 14 Austin 
Colesworthy Deborah Mrs. house 3 Soden 
Colfer John, stableman, house Winthrop, near Dunster 
Colgan Henry, peddler, house Hampshire, near Prospect 
Collamore Theodore, melodeon maker, house 57 Pleasant 
Collard Brice, b. bookkeeper, house 2 Hixon's block, Pearl 
Colley Benjamin E. & Co. (James Colley), b. pianofortes, 538 Wash- 
ington, house Fayette [church 
Colley James (B. E. Colley fy Co.), b. pianofortes, h. Lee, opp. the 
Collier John, tinpeddler, house Columbia, near Somerville 
Collier Margaret Mrs. house Cambridge, near Willow pi. 
Collier Patrick H. glassmaker, house 9 Winter 
Collins Cornelius, laborer, house Harvard, near Main 
Colligan John, laborer, house Elm, near Hampshire 
Collins Daniel, painter, house 132 Bridge 
Collins Daniel, laborer, house Water, near North 
Collins Daniel, carpenter, boards 372 Main 
Collins David B. tailor, house Elm, near Hampshire 
Collins Edward, house rear 8 Vine 
Collins Jeremiah, engineer, house 282 Main 
Collins John, stonecutter, boards Second, near Gore 
Collins John, laborer, house near Dublin 
Collins Mary, widow, boardinghouse, 103 Bridge 
Collins Michael, laborer, house 62 Cambridge 

Tuesley k Griffin, flats, Caps, Furs, k, 158 k 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston* 

Importer and Dealer in ladies and Gents' JLinen Handkerchiefs. 


Collins Michael, junkdealer, house Hampshire, near Columbia 

Collins Michael, laborer, house 15 Winter 

Collins Michael G. laborer Glass Works, house 62 Cambridge 

Collins Patrick D. gardener, house Cambridge, near Webster ave. 

Collins Peter, soapmaker, house 136 Bridge 

Collins Richard, laborer, house Brighton, near Winthrop 

Collins Timothy, glassmaker, house 62 Cambridge 

Colloton John, cabinetmaker, house School, near Windsor 

Collyer Isaac J. P. Rev. house 100 Cambridge 

Colman John, laborer, house Read, near Spruce 

Colman Mary Mrs. house Willow place 

Colman Waterman, b. clerk, house Coggswell ave. 

Colmore William, turner, boards 372 Main 

Colton John B. cabinetmaker, house School, near Cherry 

Comaton Edward, painter, house Copperthwait, near DeWolf 

Combs Charles E. b. clerk, boards Eliot, near Mt. Auburn 

Cornel Nancy Mrs. house Park 

Common Frank, teamster, house Tannery 

Conant Benjamin, printer, Main, corner Lee, house 15 Brookline 

Conant Levi, b. clerk, house Harvard, near Dana 

Conant Luman, clerk, boards Gore, near Sixth 

Conant Marcus (Foye 8? Conant), sash and blind manufacturer, 

Brighton, boards Chaun'cy, near North ave. 
Coney M. Mrs. widow, house Brighton, near the bridge 
Coney Patrick, laborer, house Concord avenue, near Catholic Church 
Conlan Charles, laborer, house Webster avenue, near Windsor 
Conlan Edward, laborer, house Distillhouse st. 
Conlan John, laborer, house near Dublin 
Conlan John, trader, house Windsor, near Cambridge 
Conlan Joseph, laborer, house Third, near Gore 
Conlan Michael, laborer, house Windsor, near Cambridge 
Conlan Owen, cooper, boards Cambridge, near Willow pi. 
Conlan Patrick, Glass Works, house 78 Fourth 
Conlan Samuel, soapmaker, house Webster avenue, near Windsor 
Conley Bernard Mrs. widow, house Third, foot of Charles 
Conley Bridget Mrs. house Main, L. P. 
Conley James, glassblower, house Bridge, opposite Short 
Conley John P. carpenter, boards Pearl, near Cottage 
Conley William, laborer, house Webster ave. near Cambridge 
Conlogue John, mason, house Cambridge, corner Norfolk 
Connaton Edward, painter, h. Copperthwait, n. DeWolf 
Connehan John, stonecutter, house Charles, near Fourth 
Connehan William, laborer, house Bridge, opposite Third 
Connell Anthony, painter, house Hancock, corner Franklin 
Connell James, laborer, house Franklin, near Putnam 
Connell Jerry, laborer, bds. Main, junction Broadway 
Connell John, laborer, house Webster ave. near Cambridge 
Connell John, laborer, house Franklin, near Putnam 
Connell Lott W. painter, house Franklin, near Putnam 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kneeland St., Boston. 


Connell Patrick, grocer, house Franklin, near Bay 
Connell William, laborer, house Franklin, corner Bay 
Connell William, laborer, house Dublin, near Bolton 
Connelly Bartlett, laborer, house Murdock pi. 
Connelly John, b. bootmaker, house 17 Washington 
Conner Cornelius, laborer, house Winthrop, near Dunster 
Conner James, gardener, h. Franklin, n. Bay 

Conner James M. furniture repairer, 27 Cambridge, bds. East Boston 
Conner John, laborer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 
Conner John, laborer, h. 4 Willard pi. 
Conner John, laborer, h. Green, n. Putnam 
Conner Julia Mrs. h. Winthrop sq. 
Conner Patrick, laborer, h. Jackson, n. Spruce 
Conner Timothy, laborer, h. Sparks, n. Mt. Auburn 
Conners Ellen Mrs. h. 11 North 
Conners Mary Mrs. h. 7 Pine 
Conners Mary Mrs. h. Franklin, n. Pleasant 
Conners Michael, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Clifton 
Conners Michael, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Montgomery 
Conners Michael, laborer, h. Race Course, n. Spruce 
Conners Patrick, laborer, h. Franklin 
Conniff James, trader, h. Harvard, n. railroad 
Connolly Andrew, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Rice 
Connolly Lawrence, stonecutter, h. Vine 
Connor Dennis, laborer, h. Brighton, n. the bridge 
Connor Jeremiah, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Cedar 
Connor Joseph, laborer, h. Clifton, n. Spruce 
Connor Michael, laborer, h. Winthrop, n. Dunster 
Connors James, gardener, h. 116 Franklin 

Connors Patrick, laborer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire [Hampshire 

Conrad John, pocket-book manufacturer, Main, opp. Norfolk, h. Elm, n. 
Conran Thomas, turner, First and Otis, h. Boston 
Conrick Edward, watchman, h. 1 Washington 
Conry Keen, laborer, h. Kinnard, n. Putnam 
Conry Patrick, laborer, h. Dunster, n. South 

Converse Benjamin, clerk, h. Williams, cor. Magazine [Harvard 

Converse Ferdinand A. W. b. leatherdealer, 73 Water, h. Hancock, cor. 
Converse Joseph H. b. com. mer. 39 State, h. Broadway, cor. Ells- 
worth ave. 
Conway Catherine Mrs. widow, h. 5 North 
Conway Michael, h. Vine, n. Fourth 
Cook Benjamin, painter, Otis, n. Fifth, h. 106 Otis 
Cook Charles C. works at Draper's, Otis, bds. 2 Munroe Blk., Winter 
Cook Charles H. tube works, bds. 22 Fifth 
Cook Ephraim, painter, h. 45 Gore 
Cook George F. clerk, bds. 106 Otis 
Cook Henry, carver, bds. 372 Main 
Cook James, lather, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 
Cook John B. trader, h. Elm, cor. Davenport, Ward 5 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Hop and Sarsaparilla Beer. 

All Branches of a Complete Business Education Practically Taught. 


Cook Josiah W. President Cambridge Mutual Insurance Co. opp. 

Irving House, h. Main, n. Hancock 
Cook Lewis F. b. clerk, bds. J. B. Cook's, Elm, cor. Davenport 
Cook Martha F. Mrs. h. Bow, opp. Arrow 
Cook Micah W. policeman, h. Shepard, n. Avon 
Cook Robert, laborer, h. Foster, n. Sparks 
Cook Thomas D. policeman, h. Allen, next to the church 
Cook Josiah P. Erving Professor Chemistry and Mineralogy H. U. 

Rooms Harvard Block, h. Quincy, n. Harvard 
Cooley Albert L. (McCulley S? Cooky), b. furnituredealer, h. 38 

Cooley John Mrs. h. Perry 
Coolidge Abiel, h. Clark, cor. Washington 
Coolidge Austin J. b. attorney, 33 School, h. 542 Main 
Coolidge Charles, printer, h. Green, n. Hancock 
Coolidge Charles, b. clerk, h. Sixth, cor. Spring 
Coolidge George H. machinist, h. 363 Main, Brooks pi. 
Coolidge John, carpenter, h. 14 Brooks' Building, n. School 
Coolidge Joseph G. farmer, h. Coolidge ave. n. Mt. Auburn 
Coolidge Josiah, farmer, h. Brattle, n. Fayerweather 
Coolidge Mary Mrs. widow, h. 12 Moore 
Coolidge Nancy Mrs. h. 403 Main 
Coolidge Samuel, b. watchmaker, h. 12 Moore 
Cooper Charles, soap manufacturer, h. 71 River 
Cooper Charles A. medical student, bds. 71 River 
Cooper James, b. silverplater, 45 Water, h. 49 Washington 
Cooper John, expressman, h. 45 Fourth 
Cooper William, soap manufacturer, River, h. 82 River 
Cooper William H. soap manufacturer, h. 80 River 
Cooter George W. b. coppersmith, h. 13 Winter 
Copeland George H. clerk, h. Windsor, cor. School 
Copeland Milton J. b. 24 New F. H. Market, h. Clark, cor. Market 
Copp George A. pocket-book maker, bds. 30 Pearl 
Copp George W. cordwainer, h. 30 Pearl 
Copp John C. confectioner, bds. 30 Pearl 
Coppenraht Jacobus, currier, h. Eighth, n. Otis 
Corbett Daniel, cooper, h. Fifth, n. Otis 
Corbett Julia Miss, dressmaker, bds. 17 Windsor 
Corbett Michael, gardener, h. Short, n. L. R. R. 
Corbett Michael, painter, h. Webster ave. n. Columbia 
Corcoran Donald, laborer, h. rear Franklin, n. Bay 
Corcoran Frank, b. printer, bds. Charles River 
Corcoran Jeremiah, laborer, h. Bridge, n. Third 
Corcoran John, blacksmith, h. Eliot, n. Mt. Auburn 
Corcoran John, printer, h. Watson, n. Pearl 
Corcoran John, laborer, h. rear Court, n. Kerosene Works 
Corcoran John, laborer, h. 9 North 
Corcoran Michael, Glass Works, bds. 9 North 
Corcoran Michael, pressman, h. Wright 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cnshman, sue. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trem. St., Boston, 


Corcoran Patrick, laborer, house Dublin 

Corcoran Richard, laborer, house Charles River 

Corcoran Thomas, b. machinist, bds. Charles River [Broadway 

Corey Elijah W. b. leather, 156 Pearl, h. Ellsworth avenue, near 

Corkery Dennis, laborer, house Lambert, near Cambridge 

Corkery Dennis, house Washington court 

Corkery Michael, laborer, house Webster avenue, near Somerville 

Corkery Michael, laborer, house Lambert, near Cambridge 

Corkery Morris, house Kinnard, near Putnam 

Corkley Catherine, widow, house 11 North 

Corkory Matthew, laborer, house Hancock, near Green 

Corliss Edwin Mrs. house Seventh, near Cambridge 

Cornish M. Russell, cabinetmaker, house Lincoln ct. 

Cosgrove Andrew, teamster, boards Main, corner Broadway 

Cosgrove James, stonecutter, house Broadway, near Oil Factory 

Cosgrove Thomas, laborer, house Donnell, near Tuttle 

Costello Ann Mrs. house Hancock near Franklin 

Costello Edward Mrs. house South, near Brighton 

Costello John H. b. stereotyper, boards Hancock, near Franklin 

Costello Michael, laborer, house Webster avenue 

Costello Michael, engineer, house Gore, near Fifth 

Costrero Michael, laborer, house Webster avenue, near Somerville 

Cotter Edward C. clerk, Flint & Hall's, house Chelsea 

Cotter Edward J. pressman, house Brookline, near Hampshire 

Cotter Lawrence, laborer, house Brighton, near Mt. Auburn 

Cotter Richard, harnessmaker, house 96 Cambridge 

Cotter William, laborer, house Spruce, near Jackson 

Cotton H. Norman, b. clerk, 82 State, house 1 Austin ct. 

Cotton J. Warren, life insurance, 80 Wash., house 1 Austin ct. 

Cotton Nathaniel, house Hampshire, corner Bristol 

Cottrell Adam S. Mrs. house Mt. Auburn, corner Story 

Coughlin John, building mover, house Harvard, near G. J. Railroad 

Coulliard Leander A. b. blacksmith, 82 Chardon, house 26 Fifth 

Courtney Benjamin, house 44 Franklin 

Courtney Benjamin, clerk, boards 30 Williams 

Courtney Friend S. (Courtney § Bates), b. graindealer, 140 Lincoln 

boards 44 Franklin 
Courtney Michael, laborer, house Hunting 
Courtney Thomas, laborer, house 1 Bridge 
Cousins Katie H. Miss, confectionery, Norfolk, cor. Broadway, house 

Gardner, near Prospect 
Coveney John, teamster, boards Bridge, near Somerville 
Coveney Jeremiah W. clerk, Custom House, boards Mrs. Coveney's 

Short, Ward 3 
Coveney Margaret Mrs. house Short, Ward 3 
Coville Thomas H. house Valentine, near Soap Factory 
Cowan Thomas (James Mellen fy Co.), building mover, h. 6 Brooks 

Building, near School 
Cowden Henry G. Mrs. house 63 Third 

Tucsley k Griffin, Trunks, Valises, Bags, fc, 158 k 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer of Linen Napkins and Ijinen Damasks* Prices very low. 


Cowden Joseph, machinist, boards 63 Third 
Covvdin Levi F. engineer, house Mt. Auburn, corner Holyoke 
Covven Dennis, ropemaker, house Spruce, corner Rice 
Cowhig John, laborer, house Hampshire, corner Portland 
Cox Alexander, driver, U. R. R., boards Gerry- 
Cox Charles P. carver, house 43 Magazine 
Cox Edward, shoemaker, house 41 Brookline 
Cox Francis, laborer, house Lambert, near Cambridge 
Cox Francis A. Cambridge Laundry, boards 32 Green [Union 

Cox James, publisher of Cambridge Press, 421 Main, h. Hampshire, n. 
Cox John, plasterer, house Elm, near Hampshire 
Cox John, teamster, house rear Mt. Auburn, near Elmwood ave. 
Cox Owen, laborer, house Willard pi. 
Cox Leonard, Cambridge Laundry, Soden, house 32 Green 
Cox William, laborer, house Elm, near Hampshire 
Coy Charles, machinist, house 37 Seventh 
Coy Horace S. express, house Thorndike, near Seventh 
Coy Richard, laborer, house Thorndike, corner Sixth 
Coye William J. furrier, house Norton Place 
Crabbie Miller, b. 26 Elm, liquors, house Elm, near Harvard 
Crabbie Robert S. b. 26 Elm, liquors, house 94 Prospect 
Craft William B. b. 37 Commercial, boards Main, corner Prospect 
Crafts George W. bookbinder, house Brookline, near Auburn 
Cragin Francis, clerk, house Fourth, corner Spring 
Cragin Samuel, grocer, house Fourth, corner Spring 
Crain Charles S. b. shoe and leather dealer, boards Austin cor. Essex 
Cram Charles N. pianofortemaker, State, bds. C. L. Robinson's, 

Crane John, grocer, Brighton, house DeWolf, near Mt. Auburn 
Crane Luther, b. paperdealer, Spring Lane, cor. Devonshire, h. 559 

Crawford Charles, laborer, house Brighton, near the bridge 
Crawford George R. b. clerk, house Union, corner Market 
Crawford John {Levi Hawkes fy Co.), plumbers, 368 Main, house 

Crawford John, plumber, boards Washington, corner Pine 
Creardon John Mrs. house 54 Fifth 
Creed Dennis, baker, house Clay 

Creelman William, bookbinder, house Green, near Webster ave. 
Cremen Timothy, laborer, house Cambridge, near First 
Crisp J. S. proofreader, bds. Robert Torry's 
Crocker Charles, engineer, house Bristol, near Hampshire 
Crocker George W. printer, 516 Main 
Cronan Cornelius, laborer, house North, near East 
Cronan Daniel, laborer, h. Lechmere pi. 
Cronan Dennis, mason, house Austin 
Cronan Dennis, glassblower, boards 16 North 
Cronan Jeremiah, laborer, h. West, n. Inman 
Cronan Jeremiah C. laborer, house West, near Inman 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, Boston, 


Cronan John M. laborer, house Cambridge, near Webster ave. 

Cronan John, Glass Works, house North, corner Short 

Cronan John, laborer, house 123 Bridge 

Cronan John, currier, h. Garden, cor. Shepard 

Cronan Patrick, laborer, house 123 Bridge 

Cronan Timothy, laborer, house 1 6 North 

Cronan Timothy, carpenter, house Murdock, corner Hampshire 

Cronan Timothy, painter, house West 

Crosby Edward, b. bookkeeper, 240 Washington, house Hancock near 

Crosby George E. bookkeeper, boards corner Broadway and Elm 
Crosby Joseph, b. broker, h. Auburn, n. Brookline 
Crosby Patrick, laborer, house Franklin, near Putnam 
Crosby Sumner, milkdealer, bds. 59 Thorndike 
Crosby Samuel N. b. clerk, bds. Hancock, n. Centre 
Crosby William, b. wines and liquors, 55 Kilby, h. Bowdoin 
Cross Daniel, gardener, h. Pine, n. School 
Cross Joseph, cabinetmaker, h. 62 Pleasant 

Crossman Edward L. b. agent for paints, bds. Auburn, n. Brookline 
Crossman Nancy Mrs. h. Auburn, n. Brookline 
Crosswell Andrew Rev. h. Ash, cor. Mt. Auburn 
Crowd Polly Mrs. h. 11 Hampshire, n. Western ave. 
Crowe Michael, Squire's Pork Factory, boards Gore, n. Sixth 
Crowell Thos. H. foreman, Cambridge Gas Co. h. Everett pi. 
Crowell Timothy, b. lumberdealer, h. Washington, n. Columbia 
Crowley Bridget Mrs. h. Brookline, n. Erie 
Crowley Cornelius, gatetender, h. Bridge, n. Lowell Railroad 
Crowley Daniel, laborer, h. Pine, n. School 
Crowley David, laborer, h. 136 Bridge 
Crowley Denis J. printer, h. Dyke, n. Charles River 
Crowley Margaret Mrs. h. Shea's Block, Bridge 
Crowley Mary Mrs. h. Short, n. Railroad 
Crowley Timothy, laborer, h. Lechmere pi. 
Crump Henry, b. marketman, h. Soden, opp. the Laundry 
Crumpler Henry, blacksmith, h. 56 Harvard 
Cuddy John, glasscutter, h. Lincoln 
Culane Thomas, teamster, h. Spring 
Culhane Daniel, laborer, h. 5 Willard pi. 
Culhane Michael, h. Bay, n. Franklin 
Culhane Patrick, laborer, h. Foster, n. Sparks 
Cullanan Daniel, laborer, h. Spruce, cor. Sargent 
Cullerton Frank, laborer, h. Willow pi. n. Cambridge 
Cullerton James, laborer, h. Willow pi. 
Cummeford Sarah Ann Mrs. h. Appian Way 
Cummings Chas. H. (0. IT. Gummings S? Co.) b. flourdealer, 46 

Commercial, h. 494 Main 
Cummings Charles P. printer, h. Franklin, cor. Bay 
Cummings Daniel P. ( Chaffee S? Cummings), hardwood charcoal 

dealers, junc. Bridge and Cambridge, h. 78 Otis 

Fairbanks k Beard, Wholesale Dealers in lager Beer and Porter, bis, 1-2 bis, k kegs. 

Send Address for Samples of Penmanship and College Journal. 


Cummings Franklin, b. com. mer. 50 Federal, h. Magazine, n. Hamilton 
Cummings George E. b. bookkeeper, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Banks 
Cummings (George W.) & Andrews (H. G.) grocers, Brighton, h. Mt. 

Auburn, opp. Howard 
Cummings John F. b. bds. Magazine, n. Hamilton 
Cummings William, laborer, h. 78 School 
CunnifF John, marbleworker, h. Norfolk, n. Broadway 
Cunniff Michael, laborer, h. Murdock pi. 
Cunningham Bedelia Mrs. h. Columbia, n. Hampshire 
Cunningham Charles, engineer, h. Spring, cor. Fifth 
Cunningham George, printer, h. in Somerville 
Cunningham James, currier, h. Franklin, n. Pleasant 
Cunningham John, laborer, h. Franklin 
Cunningham Martin, laborer, h. r. 25 Gore 
Curley Michael, laborer, h. Donnell, n. Tuttle 
Curran Daniel, laborer h. Mt. Auburn, n. Sparks 
Curran Philip Mrs. h. Eliot, n. Mt. Auburn [bds. 28 Pearl 

Currier Charles E. (Currier Sf JBoutwett), b. grocers, Blackstone, 
Currier George C. b. clerk, bds. 54 Essex 
Currier John H. painter, h. Broadway, cor. Windsor 
Currier William P. carbuilder, h. 28 Pearl 
Curtin Charles, h. Groveland, n. Spruce 
Curtin John, grocer, Charles, n. Fourth, h. do. 
Curtin Patrick, laborer, h. n. Fresh Pond House 
Curtis Ivory G. b. oysterdealer, h. 322 Broadway 
Curtis John, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 
Curtis John B. glassmaker, h. Fifth, n. Gore 

Curtis Mitchell H. bootmaker, h. 65 Pleasant [54 Prospect 

Cushing Ambrose M. b. soapstone manufacturer, 24 Hawley, h. rear 
Cushing Ethan A. millwright, h. 6 Jay 
Cushing Levi L. jr. h. Rice 
Cushing L. F. S. printer, bds. Howard 
Cushing Thomas R. boxmaker, bds. 74 Gore 
Cushman Charles, h. Main, n. Dana 

Cushman Moses E. b. insurance agent, 27 State, h. 34 Tremont 
Cushman William, fireman, bds. R. R. Blk. Bridge 
Cutler Charles A. b. clerk, h. Elm, n. Broadway 
Cutler Curtis, b. 67 Broad, h. 6 Kirkland pi. 

Cutler Edwin B. conductor, Union Railway, bds. I. Cutler's, Sumner 
Cutler George H. carpenter, h. Mellen, n. Oxford 
Cutler Isaac, carpenter, h. Sumner 

Cutler Joseph, b. attorney, 47 Court, h. Cambridge, n. Sumner 
Cutter Abel P. provisiondealer, h. 46 Western ave. 
Cutter Asa Mrs. h. North ave. n. Union square 
Cutter E. W. City Mills, h. Roxbury 
Cutter Ebenezer, b. hats and caps, 24 Union, h. 50 River 
Cutter George W. varnisher, h. 1 Essex Court 
Cutter James E. b. com. mer. h. Oak, n. Cambridge 
Cutter James H. ice-tool manufacturer, h. North avenue 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cainbridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cushman, sue. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trcm. St., Boston, 


Cutter James M. {Cutter, Tower $ Co.), b. stationer, 89 New Devon- 
shire, h. Hancock, cor. Broadway 
Cutter Leander, varnisher, h. 17 Cherry 
Cutter Marshall M. bds. Broadway, opp. Amory 
Cutter Peter, b. hats and caps, 3 Dock sq. h. 50 River 
Cutter Samuel L. b. h. 2 Prospect 
Cutter Stephen Capt. h. 139 Cambridge 
Cutter Warren, trader, bds. North ave. n. Union sq. 
Cutter Watson G. b. real estate agent, 9 State, h. Harvard, n. Inman 
Cutting Truman, cabinetmaker, bds. Magazine, cor. Walnut 
Cutting William, boxsawyer, bds. Malory's, Centre, cor. Hancock 

DACHA THOMAS, peddler, h. Willow pi. 

Dacie John, cabinetmaker, h. Webster ave. n. Hampshire 

Dacie William, laborer, h. Short 

Dadmun Charles R. surveyor, h. Pioneer pi. 

Daggett Freeman L. musician, h. 62 Essex 

Daggett Nellie A. Miss, b. bookkeeper, bds. 84 Spring 

Daily Bridget Mrs. h. 11 Vine 

Daily Cornelius, gardener, h. Hancock, n. Green 

Daily Dennis, laborer, h. Broadway, n. Fayette 

Daily George E. livery stable, Broadway, h. 252 Broadway 

Daily James, oil-hat maker, h. r. Court, n. Kerosene Works 

Daily Lewis L. b. tinsmith, bds. 57 Thorndike 

Daily Margaret Mrs. widow, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 

Daily Michael, b. servant, h. Charles, n. Kerosene Works 

Daily Miles, laborer, h. Bridge, opp. Third 

Daily Uriah J. livery stable, Cambridge, cor. First, h. 57 Thorndike 

Daily William, livery stable, Cambridge, n. Flanders' Exchange, h. 66 

Dakin {Fred. B.) & Metcalf {E. W.) printers, Arrow, n. Main, bds. 
Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 

Dale George, glassmaker, h. 56 Gore 

Dale Lorenzo H. fireman, h. 85 Cambridge 

Dale Thomas J. conductor, Cambridge H. R. R. bds. 56 Gore 

Dallinger Charles, b. hatter, h. Western ave. n. Putnam 

Dallinger Elizabeth E. teacher, Bridge Primary School, bds. Mrs. E. 
Dallinger's, Main, L. P. 

Dallinger Elizabeth Mrs. h. Main, n. Pioneer 

Dallinger Jane, teacher, Webster Grammar School, bds. Mrs. E. Dal- 
linger's, Main, L. P. 

Dallinger William, h. Windsor, cor. Hampshire 

Dallinger William W. b. clerk, 81 Pearl, bds. Mrs. E. Dallinger's, 
Main, L. P. 

Dalton Christopher, laborer, h. 115 Bridge 

Dalton Christopher, laborer, h. Gore, cor. Fifth 

Dalton Daniel, glassmaker, h. Fourth, cor. Charles 

Dalton James, soapmaker, h. Pearl, n. Perry 

Dalton James, bootfinisher, bds. Harrison ave. 

Tuesley k Griffin, Hats, Umbrellas, Travelling Bags, k, 158 & 160 Court St., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in White Goods ; all the best makes* 


Dalton James F. butcher, h. 48 Fifth 

Dalton John R. laborer, h. North ave. cor. Beech 

Dalton Mary E. Miss, dressmaker, bds. North ave. cor. Beech 

Dalton Michael, lather, h. Fifth, n. Gore 

Dam Andrew, laborer, h. Tannery- 
Dame Samuel, b. tailor, h. Pleasant, n. Main 

Damon Charles, carpenter, h. Columbia, n. Hampshire 

Damon Henry, machinist, h. 3 Brooks' Building 

Damon Warren, carpenter, h. 99 Norfolk, n. Hampshire [tie 

Dana Charles G. b. clerk, bds. J. B. Dana's, Fayerweather, cor. Brat- 
Dana Edward, laborer, h. Broadway, n. Fayette 

Dana Francis, b. assistant librarian Academy of Arts and Sciences, h. 
Brattle, n. Brattle sq. 

Dana John B. assistant steward H. U. office Harvard Row, h. Fayer- 
weather, cor. Brattle 

Dana J. F. Mrs. h. Holyoke, n. South 

Dana Richard H. jr. b. U. S. District Attorney, U. S. Court House, h. 
Berkeley, cor. Phillips pi. 

Dana Thomas, b. 176 State, h. Cambridge, cor. Maple ave. 

Danahy Timothy, tailor, h. Sargent 

Dane George W. boxmaker, bds. 49 Columbia 

Danforth Andrew J. painter, h. 24 East 

Danforth Charles H. photographer, bds. Cottage, cor. River 

Danforth Cyrus, b. dry goods, bds. Linden, n. Harvard 

Danforth George O. painter, Palmer, h. Everett pi. 

Danforth Hollis, furniture and job wagon, h. 79 Prospect, n. Broadway 

Danforth Isaac W. {George H. Gray 8? Danforth), b. hardware, h. 
Craigie, cor. Buckingham 

Danforth Otis, h. Linden, n. Harvard 

Daniels Charles E. (Daniels, Kendall fy Co.), furniture manufacturers, 
First, b. salesroom, 25 Sudbury, h. at Charlestown 

Daniels Charles P. b. weigher 8 Central Wharf, h. 3 Ellery 

Daniels Charlotte Mrs. h. 6 Harvard 

Daniels Clark Mrs. h. 391 Main 

Daniels Eliza C. dressmaker, bds. 391 Main 

Daniels George L. tailor, 491 Main, h. do. 

Daniels Granville, bookkeeper at Hastings' wharf, East Cambridge, h. 
at Somerville 

Daniels (John E.), Kendall (George S.) & Co. (G. E. Daniels), fur- 
niture manufacturers, First, b. salesroom, 25 Sudbury, h. at Boston 

Daniels Leonard L. carpenter, h. Gerry, n. Mt. Auburn 

Darby Thomas F. brushmaker, h. 103 Bridge 

Dardis John, gardener, h. Hampshire 

Darigan Bridget, h. Charles River 

Darigan Matthew, bookbinder, bds. Charles River 

Darling William, b. whipmaker, h. 2 Broadway 

Darrell Josiah M. painter, h. 12 Brattle sq. 

Datt Frederick, baker, h. 68 Fifth 

Datt .Lewis, bookbinder, bds. 68 Fifth 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kneeland St., Boston. 


Davenport Alvan, h. 166 Harvard, opp. Elm 

Davenport James S. teamster, h. 131 Thorndike 

Davenport John, farmer, h. North ave. cor. Spruce 

David Samuel M. whipmaker, 8 Dock sq. h. North ave. n. Jarvis 

Davidson John P. hulled corn, Norfolk, cor. Main, bds. School, cor. Main 

Davidson Thompson, student, bds. Spring, n. Eighth 

Davies Alfred, printer, h. Pine 

Davies Benjamin F. carpenter, h. Otis, cor. Seventh 

Davies George H. architect, h. 42 Spring 

Davies Philip, City Missionary, h. Howard, n. Western Ave. 

Davin Jeremiah, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

Davis A. A. officer House of Correction, bds. Jailor's 

Davis Abbott R. b. fruit and produce dealer, 11 Friend, h. 44 Second 

Davis Albert M. engineer, h. 31 Winter 

Davis Alfred, printer, h. Pine, opp. Eaton 

Davis Ambrose L. boxmaker, bds. Manning's, 84 Harvard 

Davis Bradford F. cooper, h. Gore, n. Sixth 

Davis {Charles) & Goodrich {George W.), stonecutters, Main, L. P. 

h. in Boston 
Davis Charles, carpenter, bds. 95 Cambridge 
Davis Charles A. cabinetmaker, h. Hamilton, n. Magazine 
Davis Curtis, soap manufacturer, Broadway, n. Davis, h. 7 Norfolk 
Davis Curtis R. soap manufacturer, h. Broadway, n. Hampshire 
Davis Daniel W. bds. 33 School 
Davis Edward A. clerk, h. 42 Cherry 

Davis Edwin L. cabinetmaker h. 3 Magazine ct, [Cherry 

Davis Eliphalet {Davis 3? Co.) soap manufacturer, 333 Main, h. 58 
Davis Francis G. {Brooks fy Davis), b. Australian packets, 24 Com- 
mercial Wharf, h. Harvard, n. Inman 
Davis George A. clerk, h. 11 Dix pi. Boston 
Davis George A. glasspresser, h. 60 Spring 
Davis Gilman, b. bookkeeper, h. 98 Norfolk 

Davis Harvey G. h. 21 Broadway [Columbia 

Davis {Hervey) & Bates {E. C.) grain dealers, Main, opp. Norfolk, h. 40 
Davis Horatio, organ builder, at Reading, h. 74 Otis 
Davis Isaac, h. 34 School [way, n. Prospect 

Davis James C. soapmanufacturer, Broadway, n. Moore, h. Broad- 
Davis John, b. produce, 110 N. Market, h. Worcester, cor. Norfolk 
Davis Llewellyn {Knights fy Davis), auction and commission store, 493 

Main, h. Pleasant, cor. Prince 
Davis Margaret Miss, bds. Mrs. Frost's, Howard, cor. Linden [shire, 
Davis Mason, soap manufacturer, Lincoln Ct. h. Norfolk, n. Hamp- 
Davis M. {D. N. Shillings Sf Co.) lumberdealer, Prison Pt. Bridge, 

h. at Detroit, Michigan 
Davis Peter R. laborer, h. Green, n. Bay 

Davis P. Stearns Mrs. h. 104 Cambridge [lumbia 

Davis Samuel M. b. flourdealer, 48 Commercial, h. Austin, n. Co- 
Davis Solomon A. blacksmith, wheelwright, and carriage painter, 
Bridge, n. Cambridge, h. 82 Cambridge 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Soda, in founts k bottles. Orders promptly attended to. 

Please Call and Examine our Coarse of Instruction. 


Davis Sumner, barreldealer, h. Broadway, n. Davis 

Davis Stephen G. b. cashier, Shawraut Bank, h. 555 Main 

Davis Thomas, h. Front 

Davis Thomas M. b. soapmaker, h. School, n. Cherry 

Davis Thomas H. b. printer, h. Elm, n. Beech 

Davis Watson, clerk, h. 1 Magazine Ct. 

Davis William, h. 38 State 

Davis William (Holmes fy Davis), furnituredealer, Main, Irving 

House Block, h. Douglass 
Davis William B. b. clerk, 85 Broad, h. 102 Thorndike 
Davis William P. carpenter, h. 13 Sixth 
Davis Winfield, cabinetmaker, bds. 37 Spring 

Dawes Albert A. glasscutter, bds. 38 Fifth [Walden 

Dawes Chalmer S. b. clothing, 171 Commercial, h. North ave. cor. 
Dawson Patrick, teamster, bds. 8 Gore 
Dawson William, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Bay 
Day Jacob G. gardener, h. Harvard, n. Windsor 
Day John, laborer, h. rear Mt. Auburn, n. Elmwood ave. 
Day John, blacksmith, bds. East, cor. Bridge 
Day John T. blacksmith, h. Webster ave. n. Somerville 
Day Ralph, carpenter, h. North ave. n. Spruce 
Day Richard T. glassblower, h. rear 151 Bridge 
Day Stephen, blacksmith, Cambridge, n. First, h. East, cor. Bridge 
Day Stephen E. blacksmith, h. 28 East 
Day Thomas, locksmith, h. Cambridge, n. Webster ave. 
Deagan William, b. teamster, h. 32 Gore 
Dean Joseph F. b. clerk, bds. Winthrop, cor. Dunster 
Dean Lucius A. cabinetmaker, h. 4 Third 
Dean Myron M. Mrs. h. Winthrop, cor. Dunster 
Dean Robert, laborer, h. Race course, n. Spruce 
Deane Charles, b. h. Sparks 

Dearborn Charles H. travelling agent, bds. Linnasan, n. Avon 
Dearing William, laborer, h. Lambert, n. Cambridge 
Deddrick Frederic, britannia worker, h. Otis, cor. Seventh 
Dee James, carpenter, h. Rice pi. 
Deeley James, baker, h. 84 Fourth 
Deering Julia Mrs. h. rear 41 Winter 
Degan Michael, machinist, bds. Mansion House, Gore 
Delaney Edmund, mason, h. Elm, n. Cambridge 
Delaney James S. b. plumber, h. Broadway, opp. Boardman 
Delaney John, laborer, h. n. Dublin 
Delaney Maria Mrs. h. Broadway, opp. Boardman 
Delaney Michael, b. blacksmith, h. Cambridge, n. Willow pi. 
Delaney Patrick, mason, h. Elm, n. Cambridge 
Delaney Patrick, laborer, h. Montgomery 
Delaney Patrick, laborer, h. Main, L. P. 

Delno , carpenter, bds. Williams, n. Magazine 

Delord Charles, tin-plate worker, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 

Demain Wm. C. ( Wm. C.jr.), & Son, b. paper rulers, h. 92 Harvard 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cushman, sue. to Cushnian & Brooks, 90-94 Trcm. St., Boston, 


Demain William C. jr. ( Wm. 0. Demain § Son), bds. 92 Harvard 

Dempsey Bartholomew, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. First 

Dempsey Bridget Mrs. h. Blair pi. 

Dempsey Lawrence, greasecollector, h. Valentine 

Dempsey Thomas, laborer, h. rear Bridge, n. East 

Dennett Charles E. carver, h. 41 Winter 

Dennis John, furniture polisher, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Dennis William W. b. commission merchant, h. 263 Broadway 

Dennis William W. h. 57 Gore [bds. 126 Thorndike 

Dennison (Franklin) & Wheeler (F. J).) b. fishdealers, 96 Commercial, 

Dennison Hosea B. architect, 76 Cambridge, h. 80 Spring 

Dennison James, carpenter, h. Seventh, n. Thorndike 

Dennison Otis, b. machinist, bds. Seventh, n. Thorndike 

Denton (Eben) & Wood (Caleb), bookbinders, Magazine, h. do. 

Derby Mrs. h. Holyoke pi. 

DeRonde John D. cabinetmaker, h. Eighth, cor. Otis 

DeRonde M. J. cabinetmaker, h. Eighth, cor. Otis 

DeRush Francis, carver, h. foot of School 

Desmond Dennis, laborer, h. Short, cor. North 

Desmond Patrick, blacksmith, h. Harvard, n. Davis 

Devens Anne Mrs. h. Suffolk, n. Columbia [Columbia 

Devens Thomas, coffinmaker, Cambridge, n. Columbia, h. Suffolk, n. 

Devine Frank, groceries, Lambert, n. Gore, h. do. 

Devine John, b. h. 6 Vine 

Devine John, cooper, h. rear 124 Bridge 

Devine John, laborer, h. Lambert, n. Cambridge 

Devine John, laborer, h. Jackson, n. Spruce 

Devlin Edward, cooper, h. Fifth, cor. Vine 

Devlin Peter, laborer, h. Bolton, n. Dublin 

DeWolf D. A. boxmaker, h. Hampshire, cor. Bristol 

Dexter George, bds. Brattle, cor. Story 

Dexter Henry, sculptor, h. 267 Broadway 

Dexter Joseph, h. 256 Broadway 

Dickinson Alexander, h. Moore, cor. Harvard 

Dickman Isaac, driver, Union Railway, h. Lambert ave. 

Dickman James, court plaster manufacturer, h. 8 Green 

Dickman Joseph L. driver U. R. R. h. Lambert ave. 

Dickman Joseph S. G. bds. Lambert ave. 

Dickson George F. clerk, bds. Erie, n. Magazine [zine 

Dickson Richard W. steam and gasfitter, 469 Main, h. Erie, n. Maga- 

Dickson William, lard works, h. 18 Winter 

Diebner Charles, cabinetmaker, h. 3 Munroe's block, Winter 

Diehl Philip, b. clothessponger, h. 10 Brimmer block, Harvard 

Diesel Peter, sausagemaker, bds. Eighth, n. Spring 

Diggins Michael, laborer, h. 82 Fourth 

Dike Edward G. h. Dana, n. Broadway 

Dike Isabella F. Mrs. h. Dana, n. Broadway 

Dillaway Daniel H. h. 259 Main 

Dillaway James H. b. clerk, 45 F. H. market, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Tuesley k Griffin, Trunks, Valises, Bags, k, 158 & 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Corsets and Skirts. Prices very low. 


Dillaway Stillman S. carpenter, h. 209 Main [Brookline 

Dillaway Thomas V. b. milkdealer, h. Walnut, btwn. Pearl and 

Dillingham Allen W. dentist, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Brattle sq. 

Dillingham Henry, stereotyper, h. Holyoke, n. South 

Dillingham Henry, jr. b. painter, bds. Holyoke, n. South 

Dillon Edward, coffinmaker, Bridge, n. Third, h. at Charlestown 

Dillon John, b. baggagemaster, h. Hastings, n. Brewery 

Dillon Owen, laborer, h. rear 17 Winter 

Dimick Calvin, b. 26 Scollay's Building, h. Cambridge, cor. Line 

Dix Samuel B. clerk, bds. 2 Norfolk 

Dixon Marshall, glassmaker, bds. Willow pi. cor. Cambridge 

Dixon Samuel, glassmaker, bds. Willow pi. 

Dixon Samuel, mason, h. Willow pi. cor. Cambridge 

Dixon William, bricklayer, bds. Willow pi. cor. Cambridge 

Dixon William G. teamster, bds. Gore, n. Sixth 

Dixwell Epes S. b. teacher private Latin school, 20 Boylston pi. h. 

Garden, cor. Bond 
Doane Seth P. b. fruitdealer, 13 N. Market, h. 43 River 
Dobbyn Margaret M. grocer, 259 Main, h. do. 
Dockham Stephen B. tailor, h. 12 Auburn ct. 
Dodge Edwin H. b. clerk, bds. Perry, n. Magazine 
Dodge George L. carpenter, h. Viles' Block, L. P. 
Dodge H. Augusta Miss, assistant teacher Harvard Grammar School, 

bds. W. B. Hovey's, Williams 
Dodge John C. b. attorney, 30 Court, h. Fayette, n. Broadway 
Dodge John H. provision dealer, Main, cor. Magazine, h. Perry, n. 

Dodge Joseph A. sash and blind maker, h. Brighton, n. South 
Dodge Joseph F. b. fluiddealer, 77 Broad, h. 31 Tremont 
Dodge Matilda Mrs. dressmaker, h. 38 Tremont 
Dodge Rufus, b. clerk, 19 Blackstone, h. 30 Williams 
Dodge William, butcher, bds. River, opp. Williams 
Dodge William H. carpenter, h. Seventh, n. Otis 
Dodge William H. provisions, Main, bds. 443 Main 
Doe Joseph M. [John A. Ellis 3? Co.), furniture manufacturer, Gore, 

btwn. Fifth and Sixth, h. 87 Prospect 
Doe Rufus K. teamster, h. 24 East 
Doherty Bridget, h. Fourth, n. Charles 
Doherty Charles, bds. Fourth, n. Charles 
Doherty Edward, laborer, h. Brookline 
Doherty Elizabeth Mrs. h. Pleasant, n. Walnut 
Doherty Hugh, stonecutter, h. Fifth, cor. Vine 
Doherty James, gardener, h. Ellery, n. Harvard 
Doherty John, glassworker, bds. 8 Gore 
Doherty John, laborer, h. Green, n. Perry 
Doherty John T. jigsawyer, h. Green, n. Putnam 
Doherty Margaret Mrs. widow, h. Bridge, n. East 
Doherty Matthew, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Bay 
Doherty Michael, h. Webster ave. n. Hampshire 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Camkidgeport, Mass. 


Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, 


Doherty Michael Mrs. h. Franklin, n. Bay 

Doherty Patrick, cabinetmaker, h. 124 Spring 

Doherty Patrick, laborer, h. Bridge, opp. Third 

Doherty Patrick, mason, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Doherty Philip, laborer, h. cor. Franklin 

Doherty Philip, laborer, h. Concord ave. n. Alewife brook 

Dolan John, soapmaker, h. Sidney, n. Walnut 

Dolan Lawrence, currier, h. Spruce, n. brickyard 

Dolan Thomas, laborer, h. Pearl, n. Watson 

Dolan Thomas, laborer, h. Donnell, n. Garden 

Dolan William, engineer, h. Franklin, n. Bay 

Dolbeare Joseph S. shipwright, h. 64 Cherry 

Dollard James, shoemaker, h. Howard, n. Mt. Auburn 

Dollard John, shoemaker, h. Howard, cor. Chapman pi. 

Dolloff (Benj. W.) & Harrington (H. P.), groceries and provisions, 

12 Gore, bds. Mansion House 
Dolloff William J. printer, h. Charles River 
Dolton Richard, tailor, Mt. Auburn, n. Brighton, h. do. 
Donahue Florence, laborer, h. r. Court, n. Kerosene Works 
Donahue James E. painter, h. 87 Gore 
Donahue John, laborer, h. Brookline, n. Perry 
Donahue John, laborer, h. Pearl, cor. Perry 
Donahue John, grocer, Fourth, n. Charles, h. do. 
Donahue John W. Rev. h. Fourth, n. Cambridge 
Donahue Patrick, grease collector, h. Valentine, n. soap factory 
Donahue Patrick, laborer, h. Brighton n. the bridge 
Donahue Patrick, greasecollector, h. Brookline, n. Valentine 
Donahue Patrick, laborer, h. Dublin, n. railroad 
Donahue Patrick, currier, h. Concord ave. opp. Catholic Church 
Donahue Roger, brassmoulder, h. Cambridge, n. Webster ave. 
Donallan John W. watchmaker, 68 Cambridge, h. Cambridge, cor. Sixth 
Donlan Francis, laborer, h. cor. Cambridge [yoke pi. 

Donnell (Edwin A.) & Moore (Charles), hardware, 15 Brattle, h. Hol- 
Donnelly Catherine Mrs. widow, h. Pleasant, n. Walnut 
Donnelly Ellen Mrs. h. Brighton, n. Harvard sq. 
Donnelly Francis, carriage painter, h. Cambridge, n. Sixth 
Donnelly Frank, carriage and signpainter, h. Cambridge, n. Sixth 
Donnelly J. H. S. clerk, h. 43 Winter 
Donnelly John, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 
Donnelly John, teamster, h. Winter, n. Third 
Donnelly Patrick, grocer, h. Charles, n. Fourth 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer, h. Spring, btwn. Fifth and Sixth 
Donnelly Patrick E. laborer, h. n. Catholic Church 
Donnelly Rose Mrs. h. Dunster, n. South 

Donnison Catherine L. bds. R. M. Hodges, Garden, cor. Waterhouse 
Donnovan Cornelius, laborer, h. East 
Donnovan Ellen, widow, h. 3 North 
Donnovan James, laborer, h. 1 Water 
Donnovan James, laborer, h. Bridge n. Fourth 

Fairbanks and Beard, Howard St., Boston, Wholesale Dealers in Draught Ale. 

corner of Kneeland Street, Boston, Mass. 


Donnovan Margaret, widow, h. East n. L. R. R. 

Donnovan Michael, laborer, h. Welch's blk. North 

Donnovan Timothy, laborer, h. Moore n. Harvard 

Dormovan William, laborer, h. North 

Donovan Daniel, laborer, h. Hastings, n. Moore 

Donovan John, laborer, h. 1 Water 

Donovan John, laborer, h. North, n. East 

Donovan John, laborer, h. Gore, opp. Squire's Pork House 

Donovan Mary Mrs. h. Brookline n. Erie 

Donovan Thomas Mrs. h. 295 Main 

Donovan Timothy, laborer, h. North, n. East 

Donovan William, laborer, h. North, n. East 

Doody John, laborer, h. Sparks, n. Mt. Auburn 

Doolan Martin, laborer, h. 136 Bridge 

Dooley James Mrs. widow, h. 126 Bridge 

Dooley John, blacksmith, h. 23 Gore 

Dooris Henry, laborer, bds. r. 25 Gore 

Dooris John Mrs. widow, h. r. 25 Gore 

Doorly Charles, agent, h. Fourth, n. Bridge 

Doran Joseph, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

Do ran Patrick, laborer, bds. 184 Gore , 

Dorey Peter, laborer, h. n. brickyard, Ward 5 

Dority Michael, laborer, h. Concord ave. n. Alewife Brook 

Dority Patrick, glassmaker, h. 81 Gore 

Dormer Benjamin, h. Gore, n. Sixth 

Dormer Edwin B. springmaker, h. 93 Spring 

Dornbach Martha Mrs. bds. 5 Chestnut 

Dorr Cornelius, b. 202 State, h. North ave. cor. Chester 

Dorr John, baker, h. Pine, n. Eaton 

Dorr Moses, b. grocer, 2 Commerce, h. Harvard, n. Dana 

Dorsey Sydney, b. waiter, h. Hampshire, n. Portland 

Dougherty Manasses P. clergyman, h. Concord ave. n. Observatory 

Doughty James .(Howland Sf Doughty), lumberdealer, Bridge, n 

Cragie's Bridge, h. at Charlestown 
Douglass Amelia J. Mrs. dressmaker, h. Clark, n. Harvard 
Douglass B. clerk with W. P. Sampson, Main 
Douglass Harrison, printer, h. Baldwin 
Douglass James, cabinetmaker h. Clark, n. Harvard 
Douglass Richard D. b. clerk, h. Ellsworth ave. 
Douglass Robert, h. 15 Austin 
Douglass Royal, h. 31 State 

Douwald William, shoemaker, h. Hampshire, n. Cambridge 
Dow John E. upholsterer, h. 41 Williams 
Dowd Charles, express, h. 14 Pleasant 
Dowd Patrick, b. blacksmith, h. Windsor 
Dowd William, jr. confectioner, h. rear 455 Main 
Dowey Thomas, laborer, h. Foster, n. Sparks 
Do wling Martin C. mason, h. 105 Thorndike 
Downe Rufus S. b. clerk, h. 17 Main 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. C is* Inn mi, niic. to Ciislimnii & Brooks, 90-94 Trem. St., Boston, 

Downey James, laborer, h. rear 25 Gore 
Downey James, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Montgomery 
Downey John, laborer, h. Brighton, n. Eliot 
Downey Maurice, laborer, h. South, n. Brighton 
Downey Michael, painter, bds. Mansion house, Gore 
Downing Charlotte Miss, dressmaker, h. Carver, n. Wendell 
Downing George, brushmaker, bds. Seventh, cor. Thorndike 
Downing Henry O. b. clerk, bds. Carver, n. Wendell 
Downing James F. cabinetmaker, h. 12 Franklin 
Downing Mary Mrs. h. Harrison ave. n. Pleasant 
Downing Oliver H. carpenter, h. Carver, n. Wendell 
Downing Theodore, b. currier, Ferry, h. Shepard, cor. Avon 
Dowsing Henry V. b. patternmaker, h. Perry, n. Pearl 
Dowsing James, woodcarver, h. rear 10 Franklin 
Doyle Daniel, painter, bds. R. R. blk. Bridge 
Doyle Edward, laborer, h. South, n. Brighton 
Doyle Joseph, tailor, 361 Main, h. do. 
Doyle Michael, tailor, boards 70 Otis 
Doyle Michael J. baker, 161 Cambridge, house do. 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, house Dublin, near railroad 
Doyle Richard, laborer, house Appian Way, near Brattle 
Drake Francis K. (Drake Sf Son), grocer, Pearl, n. Main, h. Green 
Drake Francis K. jr. clerk, house Green, near Western avenue 
Drake Hiram, bedsteadmaker, house 6 Pine 
Dranan Elizabeth Mrs. h. rear 51 Gore 

Draper Daniel A. (F. Draper § Co.), britannia and stationers' hard- 
ware manufacturer, foot of Otis, h. 85 Thorndike 
Draper Daniel F. b. dentist, house Prospect, near Hampshire 
Draper (Francis) & Co. (Daniel A.) britannia ware manufacturers, 

Otis, n. First, h. North ave. opp. Forest 
Draper Jesse L. britannia worker, boards Fourth, near Cambridge 
Draper Martin, jr. b. messenger, Bank North America, house North 

avenue, near Willow 
Dresser Edwin, bookbinder, house 4 Williams 
Drew George C. confectioner, house rear 59 Columbia 
Drew Joseph L. jr. (Joseph L. Drew Sf Son), b. gold-beater, 33 

Devonshire, house Jay, cor. Western avenue. 
Drinan Thomas, sawyer and planer, house Hampshire, n. Columbia 
Driscoll Ann, widow, house rear 126 Bridge 
Driscoll Daniel, glassblower, boards Winter, near Fifth 
Driscoll Florence (Quinn fy Driscoll), porcelain glass, Third, near 

Charles, house Sixth, near Spring 
Driscoll Jeremiah, laborer, house Windsor, near Cambridge 
Driscoll John, laborer, house Kinnard, near Franklin 
Driscoll Michael, laborer, house Dublin, near Spruce 
Driscoll Patrick, teamster, boards Bridge, near Somerville 
Driver Stephen W. physician, Appian Way, near Brattle, boards 

Clarence's, Garden 
Dromey William, bricklayer, boards Fifth, corner Cambridge 

Tuesley k Griffin, Hats, Caps, Furs, k, 158 k 100 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Goods for Boys' wear, at low prices. 


Drummy William, laborer, house Bridge, near Railroad 

Dubier Monroe, hostler, bds. Norfolk, n. Howard 

Ducey Catherine, widow, house East, near L. R. R. 

Duddy Edward, stonecutter, house Foster, near Sparks 

Dudley George S. policeman, house 60 Market 

Dudley Harvey A. b. druggist, house 24 Brooks' pi. 

Dudley John Mrs. widow, house 84 Windsor 

Dudley Moses, cabinetmaker, house 49 Fifth 

Dudley Samuel W. ( Gale, Dudley, fy Co.) lumberdealer, Main, L. P. 

house Broadway, corner Columbia 
Duffee William, brushmaker, house Columbia, near Somerville 
Duffy Bridget Mrs. house Suffolk, near Columbia 
Duffy James, laborer, house Charles, corner Fifth 
Duffy John, teamster, house Charles, near Fourth 
Duffy Michael, b. junkdealer, house Magazine, cor. Somerset pi. 
Duffy Neal, laborer, house Vine, near Fifth 
Duffy Patrick, laborer, house Concord avenue, near Alewife ct. 
Duffy Thomas, laborer, house 92 Third 
Duffy Thomas, laborer, house Charles near Fifth 
Duhig Michael, gardener, house Hancock, near Centre 
Dunbar Eben M. b. 34 Central, h. Broadway, opp. Armory 
Dunbar Frank, honeypeddler, boards Flanders' Exchange 
Dunbar John, seacaptain, house Coggswell avenue 
Duncan James, carpenter, house Porter, near Pleasant 
Duncan John S. student, boards A. Bullard's, 24 Centre 
Duncan William P. b. lawyer, 9 State, house 68 Columbia 
Duncklee Emery H. house 31 Fourth 
Duncklee George, b. clerk, boards Pearl, near Hamilton 
Duncklee Horace L. {Pond S? Duncklee), b. 87 Blackstone, house 

Norfolk, near Hampshire 
Duncklee John F. (Duncklee, Butler, fy Co.), b. liquordealer, New 

York City, house Beech, corner Orchard 
Dunham John J. b. lettercarrier, P. O. house 39 Cherry 
Dunmore John L. b. daguerreotypist 173 Washington, house Avon 
Dunmore Martha Mrs. boards, J. L. Dunmore's, Avon 
Dunn Bartholomew, laborer, house Fourth, near Bridge 
Dunn Daniel, laborer, house Webster avenue, near Cambridge 
Dunn James, house West, near Lee 
Dunn John, boilermaker, house 5 Vine 
Dunn Thomas, b. bookbinder, house Harrison, cor. School 
Dunn Thomas Mrs. house Willow pi. 
Dunn William, glassmaker, house rear 51 Gore 
Dunn William A. engineer, house Kinnard, corner Western avenue 
Dunnels George B. varnisher, boards rear 129 Spring 
Dunnels Samuel Mrs. widow, house rear 129 Spring 
Dunnigan Patrick, engineer, house Pearl, corner Perry 
Dunwiddi Thomas, laborer, house Mt. Auburn, near Sparks 
Dupee George H. b. provisions, house Hamilton, near Pearl 
Durant Patrick, laborer, house North, near Short 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cawuridgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kneelaud St., Boston. 


Durant Reuben Mrs. widow, house 10 Kinnard, corner Western ave. 

Durgan Asa, icedealer, house Concord avenue,' near Catholic Church 

Durgan Milton P. mason, house 6 Pine 

Durgin Daniel, stonecutter, house Fourth, near Bridge 

Durgin James, grocer, near Porter's Hotel, house in Somerville 

Durgin James, laborer, house Hunting, near Cambridge 

Durine Patrick, laborer, house North [Willow place 

Duris Daniel, shoemaker, Cambridge, corner Webster avenue, house 

Duross Susan Mrs. house rear 51 Gore 

Durrell Betsey G. widow, house rear 36 Gore [change 

Dustin Charles, teamster, house Cambridge, opposite Flanders' Ex- 

Dustin Samuel, signalman, house 58 Fourth 

Dustin Samuel N. machinist, house 41 Spring 

Dwelley Adams H. brassfinisher, house 8 Harrison 

D'Wolf Daniel, boxmaker, house Hampshire, corner Bristol 

Dwyer Daniel, laborer, house Willow place, near Cambridge 

Dwyer Edward H. house Gore, near Sixth 

Dwyer John, shoemaker, b. High, corner Federal, house 80 Fourth 

Dwyer Michael, laborer, house Eliot, near Mt. Auburn 

Dwyer Michael, gatetender, house Prison Point st. 

Dwyer Patrick, marbleworker, house Hastings 

Dwyer Robert, b. clerk, 16 Congress, h. Norfolk, corner Cambridge 

Dwyer Timothy, shoemaker, house Seventh, near Otis 

Dyar Nathaniel A. b. real estate broker, 6 Tremont, house 12 Green 

Dyer Charlotte T. Mrs. bds. 57 Columbia 

Dyer Ezra C. b. merchant, 168 Devonshire, h. Brattle, n. Willard 

Dyer Francis S. b. 53^ Summer, h. 41 Cherry [Sixth 

Dyer William J. b. machinist, at Howard Athenaeum, h. Spring, n. 

Dy Gert Ferdinand, clerk, h. Magazine, n. Walnut 

EAGAN MATTHEW, laborer, h. Seventh, n. Cambridge 

Eager Edwin D. (Snetting, Rogers, Sf Co.), b. 99 and 101 Broad, bds. 

50 Austin 
Eagleson Joseph, mason, h. Brighton, n. Bridge 
Eagleson Thomas, laborer, h. Crane 

Eagleson Thomas, tinsmith, bds. J. Eagleson's, Brighton, n. Bridge 
Eagleston Joseph, laborer, h. Brighton, n. Bridge 
Eames Francis, b. carriagetrimmer, h. Hampshire, n. Prospect 
Eames Henry H. superintendent Cambridge Cemetery, h. Concord 

ave. n. Sparks 
Eames Joseph E. clerk, bds. H. H. Eames's, Concord ave. n. Sparks 
Eames Thomas H. bds. H. H. Eames's, Concord ave. n. Sparks 
Easter Robert, blacksmith, h. Cedar, n. Spruce 

Eastman Chas. E. conductor Union Railway, h. Mellen, n. North ave. 
Eastman John, carpenter, h. Pleasant 
Eastman Otis S. printer, h. Harrison, n. Washington 
Eastman Tobias L. clerk, bds. Thorndike, cor. Fifth 
Eaton Charles F. b. grocer, Long Wharf, h. Essex, n. Main 
Eaton Edmund A. h. Cambridge, cor. Windsor 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Soda and Mineral Water. 

All Branches of a Complete Business Education Practically Taught. 


Eaton George B. stereotyper, h. Columbia, cor. Washington 
Eaton George D. brassfinisher, h. Cambridge, cor. Fifth 
Eaton George D. jr. clerk, bds. Cambridge, cor. Fifth 
Eaton Jacob, h. 9 Windsor 
Eaton John, h. Putnam, cor. Green 

Eaton John J. b. cigars, &c. 45 Long Wharf, h. 77 Prospect 
Eaton Joseph L. R. marketman, h. Rice 
Eaton Joseph W. Rev. h. 35 River 

Eaton Nancy, widow, h. 72 Gore [bridge, cor. Fifth 

Eaton Warren A. engineer Boston and Lowell Railroad, bds. Cam- 
Eaton William E. machinist, bds. 48J Spring [81 Prospect 
Eaton William H. b. teacher Commercial College, 84 Washington, h. 
Eddy Martin, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

Edes Edward, b. bookkeeper, bds. Mrs. Edes\ Essex, cor. Lincoln pi. 
Edes Edward H. Mrs. widow, h. Essex, cor. Lincoln pi. 
Edes F. S. bookbinder, h. Washington ct. n. Putnam 
Edgeworth Susan, widow, bds. F. F. McGuire's, Bridge 
Edgington William A. watchman, h. Market, n. Windsor 
Edgington William H. boxmaker, h. Market, n. Windsor 
Edwards Abraham, lawyer, Douglas Block, Main, h. Dunster, cor. 

Edwards Andrew, h. Clark, n. Washington 
Edwards Antoine, teamster, h. Hastings, n. G. J. Railroad 
Edwards Arad J. patternmaker, Kinsley's Foundry, h. 3 Windsor 
Edwards A. N. D. h. 67 River 

Edwards Charles H* Mrs. h. Western ave. cor. Soden 
Edwards Daniel D. sailor, h. 2 Hastings [h. Willow 

Edwards George W. cordage manufacturer, Orchard, n. Somerville, 
Edwards John, bds. 109 Howard 

Edwards John, h. Soden, n. Western ave. [n. Walden 

Edwards Russell S. b. producedealer, 3 North Market, h. North ave. 
Edwards Solomon, boxmaker, bds. Harrison, cor. Washington 
Eeles F. S. bookbinder, h. Washington, n. Putnam 
Egan Frank, laborer, h. Sacramento, n. Beacon 
Egan Malachi, laborer, h. Wright, n. Norton 
Egan Martin, laborer, h. Franklin 
Egan Patrick, laborer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 
Eggleston Charles H. machinist, h. Middle arbor, n. Norfolk 
Eldredge Smith, soapmaker, h. 50 Austin 
Eldridge Hezekiah E. seacaptain, h. 6 Rockwell 
Eliot Charles D. civil engineer, h. Gardner 

Eliot Charles W. Professor of Chemistry, Mass. Institute of Technol- 
ogy, Boston, h. Kirkland, opp. Irving 
Eliot Joseph, h. Main, cor. Pearl 
Eliot Samuel A. Mrs. h. Kirkland, opp. Irving 
Eliot William, junkdealer, h. rear Third, n. Kerosene Oil Works 
Ellis Charles H. jigsawyer, h. Seventh, cor. Thorndike 
Ellis Charles H. 2d, expressman, h. Cambridge, n. Seventh 
Ellis Clement, cabinetmaker, h. Front st. ct. 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. C u *h in 31 u, sue. to Cn§hman & Brooks, 90-94 Treni. St., Boston, 


Ellis (David) & Co. (J. R. $ D. W. Ellis), b. produce dealer, 3 

Merchants' Row, h. North ave. cor. Linnaean 
Ellis D. Warren (David Ellis & Co.), b. producedealer, 3 Merchants' 

Row, bds. Columbia, cor. Broadway 
Ellis Edmund, carpenter, h. rear 11 Front 
Ellis George L. carver, bds. 8 Spring 
Ellis Jerome W. bds. 81 Spring 

Ellis J. Russell, b. producedealer, 3 Merchants' Row, h. 42 Essex 
Ellis John A. & Co. (Joseph M. Doe), furniture manufacturers, Gore, 

btwn. Fifth & Sixth, h. 94 Otis 
Ellis Lois Mrs. h. 19 Tremont 
Ellis Samuel D. machinist, h. 81 Spring 
Ellis Thomas, laborer, h. Windsor, n. Webster ave. 
Ellis William, laborer, h. Murdock, n. Hampshire 
Ellis William B. teamster, h. Eighth, n. Otis 
Ellison George, agent, h. 9 Jay 

Ellison Lowell, boxmaker, bds. Hampshire, n. Windsor 
Ellison Nahum, b. hotel, h. Jay, n. Western ave. 
Ellison Willard, boxmaker, bds. Jay, n. Western ave. 
Ellrick Frederick, bds. Gore, n. Third 
Elwell James B. boxmaker, h. 133 Cambridge 
Elwood James, producedealer, h. 8 Gore 
Emerson Charles, peddler, bds. 31 Franklin 
Emerson George B. b. teamster, h. Murdock, n. Gardner 
Emerson Gorham, machinist, h. Norfolk, cor. Broadway 
Emerson Henry L. trader, h. Somerset pi. 

Emerson Mary A. Mrs. h. Prospect, n. Gardner [Franklin 

Emerson Thomas H. (B. P. Clark), & Co. confectionery, boards 31 
Emery James W. president U. R. R. Co. office Harvard Sq. and 39 

State, Boston, h. Harvard, opp. Ware 
Emery Margaret Mrs. house Webster avenue, near Hampshire 
Emery Woodward, law student, bds. Harvard, n. Ware 
Emmel Charles, carver, boards 28 Winter 
Emory Thomas B. clerk, boards Putnam, near Western ave. 
Emmons Joseph P. teamster, house Railroad block, Bridge 
Endicott Henry (Allen S? Endicott), machinist, Main, Old Car Factory, 

house Columbia, near Austin 
Endres George, carver, house 48 Gore 

Engley William F. counsellor, 455 Main, opp. Pearl, house do. 
English James L. lawyer, 68 Cornhill, h. Kirkland, near Kirkland pi. 
English James S. student, boards Kirkland, near Kirkland place 
English Mary Mrs. house Stevens' ct, corner Fourth 
Enos Abraham, hairdresser, boards 35 Tremont 
Erlund Andreas, b. secretary, 29 Merchants' Bank Building, house 

Clinton, near Main 
Erwin William, stonecutter, house Vine, near Fourth 
Estes Ivory P. hardware and stoves, Harvard square, house Trow- 
Etheridge Lydia Miss, boards Mrs. Plympton's, Chestnut, n. Harvard 

Tuesley k Griffin, Trunks, Valises, Bags, fc, 158 & 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Ladies and Misses' Straw Hats and Bonnets. 


Eustis Henry L. professor of engineering in the Lawrence Scientific 

School, H. U. house Kirkland, corner Divinity avenue 
Evans Elizabeth Mrs. house Main, opposite Windsor 
Evans George F. watchmaker, boards Green, near Putnam 
Evans George S. printer, 15 Jay 
Evans Joseph, carpenter, opposite Windsor, house do. 
Evans William, coachtrimmer, house Mt. Auburn, near Howard 
Evans William H. tailor, house Green, near Putnam 
Everett Alexander M. machinist, house 4 Village, near Front 
Everett Emily Mrs. house Berkeley, corner Craigie 
Everett Samuel, boards Trowbridge, near Broadway 
Everett William A. h. Berkeley, cor. Cragie 
Evvell Charles, expressman, house Franklin, corner Brookline 
Ewell James, carpenter, boards Franklin, corner Brookline 
Ewell Thomas B. clerk, boards Franklin, corner Brookline 
Ewell William F. carpenter, house 1 Franklin 
Ewer Nathaniel S. carpenter, house 18 Cottage 

FACEY JOHN P. printer, house River, near Riverside 

Fagan Patrick, stonecutter, boards R. R. Blk. Bridge 

Fahey Bartholemew, laborer, house East, near L. R. R. 

Fairbairn John, peddler, h. 9 Seventh 

Fairbank Alfred T. b. bookkeeper, boards Chestnut 

Fairbank Anna C. Mrs. house Chestnut, near Bow 

Fairbank George E. {Beach, fy Fairbank), b. merchant tailor, 52 

School, boards Chestnut, near Bow 
Fairbank Joseph B. V. clerk, U. R. R. h. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 
Fairfield Edward F. cabinetmaker, house 51 Winter 
Fairfield Edward T. house Franklin 

Falen Timothy, laborer, house Mt. Auburn, near DeWolf 
Fallen Bridget Mrs. house Franklin, near Bay 
Falvery Timothy, laborer, house Mt. Auburn, near Willard 
Farland Patrick, laborer, house Spruce, near Clifton 
Farland Susan E. Miss, dressmaker, Harvard square, bds. Church 
Farmer J. P. jr. provisions, 13 Harvard row, h. Church 
Farnham Henry, cabinetmaker, bds. Swett's, Magazine, n. Somerset pi. 
Far n ham John C. auctioneer, house Avon, near Norton 
Farnsworth Catherine Mrs. house Charles, near Fifth 
Farnsworth Charles H. surgeon and homoeopathic physician, h. 170 

Farrar Caroline W. Mrs. house Brattle, corner Sparks 
Farrar Thomas, grocer, house Charles, near Fourth 
Farrell Garrett, laborer, house Inman, near Broadway 
Farrell James, works at Glass House, house 38 Spring 
Farrell John H. b. clerk, house 28 Green 
Farrell John, masontender, house Elm, near Hampshire 
Farrell Martin, laborer, house Second, near Gore 
Farrell Matthew, laborer, house Harvard, near Main 
Farrell M. J. h. Mt. Auburn 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Camoridgcport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kneelaud St., Boston. 


Farren Henry, Glass Works, house rear 26 Gore 

Farry Patrick, laborer, house rear Winthrop, near Dunster 

Farwell James K. superintendent Cambridge Cemetery, house North 

avenue, near Hollis [Gardner 

Farwell Joseph R. b. com. mer. 2 Commerce, house Prospect, cor. 
Farwell Stephen T. b. treasurer American Education Society, 15 

Cornhill, house Preston, near Cambridge 
Fatal Charles C. house Hastings [coin, opposite Union 

Fatal John J. furniture, Cambridge, corner Columbia, house Lin- 
Faulkner Horace, house Allston, near Pearl 
Faulkner Patrick, teamster, boards Fifth, corner Cambridge 
Fawcett Samuel H. house Avon, near Norton 
Faxon Daniel, blacksmith, house 101 Bridge . [Auburn 

Fay George W. b. producedealer, 38 Fulton, house Pearl, corner 
Fay Isaac, house Antrim, near Cambridge 
Fay John, peddler, house Vine, near Third 
Fay Mary Mrs. house Pioneer ct. 

Fay Patrick, laborer, house Cambridge, near Willow pi. 
Fay Patrick, stonemason, house Pioneer court 
Fay Patrick, gardener, house rear Cambridge, near Hideout 
Fay Thomas, mechanic, house Moore, corner Harvard 
Fay William, brassfinisher, house Pearl, opposite College 
Fee Thomas, laborer, h. Shea's blk. Bridge 
Feeley John, glasspacker, h. 1 Grant's blk. Winter 
Fellows Charles C. blacksmith, at S. A. Davis's, Bridge, Boston 
Fellows ( Charles M), Weeks ( Geo. B.), & Co. b. grocers, 89 Broad, h. 

Austin, n. Essex 
Fellows Isaac, cooper, bds. 133 Cambridge 

Fellows Joanna Mrs. h. 25 Cherry [n. Bridge, h. Newton 

Fellows John H. (Burton, Bellows Sf Co.), brush manufacturers, Gore, 
Fellows Mary Mrs. h. 65 Pleasant 
Fellows Napoleon, carpenter, bds. 372 Main 
Fellows Thomas H. peddler, h. 25 Cherry 
Felt Charles W. b. flourdealer, 29 Commercial, h. 45 Cottage 
Feltham Henry, carpenter, h, Copperthwait, n. DeWolf ♦ 

Felton Mary Miss, h. Ware, n. Broadway 
Fenerty Hubert W. printer, h. Holyoke, n. Mt. Auburn 
Fenner Mary E. Mrs. h. 50 Auburn 
Fenton Mehitable, nurse, bds. Wm. Norris, Pleasant 
Fenton John, carpenter, h. Sparks, n. Concord ave. 
Fenton Margaret, h. Gore, n. Sixth 
Fern Otis L. b. 161 Blackstone, h. Western ave. n. Jay 
Fernald Eliza H. Mrs. bds. J. Coolidge's, Brattle, n. Fayerweather 
Fernald James F. clergyman, h. Pleasant, n. Main 
Fernald Wm. H. machinist, h. Hastings 
Ferrell Elizabeth Mrs. h. 15 Jay 
Ferris Thomas, laborer, h. RideOut, n. Cambridge 
Ferry Patrick, laborer, h. Elm, n. Cambridge 
Fessenden Charles L. b. drygoods, 156 Hanover, h. 23 Tremont 

Fairbanks & Beard, Wholesale Dealers in bottle Ale, Porter, and Cider. 

Send Address for Samples of Penmanship and College Journal. 


Fessenden Fred. H. conductor, Union Railway, h. Mt. Auburn, n. 

Fessenden Isaac, glassmaker, h. rear 57 Gore 

Fessenden Thomas, blacksmith, h. Davis, cor. Harvard 

Fiel George T. b. hardware, h. 27 Hampshire 

Field George, h. River, n. Franklin 

Field George G. b. clerk, h. River, n. Franklin 

Fields Joseph H. shoemaker, h. Cottage ct. rear Cottage 

Fifield Catherine W. widow, bds. 97 Otis 

Fifield Abiel F. clerk, bds. 40 Spring 

Fifield George E. b. gilder, bds. 40 Spring 

Fifield George W. superintendent City Water Works, h. 40 Spring 

Fifield Hannah Mrs. h. Gore, cor. Fourth 

Fifield John F. ambrotypist, bds. 40 Spring 

Fillebrown Amos, bds. 95 Cambridge 

Fillebrown Andrew J. glasscutter, h. Cambridge, n. Willow pi. 

Fillebrown Charles, b. painter, h. 9 Main 

Fillebrown James, b. cutter, 129 Federal, h. Watson, cor. Pearl 

Fillebrown William, b. salesman, h. Spruce, n. Hollis 

Finian Bartley, machinist, h. 77 Washington 

Finian James, machinist, h. 77 Washington 

Finian Ellen Mrs. h. 77 Washington 

Finger Lewis, h. Blackstone, n. Riverside 

Finlay {William) & Sheach (George), b. dry-goods dealers, 83 Cam- 
bridge, bds. 42 Second 

Finley Robert, glasspacker, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 

Finn Anthony, shoemaker, h. Third, n. Gore 

Finneran Martin, laborer, h. Brookline, n. Valentine 

Finney George W. cabinetmaker, h. 24 Winter 

Finnerty Thomas, laborer, h. Baldwin ct. 

Finney James, brassfinisher, with J. J. Walworth & Co. Main, h. 
Clark, between Washington and Harvard 

Finnigan Hugh, blacksmith, h. Webster ave. n. Hampshire 

Finnigan Patrick, carpenter, h. Suffolk 

Finton Bridget Mrs. h. Dunster, n. South 

Fish Isaac, blacksmith, h. Cambridge, n. Hunting 

Fish Moses W. merchant, h. 9 Cottage 

Fisher Charles F. carpenter, bds. 39 Western ave. 

Fisher Edward, b. provision dealer, 11 Bedford, h. Williams 

Fisher Emmanuel, b. clerk, h. Wright, n. Norton 

Fisher Ferdinand, currier, h. North ave. n. Tannery 

Fisher George, editor and proprietor " Cambridge Chronicle," h. 53 

Fisher Warren, b. glass decorator, bds. Inman, n. Hampshire 

Fisher William, b. carpenter, bds. Western ave. cor. Kinnard 

Fisk Horace, bds. Austin, cor. Essex 

Fisk James C. b. 15 Congress, h. Quincy, n. Broadway 

Fisk Robert F. Mrs. widow, h. 5 Clinton 

Fiske Amos K. student, bds. Main, n Hancock 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Ciisliiimn, sue. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trent. St., Boston, 


Fiske Charles A. (F. D. Ellis $ Co.), b. com. mer. 11 Federal, h. 

Clinton, n. Main 
Fiske Elbridge G. (Humphrey, Fiske, $ Co.), b. 214 State, h. Fayette 
Fiske Nathan, bds. Story, eor. Mt. Auburn 
Fitch Abel, teamster, bds. D. Richardson's, North ave. n. Cedar 
Fitterman Henry, laborer, h. rear 5 Washington 
Fitz Franklin, b. clerk, h. Essex, n. Main 
Fitzgerald Edward, laborer, h. 6 Gore 
Fitzgerald James, painter, h. Sixth, n. Spring 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Brickyard 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, h. Lechmere pi. 
Fitzgerald Maurice, laborer, h. Short, n. L. R. R. 
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, h. Harvey 
Fitzgerald Morris Mrs. widow, h. Sparks, n. Concord ave. 
Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, h. n. Catholic Church, Concord ave. 
Fitzgerald Richard, laborer, h. Leland, n. Brookline 
Fitzmaurice Thomas, boilermaker, h. 90 Third 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, h. Porter, n. Pleasant 
Fitzpatrick James, mason, h. 95 Gore 

Fitzpatrick James T. bootmaker, Mt. Auburn, cor. Dunster, h. do. 
Fitzpatrick P. W. brushmaker, h. 14 Gore 
Fitzsimmons Andrew, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Brickyard 
Fitzsimmons John, glasspacker, bds. Mrs. C. Hopkins', Elm 
Fix Augustus W. carver, bds. 41 Gore 
Flagg Edwin, provisions, house Sidney, near Front 
Flagg John P. b. com. mer. house Fayette, near Broadway 
Flagg John P. jr. boards Fayette, near Broadway 
Flagg Wilson, b. clerk, Merchants' Insurance office, 38 State, house 

North avenue, near Cedar 
Flaherty John, laborer, house Third 

Flaherty Martin, stonecutter, house Copperthwalt, near DeWolf 
Flaherty Michael, painter, Brattle square, house Ellery, near Harvard 
.Flaherty Michael, laborer, house Cambridge, near First 
Flanagan Johanna Mrs. house Perry, near Pearl 
Flanagan John, laborer, house Dunster, near South 
Flanagan Patrick, boilermaker, house Willow pi. 
Flanagan Thomas, laborer, house Tuttle, near Donnell 
Flanders Charles E. b. bookkeeper, b Flanders' Exchange [bridge 
Flanders Franklin M. proprietor Exch. Hotel, junc. Bridge and Cam- 
Flanders Joseph, boards Exchange Hotel 
Fleck Mathias, laborer, house Copperthwait, near Banks 
Fleet William, carpenter, boards Mt. Auburn, near Brattle sq. 
Flemming John, carver, boards R. R. block, Bridge 
Flemming Henry, b. organmaker, h. 63 Washington 
Flemming Mary Jane Mrs. house Brighton, opposite Eliot 
Flemming Thomas, laborer, house 81 Third 
Flemming Thomas N. bookbinder, house Pearl, near Valentine 
Fletcher Benjamin F. carpenter, house 99 Norfolk 
Fletcher Benjamin F. jr. b. baker, house 83 Norfolk, near Broadway 

Tuesley & Griffin, Hats, Umbrellas, Travelling- Bags, k, 158 & 160 Court St., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Rich Ribbons of every description. 


Fletcher Joel H. b. insurance agent, house 5 Norfolk 

Fletcher Moore R. b. physician, house 7 Worcester 

Fletcher Ruel H. teacher, Otis Grammar School, h. 144 Cambridge 

Fletcher William A. clerk, boards 99 Norfolk 

Flint Francis, b. Summer, house Bovvdoin 

Flood Mary Mrs. house Webster avenue, near Cambridge 

Floyd Charles R. carpenter, house Walnut, near Pearl 

Flynn Bartholomew, laborer, house West, near Lee 

Flynn Bernard, laborer, house Donnell, corner Garden 

Flynn James, boards Willow pi. 

Flynn Maurice, printer, boards Dyke, near Charles River 

Flynn Michael, boards Willow pi. 

Flynn Patrick, brassmoulder, boards 282 Main 

Flynn Thomas, bookkeeper, house Harvard, near G. J. Railroad 

Flynn Thomas, trunkmaker, house Windsor, near School 

Fobes Daniel, b. confectioner, 3 Brattle, h. Orchard, corner Beach 

Fogarty James, carpenter, house Cambridge, corner Webster ave. 

Fogg Eliza Mrs. house 15 Brookline 

Fogg Frank W. b. boot and shoe dealer, house Tenny court 

Fogg Hiram G. house Magazine, near Walnut 

Fogg Jesse Mrs. house Broadway, corner Holyoke pi. 

Foist Tohann, cabinetmaker, house Webster avenue 

Foley John, blacksmith, house Dublin, near Sargent 

Foley John, carpenter, house Spruce, near Brickyard 

Foley Malachi, butcher, house Hunting 

Foley Peter G. strawdresser, house Cambridge, near Prospect 

Folger George H. (Bradford § Folger), b. insurance adjuster, 3 

Merchants' Exchange, house Essex, near Harvard 
Follansbee Benjamin A. cabinetmaker, house Hancock, near Main 
Follen John, laborer, house Sparks, near Mt. Auburn 
Follen Michael, laborer, house Baldwin 
Follen Patrick, laborer, house Brookline, near Hamilton 
Follen Thomas, laborer, house Ellery, near Harvard 
Folsom Charles, b. proof-reader, house Berkeley 

Folsom Samuel H. b. attorney, 96 Washington, house 143 Cambridge 
Fonseca Isaac, b. gasmetres, house 11 Pine 

Fonseca Phineas, cigarmaker, house Perry, near Brookline [bridge 
Foote George L. b. 2 Congress square, boards Harvard, corner Trovv- 
Foote John, b. stonecutter, house Third, opposite Court House 
Foote Luther, house Harvard, corner Trowbridge 
Forbes Andrew J. britannia worker, boards 56 Spring 
Forbes Patrick Mrs. house Erie, near Brookline 
Forbes Thomas, laborer, house Valentine 
Ford Calvin, machinist, 513 Main 
Ford George R. printer, boards Magazine, near Lake 
Ford Howard J. Mrs. house Hamilton, near Magazine 
Ford Hugh A. teamster, house Mt. Auburn, near Sparks 
Ford (John) & Son (John H. Ford), printers,. Harvard square, house 

Magazine, near Webster 

Warrens Photographs, Post Office Building, Canikidgcport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 53S Washington Steeet, corner of 


Ford John, laborer, house Third, near Vine 
Ford John, laborer, house Broadway, corner Ware 
Ford John H. (J. Ford fy Son), b. printer, house 15 Erie 
Ford Thomas, laborer, house Sparks, near Mt. Auburn 
Forrest James, painter, bds. R. Forrest's, Banks, n. Mt. Auburn 
Forrest Lawrence, painter, h. Mt. Auburn, opp. Holyoke pi. 
Forrest Robert, painter, h. Banks, n. Mt. Auburn 
Forsyth James, laborer, h. Osborne's blk. Suffolk 
Forsyth Joseph, laborer, h. Copperthwait, n. Banks 
Fortice Thomas, blacksmith, bds. R. R. blk. Bridge 
Foss Benjamin D. carpenter, bds. 290 Main 
Foss Charles, carpenter, h. 290 Main 
Foss Edmund, carpenter, bds. 290 Main 
Foss George A. printer, bds. Hilliard 
Foss George W. clerk, bds. 290 Main 
Foss Joseph, engineer, h. Market 
Foss William H. b. 136 Hanover, bds. Daniels ct. 
Foss William H. piano-fortes, bds. 290 Main 
Foster Charles, crackerbaker, h. 104 Norfolk, n. Hampshire 
Foster Charles C. h. Kirkland 

Foster Charles F. Mrs. widow, h. Garden, n. Appian Way 
Foster Charles H. b. broker, h. Main, cor. Dock, L. P. 
Foster Charles Mrs. h. Willow pi. 

Foster Elizabeth Mrs. h. Mt. Auburn, opp. Holyoke pi. 
Foster Francis C. b. counsellor, 39 Court, h. Oxford, n. Kirkland 
Foster George, shipmaster, h. Amory, n. Summer 
Foster Mary Mrs. bds. 53 Tremont 
Fouquet Peter, upholsterer, h. 191 Vine 
Fowle Isaac H. carver, h. Fourth, n. Cambridge 
Fowler George, mason, bds. Western ave. cor. Howaard 
Fowler Jeremiah, mason, h. 29 Tremont, n. Gardner 
Fowler Helen M. dressmaker, Harvard sq. bds. James, cor. Brattle 
Fowler John, mason, h. Western ave. n. Kinnard 
Fowler Nancy Mrs. h. James, cor. Brattle 
Fowles Augustus J. L. confectioner, h. Green, n. River 
Fox Edward P. printer, h. Perry, n. Pearl 
Fox Francis, laborer, h. Suffolk, n. Norfolk 
Fox George J. harnessmaker, Brighton, bds. Orchard, opp. Church 
Fox George W. H. printer, h. Inman, n. Broadway 
Fox James, h. Ill Bridge 

Fox James A. b. lawyer, Old State House, h. Green, n. Putnam 
Fox Michael, h. Valentine 
Fox Peter, grocer, 111 Bridge, h. do. 

Fox Robert L. B. harnessmaker, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Holyoke pi. 
Fox Thomas, laborer, h. Charles, n. Fourth 
Foxcroft Francis A. clergyman, h. Chapel 
Foye Mary Mrs. h. Brighton, n. Mt. Auburn 

Foye {Nathaniel W.) & Conant (Marc us) , sash and blind manufactur- 
ers, State, h. 23 Cherry 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Hop and Sarsaparilla Beer. 

Kneeland Street, Boston, Mass. Dayaml Evening Sessions. 


Frael Andrew, laborer, h. Donnell, n. Tuttle 

Francis Ebenezer, h. Kirkland [h. North ave. n. Waterhouse 

Francis George C. (Sever fy Francis), bookseller, Harvard sq. 
Francis William, varnisher, bds. Mrs. Mumler's, Brighton, cor. 

Franklin Joseph, mason, h. Brattle, n. Story 
Frasier Daniel E. cabinetmaker, h. Washington, cor. Windsor 
Frazier Alexander, carpenter, bds. Third, n. Cambridge 
Frazier Alexander, tailor, h. Hancock, n. Main 
Frazier James, coffinmaker, bds. Fifth, cor. Cambridge 
Frazier John B. carpenter, h. 115 Harvard 
Frazier Simon, carpenter, bds. 33 Tremont 

Frederick Elizabeth Mrs. h. 93 Cambridge [Bridge 

Fredericks William A. proprietor Mansion House, junction Gore and 
Frederickson Thomas, b. watchmaker, b. 73 Prospect 
Freeman Bartlett, painter, h. 34 Cherry 
Freeman Charles T. gilder, bds. 10 Moore 
Freeman E. M. Mrs. h. 4 Holyoke 
Freeman William, b. overseer, h. 10 Moore 
French Henry B. clerk, bds. Broadway, L. P. 
French James M. blacksmith, h. Kirkland, cor. Baldwin 
French John W. b. mason, h. 122 Harvard 

French Mary F. h. DeWolf, n. Mt. Auburn [Howard 

French Orrin B. (Black Sf French), carpenter, h. Mt. Auburn, near 
French William A. stairbuilder, h. Trowbridge, n. Broadway 
Friend Richard, b. sailmaker, 152 Commercial, house Columbia, near 

Friend Samuel, laborer, h. Reed 
Friend William, carpenter, h. Rice 
Frost Caroline A. Mrs. h. Harvard, cor. Linden 
Frost Frederick A. fishdealer, h. Roseland 
Frost George, b. foreman at Lawrence, Wild & Co's. Cornhill, 

h. Orchard, cor. Tenny's ct. [North ave. opp. Chapel 

Frost William, b. assistant assessor, U. S. internal revenue, house 
Frost William, bds. Gore's, Sixth [near Dana 

Frothingham Amos T. b. cashier, Tremont Bank, house Harvard, 
Frye John K. painter, h. Hancock, n. Harvard' 
Frye Samuel M. painter, h. 261 Main [near Windsor 

Fullem Patrick, shoemaker, Main, opposite Essex, house Cambridge, 
Fuller Alonzo W. painter, h. Willow 
Fuller Ann Mrs. h. Main, cor. Clinton 

Fuller Arthur B. Mrs. h. Hillard, n. Daniels' ct. [Brattle 

Fuller Benjamin, b. coal-mining, Merchants' Exchange, h. Story, n. 
Fuller Daniel D. engineer, h. rear Mt. Auburn, n. Elmwood 
Fuller Elias, b. expressman, h. Cambridge, n. Prospect 
Fuller George, boxmaker, h. Webster pi. 
Fuller George C. W. clothing, 447 Main, h. 376 do. 
Fuller Henry A. Mrs. h. Sacramento, n. North ave. 
Fuller Horace W. b. clerk, bds. Story, n. Brattle 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cainkidgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cashman, sue. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trent. St., Boston, 


Fuller James, Arsenal, bds. Mt. Auburn, n. Hillard 

Fuller James H. (Towne 8? Fuller), hardware and kitchen furniture, 

477 Main, h. 50 Essex 
Fuller Luther, b. clerk, h. 13 Cottage [ wa } r > n - Windsor 

Fuller Samuel D. provisions, Harvard Street Market, h. Broad- 
Fuller Sarah Mrs. h. 38 Auburn 

Fuller Simeon H. b. clerk, 13 Winter, h. 102 Norfolk 
Fullerton Alexander, shoemaker, h. 55 Washington 
Fullerton John, clerk, bds. E. Hayes, Appian Way, n. Garden 
Fulton John, b. painter and grainer, h. Harvard, n. Davis 
Fulton John A. bds. Austin, cor. Inman 
Furbush Elias, b. furniture dealer, h. Harvard, n. Davis 
Furfey Hugh, matmaker, h. Harrison ave. 
Furfey James, matmaker, h. Brookline, n. Erie 
Furfey Michael, matmaker, h. Brookline, n. Erie 
Furness William H. artist, h. Arrow, cor. Main 
Furrs Elizabeth Mrs. h. 77 Gore 

Fuzzard John, lampblack manufacturer, h. Putnam, n. Bridge 
Fyfe William E. baker, 405 Main, h. River, n. Harrison ave. 
Fyfe (William E.) & Carruth (0. E.), grocers, 64 River, h. 62 do. 

GAFFEY JOHN, laborer, h. Sheas' blk. Bridge 
Gage Milton, b. clerk, h. Coggswell ave. 
Gage Nathaniel Mrs. h. Garden, opp. Waterhouse 
Gahery Felix, at Geldowsky's, Otis, cor. First, h. Boston 
Gale Cicero C. b. salesman, h. 73 Prospect 

Gale (George T.), Dudley (S. W.), & Co. (G. W. Gale), lumber 
dealers, L. P. h. Clinton [Harvard 

Gale George W. (Gale, Dudley, $ Co.), lumber dealer, bds. 298 
Gale Hezekiah C. teamster, h. School 
Gale Stephen, mason, h. 8 Brooks pi. 
Gallager Catherine Mrs. h. Franklin, n. Soden 
Gal lager Hugh, baker, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 
Gallagher Hugh, laborer, h. rear 2Q Gore 
Gallagher James, milkman, h. Webster ave. n. Windsor 
Gallagher Neal, peddler, h. Fourth, n. Charles 
Gallagher Owen, laborer, b. North, n. East 
Gallagher Thomas, plasterer, h. Webster ave. n. Cambridge 
Galligan William, laborer, h. Vine, n. Fifth 
Gal li van James, peddler, h. Sparks, cor. Foster 
Gallivan John, laborer, h. Foster, cor. Sparks 
Gallivan Philip, laborer, h. Brookline, n. Erie 
Galloway John, plasterer, h. Elm. Hampshire 
Gait David W. glassmaker, h. 134 Bridge 
Galvan Catherine, widow, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 
Galvin Mary, widow, h. Divinity ave. n. Kirkland 
Gamble Thomas Mrs. millinery. 369 Main, h. do. 
Garaill Henry, hostler, bds. 8 Gore 
Gammon Patrick, gardener, h. Elm, n. Hampshill 

Tuesley k Griffin, Hats, Caps, Furs, ic, 15S k 100 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Paris Artificial Flowers, Wreaths, Buds, Arc 


Gannett John P. shipmaster, h. Harvard, cor. Dana 

Gannett John S. bds. J. P. Gannett's, Harvard 

Gannett William W. {Parker, Gannett, fy Osgood), b. 49 North 

Market, and. 46 Merchants Row, h. 6 Dana 
Gannett William Wyllys, bds. J. P. Gannett's, Harvard 
Gannon Patrick, gardener, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 
Gardiner Charles F. h. Forest, n. North ave. [town 

Gardiner Eben S. clerk, Cambridge,'cor. Seventh st. ct. h. at Charles- 
Gardiner James, hostler, h. Bridge, n. East 

Gardner John W. fancy goods, Cambridge, cor. Seventh st. ct. h. do. 
Gardner M. J. Mrs. h. 414 Main, n. Harvard sq. 
Gardner Mary Jackson Mrs. h. Dana, opp. Centre 
Gardner Oran G. b. clerk, 144 Hanover, h. 27 Pearl 
Gardner Richard, laborer, h. Hastings, n. Brewery 
Gardner Samuel B. b. clerk, h. 39 Columbia, n. Washington 
Garigan Ellen Mrs. h. 151 Bridge, n. Gore 
Garrett Edmund H. bookkeeper, h. Harvard, n. G. J. Railroad 
Garrigan Lawrence, blacksmith, h. Franklin, n. Putnam 
Garrity James, buildingmover, h. Qopperthwait, n. Banks 
Garrity John, laborer, h. Copperthwait, n. Banks 
Gassett Augustus A., Navy Yard, bds. 40 Tremont 
Gassett Eliza J. Mrs. h. 40 Tremont 
Gateley James, laborer, h. Copperthwait, cor. DeWolf 
Gateley Peter, marble polisher, h. Sparks, n. Concord ave. 
Gateworth Albert, printer, Charles River 
Gaton Bernard, teamster, h. Spring, n. Eighth 
Gault Benjamin F. real estate agent, h. Rockwell, cor. Pleasant 
Gavin Edward, h. Fifth, cor. Charles . 
Gay Manly, b. fishdealer, bds. Inman, n. Broadway 
Gay Laura Mrs. widow, h. 34 Cherry 
Gay Susan E. Mrs. h. 9 Harrison 

Gay William F. h. 90 Prospect # [Otis 

Geldowsky Ferdinand, furniture manufacturer, Otis, cor. First, h. 76 
Gendrot Peter, carver, h. 130 Bridge [bridge, bds. 64 Otis 

Genther Gilman (Place § Genther), stoves and hardware, 25 Cam- 
George Harvey, h. 98 Otis 

George. James P. boxmaker, h. Pine, n. Harvard 
George Obadiah, brickmaker, h. Cambridge, cor. Windsor 
German James, carpenter, h. 2 Brewery, n. Washington 
Germain David, laborer, h. Tuttle, n. Wyeth 
Gerrish Samuel, bookbinder, h. Pleasant, n. City Hall 
Gerry Elizabeth, Mrs. bds. F. A. Gerry's, North ave. opp. Sacra- 
mento [North ave. opp. Sacramento 
Gerry Frederick A. restaurant, North ave. n. Porter's station, h. 
Gerry James, cooper, h. Front 
Gerry John, h. Valentine, n. Erie 
Gerry John W. b. blacksmith, h. Elm, cor. Tenny ct. 
Gerts John B. machinist, bds. 51 Wiuter 
Gerts William H. trader, bds. Fifth, cor. Otis 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 "Wash. St., eor. Kneelaiid St., Boston. 


Gerts "William T. machinist, h. 18 Thorndike 

Getchell Randolph C. printer, bds. 51 Beach st, Boston 

Gibbons Maurice A. tender, h. Columbia, n. Hampshire [West 

Gibbs Benjamin W. jeweller, Douglass block, Main, h. Inman, cor. 

Gibbs Wolcott, Rumfbrd Professor, H. U. h. Garden, cor. Mason 

Gibby Nicholas, carriagepainter, 43 Cambridge, h. Shea's blk. Bridge 

Gibson Anna M. Miss, dry goods, 451 Main, h. Pearl, cor. Franklin 

Gibson Anne Mrs. dressmaker, h. 4 Washington 

Gibson Elisha, threadstore, 207 Main, h. 50 Western ave. 

Gibson Emanuel, peddler, h. 342 Main 

Gibson Jane Mrs. h^ Pearl, n. Franklin 

Gibson Jeremiah, laborer, bds. 6 North 

Gibson Joseph, b. stairbuilder, h. 50 Western ave. 

Gibson Samuel S. weaver, h. 297 Main, n. Windsor 

Gibson Thomas, gardener, h. Garden, n. Mason [place 

Gibson j William, superintendent Gas Works, h. Howard, opp. Chapman 

Gibson William T. painter, bds. Brattle, n. Willard 

Giddings Samuel, clerk, bds. Flanders' Exchange, Cambridge 

Gifford Elisha, divinity student, h. Sacramento, n. Oxford 

Gilbert Avery W. stonecutter, h. Brookline, cor. Franklin 

Gilbert Benjamin F. clerk, Boston National Bank, h. Hampshire, 

cor. Windsor 
Gilbert Harriet Mrs. h. 61 River 
Gilbert James L. music teacher, h. 137 Cambridge 
Gilcreas David A. carpenter, h. 55 Tremont 
Gilcreas Sarah Mrs. h. Union, n. Hampshire 
Gill Christopher C. h. 62 Thorndike, (U. S. N.) 
Gill Elizabeth Mrs. h. Green, cor. Pleasant 
Gill James, tailor, h. Sixth, cor. Charles 
Gill John, jeweller, h. Green, cor. Pleasant 
Gill Peter F. b. tailor, h. 66 Harvard, n. Davis 
Gill Samuel D. b. marbleworker, bds. Ellsworth ave. 
Gill Tv"illiam, printer, h Green, cor. Pleasant 

Gill William, teamster, h. Garden, n. Wyeth [Harvard 

Gillespie Jos. A. b. merchant tailor, 3 Tremont Row, h. River, cor. 
Gilligan John, glassmaker, bds. 21 Winter 
Gilligan Patrick, laborer, h. Prospect, n. Hampshire 
Gilligan Thomas, machinist, bds. 21 Winter 
Gillis Patrick, carpenter, h. Charles, n. Third 
Gillon Patrick, h. Vine, n. Fourth 
Gillpatrick Stillman, bedsteadmaker, h. 31 Clark 
Gilman Edward, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 
Gilman George, cabinetmaker, bds. R. R. block, Bridge 
Gilman John D. {Edgerton Sf Gilman), b. restaurant, 19 Bromfield, 

h. Pleasant, opp. Webster ave. 
Gilmore Frederick J. A. mariner, h. 3 Brewery 
Gilmore James R. author, h. Coolidge ave. cor. Mt. Auburn 
Gilroy John F. ropemaker, h. Webster ave. n. Cambridge 
Gilson Charles, painter, h. Western ave. opp. Soden 

Fairbanks & Beard, Wholesale Dealers in lager Beer and Porter, Us, 1-2 bis, k kegs. 

All Branches of a Complete Business Education Practically Taught* 


Ginty Hannah Mrs. h. Willow place 

Ginty Michael, boilermaker, h. Howard, n. Main 

Girard Louis F. stereotyper, h. Dana ct. n. Western ave. 

Girdler Samuel K. bookkeeper, bds. Harvard, n. Clark 

Gisler Elizabeth Mrs. h. Webster ave. n. Cambridge 

Given William J. carriagepainter, h. 3 Washington 

Glaab Leonhard, boots and shoes, 345 Main, h. do. 

Glasson Henry W. cabinetmaker, h. 67 Gore 

Glazier George O. trader, bds. Vine, cor. Fifth 

Glazier Joseph S. carpenter, bds. Vine, cor. Fifth 

Glazier Stephen, carpenter, h. Vine, cor. Fifth 

Gleason Catherine, widow, h. 7 North 

Gleason Frederick N. paperruler, h. 9 Broadway 

Gleason Patrick, laborer, h. 2 Washington 

Gleisner George P. clerk, bds. 418 Main 

Glen David, jr. printer, h. Baldwin, n. Cambridge 

Glen Jennet Mrs. widow, h. Divinity ave. 

Glen Jessie L. dressmaker, h. Baldwin, n. Cambridge 

Glennen William, stonecutter, h. Third 

Glines Hiram, blacksmith, bds. 2 Ring's block, Spring 

Glines John A. b. coffee manufacturer, 2 Haymarket sq. h. 22 East 

Glover Henry R. b. 100 and 102 Hanover, h. Waterhouse, corner 

North ave. 
Glyn Lawrence, blacksmith, h. Cambridge, cor. Hunting 
Goddard J. T. physician, h. 354 Main [Pioneer 

Goddard William T. b. copperplate printer, h. rear Smith's Wharf, n. 
Godfrey John, teamster, bds. 6 Union 
Godfrey John G. baconcurer, h. Pine 
Gold Sidney, student, bds. Putnam, cor. Green 
Golden Patrick, laborer, h. rear 1 Washington 
Goldrap Frank, laborer, h. Clay 
Goldsmith Nathan B. cabinetmaker, h. 45 Sixth 
Goldspring Timothy, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Putnam 
Goldthwait Francis, b. organmaker, h. 49 Market 
Goldthwait Henri, bds. 51 Winter 

Gonier Peter, laborer, h. Sargent [Fayer weather, cor. Brattle 

Gooch Nathan G. {J. G. $ JV. G. Gooch), lumber, bds. J. B. Dana's, 
Good Patrick, teamster, h. Bridge, n. car-house 
Good Thomas, laborer, h. 84 Gore 
Good Timothy, laborer, h. Broadway, n. Dock 
Goodale Darwin C. turner, Dds. Windsor, cor. Broadway 
Goodall Leon (Hendley S? Goodall), grocer, Bridge cor. East, bds. 

35 Second 
Goodenough Henry, butcher, North ave. n. Tannery, h. do. 
Goodfellow Frederick, glasscutter, h. 79 Spring 
Goodnow George W. grocer, 258 B'way, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 
Goodnow Joseph, b. lumberdealer, 294 Causeway, h. Fayette 
Goodnow Nancy Mrs. h. 1 Ellery 
Goodrich Charles A. butcher, h. 36 South Seventh 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F.Cushman, sac. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Treni. St., Boston, 

Goodrich Elijah D. b. hardware, 88 North, h. 282 B'way, n. Prospect 
Goodrich George W. {Davis fy Goodrich) stonecutters, Main, L. P. 

h. at Charlestown 
Goodrich Matilda M. H., Mrs. h. Summer, n. Amory 
Goodrich Samuel A. Mrs. h. 83 School 
Goodridge Frederick Mrs. h. 67 Windsor, n. Market 
Goodrow Eli, h. Concord ave. n. Arsenal 
Goodwillie James M. printer, h. 3 Soden 
Goodwin Franklin, silverplater, h. Seventh st. ct. 
Goodwin James, laborer, h. Stevens ct. 
Goodwin John, fireman, h. Fourth, n. Bridge 
Goodwin John A. depot-master, h. Elm cor. Cottage 
Goodwin William W. Eliot Professor of Greek Literature H. U. h. 

Follen, n. Garden 
Gordon Flavery, tinpeddler, h. Willow pi. 
Gordon William, mastic-roofer, h. Leland n. Brookline 
Gore Avery W. b. junkdealer, 160 Canal, h. Magazine, n. Walnut 
Gorham Harriet Mrs. h. 54 River [h. Avon 

Gorham Warner A. (H. S. Gorham 8? Co.), b. truckman, 2 F. H. sq. 
Gorman Daniel, plasterer, h. Hampshire, n. Prospect 
Gorman John, junkdealer, h. 135 Columbia 
Gorman John, laborer, h. 99 Vine 
Gorman Richard, laborer, h. Blair pi. 
Gormley Ann Mrs. h. Willow pi. 
Gormley John, laborer, h. Hampshire, n. Davis 
Gorton Samuel M. carpenter, h. 4 Summer, n. Prospect 
Gorvin William, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. First 
Gosber Frederick, baker, bds. 5 Essex 
Goss Abiel, b. commission merchant, 132 Central, h. 67 Otis 
Goss Charles S. b. real estate broker, 235 State, bds. 67 Otis 
Gould Benjamin A., U. S. Coast Survey, h. Oxford, n. Kirkland 
Gould Frederick, b. President Blackstone Bank, h. Dana, cor. Centre 
Gould Freeman K. carpenter, bds. 30 Williams 
Gould Gustavus F. b. capmanufacturer, 14 Friend, h. 36 Williams 
Gould William, baker, 49 Cambridge, h. do. 
Gourlay William D. clerk, h. Rockwell 
Govan David, b. cabinetmaker, h. 124 Columbia 
Gove Calvin, provisions, Main, cor. Pearl, h. Williams, cor. Pearl. 
Gove George G. h. Dana, cor. Broadway 
Gowdy V. machinist, bds. 37 Spring 
Grady Catherine Mrs. h. North 
Grady Frank, coffinmaker, fa. North, n. East 
Grady Martin, laborer, h. Vine, n. Fifth 
Grady Martin, blacksmith, h. Brighton, cor. Eliot 
Graham Jas. b. merchant, Washington, bds. Third, opp. Court House 
Graham Patrick, mason, h. rear 64 Washington 
Graham Thomas, laborer, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Sparks 
Graham William Rev. h. Third, opp. Court House 
Graman William, gardener, h. Franklin, n. Bay 

Tuesley & Griffin, Trunks, Valises, Bags, k, 158 & 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Small Ware*, Haberdashery, Arc. 


Grammo John S. laborer, h. 60 Vine 

Granger John, peddler, bds. 124 Bridge 

Granger Mary Mrs. widow, h. 124 Bridge 

Grant Alfred S. pyrotechnist, h Suffolk, n. Columbia 

Grant Alpheus, laborer, h. School, n. Windsor. 

Grant Daniel, har-nessmaker, h. 132 Otis 

Grant Edwin T. fruitdealer, h. Seventh st. ct. 

Grant Elijah Mrs. h. Broadway, n. Windsor 

Grant Eliza Mrs. nurse, bds. D. Brown's, Appian Way, n. Garden 

Grant George L. mason, h. rear 66 Cambridge 

Grant {James) & Mann (James), cabinetmakers, 123 Hampshire. June. 
Broadway, h. Union 

Grant Job N. carpenter, h. 31 Fourth 

Grant Marcus M. gilder, h. School, n. Windsor 

Graves Chester H. rectifier of spirits, Distillhouse, h. Newton Corner 

Graves Geo. jr. cabinetmaker, 27 Cambridge, h. 45 Spring 

Gray Asa, Fisher Prof. Nat. Hist. H. U. h. Garden, cor. Linnaean 

Gray Bernard, blacksmith, h. 22 Windsor 

Gray Charles ( George G. Page Sf fc Co.), boxmaker, junct. Hamp- 
shire and Broadway, h. Washington, cor. Columbia 

Gray Elizabeth Miss, h. Pleasant, cor. Green 

Gray Harriet, Mrs. Webster ave., n. Hampshire 

Gray Horace J. steward, (U. S. N.) h. Webster ave. n. Hampshire 

Gray Ira C. laborer, h. Main, junct. Broadway 

Gray John C. h, Brattle, cor. Fresh Pond lane 

Gray William, periodical store, 402 Main, bds. Main 

Greely Geo. B. b. com. mer. 27 India, bds. Mrs. Greely'* 13 Centre 

Greely Leander (Hancock 8? Greely), carpenter, Webster ave. h. 

Greely Myra A. Mrs. W. H. Greely's, Harvard, n. Remington 

Greely Patrick, laborer, h. rear Winthrop, n. Dunster 

Greely Sarah M. Mrs. widow, h. 13 Centre 

Greely ( William H.) & Walker (C.H.) b. com. mer. 44 India Wharf, 
h. Harvard, opp. Remington 

Green Abraham M. b. carpenter, h. 21 Tremont 

Green Andrew J. assessor, bds. Second, cor. Cambridge 

Green Ansil W. conductor U. R. R. bds. Brighton, cor. Harv. sq. 

Green Charles A. printer, h. DeWolf, n. Mt. Auburn 

Green Charles G. b. clerk, bds. DeWolf, n. Mt. Auburn 

Green Edward K. (U. S. N.) bds. Mt. Auburn, n. Hilliard 

Green Frank M. bds. Western ave. n. Putnam 

Green James, bds. Green, n. Hancock 

Green James D. h. Harvard cor. Prescott 

Green John, shoemaker, 97 Bridge, h. do. 

Green John, servant, h. Charles, cor. Fourth 

Green John S. b. piano-fortemaker, h. cor. Walnut, n. Fort Washington 

Green John W. carpenter, h. 6 Auburn ct. 

Green Mary H. Mrs. h. Green, rear City Hall [cor. Cambridge 

Green Nathan L. (J. Mann 8? Co.), b. 222 Washington, bds. Second, 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, Boston. 


Green Oscar F. b. piano-fortemaker, h. 65 Columbia 

Green Peter, cabinetmaker, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Green Samuel S. weigher and measurer, h. Second, Cambridge 

Green Thomas, laborer, h. Spruce, cor. Dublin 

Green Thomas, currier, h. Dublin, n. Bolton 

Green William, b. watchman, h. Clark, n. Webster ave. 

Green William P. painter, h. Hancock, n. Green 

Greene Elizabeth H. Mrs. h. DeWolf 

Greenleaf Elizabeth H. Mrs. h. 10 Brattle sq. 

Greenleaf George W. plumber, h. rear 43 Cambridge 

Greenleaf James Mrs. h. Brattle, n. Ash 

Greenleaf Joseph, mason, h. Norfolk, n. Broadway 

Greenleaf Oliver P. mason, h. 56 River 

Greenleaf Rodney, machinist, h. 3 Broadway 

Greenough Henry, h. Cambridge, n. Quincy 

Greenough James, b. flourdealer, 47 Commercial, h. 32 Tremont 

Greenough James B., H. U. h. Trowbridge, cor. Broadway 

Greenough William B. clerk, 84 Pearl, h. DeWolf, n. Mt. Auburn 

Greenwood Frederick H. carpenter, h. Tremont 

Greenwood James W. magnetic physician, h. 5 Green 

Greenwood Moses, b. boots and shoes, (Clark, Warren & Co.) 70 

Federal, house 32 State 
Gregg James B. student, bds. Oxford, n. Sacramento 
Gregg Mary B. Mrs. widow, h. Oxford, n. Sacramento 
Gregory Franklin E. b. clerk, dry goods, 96 Devonshire, h. Maple ave. 
Gregory Frederick H. b. bookkeeper, bds. Maple ave. n. Broadway 
Gregory John P. agent, Union Glass Co. h. Green, cor. Magazine 
Gregory Thomas B. glasspacker, h. Cambridge, n. Willow pi. 
Greives William H. glassmaker, h. 55 Gore 
Gribbin Anna Mrs. h. Willow pi. 
Gribbin John, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Brattle sq. 
Grieves Thomas, b. clerk, State st. blk. h. 13 Sixth 
Griffin Anthony T. carpenter, h. 61 Brookline 
Griffin Dennis, laborer, h. Vine, n. Fifth 
Griffin Eliphalet, carpenter, h. North ave. n. Meacham 
Griffin John, laborer, h. Hampshire, n. Davis 
Griffin Maurice, laborer, h. Dunster, n. South 

Griffin Michael, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. First [Brookline 

Griffin {Michael) & Dolan (J.), soap manufacturers, h. Franklin, n. 
Griffin Thomas Mrs. h. Hackett's Yard, Green 
Griffing Augustus P., U. S. assistant assessor, office Lechmere Bank 

Building, h. Thorndike, cor. Fourth 
Griffis Charles, tin-plate worker, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 
Grihebring John, moulder, h. 11 Cherry 
Grimm George, bootmaker, h. Fifth, n. Cambridge 
Grose William, butcher, Brighton, h. 12 Tremont 
Grottendick Henry, baker, bds. 5 Essex 
Grover Chester B. (Grover fy Brother), sewing-machine-case maker, 

State, h. 100 Norfolk 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Soda, in founts k bottles, Orders promptly attended to. 

Please Call and Examine our Coarse' of Instruction. 


Grover Lucas B. (Grover fy Brother), sewing-machinecase maker, 

State, h. Harvard, cor. Norfolk 
Grugen Ann, widow, h. Lambert, n. Cambridge 
Gude Herman, b. marblepolisher, h. Brewery, cor. Hastings 
Guild Charles, baker, 15 Brooks ct. 
Gulliver Eben T. Mrs. widow, h. Fourth, n. Gore 
Gunn James, blacksmith, Palmer, h. Mill 
Gunnison Daniel, painter, Inman, n. Hampshire 

Gurney B. shoemaker, Norfolk, n. Broadway, bds. Oxford, n. Kirkland 
Gurney Ephraim W. Professor of Latin, H. U. [Cambridge 

Guyer Lewis B. boot and shoe dealer, Cambridge, cor. Third, h. 131 
Gwinn James E. teamster, h. 50 Spring 
Gwinn Samuel, boilermaker, h. 84 Third 

HACKETT JOHN, whitewashes h. Hancock, n. Franklin 

Hackett Patrick, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Soden 

Hackett Thomas, laborer, h. Somerset, n. Pleasant 

Hackett Thomas J. chandler, h. Somerset, n. Pleasant 

Hackett Walter, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Green 

Hadden William, b. 33 School, h. Russell, n. Elm 

Haddow James L. hairdresser, Brighton, n. Harvard sq. h. do. 

Hadley Alvah A. (Stickney § Hadley), coffin manufacturer, 182 

Cambridge, h. 102 Gore 
Hadley Elijah L. painter, h. 21 South 
Hadley Martha J. Mrs. h. Market, n. Columbia 
Hadley Nathaniel I. bootmaker, h. 30 Fourth 
Hagan Daniel, glassraaker, h. Webster ave. n. Somerville 
Hagan Daniel, glasscutter, h. Otis, n. Sixth 
Hagan John, painter, bds. 282 Main 
Hagan Peter, tailor, h. Valentine 

Hagan William, tin-plate worker, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 
Hagar Frederick W. h. near Green, n. City Hall 
Hagar Mary Mrs. h. 11 Norfolk 
Hager Frederick W. policeman, h. 4 Norfolk 
Hain Nicholas, carver, h. Seventh, n. Thorndike 
Haines Robert, mouldmaker, h. 25 Winter 
Hale Aaron, jr. & Kemp (L.), soap manufacturer, Broadway, cor. 

Davis, h. Prospect, n. Cambridge 
Hale Eben, stairbuilder, bds. 71 Thorndike 
Hale Edwin B. b. schoolteacher, bds. 34 Tremont 
Hale George H. b. clerk, h. 56 Fifth 
Haley Charles Mrs. h. Gore, cor. Fourth 
Haley Christopher, laborer, h. Donnell, n. Tuttle 
Haley Daniel, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 
Haley Daniel, laborer, h. Webster ave. n. Columbia 
Haley David, laborer, h. Sparks, n. Foster 
Haley Henry, brushmaker, h. Vine 
Haley James, moulder, h. 20 Spring 
Haley James, laborer, bds. 8 Vine 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cushman, sue. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trent. St., Boston, 


Haley Jason Mrs. widow, h. 122 Thorndike 

Haley Jeremiah, teamster, h. Bay, n. Franklin 

Haley Jesse, h. 1 1 Windsor 

Haley Jesse W. machinist, bds. 1 1 Windsor 

Haley John, laborer, h. Eliot, n. Mt. Auburn 

Haley Jonathan, machinist, h. Clark, n. School 

Haley Henry, furniture mover, h. 27 Clark 

Haley Mary Mrs. h. Green, n. Bay 

Haley Michael, carpenter, h. Webster ave. n. Somerville 

Haley Michael, teamster, h. Cambridge, n. Elm 

Haley Patrick, laborer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Haley Th.omas, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Soden 

Haley Timothy, laborer, h. Hancock 

Hall Charles H. stairbuilder, h. Cambridge, n. Sixth 

Hall Edward H. b. clerk, 143 Washington, h. 7 Clinton 

Hall Elizabeth Miss, h. 72 Spring 

Hall Francis (Pierce ty Hall), b. icedealer, Cambridge, office, Mer- 
chants Row, cor. Chatham, h. in Boston 

Hall Franklin B. carpenter, bds. Walnut, n. Pearl 

Hall George, painter, bds. 5 Chestnut 

Hall George W. H. salesman, Hyde's, 481 Main, h. Newton Corner 

Hall Jackson, painter, h. School, opp. Pine 

Hall James H. {Thurston, Hall, S? Co.), cracker bakery, Cambridge, 
n. Prospect, h. Gardner, cor. Murdock 

Hall Julia A. Mrs. bds. 31 Second 

Hall Lewis ( W. S. Blanchard Sf Co.), lumber dealer, opp. Hovey's 
Nursery, East, h. Cambridge st. n. Maple ave. C. P. 

Hall Lydia Mrs. h. Lincoln ct. 

Hall Orrin ( Wood fy Hall), grocer, Harvard Row, h. Follen 

Hall Otis T. h. 13 Jay 

Hall Stacy W. printer, h. 279 Main 

Hall Thomas, laborer, h. Moore, n. Harvard 

Hall Thomas L. carpenter, bds. 348 Main 

Hall W. F. machinist, bds. 372 Main 

Halland Timothy, teamster, h. Hampshire, cor. Portland 

Hallett William A. shipmaster, h. 10 Clinton, n. Harvard 

Hallinan Patrick, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Montgomery 

Halloran Edward, laborer, h. Kinnard 

Halloran Mary, widow, h. Webster ave. n. Columbia 

Halloran Michael, laborer, h. Short, cor. North 

Halloran Timothy, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Bay 

Halvorson Halvor, chemist, h. Cottage 

Ham Abner, physician, h. 92 Cambridge 

Ham Benjamin F. clerk of court, office at Court House, h. Winchester 

Ham John, carpenter, h. 24 Green 

Ham Samuel, carpenter, h. 24 Green 

Haman August, musicteacher, h. 11 Cottage 

Hamblen Allen T. mariner, h. Harvard, n. Main 

Hamblet Alvan Mrs. h. # 116 Spring 

Tuesley k Griffin, Hats, Umbrellas, Travelling Bags, k, 158 & 160 Court St., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Housekeeping Goods. Prices rerj low. 


Hamburg Benedict, laborer, h. Harvey 

Hamill Samuel S. organ builder, 91 Gore, h. 88 Thorndike 

Hamilton Andrew, tinplate worker, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 

Hamilton James, woodturner, h. 84 Third 

Hamilton John Mrs. widow, h. Willard, n. Foster 

Hamilton Josias, carpenter, h. Fourth, n. Bridge 

Hamilton M. F. driver, bds. 5 Essex 

Hamilton William J. b. steward, h. 57 Cherry 

Hamlet Martin V. B. b. engineer, h. rear 73 Cambridge 

Hamlin Allen, carpenter, h. Franklin, n. Hancock 

Hamlin George B. b. printer, h. 92 Otis 

Hammatt Isabella Mrs. h. Worcester, cor. Columbia 

Hammett James E. clerk, bds. River, n. Main 

Hammond Elizabeth Mrs. h. 72 Columbia 

Hammond John W. attorney, 76 Cambridge, bds. 35 Second 

Hammond Joseph, glassblower, h. Sixth, n. Gore [22 Arch, h. Forest 

Hammond Joseph W. (Lawrie, Blood, fy Hammond), b. 12 Otis, and 

Hammond Nathaniel O. cigarmaker, 151 Bridge, h. 166 Cambridge 

Hammond Oren B. iron-fencemaker, h. 72 Columbia 

Hampson David, steam-pipefitter, h. Green, n. Putnam 

Hampton James W. hairdresser, h. 87 Cambridge 

Hanafian Michael, hostler, h. Cambridge, n. Bridge 

Hanck Conrad, cabinetmaker, h. 99 Cambridge 

Hancock Belcher, harnessmaker, Main, cor. Pearl, h.»29 Franklin 

Hancock Charles E. {Hancock Sf Greeley), carpenter, Western ave. 

h. Pleasant, cor. Webster pi. 
Hancock John, harnessmaker, bds. 29 Franklin [Magazine 

Hancock Martha W. Miss, teacher private school, h. Auburn, cor. 
Hancock O. J. Miss, dressmaker, Harvard sq. bds. Charles River 
Hancock R. B. Mrs. bds. Bow, opp. Arrow 
Hancock Richard, mariner, h. 76 Spring 
Hancock Solomon, b. bookkeeper, h. Pearl, cor. Green 
Hanford George C. bds. Hanford's, Shepard, n. Avon 
Hanford Susan, "widow, h. Shepard, n. Avon 
Hanig Frank, baker, bds. 5 Essex 
Hankey John, currier, h. Tannery 
Hanley John, b. tailor, 86 Court, h. Jay, n. River 
Hanley John, laborer, h. Gore, n. G. J. R. R. 
Hanlon Edward, charcoal pedler, bds. 136 Bridge 
Hannaford Michael, hostler, h. Cambridge, n. First 
Hannahan Laurence, carpenter, h. Harvard, n. G. J. railroad [Essex 
Hannum Leander, grocer, 403 Main, n. Douglass, bds. Austin, cor. 
Hanscom Jacob, warden, Alms House, h. do. 
Hanscom Wm. Henry, carpenter, h. Fremont, n. Pleasant 
Hanscomb James S. boilermaker, h. Main 
Hansis John, mouldingraill, h. Otis, n. Fifth 
Hanson Augustus P'. carpenter, h. Norfolk, n. Harvard 
Hapgood Luther, teamster, h. 66 Cherry 
Hapgood Oliver Mrs. h. 70 River 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 


Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kneeland St., Boston, 


Hardenbrook Ambrose K. b. stereotyper, h. Windsor 

Harding Charles L. b. 92 State, h. Cambridge, cor. Fayette 

Harding Edgar, b. banker, 92 State, h. Cambridge, cor. Fayette 

Harding Edward K. b. clerk, h. 231 Broadway 

Harding Hamlin R. b. agent, Maiden Dye House, h. 48 Windsor 

Harding Isaac, h. 311 Broadway 

Harding Jesse, b. silversmith, 12 Court sq. h. Pearl, cor. Williams 

Harding N. C. produce dealer, h. 311 Broadway 

Harding Webb, b. 12 Court sq. h. 51 Columbia 

Hardy Anthony, machinist, bds. 42 Second 

Hardy Charles F. b. clerk, Merchants Row, h. Main, cor. Clinton 

Hardy Charles F. pocket-bookmaker, bds. 44 Windsor 

Hardy. Francis D. dry goods, Williams' block 

Hardy Francis D. jr. 405 Main, bds. Austin [Pleasant 

Hardy Francis D. Peruvian syrup, Western ave. h. River, junction 

Hardy Rodney J. b. (Hardy, Brown, Goss Sf Co.) dry goods, 156 

Devonshire, h. Main, n. Putnam 
Hardy Thomas W. printer, h. 32 Pearl 
Hardy William A. cigarmaker, h. 44 Windsor 
Harkins John, rope maker, h. Spruce, n. Montgomery 
Harlow Andrew B. tollgatherer, Brookline Bridge, h. Pine, n. Harvard 
Harlow Charles, carpenter, h. Washington, cor. Pine 
Harlow George L. b. clerk, h. 56 Washington 
Harlow John H. clerk, bds. 40 Pine 
Harlow Joshua S. h. Pine, n. Harvard 
Harms William, b. upholsterer, h. 3 Broadway 
Harney Michael, laborer, h. Tuttle, n. Wyeth 
Harney William, junkdealer, h. 11 Vine 
Harnlin Morgan, laborer, h. 21 North 
Harrigan John, laborer, h. Amory, n. Hampshire 
Harrigan Mary, widow, h. Lechmere pi. 
Harrington Daniel, laborer, h. rear 124 Bridge 
Harrington Eliza Mrs. h. Brattle, n. Hilliard 
Harrington George B. b. 105 Hanover, bds. 61 Brattle 
Harrington H. P. (DoloffS? Harrington), groceries and provisions, 12 

Gore, h. Third, cor. Winter 
Harrington Jeremiah, boot-maker, Winter, cor. Bridge, h. do. 
Harrington John, blacksmith, h. Pine, n. Harvard 
Harrington Mary, widow, h. 26 Gore 

Harrington Patrick, saloon, Bridge," h. junction Cambridge and Bridge 
Harrington Robert C. printer, h. Main, junction Broadway, L. P. 
Harrington Sylvester, clerk, House Correction, bds. Third, cor. 

Harrington Timothy, laborer, h. 3 Harvard 
Harrington Timothy, laborer, h. College Wharf 
Harrington Winthrop G. printer, h. Chestnut, n. Magazine 
Harris Anne H. Mrs. h. Brighton, n. Mt. Auburn 
Harris Augustine, machinist, h. 27 Broadway 
Harris Charles, plasterer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Fairbanks and Beard, Howard St., Boston, Wholesale Dealers in Draught Ale. 

for fitting Young Men and Ladles for the Practical Duties of Life. 


Harris Edward D. b. architect, 41 Tremont, bds. .Holyoke pi. 

Harris George C. b. clerk, h. Austin, opp. Douglass 

Harris George E. b. clerk, h. Broadway - [Cottage 

Harris J. Watson, b. India goods dealer, 21 G Washington, h. 16 

Harris James. W., Sec. of President- H. U. h. Winthrop, n. Dunster 

Harris Jeremiah, carpenter, h. 3 Oak 

Harris John L. carpenter, h. 54 River 

Harris Joseph, b. porter, h. Columbia, n. Hampshire 

Harris Lucinda Miss, h. Cherry, cor. School 

Harris Stephen S. upholsterer, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Howard 

Harris Thomas, shoemaker, h. Short, n. Magazine 

Harris "William, porter, h. Amory, n. Hampshire 

Hart Charles, printer, h. Hamilton, n. Magazine 

Hart Jacob, confectioner, h. Hampshire, cor. Prospect 

Hart James P. printer, Riverside, h. Jay, cor. River 

Hart Patrick Mrs. h. Rice pi. 

Hartford John, laborer, h. rear Mt. Auburn, n. Elmwood ave. 

Hartigan John, h. Clark, n. Harvard 

Hartman Martin, b. lithographic printer, bds. Pearl, n. Cottage 

Hartness George, blacksmith, Palmer, h. Willard, n. Brattle 

Hartnett John, laborer, h. North, cor. Short 

Hartnett Thomas, watchman, h. Clark, n. Washington 

Hartshorn George F. bds. 24 Fifth 

Hartshorn George L. upholsterer, h. 24 Fifth 

Hartshorn Joseph, upholsterer, h. 102 Otis [Fourth 

Hartwell Charles H. provision dealer, 126 Cambridge, bds. Gore, n. 

Hartwell J. A. bds. Gore, cor. Fourth [Gore, n. Fourth 

Hartwell J. Edwin, provision dealer, Cambridge, cor. Fourth, h. 75 

Harty Samuel L. printer, bds. 59 Mt. Auburn 

Harty Susan Mrs. h. 59 Mt. Auburn 

Harvey A. Lydia, widow, h. Dunster, cor. Mt. Auburn 

Harvey Alice Miss, teacher of music, h. Dunster, cor. Mt. Auburn 

Harwood Myron W. carpenter, h. 56 River 

Haseltine Moses D. Mrs. h. Cottage 

Haskell Mary G. widow, bds. 48 Second 

Haskins David G. Rev. h. Main, cor. Trowbridge 

Haskins David G. jr. bds. Main, cor. Trowbridge 

Hassett Michael, h. North, n. Short, Ward 3 

Hastings Andrew G. brushmaker, h. 36 Cherry 

Hastings Andrew J. b. Custom House, h. 26 Tremont 

Hastings A. Winthrop (Kemble 3? Hastings), b. commission merchants, 

69 Commercial, h. 85 Otis 
Hastings Catherine Mrs. h. Green, n. Pleasant 
Hastings Charles F. glasscutter, h. 54 Thorndike 
Hastings George, printer, bds. Green, n. Pleasant 
Hastings John M. machinist, h. 3. Jennings ct. 
Hastings Joseph W. glasscutter, bds. 133 Cambridge 
Hastings Michael, soapmaker, h. Hampshire, n. Portland 
Hastings Oliver, lumber dealer, East, h. Brattle, n. Willard 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass, 

E. F. Cuslimnn, sac. to Cnshman & Brooks, 90-94 Trem. St., Boston, 

Hastings S. Emery, h. River, opp. Jay 
Hastings Thomas Mrs. h. 85 Otis 

Hastings Watson B. b. boarding officer, h. 56 Thorndike 
Hatch Andrew J. provision dealer, h. Winthrop, cor. Eliot 
Hatch Benjamin F. conductor Union Railway, h. Brattle, n. James 
Hatch Delia, milliner, 398 Main, bds. junct. Kennard and River 
Hatch George C. b. clerk, bds. 12 Tremont 
Hatch George M. b. coast pilot, h. 12 Tremont 
Hatch James H. L. b. clerk, h. Harvard, n. Norfolk 
Hatch Leonidas L. H. clerk, bds. Seventh, n. Thorndike 
Hatch Sewall, glassmaker, h. 16 Fourth 

Hatch Thomas D. clerk 1 Masonic Block, Main, h. River, n. Jay 
Hatch William C. b. stovemaker, bds. 12 Tremont 
Hatfield Samuel, carpenter, bds. 5 Auburn ct. 
Hathaway Charles W. fireman, h. 45 Spring 
Hathaway Galen, b. 186 State, h. Erie, cor. Magazine 
Hatten Henry, straw dealer, h. 14 Windsor 
Hattenberg Henry, machinist, bds. Third, n. Gore 
Hatenbertg Philip, h. Fifth, n. Vine 
Havehan Edward, stonecutter, h. Third, cor. Charles 
Haven Charles, printer, h. School, n. Clark 
Haven Henry P. cabinetmaker, h. 23 Brooks pi. 
Havihon Malachi, laborer, h. Erie, n. Brookline 

Hawkes Charles W. mechanical engineer and printing-press manufac- 
turer, h. 124 Norfolk 
Hawkes Henry A. blacksmith, h. Front st. ct. 
Hawkes James, h. East, n. L. R. R. 

Hawkes Levi (Levi Hawkes 3? Co.), plumber, bds. 34 Auburn 
Hawkes Levi Mrs. h. 34 Auburn 
Hawkes Mary Miss, dressmaker, bds. East, n. L. R. R. 
Hawkins Mary Mrs. dressmaker, bds. Sixth, n. Cambridge 
Hawkins William, teamster, bds. Sixth, n. Cambridge 
Hawkins Charles F. clerk, bds. 33 Winter 
Hawkins Christopher C. provisions, h. 33 Winter 
Hay Henry W. machinist, h. School, n. Windsor 
Hayden Edward M. cabinetmaker, h. Broadway, n. Moore 
Hay den Edward M. jr. cabinetmaker, h. Broadway, n. Moore 
Hayden Frederick A. h. Garden, n. Arsenal 
Hayden Henry, copper roller, h. 6 Washington 
Hayden James H. pipelayer, h. Viles Block, L. P. 
Hayden John C. physician, h. Quincy, cor. Cambridge [Cedar 

Hayden Winslow L. b. musicteacher, bds. W. Flagg's North ave. n. 
Hayes Alvin, shoestore, Wood's wooden block, Main, h. Perry, n. Pearl 
Hayes Daniel, switchtender, h. foot Bolton, n. railroad 
Hayes Edmund, h. Appian Way 
Hayes George E. printer, b. Mt Auburn 
Hayes Henry, b. express, 32 Court sq. h. Shepard, n. Avon 
Hayes John, tin-plate worker, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 
Hayes John L. b. counsellor, h. Phillips pi. cor. Mason 

Tuesley & Griffin, Hats, Caps, Purs, fa., 158 k 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Ladies' and Gentlemen's Underclothing. 


Hayes Luther S. carpenter, Dunster, n. Mt. Auburn, h. Concord ave. 
Hayes Patrick, printer, h. 80 School [n. Sparks 

Hayes Thomas, britannia worker at F. Draper's, Otis, h. 58 Spring 
Hayes William A. bds. John L. Hayes', Phillips pi. cor. Mason 
Haynes E. W. jr. milkdealer, Lambert, h. 10 Otis 
Haynes James, laborer, h. 3 "Washington 
Haynes Mary, h. 5 Cottage 

Haynes Sarah, h. 5 Cottage [Otis 

Hayward Almira L. teacher in Putnam School, bds. cor. Third and 
Hayward Eben S. b. commission merchant, 73 Cornhill 
Hayward Edward, bds. Beech, n. Orchard 
Hayward Henry, carpenter, bds. Suffolk, n. Columbia 
Hayward P. William, h. Main, cor. Pearl 
Hazard Oliver W. brush maker, h. Third, opp. Court House 
Hazel William, express driver, h. rear 8 Vine 
Hazeltine Margaret W. Mrs. h. 62 Cherry 
Hazelton Joseph T. at John A. Ellis & Co. Gore, n. Sixth 
Hazen Daniel M. (Knowles Sf Hazen), 503 Main, h. 49 Tremont 
Hazlett George, stone mason, h. Brattle, n. School ct. 
Hazlett Joseph, laborer, h. Murdock pi. 
Hazlett Joseph, jr. teamster, h. Howard 
Hazlett Thomas, stonemason, h. Brattle, n. School ct. 
Healey Dennis, laborer, h. 17 North, Welch's block, opp. Short 
Healey Ellen, Mrs. widow, h. Bridge 

Healey Jacob, (J. 7. Healey Sf Bro.), iron founders and railing manu- 
facturers, Main, L. P. h. 107 Norfolk 
Healey James, blacksmith, bds. 38 Windsor 

Healey J. I. (J. I. Healey Sf Bro.), iron founder &c. Main, L. P. (re- 
Healey John, laborer, h. Short, cor. North [sides in Pennsylvania) 
Healey Patrick, laborer, bds. D. Healey's, North 
Hern Peter, laborer, h. Pleasant, n. Walnut 
Hearsey William E. b. harnessmaker, 12 Court, h. 63 Columbia 
Hebard Albert K. b. melodion tuner, h. Harvard, n. Clark 
Heffernan Alice, widow, h. 9 North 
Heffernan David, painter, h. Third, cor. Vine 
Heffernan James, shoemaker, Third, n. Charles, h. do. 
Heffernan James F. painter, h. Webster ave. n. Cambridge 
Heffernan Joseph, shoemaker, h. Cambridge, opp. Columbia 
Heffernan William C. shoemaker, h. Willow pi. 
Hellman John, b. 71 Sudbury, h. Otis, n. Seventh 
Hemmenway Beulah N. E. Miss, h. Auburn, cor. Pearl 
Hemmenway Sarah E. Miss, h. Auburn, cor. Pearl 
Henderson Charles W. trader h. Pearl, cor. Allston 
Henderson James A. blacksmith, North ave. n. Spruce, h. do. 
Henderson James, laborer, h. Tannery [h. Chester 

Henderson John J. (Henderson Bros.), carriagemaker, North ave. 
Henderson John O. peddler, h. 2 Grant's blk. Winter 
Henderson Robt. blacksmith, N. ave. n. Spruce, h. do. 
Henderson Robt. jr. (Henderson Bros.), blacksmith, h. at Somerville 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, Boston. 


Henderson William, teamster, h. Pearl, n. "Walnut 
Henderson William, tinplater, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 
Henderson William, h. Hastings, n. Moore 

Hendley (Otis H.) & Goodall (Leo)i), Bridge, cor. East, h. 68 Fourth 
Hengatler Charles, printer, h. Banks, n. Copperthwait 
Hennessey Catherine, widow, h. Vine, n. Third 
Hennessey Dennis, teamster, bds. Bridge, n. Somerville 
Hennessey James, printer, h. Green 
Hennessey James, laborer, h. Hastings, n. Brewery 
Hennessey James, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Railroad 
Hennessey Margaret Mrs. h. 1 Willard pi. 
Hennessey Michael, glasscutter, bds. Mansion House, Gore 
Hennessey Thomas, laborer, h. Harvard, n. Main 
Hennessey Timothy, cabinetmaker, h. Eaton, n. Pine 
Henniker Amy Mrs. h. Brighton, n. Bridge 
Henry George, boilermaker, bds. Main, junct. Broadway 
Henry James, laborer, h. Valentine, n. Soap Factory 
Henry James, laborer, h. 2 Harvard 

Henry James, carpenter, h. River, opp. Williams [Pearl 

Henry William G. b. flour and grain dealer, 50 Leverett, h. Erie, cor. 
Henshaw Frank A. clerk, bds. 23 Brookline 
Henshaw John A. b. merchant, h. Craigie, cor. Buckingham 
Henshaw William, book agent, h. 23 Brookline 
Herbert Mary Mrs. h. Stevens ct. cor. Fourth 
Herman Maria, widow, h. Seventh, cor. Otis 
Hermanuze Joseph, glassworks, h. 57 Gore 
Herrick Israel, b. coaldealer, h. 9 Harrison 
Herring Francis A. driver U. R. R. bds. Crescent 
Herting Solomon, clerk, h. Hastings, n. Moore 
Hess Hiram, b. steampipe, 18 Devonshire, h. n. Hampshire 
Hewiff Asa, baker, h. 95 Norfolk 
Hewitt Michael, blacksmith, h. Dickinson, n. Clark 
Hewitt Timothy, b. porter, h. Harvard, junct. Main 
Hewlett Molineaux A. prof, gymnastics, H. U. h. Irving pi. 
Hews Alexander, grocer, 147 Bridge [Norfolk 

Hews Augustus H. b. jeweller, 165 Washington, bds. Broadway, cor. 
Hews Frank, fireman, bds. R. R. blk., Bridge 
Hews John, insurance agent, 421 Main, h. Broadway, cor. Norfolk 
Heymer John C. b. stereotyper, 5 Water, h. Wendell, n. North ave. 
Heyward Henry, carpenter, h. Webster ave. n. Hampshire 
Hey wood Almira, teacher, bds. Third, n. Otis 
Heywood Samuel P. city auditor, h. Austin, cor. Inman 
Hibbard David, clerk, h. North ave. cor. Waldron 
Hickey John, laborer, h. 10 North 
Hicks Frederick D. clerk, bds. 58 Western ave. 
Hicks Leander E. bds. Thorndike, cor. Eighth 
Hicks Thomas J. bootmaker, h. Thorndike, cor. E'ghth 
Hidden William H. b. salesman dry goods, 31 and 33 Franklin, h. 
Harvard, cor. Prospect 

Fairbanks k Beard, Jlaniifafturers of Soda and Mineral Water. 

Send Address for Samples of Penmanship and College Journal. 


Higgins Andrew, carpenter, h. Viles Blk. L. P. 

Higgins Andrew M. carpenter, h. Main, n. Pioneer 

Higgins Eben A. fishdealer, Brattle, h. Shepard, n. Avon 

Higgins James, tailor, 110 Cambridge 

Higgins Lucius F. clerk, bds. 34 Franklin 

Higginson Stephen, b. agent for the Royal Insurance Co. 1 and 3 

Kilby, h. Frisbie pi. n. Kirkland 
Higginson William C. b. clerk, bds. Frisbie pi. n. Kirkland 
Hight Ellen M. Miss, private school, h. Cambridge, cor. Sumner 
Hight Myra C. Miss, private school, h. Cambridge, cor. Sumner 
Hildreth A. Edwin, h. North ave. cor. Wendell 
Hildreth Abel A. policeman, h. Hampshire, cor. Clark 
Hildreth Edwin A. civil engineer, bds. North ave. cor. Wendell 
Hildreth H. A. bds. Bow 

Hildreth Henry A. clerk {John Reed fy Co.), h. Church, n. Brattle 
Hildreth Joseph A. b. clerk, bds. Hampshire, cor. Clark 
Hill Ann Miss, h. rear 29 Bow 
Hill Benjamin L. carpenter, h. 42 Washington 
Hill Charles P. b. cabinetmaker, h. 63 Washington 
Hill Daniel, cabinetmaker, h. 65 Sixth 
Hill George, h. Hackett's Yd., Franklin 
Hill H. E. Miss, teacher, Dana School, bds. 6 Centre 
Hill James, laborer, h. 3 Willow pi. 
Hill Joseph H. grocer, 1 Washington, h. 20 Hastings 
Hill Nathan B. b. clerk, bds. C. F. Eaton's, Essex, n. Moore 
Hill Nathan R. h. Otis pi. n. Mt. Auburn 
Hill Sarah Miss, h. rear 29 Bow 
Hill Thomas, president H. U. h. Quincy, n. Harvard 
Hill Timothy, laborer, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Willow 
Hill William, laborer, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Willard 
Hill Winchell N. b. carpenter, h. Broadway, cor. Main 
Hillery John, soapmaker, h. 20 Portland 
Hillery Michael, laborer, h. Foster, cor. Sparks 
Hillman John J. b. silverplater, 24 Sudbury, h. 119 Otis 
Hills Henry S. b. chairdealer, 85 Fulton, h. 64 Thorndike 
Hilton James M. policeman, h. Charles R. n. Mt. Auburn 
Hinckley Edwin A. b. restaurant, h. 84 Gore 
Hinckley Walter C. engineer, h. School, n. Cherry 
Hines Edward, cabinetmaker, h. 84 Fourth 
Hines Henry, cabinetmaker, h. 92 Vine 
Hines Thomas, cabinetmaker, h. 263 Main 
Hippler Andrew, willow chairmaker, h. Vine, n. Fourth 
Hiscock Robert, painter, h. Broadway, opp. Boardman 
Hiscock Simon, painter, h. Broadway, opp. Boardman 
Hitchcock Abbie L. widow, bds. 28 Second 
Hixon Edward & Co. {F. Reed 8? Edw. Hixon, jr.) b. upholsterers, 

172 Washington, h. Franklin, cor. Pearl 
Hixon Edward, jr. {Edw. Hixon fy Co.) b. upholsterer, bds. Franklin, 

cor. Pearl 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cushman, bug. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trcui. St*, Boston, 


Hixon George, b. upholsterer, bds. 78 Harvard 

Hixon George E. b. upholsterer, bds. 30 Pearl 

Hixon James, fruitdealer, h. n. Catholic Church 

Hixon James, teamster, h. Pearl, n. Valentine 

Hixon Robert T. expressman, bds. James Hixon's h. n. C. Church 

Hixon Martin, upholsterer, h. Hastings, n. Moore 

Hoag Jonathan & Co., grocers, Main, house Pioneer 

Hobart Seth, baker, bds. Union, n. Hampshire 

Hobbs Curtis Mrs. h. 133 Cambridge 

Hobbs David, h. 32 Cherry 

Hobbs Emeline T. Miss, bds. 32 Cherry 

Hobbs Francis A. bookbinder, bds. 32 Cherry 

Hobbs Henry Curtis, glasscutter, h. Fourth, cor. Spring 

Hobbs Jeremiah S. b. carpenter, h. School, betwn. Pine and Cherry 

Hobbs John E. carver, h. 78 Gore 

Hobbs Lydia Miss, dressmaker, h. 32 Cherry 

Hobbs Mary N. widow, h. 33 Tremont 

Hobbs William, clock repairer, h. 54 Market 

Hodgdon John K. carbuilder, h. 50 Thorndike 

Hodges James H. whitewasher, h. Pine. n. Harvard 

Hodges Jane Mrs. widow, h. Murdock 

Hodges Joseph Mrs. widow, h Appian Way, n. Brattle 

Hodges Richard "M. clergyman, h. Waterhouse, cor. Garden 

Hodges Thomas H. laborer, h. 3 Hastings 

Hodgkins Rufus M. assistant postmaster, h. 39 Western ave. 

Hodgkins William E. b. salesman, h. Centre, n. Hancock [Spring 

Hodsdon Benjamin P. b. fruitdealer, 12 F. H. Market, cellar, h. 48 

Hodsdon Lewis, b. provisions, 64 Leverett, h. 23 Worcester 

Hoffarth Frederick, locksmith, Bridge, n. Gore h. Somerville 

Hoffman John, cabinetmaker, h. rear 10 Vine 

Hogan Edward, cabinetmaker, 26 School 

Hogan J. J. cabinetmaker, h. Clark, n. School 

Hogan James, h. Franklin, Hackett's Yard 

Hogan John, moulder, h. 11 Cherry 

Hogan John B. cabinetmaker, bds. Clark, n. School 

Hogdon Alfred, mason, bds. Charles River, cor. Mt. Auburn 

Hoit Joseph, glasscutter, h. 100 Thorndike 

Holbrook Daniel Mrs. widow, h. Sumner 

Holbrook John, clerk, h. Main, cor. Pioneer 

Holden Alvan Mrs. h. Elm, cor. Hampshire 

Holden Amos P. musician, h. 2 Essex ct. 

Holden Susan B. Mrs. h. Allen 

Holland Frederick W. Rev. h. Everett, n. North ave. 

Holland Henry W. bds. F. W. Holland's, Everett, n. North ave. 

Holland John, printer, bds. Western ave. cor. Putnam 

Holland William, laborer, h. Franklin 

Holland William H. blacksmith, h. 97 Norfolk 

Holleren Ellen Mrs. h. Green, n. Bay* 

Hollis Caleb, b. clerk, bds. C. Hollis's, Columbia 

Tucsley k Griffin, Trunks, Valises, Bags, k, 158 & 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Dry Goods and Millinery. Prices very low. 

Hollis Charles, chemist, h. Columbia, cor. Market 

Hollis Charles Mrs. h. Market, n. Elm 

Holman Charles A. express, h. Green, cor. Pearl 

Holman Henry, pressman, bds. Main, opp. Irving House 

Holman John, & Co. b. feathers and bedding, 60 U^ion and 47 

Friend, h. Appleton, cor. Highland 
Holmes David M. b. lastmaker, h. 70 Fifth 

Holmes C. E. widow, h. Brighton, cor. Mt. Auburn [Magazine 

Holmes Francis M. b. flourdealer, 42 Commercial, h. Green, n. 
Holmes {Freehand S.) & Davis ( William), furniture, Main, Irving 

House block 
Holmes Isaac C. coaldealer, h. Allston [Hancock 

Holmes James A. b. 60 Congress, bds. A. Vinal's, Harvard, n. 
Holmes John, h. Holmes pi. [zine, corner Webster 

Holmes Joseph A. & Co. (Jos. H.) grocer, 418 Main, h. Maga- 
Holmes Joseph H. (Jos. A. Holmes, § Co.) grocer, 418 Main, h. 

Holmes Orpheus, b. 180 State, h. 33 Prospect 
Holmes Peter, pedler, h. Webster ave. n. Windsor 
Holmes William S. Iron Foundry, h. Harrison, cor. Washington 
Holt Charles V. bds. Harvard, cor. Lee 
Holt A. F. physician, 455 Main, h. Lee 
Holt Homer C. clerk, bds. Harvard, cor. Lee 
Holt Isaac, b. gasfitter, h. 3 Ward's Block, Main, L. P. 
Holt Jacob A. upholsterer, Brattle sq. h. Appian Way 
Holt James, laborer, h. East [Dunster 

Holt James L. painter and glazier, Brattle, cor. Palmer, h. South, cor. 
Holt Joseph G. attorney, Main, bds. V. S. Holt's, Harvard, cor. Lee 
Holt Joseph S. b. yankee notions, Milk, h. Harvard, cor. Lee 
Holt Samuel H. b. blacksmith, h. Chestnut 
Holt Thomas P. blacksmith, h. South, cor. Holyoke 
Holt Varnum S. real estate agent, Main, opp. Irving House, h. Har- 
vard, cor. Lee 
Holt William B. painter, 21 South, n. Holyoke 

Homer Charles, W. h. Garden, n. Concord ave. • [h. Forrest 

Homer George W. (Homer 8? Wyeth), b. leather dealer, 72 Purchase, 
Homer Mary B. Mrs. h. Forest, n. Oxford 
Homer Mary J. Mrs. h. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 
Homer Moore R. h. 62 Elm [bds. Mary B. Homer's, Forest 

Homer Oliver D. (Homer 3? Wyeth), b. leather dealer, 72 Purchase 
Hood M. C. fancy goods, 438 Harvard, h. in Chelsea 
Hooker Anson, physician, h. 86 Cambridge 
Hooker Anson P. physician, h. Otis, n. Third 

Hooker Charles K. steam pipefitter, h. Lincoln pi. n. Essex [Front 

Hooker Frank H. grocer, 379 Main, cor. Columbia, bds. at Stevens/ 
Hooker Henry, b. gasfitter, 18 Devonshire, h. 41 Columbia 
Hooper Betsey Mrs. nurse, bds. L. L. Daniels, Gerry 
Hooper Moses W. carmaker, h. 47 Fifth 
Hope Eugene, stereotyper, h. Green 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office BuiLling, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kneelaud St., Boston, 


Hopkins Catherine Mrs. h. Elm, n. Cambridge 

Hopkins Curtis, h. 32 Auburn 

Hopkins Edwin S. glassmaker, bds. 38 Fifth 

Hopkins James, laborer, h. Norfolk Alley, n. Broadway 

Hopkins John G. glassmaker, h. 38 Fifth 

Hopkins Josiah, clerk, h. Main, cor. Pearl 

Hopkins Martha A. Mrs. h. 13 Front 

Hopkins Thomas, Glass Works, h. 131 Spring, n. Eighth 

Hopkins William G. glassmaker, h. 118 Spring [Phillips pi. 

Hopkinson John P. b. 20 Boylston pi. bds. Mrs. T. Hopkinson's, 

Hopkinson Thomas Mrs. h. Phillips pi. 

Hoppin Henry P. bds. N. Hoppin's, 4 Follen 

Hoppin Nicholas, clergyman, h. 4 Follen [in Boston 

Horgan John J. marble manufacturer, West Boston Bridge, L. P. h. 

Horn Charles, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 

Horn Israel F. icedealer, h. 63 Spring 

Horn Plummer S. h. Valentine, n. Brookline 

Horrigan Daniel, stonecutter, h. Vine, cor. Fourth 

Horrigan Michael, tailor, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Horrigan Timothy, laborer, h. Amory, n. Hampshire 

Horsfall Andrew, turner, bds. 2 Munroe's blk. 

Horsford Eben N. h. Craigie, cor. Sparks 

Horsman George, stereotyper, Dunster, cor. Mt. Auburn 

Hoseley F. P. milkman, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Houghton H. M. clerk, bds. 7 Essex [558 Main, n. Ellery 

Houghton Henry O. (B. 0. Houghton fy Co.), printer, Riverside, h. 

Houghton Moses B. Union Glass Works, Somerville, h. 47 Prospect 

Houghton Sarah A. Mrs. h. Green, n. Hancock 

Houghton William A. Riverside bindery, bds. Pearl, cor. Hamilton 

Houghton William R. at Jenkins's, 25 Cambridge, bds. Flanders 

Houghton W. R. jr. clerk, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Hourin David, laborer, h. 5 North 

Houstetter Lewis, turner, h. 110 Spring [Waltham 

Hovey A. H. & Co. (E. S. Bovey), Bacon Works, 296 Main, h. in 

Hovey Charles F. carriage painter, h. 133 Bridge 

Hovey {Charles M.) & Co. (P. Brown), nursery, Cambridge, n. 
Maple ave. b. 53 North Market, h. Broadway, cor. Maple ave. 

Hovey Dana R. clerk, 360 Main 

Hovey Ebenezer Mrs. h. 38 State 

Hovey E. S. (A. B. Bovey $ Co.), Bacon Works, 296 Main, h. Web- 
ster ave. [Western ave. 

Hovey Elbridge S. {A. B. Bovey 8? Co.), b. provisions, bds. 33 

Hovey Eliza and Caroline Misses, h. Brookline, n. Main 

Hovey Horatio N. grocer, Gore, cor. Third, h. 89 Otis 

Hovey Horatio N. jr. dry goods, 73 Cambridge, h. 90 Otis 

Hovey J. Dana, grocer, 360 Main, h. do. 

Hovey (J. C.) & Co. (P. B.) b. horticulturist, 53 North Market, h. 9 

Fairbanks k Beard, Wholesale Dealers in bottle Ale, Porter, and Cider. 

Please Call and Examine our Coarse of Instruction. 


Hovey Phineas B. (Hovey Sf Co.), b. horticulturist, 53 North Market, 

h. 9 Brookline 
Hovey Walter, b. salesman, h. Clinton, n. Harvard 
Hovey William B. b. 32 Faneuil Hall Market, h. 7 Williams 
Howard Charles F. clerk, W. S. Blanchard's & Co's, East, h. cor. 

Third and Cambridge 
Howard Gabriel, laborer, h. Gardner, n. Chauncy 
Howard G. C. author, h. Green, n. Putnam 
Howard J. printer, h. 12 Brattle 

Howard Lysander D. bds. Charles River, n. Mt. Auburn 
Howard Peter M. ladies' and gents' hairdresser, 390 Main, h. 35 

Tremont, opp. Gardner 
Howard Thomas A. glasscutter, h. rear 79 Spring [Village 

Howe David (Howe fy Teel), bacon curer, Main, opp. Windsor, h. 
Howe David jr. b. bookkeeper, 4 Union, h. Avon, n. Linnaean 
Howe Elias, b. music dealer, 103 Court, h. 251 Broadway 
Howe Elias, h. Norfolk, cor. Austin 
Howe Estes, b. Treasurer, Union Railway Co. Cambridge Gas Light 

Co. etc. 39 State, h. Oxford, cor. Kirkland 
Howe Josiah D. painter, Mt. Auburn Cemetery, h. Foster, n. Willard 
Howe Mary E. h. Garden, n. Appian Way 
Howe Mary L. Mrs. widow, h. Wright 
Howe Michael, soapmaker, h. Hastings, n. G. J. Railroad 
Howe Robert, slater, h. Hampshire, n. Prospect 
Howe Thomas, jr. b. 112 Pearl, h. Harvard 
Howe T. slater, bds. Flanders' Exchange 
Howe Tracy, clerk, bds. U. T. Howe's, Mason, n. Brattle 
Howe Tyler, spring bed manufacturer, 292 Main, h. do. 
Howe U. Tracy, b. 92 State, h. Mason, n. Brattle 
Howe William Rev. h. Main, n. Bay 

Howells W. D. b. editor Atlantic Monthly, h. Sacramento, n. Oxford 
Howes Saliman, shipmaster, h. Howard n. Essex 
Howland ( William H.) & Doughty {James), lumber dealers, Bridge, 

n. Craigie's Bridge, h. at Woburn Centre 
Howlett Charles M. bds. cor. Main and Pioneer 
Howlett Enoch J. tobacconist, h. Washington, cor. Pine 
Howlett George C. b. com. mer. 25 Central wharf, h. 55 Columbia 
Howlett William, cigarmaker, Main, L. P. h. Pioneer, cor. Broadway 
Hoy Barney, teamster, bds. rear 8 Vine 
Hoyt Alvan, overseer, h. 7 Windsor 

Hoyt Arthur W. civil engineer, bds. Trowbridge, n. Harvard 
Hoyt Benjamin J. locksmith and bellhanger, 495 Main, h. r. 402 Main 
Hoyt Benjamin S. stonecutter, h. Otis, n. Seventh 
Hoyt Ezekiel, glasscutter, h. Gore, n. Third 

Hoyt George F. b. printer, h. 11 Broadway [Auburn, n. Main 

Hubbard Appleton, wood and coal dealer, foot Charles River, h. Mt. 
Hubbard Gardiner Greene, b. counsellor, 39 State, h. Brattle n. Sparks 
Hubbard Harrison R. provision dealer, h. 24 Worcester [n. Gore 
Hubbard William, provision dealer, Cambridge, cor. Second, h. Second, 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Canibridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Caihman, sue. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trrm. St., Boston, 


Huckins Thomas S. carpenter, h. Gerry 
Hudson Charles F. Rev. Brattle, n. Story 
Hudson John, printer, h. 23 Western ave. 

Hudson Samuel A. b. tailor, 142 Washington, h. 41 River, n. Kinnard 
Hudson Sophia Mrs. dressmaker, 402 Main 
Hudson Thomas S. inkstand manuf. Fifth, h. 73 Otis 
Hughes Jack, tinplate worker, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 
Hughes John, laborer, h. Jackson, n. Spruce 
Hughes Margaret Mrs. h. 43 Fourth 
Hughes Patrick, horsedealer, h. Dublin, n. Sargent 
Hulbert George, upholsterer, h. 15 Auburn [Way, n. Garden 

Humphrey Alonzo, fishing-rod maker, bds. Thomas Tout's, Appian 
Humphrey Benjamin F. b. bookbinder, h. 48 Essex 
Humphrey Charles, b. clerk, bds. Main, cor. Ellery 
Humphrey David, b. 214 State, h. Main, cor. Ellery 
Humphrey George H. b. bookbinder, h. r. Putnam, n. Western ave. 
Humphrey Seth G. stonecutter, h. R. R. blk. Bridge 
Humphrey Seth T. b. carpenter, h. Main, n. Pioneer, L. P. 
Humphrey Sophia Mrs. h. Harvard, n. Harvard sq. 
Hunnewell Charles, carriagemaker, 55 Brattle, h. do. 
Hunnewell Charles H. conductor Union Railway, h. Mt. Auburn, 
opp. Hilliard [cor. Daniels ct. 

Hunnewell Franklin, paperhanger, Brattle, cor. Palmer, h. Hilliard, 
Hunnewell James A. jeweller, Harvard sq. h. Ash st. ct. 
Hunnewell James W. clerk, bds. J. A. Hunnewell's 
Hunnewell William, h. 170 Cambridge 
Hunt Freeman Mrs. bds. 27 Second 
Hunt George W. carpenter, h. Rice 
Hunt Margaret, widow, h. Garden, n. Arsenal 

Hunt Samuel F. sexton and undertaker, h. 3 Front, rear U. Church 
Hunt T. C. Mrs. widow, bds. 107 Cambridge 
Hunt William, shoemaker, bds. Donahue's, Gore 
Hunt William H. sailor, h. Ellery, n. Harvard 
Hunter James, glasscutter, h. Winter, n. Fifth 

Hunting Charles B. h. Ellsworth ave. n. Broadway • [worth ave. 
Hunting Clarence C. b. clerk, 76 Milk, bds. C. B. Hunting's, Ells- 
Hunting George B. nurseryman, h. State [Hampshire 
Hunting Henry E. livery stable, Norfolk, n. Broadway, h. Elm, n. 
Hunting Herman J. produce, h. Hampshire, n. Windsor 
Huntington James, jeweler, n. Harvard sq. h. Mt. Auburn 
Huntoon Hazen, b. physician, 161 Cambridge, h. River, n. Jay 
Hurd Amos D. wheelwright, Palmer, h. rear Palmer 
Hurd Samuel L. sea captain, h. Hollis 
Hurd Augustus H. b. canvasser, h. 70 Spring 
Hurlbut William R. b. com. mer. 83 Devonshire, h. 112 Norfolk 
Hurley Edmund, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 
Hurley James, plasterer, h. Windsor, n. Cambridge 
Hurley James, laborer, h. Fourth, cor. Gore 
Hurley John, laborer, h. North 

Tnesley & Griffin, Hats, Umbrellas, Travelling Bags, k, 158 k 160 Court St., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Laces, Embroideries, Black JLace Veil*, &c. 


Hurley Lawrence, carpenter, h. Brick Alley 

Hurley Patrick, laborer, h. 21 North 

Hurley Timothy, teamster, h. Willow pi. 

Hurley Timothy, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

Hurley William, glasspacker, h. 15 Winter 

Hurley William, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. Sixth 

Hurleyhee John, stonecutter at Parker's, Cambridgeport, h. Bridge 

Hurrigan Michael, laborer, h. Harvard, n. Main 

Huse George W. S. b. teamster, h. 156 Cambridge 

Hutchins Abner, carpenter, bds. Watson, cor. Pearl 

Hutchins E. Winchester, cabinetmaker, h. Third, n. Thorndike 

Hutchins Francis J. stonecutter, h. Mt. Auburn 

Hutchins Samuel, pressman, h. Ash st. ct. 

Hutchins William, clerk, North ave. n. Porter's Station, h. do. 

Hutchinson Edward, brushmaker, bds. Seventh, cor. Thorndike 

Hutchinson Erastus, carpenter, h. Cedar, n. Spruce 

Hutchinson Henry E. b. clerk, h. 138 Otis 

Hutchinson James B. janitor, h. Mason, n. Garden 

Hutchinson Thomas, soapmaker, h. 85 Gore 

Hyde Edward, dry goods, 481 Main, h. 42 Franklin [Austin 

Hyde Frances A. teacher Harvard Primary School, bds. Essex, n. 

Hyde George W. b. clerk, 22 Winter, bds. J. Hyde's, Divinity ave. 

Hyde Gertrude A. schoolteacher, bds. 7 Essex 

Hyde Henry, bookbinder, h. Blackstone, n. River 

Hvde Isaac, carpenter, Brighton, h. Divinity ave. 

Hyde J. H. h. 10 Holyoke 

Hyde Lurissa G. Mrs. h. Essex, n. Austin 

Hyson James W. clerk, bds. Williams, n. Magazine 

ILES HENRY, b. hardware, h. Ellsworth ave. n. Cambridge 

lies William A. b. broker, h. Cambridge, cor. Dana 

Ingalls Alexander, bookbinder, h. Magazine ct. cor. Walnut ct. 

Ingalls Charles F. b. 43 Milk, bds. 83 Austin 

Ingalls Edward B. upholsterer, Harvard, n. Norfolk, bds. 44 Essex 

Ingalls John D. pump and block maker, Harvard, n. Norfolk, h. 85 

Norfolk [Essex 

Ingalls John R. pump and block maker, Harvard, n. Norfolk, h. 44 
Ingalls Josiah, music teacher, h, Hamilton 
Ireland Edward A. clerk, bds. 379 Main 
Ireland Elvin, clerk, bds. 372 Main 
Ireland R. Mrs. dressmaker, h. Harvard, cor. Pine 
Ireson Adeline M. teacher, Washington School, bds. North ave. n. 

Ireson Mary Mrs. widow, h. North ave. n. Shepard 
Isaac Thomas, b. tailor, h. Howard, n. Western ave. 
Isaacs George, clerk, bds. Seventh, cor. Thorndike 
Ivers Francis, carriagemaker, h. Union sq. cor. Cottage 
Ivers Margaret L. Mrs- h. Broadway, n. Windsor 
Ivers Warren, carriagemaker, h. Hilliard, cor. Daniels ct. 

Warrens Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Bay- State Commercial College, 538 Washington Steeet, corner of 


JACKSON ABBY C. bds. Ellsworth ave. n. Broadway 

Jackson Andrew, carpenter, bds. Thorndike, n. Eighth 

Jackson Gilman D. b. fishdealer, h. 61 Western ave. 

Jackson Hannah H. Mrs. h. Hamilton 

Jackson Henry, painter, h. 56 Harvard 

Jackson John, Navy Yard, h. Webster ave. n. Soraerville 

Jackson Mary D. washerwoman, h. Garden, n. Concord ave. 

Jacobs Aaron M. (A. 3? A. Jacobs), b. 17 City Wharf, h. Harvard, n. 

Jacobs Bela F. b. attorney, h. Pleasant, cor. Franklin 
Jacobs Carl, bookbinder, bds. 1 Harrison ave. 
Jacobs Daniel D. clerk, bds. Watson, n. Pearl 
Jacobs Hannah C. h. Watson, cor. Pearl 

Jacobs Justin A. attorney and City Clerk, h. Pleasant, cor. Franklin 
Jacobs Michael, clerk, h. Valentine 
Jacobs Rebecca Mrs. widow, h. Watson, n. Pearl 
Jacobs Rhoda B. Mrs. h. rear Columbia, n. Hampshire 
Jacobs Sarah Mrs. h. Pleasant, cor. Franklin [bds. 2 Norfolk 

James Charles, clerk and messenger, Cambridgeport National Bank, 
James Henry, laborer, -h. Stevens ct. (U. S. A.) 
James Joseph, periodical depot, 426 Main, bds. 2 Norfolk 
James Samuel, grocer, 425 Main, n. Norfolk, h. 2 Norfolk 
Jameson Edwin, b. millinery, h. Clinton, n. Harvard 
Jameson Harriet, h. Main, cor. Pearl 
Jameson H. P. photographist, 459 Main 
Jameson Sarah, h. Main, cor. Pearl 
Jameson S. F. photographist, 459 Main, cor. Cherry 
Jaques George, carpenter, bds. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 
Jaques Joseph, newsdealer, 425 Main, n. DeWolf 
Jaques Mary J. Miss. h. Church, n. Brattle 
Jarvies Amps B. albummaker, bds. School, cor. Cherry 
Jarvies Charles W. special police, bds. School, cor. Cherry 
Jarvis Andrew, b. clerk, bds. H. N. Plummer's, North, cor. Cherry 
Javman Mary Miss, h. Elm, n. Cambridge 
Jelly James Mrs. h. 65 Fifth 

Jefferds James F. constable and city weigher, h. Willard st. ct. , 
Jefferson John, hostler, h. Front 
Jenell H. h. Webster pi. 

Jenkins Nathaniel, carpenter, h. Livingston Blk. Broadway 
Jenness Abigail, h. Baldwin, n. Kirkland 
Jenness James D. gas-metres, h. Broadway, n. Boardman 
Jenness John, pedler, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 
Jenness Jonathan, h. 46 Washington 
Jenness Lewis, lather, h. Suffolk, n. Columbia 
Jenness Samuel W. lather, h. Franklin 
Jenness William H. lather, h. Pine, n. School 
Jenney William, mariner, h. 281 Broadway 
Jennings Edward T. butcher, bds. 324 Main 
Jennings Henry L. D. baker, bds. 162 Harvard 

Fairbanks & Beard, Manufacturers of Hop and Sarsaparilla Beer. 

Kneeland Street, Boston, Mass. Day and Evening Sessions. 


Jennings James, liquordealer, h. 2 Broadway 

Jennings Joseph, wheelwright, h. 324 Main 

Jennings Joseph H. veterinary surgeon, h. Jennings ct. 

Jennings Levi, b. shoedealer, 103 Pearl, h. Harvard, n. Columbia 

Jennings Samuel W. carpenter, h. Norfolk, cor. Howard 

Jennings Thomas W. mason, h. Brookline, n. Auburn 

Jessop Charles, glasspresser, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Jessop Joseph H. confectioner, h. 2 Chestnut pi. 

Jewell Anne Mrs. h. "Webster pi. 

Jewett Arthur N. rear 136 Cambridge, bds. 97 Otis 

Jewett Charles A. Mrs. h. Berkeley, n. Phillips pi. 

Jewett James, b. organ builder, bds. 142 Cambridge 

Johnson Alonzo F. b. Post Office, h. 107 Cambridge 

Johnson Augustus, hostler, bds. Pearl, n. Valentine 

Johnson Catherine, widow, h. Pioneer ct. 

Johnson C. Berkley (E. A. fy W. Winchester), soap and candle manu- 
facturer, Water, opp. North, b. salesroom, 15 So. Market, h. Boston 

Johnson Daniel K. mathematical instrument maker, h. Rice 

Johnson Ebenezer, teamster, h. Valentine 

Johnson Edward, laborer, h. Third, n. Charles 

Johnson Francis H. b. salesman, 6 Summer, h. 7 Union, n. Market 

Johnson F. J. furniture repairer, 27 Cambridge, bds. in Charlestown 

Johnson George, glasscutter, h. Otis, n. Fifth 

Johnson Henry H. painter, h. 73 Brattle 

Johnson Hiram A. carpenter, h. 4 Fremont 

Johnson Holden, glassworks, h. 116 Thorndike 

Johnson James, butcher, bds. 258 Main 

Johnson John, engineer, bds. 258 Main 

Johnson Lawrence, moulder, h. 31 Clark 

Johnson Susan Miss, h. 23 Washington [Cambridge 

Johnson Theresa M. Mrs. b. milliner, 683 Washington, h. 39 

Johnson Thomas, laborer, bds. Third, n. Charles 

Johnson William, b. clerk, h. 35 Brookline 

Johnson William, brushmaker, h. 81 Third 

Johnson William, b. brushmaker, h. Charles, n. Fourth 

Jones Allison, cook, h. 1 Webster ave. 

Jones Amos, officer, H. C. bds. jailer's 

Jones Andrew, mason, h. 31 Second 

Jones Andrew J. blacksmith, Church, cor. Palmer, h. Everett pi. 

Jones Austin K. janitor, H. U. h. Church, rear North ave. 

Jones Benjamin, b. street waterer, h. 34 State 

Jones Benjamin M. b. clerk, 18 Batterymarch, h. Lee, n. Main 

Jones Charles L. (Jones 8? Co.) b. soap and oil manufacturers, 4 So. 
Market, h. Harvard, cor. Lee 

Jones Charles W. boxmaker, h. Seventh, n. Cambridge 

Jones Daniel, b. laborer, h. Hastings 

Jones P21ias, currier, h. Davis, n. Harvard 

Jones Elias F. currier, bds. Davis, cor. Harvard 

Jones Frederick, conductor, H. R. R. bds. Green, n. Putnam 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, llass. 

K. F. Cusliiuan, inc. to C ashman & Diooks, 90-94 Trem. St., Boston, 


Jones George, h. Winthrop, cor. Holyoke 

Jones Henry, mariner, h. Hampshire, n. Webster ave. 

Jones Henry M. carpenter, h. 150 Harvard [Otis 

Jones Isaac F. assistant register of probate and insolvency, h. Sixth, n. 

Jones Isaac F. Mrs. h. 11 Jay 

Jones J. F. Mrs. h. 11 Jay 

Jones James, provisions, Third, cor. Gore, h. 44 Gore 

Jones John K. stonecutter, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Brattle sq. 

Jones John L. printer, h. Charles River, n. Mt. Auburn 

Jones Joseph H. carpenter, h. 1 School 

Jones Leonard S. b. shoedealer, 87 Pearl, h. Kirkland 

Jones Lucius A. h. Norfolk, cor. Austin 

Jones Mark A. druggist, h. 35 Gore 

Jones Mary, h. 10 Windsor 

Jones Nathaniel, b. carpenter, 40 Joy, bds. Main, opp. Hancock 

Jones Owen, carpenter, h. River, cor. Auburn 

Jones Orrin G. carpenter, h. Chauncy, n. North ave. 

Jones Robert, b. furrier, 72 Hanover, h. 168 Harvard [Mt. Auburn 

Jones Sarah Mrs. widow, bds. Mrs. L. A. Harvey's, Dunster, cor. 

Jones T. stereotyper, bds. Charles River 

Jones T. L. expressman, bds. Chauncy, n. North ave. 

Jones William, upholsterer, h. Sixth, n. Vine 

Jones William, teaser, Bay State Glass House, h. 19 Fourth 

Jones William R. (0. L. Jones 8? Co.), b. soap manufacturer, 4 South 

Market, h. Harvard, n. Lee 
Jordan Thomas, b. salesman, h. 88 Otis 

Josselyn Annie B. Miss, teacher, Putnam School, bds. 113 Cambridge 
Josselyn Aaron, Rev. h. 113 Cambridge 
Josslyn Elisha, carpenter, h. Fourth 

Josslyn Ellis K. b. combmaker, 130 Washington, h. 21 do. 
Joy Isaac, carpenter, h. Green, n. Western ave. 
Jude William, laborer, h. Walnut, n. Pleasant 
Just Pfilibert, cabinetmaker, h. 6 Third 
Judkins Herman S. b. clerk, bds. Columbia, cor. Broadway 
Juggins John, matmaker, h. Perry 

KAHARL W. H. moulder, h. G8 Cherry 

Kahlmayer George H. brushmaker, h. Sixth, n. Vine 

Kalaher Michael, laborer, h. East 

Kamp Adam, shoemaker, h. Brighton, cor. Mt. Auburn 

Kane Edward, laborer, h. Pearl, n. Perry 

Kane Michael, Glass Works, h. Fourth, n. Bridge 

Karie John, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 

Karoher John, currier, h. Reed, n. Spruce 

Kassal George, brassfinisher, h. 92 Vine 

Keagan Brian, tanner, h. Clay, n. Harvey 

Kearn Brian, laborer, h. Third, foot of Charles 

Kearn Ulick, laborer, h. Montgomery, n. Spruce 

Keating Michael, trader, h. Dublin, n. Boulton 

luesley i Griffin, litis (hps, Furs, k, 15$ k 1G0 Court St., Bowdoiu Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Paris Kid Gloves. Prices very low. 


Keay Erburn S. farmer, h. Waldron, n. Dublin 

Keefe Cornelius, carpenter, h. 69 Vine 

Keefe Dennis, laborer, h. Brick Alley, North 

Keefe Ellen O. Miss, h. Tremont, n. Cambridge 

Keefe Ephraim, carpenter, h. Third, n. Gore 

Keefe James Mrs. h. Bolton 

Keefe Jeremiah, laborer, h. 15 Main, L. P. 

Keefe John, laborer, h. Short, n. Lowell Railroad 

Keefe Patrick, laborer, h. Hackett's Yard, n. Green 

Keefe Thomas, laborer, h. East, n. North 

Keegan Bernard, laborer, h. Hampshire, n. Clark 

Keeler Cornelius P. b. 153 Blackstone, h. Bowdoin, n. Norton 

Keeler George S. coachmaker, h. 22 East 

Keeley John, laborer, bds. 1 1 Vine 

Keenan Ann Mrs. h. Cambridge, cor. Lambert 

Keenan Michael, carpenter, bds. Cambridge, cor. Lambert 

Keenan Thomas, laborer, h. Green, n. Putnam 

Keenan Patrick, laborer, h. Howard, n. Main 

Keenan Patrick, laborer, h. Concord ave. n. Alewife Brook 

Kegley John, laborer, bds. n. Vine 

Kehoe James, b. bookbinder, h. Green, n. Hancock 

Kelleher Daniel, laborer, h. Spruce 

Kelleher Dennis, laborer, h. Antrim, n. Broadway 

Kelleher James, currier, h. Montgomery, n. Spruce 

Kelleher Jerry, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

Kelley A. P. piano-fortes, h. 70 Cherry 

Kelley Bernett, laborer, h. Garden, cor. Shepard 

Kelley Bridget, widow, h. Stevens ct. 

Kelley Charles, laborer, bds. North, n. East 

Kelley Charles, 2d, laborer, h. North, n. East 

Kelley Daniel G. bds. Cambridge, cor. Windsor 

Kelley Dennis, stonecutter, at T. Carew's, h. Boston 

Kelley Edward, laborer, h. Spruce, cor. Dublin 

Kelley George, foreman, h. Pleasant, n. Franklin 

Kelley Hugh Mrs. h. Willow pi. 

Kelley James F. Glass Works, bds. Gore, n. Third 

Kelley James, N. E. Glass Works, bds. 103 Bridge 

Kelley John J. baker, h. Chapman pi. 

Kelley, John, boilermaker, bds. Main, junct. Broadway 

Kelley John, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. First 

Kelley John, laborer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Kelley Lawrence, marble polisher, h. Rideout 

Kelley Margaret L. Miss, variety store, Fourth, n. Winter, h. do. 

Kelley" Mary C. Mrs. h. 23 Worcester 

Kelley Moses, carpenter, h. 45 Washington 

Kelley Michael, stonecutter, h. South, n. L. R. R. 

Kelley Michael, laborer, h. Broadway, n. Ellery 

Kelley Michael, Glass Works, h. Charles, n. Fourth 

Kelley Michael E. laborer, h. 9 East 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Canikidgeport, Mass. 


Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kneeloiid St., Boston. 


Kelley Michael, laborer, h. rear 32 Gore 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, h. Shea's Blk. Bridge 

Kelley Patrick, stonecutter, bds. 8 Gore 

Kelley Timothy, stuccoworker, h. 123 Bridge 

Kellinberger Andrew, laborer, h. Gore, n. Sixth 

Kellogg William, wheelwright, h. Elm, n. Cambridge 

Kelly Amasa S. clothing store, Main, opp. Pearl, h. Webster 

Kelly Edward, glassblower, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 

Kelly Isabella Mrs. h. 84 Fourth 

Kelly James, printer, h. Sparks, n. Concord ave. 

Kelly James, laborer, h. Valentine 

Kelly John, laborer, h. Bridge, n. Gore 

Kelly Michael, laborer, h. East, n. Bridge 

Kelly Michael, laborer, h. Amory, n. Hampshire 

Kelly Patrick, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

Kelly Thomas, laborer, h. Windsor, n. Cambridge 

Kelly William V. bds. Harvard, n. Clark 

Kelsey Anson H. upholsterer, bds. 108 Thorndike 

Kelsey Elizabeth, widow, h. 9 Vine 

Kelsey William, b. upholsterer, h. 108 Thorndike 

Kelsey William H. b. upholsterer, bds. 108 Thorndike 

Kelso William, shoemaker, h. Harrison, n. Main 

Keltly Michael, teamster, h. 33J Washington 

Kemmick John, brass finisher, bds. Broadway, n. Moore 

Kemp George, teamster, bds. R. R. blk. Bridge [Bridge, h. Boston 

Kemp H. A. (A. C. Sanborn 8? Co.), granite dealer, Sanborn's whf., 

Kemp Lysander (Bale fy Kemp), soapmaker, Davis, cor. Broadway, 

h. Harvard, cor. Windsor 
Kempton Horace, carpenter, h. Mt. Auburn, opp. Charles River 
Kempton Lemuel, b. com. merchant, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Athens 
Kendall Edward (Kendall Sf Roberts), boilermaker, h. Magazine, 

cor. Walnut [ufacturer, First, b. salesroom 25 Sudbury, h. Boston 
Kendall George S. (Daniels, Kendall 8f Co.), chamber furniture man- 
Kendall James, machinist, h. 213 Harvard 
Kendall James, b. watchmaker, h. 27 Winter 
Kendall John B. painter, h. Washington, n. Columbia 
Kendall Joshua, teacher, h. 81 Inman 
Kendall Peter, carpenter, h. Inman, n. Broadway 
Kenerson William W. provision dealer, h. Hampshire, n. Norfolk 
Kenison Nicholas D. sawyer, h. 38 Windsor 
Keniston Reuben C. Mrs. h. 97 Cambridge 
Kennard Benjamin, policeman, h. DeWolf, n. Mt. Auburn 
Kennard William L. b. printer, bds. DeWolf, n. Mt. Auburn 
Kennedy Frank A. cracker baker, 336 Main, h. do. 
Kennedy James, laborer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 
Kennedy John, laborer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 
Kennedy Martin, laborer, h. rear 32 Gore 
Kennedy Thomas, h. Foster, cor. Willard 
Kennedy William, horsedealer, h. North ave. n. Cedar 

Fairbanks k Beard, Wholesale Dealers in Lager Beer and Porter, Ms, l-21>ls, & ke^s. 

Send Address for Samples of Penmanship and College Journal. 


Kenney Edward, glassmaker, bds. 3 Munroe's blk. 

Kenney James, carpenter, bds. Mt. Auburn, n. Brattle sq. 

Kenney John, boilermaker, bds. Main, junct. Broadway 

Kenney John, tinplate worker, h. Murdock, n. Garden 

Kenney John R. b. packer, h. Murdock, n. Hampshire 

Kenney Margaret Mrs. h. Winter, 3 Munroe's bik. 

Kenney Michael, laborer, h. 77 School 

Kenney Orrin P. carpenter, h. 126 Otis 

Kennon R. Miss, h. Brighton, n. South 

Kenny Catherine Mrs. h. Prince, n. Prospect 

Kenny Meyer G. b. porter, h. Copperthwait, n. DeWolf 

Kenny Thomas, cabinetmaker, bds. Second, n. Gore 

Kenny Thomas G. blacksmith, h. ct. n. DeWolf 

Kent Henry A. carpenter, h. Norton pi. 

Kent James B. saloon, Harvard, h. School ct. 

Kent William, b. plumber, 16 Bedford, h. 2 Kinnard 

Kent William H. painter, h. rear 71 Cambridge 

Kent William H. bds. Mary A. Kent's, Western ave. cor. Soden 

Kerr John C. b. currier, h. Baldwin ct. 

Kerrigan John, provisions, h. Willow pi. 

Kershaw Robert, b. safemaker, Bowdoin sq. h. 20 Tremont 

Keyes Isaac, h. Charles River, n. Mt. Auburn 

Kieley Edward, shoemaker, h. 134 Bridge 

Kieley John, bds. 134 Bridge 

Kiernan James, furniture dealer, Brattle, h. Green, n. Putnam 

Kiernan John, laborer, h. East, n. L. R. R. [Hall 

Kiernan Thomas J. janitor, College Library, H. U. rooms, Harvard 

Kigen Thomas, baker, h. School, n. Main 

Kilborn George, b. shipper, 152 Commercial, h. 36 Tremont 

Killfoy John, laborer, h. Green, n. Bay 

Killian Catherine, widow, h. Baldwin, n. Cambridge 

Kilroy Patrick, laborer, h. rear Vine, n. Fourth 

Kimball Aaron, b. boots and shoes, 24 Pearl, h. Hancock, n. Broadway 

Kimball Charles, bds. Manning's, 84 Harvard 

Kimball Charles H. b. restaurant, h. Franklin, n. Pleasant 

Kimball E. D. {John P. Squire 8? Go.), pork house, Gore, n. Seventh, 

h. Chelsea . [P. O. 

Kimball J. Franklin, merchant tailor, 453 Main, bds. Rice's, Main, n. 
Kimball J. H. blacksmith, bds. 348 Main 
Kimball Smith, Glass Works, bds. 2 Monroe's blk. Winter 
Kimball Stephen H. b. 40 Union, h. 84 Austin [bridge 

Kimball William, blacksmith, Main, opp. Columbia, h. Ware, n. Cam- 
Kimball William, merchant tailor, Harvard row, bds. Mt. Auburn, 

cor. Ash * 

King Benjamin, grocer, 435 Main cor. Norfolk, h. 6 Clinton 
King George W. b. commission merchant, Charlestown, h. Amory, 
King James, moulder, h. Sidney, n. Front [n. Broadway 

King Owen, grocer, h. Charles, cor. Third 
King Patrick, stonecutter, h. Charles, n. Fourth 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgcport, Mass. 

E. F. Cunlmiaii, sue. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trem. St., Boston, 


King Samuel Mrs. widow, h. 103 Cambridge 

King Samuel A. b. butter, etc. 43 N. Market, h. Auburn 

King Theodore E. photographer, Brighton, n. South, h. do. 

Kingsbury Charles A. h. Avon, n. Linnaean 

Kingsley Chester W. & Co. b. dealer in beef, pork, etc. 2 Commer- 
cial, h. Chester, n. North ave. 

Kinnear Conrad D. bds. 42 Cherry 

Kinnear Margaret Mrs. h. 42 Cherry 

Kinnear John, printer, h. Charles River 

Kinney John, tinplate worker, h. Murdock, n. Garden 

Kinnivan John, bds. Fourth, n. Gore 

Kinsley Edgar L. foundry, Main, n. G. J. Railroad, bds. 74 Prospect 

Kinsley Edward B. P. 139 Cambridge 

Kinsley Eli C. b. counsellor, 108 Cambridge, h. 101 do. 

Kinsley Henry, policeman, h. 29 Winter 

Kinsley (Lyman) & Co. (E. G. Kinsley), forge and foundry, Main, n. 
G. J. Railroad, h. 74 Prospect, n. Broadway 

Kinsman John O. whitesmith, h. Watson 

Kinsman Mary S. Mrs. nurse, bds. Kinsman's, Watson 

Kipler Michael, currier, h. North ave. n. Tannery 

Kirby Edward, teamster, h. n. Alewife Brook 

Kirschten Gustavus, painter, h. rear 120 Thorndike 

Kissling Laurence, brushmaker, h. rear 8 Vine 

Kittredge Jesse H. produce dealer, 445 Main, h. Front, cor. Village 

Kitzman Amalie Mrs. h. Gore, n. Third 

Kivlan Peter, h. Bridge, opp. Short 

Kivlan William, printer, h. Austin, n. Essex 

Knapp Jacob G. bds. 48 Second 

Knapp Lydia, bds. 48 Second 

Knapp William H. clergyman, h. 15 Clinton 

Kneeland Henry, laborer, Copperthwait, n. Banks 

Kneeland James, laborer, h. Main, L. P. 

Kneeland Laura Mrs. bds. DeWolf, n. Mt. Auburn 

Knight Eben I. clerk, Porter's Hotel, bds. do. 

Knight Elbridge, grocer, h. Brighton, cor. Winthrop 

Knight Joseph R. b. 234 Washington, h. 15 Third 

Knight Samuel D. b. boots and shoes, 54 Pearl, h. Lee, n. Main 

Knights (/. R.) & Davis (L. P.), variety store, 493 Main, h. Boston 

Knights Samuel C. b. weigher, Custom House, h. 56 Western ave. 

Knowles Benjamin, clerk, h. 32 Auburn [Tremont 

Knowles ( Wm. F.) & Hazen (D. M.) confectioners, 503 Main, h. 45 

Knowlton Abraham, mason, h. Webster pi. 

Knowlton Timothy C. mason, h. Webster pi. 

Koslow Edward, h. Kinnard, n. Putnam 

Kramer Sebastian, b. paperdealer, 118 Washington, h. Lee, n. Harvard 

Krauss Ernst C. F. instructor of German, H. U. h. 17 Essex 

Kruger John, fancy painter, h. Fifth, n. Otis 

Kuhn Ann Miss, h. 149 Harvard 

Kuhn Elizabeth R. widow, h. Clark, n. Harvard 

Tuoslcy k Griffin, Trunks, Valises, Bags, k, 15S k 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Ladies and Misses' Gloves and Hosiery. 


Kuhn George . W. b. 66 State, h. Pine, n. Washington 
Kuhn Philip, confectioner, h. Valentine, opp. Soap Works 

LADD GEORGE, carpenter, bds. 39 Western ave. 

Ladd John S. Justice Police Court, h. 27 Second 

Lahea Eugene, laborer, h. Eliot, n. Mt. Auburn 

Lahmeyer Lewis, laborer, h. Charles, n. Fourth 

Laidler John, brushmaker, h. 45 Gore 

Lakin George W. printer, h. rear Fisk's blk. n. Main 

Lakin Henry, carpenter, h. 19 Gore 

Lally Thomas, plasterer and stucco worker, h. DeWolf, cor. Mill 

Lally John, laborer, h. Crane 

Lally John, teamster, at Page's, h. 24 Hampshire 

Lally Patrick, laborer, at Page's, h. 24 Hampshire 

Lamb Edward C. agent, bds. Pearl, cor. Hamilton 

Lamb James, blacksmith, Western ave. h. 10 Auburn ct. 

Lambert Charles S. bds. 104 Cambridge 

Lamson Charles D. b. surveyor, Gas Co. 

Lamson George W. mason, bds. 54 Essex 

Lamson Henry A. mason, h. North ave. n. Waterhouse 

Lamson Rufus (R. 8? R. W. Lamson), mason, h. 54 Essex [Harvard 

Lamson Rufus W. (R. fy R. W. Lamson), mason, h. Norfolk, n. 

Landerkin David, laborer, h. Clay 

Landerkin John, glassmaker, h. Gore, n. Fifth 

Landerkin L. machinist, h. 17 Front 

Landerkin Margaret Mrs. h. Gore, n. Fifth 

Landerkin Thomas, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 

Landers Morris, laborer, h. Foster, cor. Willard pi. 

Landers Stephen, laborer, h. Murdock, n. Hampshire 

Landers Thatcher, machinist, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Landers William, gardener, h. Spruce, n. Clifton 

Landy Joseph, blacksmith, h. Ellery, n. Harvard 

Lane Abbott L. tobacco presser, bds. 90 Vine 

Lane Chandler B. sewing-machine maker, h. 39 Pine 

Lane Charles T. tobacco presser, bds. 90 Vine 

Lane Dennis, laborer, h. Broadway, n. Fayette 

Lane Dennis, blacksmith, h. Short 

Lane Edwin J. b. worsted goods, 29 Hawley, h. Summer [Vernon 

Lane Hannah Miss, millinery, Main, n. City Hall, bds. Green, cor. 

Lane James, stonecutter, h. Livingston blk. Broadway 

Lane Jeremiah, blacksmith, h. Short 

Lane John, bds. J. Lane's, jr. Blair pi. 

Lane John, jr. laborer, h. Blair pi. 

Lane Sarah S. Miss, h. 460 Main, opp. Inman 

Lane Timothy, teamster, h. Cedar, n. Spruce 

Lane Thomas, tobacco presser, h. 90 Vine 

Lane William, laborer, h. rear Dublin, n. railroad 

Lang John C. cigarmaker, h. Essex, n. Chestnut pi. 

Lang Lewis, cabinetmaker, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, 


Langdon John H. {Hathaway fy Langdon),b. grain dealer, 186 State 

Langley John O. drugs, h. 134 Cambridge [h. 87 Prospect 

Langley Lauren F. Mrs. h. Fifth, cor. Winter 

Langley Martha Mrs. widow, bds. 66 Cambridge 

Langley Noah W. glasscutter, h. 52 Spring 

Langley Thomas J., U. S. N. h. 52 Spring 

Langmaid Edward H. coal peddler, bds. Cambridge, n. First 

Langmaid John, teamster, bds. Flanders' Exchange [Baldwin 

Langmaid Samuel H. b. broker, 106 Sudbury, h. Kirkland, cor. 

Lannigan Richard, printer, bds. 31 Bow 

Lannihan Daniel, fireman, h. Davis, n. Broadway 

Larkin Patrick, b. clerk, h. Harvard, n. Main 

Lasselle Sarah E. Mrs. music teacher, h. 83 Thorndike 

Lassman Robert E. cabinetmaker, bds. Gore, n. Sixth 

Latham Bridget, widow, h. Bridge, opp. Third 

Lathrop William, 12 Brookline 

Laurie Charles, bookbinder, h. 67 River 

Law Emerson, clerk, bds. Eliot, n. Mt. Auburn 

Lawler Patrick, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

Lawless Bridget Mrs. h. Concord ave. n. Arsenal 

Lawrence Anna S. Mrs. h. Main, n. Pearl 

Lawrence Charles, b. F. H. Market, h. 61 Cambridge 

Lawrence E. A. (Braman, Shaw, S? Co.), furniture manufacturer, 

Bridge, opp. Prison Point Bridge, h. Roxbury 
Lawrence Frank, butcher, h. River, cor. Auburn 
Lawrence James K. Mrs. h. 29 Second 

Lawrence James R. ironbronzer, bds. Mrs. Watts', Main, n. Pearl 
Lawrence William H. piper, bds. Clark, n. School 
Lawrence William W. b. 108 & 110 F. H. Market, bds. 36 Spring 
Laws Charles H. b. clerk, bds. 298 Main 
Laws Elizabeth, widow, h. 298 Main 
Laws William G. piano-forte maker, h. 298 Main 
Lawson Eliza Mrs. h. School, n. Main 
Lawson Thomas, carpenter, h. Sixth, n. Otis 

Lawson William & Co. b. mourning goods, 24 Winter, bds. 42 Second 
Lawson William H. plumber, h. 3 Washington 
Lawton Edward B. Mrs. h. Market, n. Union 
Lay J. W. bookbinder, h. Pearl, n. Valentine 
Leach Alpheus M. b. painter, h. Hancock, n. Harvard 
Leach James, chemical works, bds. Gore, n. Lambert 
Leach John, chemical works, bds. Gore, n. Lambert 
Leach Samuel, chemical works, bds. Gore, n. Lambert 
Leahey James, mason, Amory, n. Hampshire 
Leahey John, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 

Leahey John J. machinist, bds. at Fullem's, Cambridge, n. Windsor 
Leahey Michael, shoemaker, h. North 
Leahey Thomas, laborer, h. North, n. East 
Learned Charles, bookkeeper, bds. 529 Main 
Learned Grant, b. shoemaker, h. 14 Franklin 

Fairbanks & Beard, Manufacturers of Soda, in founts & bottles. Orders promptly attended to. 

corner of Kuecland Street, Boston, Mass. 


Learned Lucian S. paper account-book manufacturer and printer, 529 

Leary Dennis, laborer, h. 7 Winter [Main, h. do. 

Leary John, printer, h. Harvard, n. Main 

Leary John, b. tailor, h. Harrison, n. School 

Leary Michael A. restaurant, 69 Cambridge, h. Somerville 

Leary Michael A. printer, h. Inman, n. Harvard 

Leary Patrick, laborer, h. 8 North 

Leary Patrick, laborer, h. Franklin 

Leary Timothy Mrs. h. Kinnard, n. Putnam 

Leathe Melinda Miss, dressmaker, bds. State 

Leathe William, h. State 

Leaver O. H. Mrs. h. 91 Spring [Cambridge 

Leavitt (Henry T.) & Simmons (H. T.), provisions, Atwood's cor. h. 8 

Leavitt John L. b. 64 Broad, h. Antrim, n. Cambridge 

Leavitt Jonathan, iceman, h. Leighton ct. [Windsor 

Leavitt William (Bourn fy Leavitt), b. carpenter, 75 Charles, h. 76 

Lebert David, baker, h. Fourth, n. Bridge 

Leddy Thomas, laborer, h. Willow pi. 

Ledsby Hannah Mrs. h. Third 

Lee George E. carver, h. 125 Otis 

Lee Louisa J. Mrs. h. Green, n. Hancock 

Lee Nathaniel, laborer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Lee Samuel Henry, b. F. H. Market, h. Elm, n. Russell 

Lee Walter, blacksmith, h. Cambridge, n. Webster ave. 

Leeds Daniel D. b. 339 Washington, h. Franklin, n. Pleasant 

Leeds N. C. bds. Franklin, n. Pleasant [sor, h. Hampshire, cor. Union 

Le Francis, Peter & Thomas, cigar manufacturers, Main, cor. Wind- 

Le Francis Thomas, jr. (P. Sf T. Le Francis), cigar manufacturer, 

Main, cor. Windsor, bds. Hampshire, n. Tremont 
Le Francis Thomas (P. Sf T. Le Francis), cigar manufacturer, 

Main, cor. Windsor, h. Hampshire, n. Tremont 
Leggette Mary, widow, bds. 42 Tremont 
Lehan D. H. blacksmith, Gore, h. 17 Fourth 
Lehan Daniel, jr. b. varnisher, bds. 17 Fourth 
Lehan Dennis, blacksmith, bds. 17 Fourth 
Lehan Jeremiah, b. upholsterer, bds. 17 Fourth 

Leidler Hammond, ticketmaster, h. East Cambridge [at Somerville 
Leighton D. R. (Leighton Bros.), car manufacturer, Slain, L. P. h. 
Leighton George, marbleworker, bds. John McNamee's, Putnam 
Leighton Henry B. engraver, bds. 20 Winter 
Leighton James, carbuilder, Main, L. P. bds. at Somerville 
Leighton John H. superintendent Glass House, h. 20 Winter 
Leighton J. T. (Leighton Bros.), Main, L. P. h. at Somerville 
Leighton Robert E. glassmaker, bds. Flanders' Exchange 
Leighton William N. (Ghas. E. Meyer Sf Co.) b. picture-frames and 

looking-glasses, Haymarket sq. h. 63 Otis 
Leland Benjamin F. ship carpenter, h. Fourth, cor. Spring 
Leland Charles, patternmaker, bds. Main, junct. Broadway 
Leland Daniel, b. 54 Broad, h. Prospect, n. Harvard 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Camkidgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cushman, sue. to Cnsbman & Biooki, 90-94 Trent. St., Boston, 


Leland John K. clerk, h. Cambridge, n. Flanders' Exchange 

Lemon Augustus F. bookbinder. Riverside, h. Magazine, cor. Short 

Lemon Hugh, laborer, h. Bolton, n. Railroad 

Lemon William, bookbinder, h. Williams, n. Pearl 

Lenfest Howard S. b. brassfinisher, bds. Baldwin, n. Kirkland 

Lenfest Mary A. Mrs. h. Baldwin, n. Kirkland 

Lenfest Solomon, printer, h. Baldwin, n. Kirkland 

Lennon John, grease collector, h. Pearl, n. Brooks 

Lenox John M. barber, h. Harvard, n. G. J. Railroad 

Lenure Maria, widow, bds. 95 Spring 

Leonard Charles W. laborer, h. 26 Cherry, n. School 

Leonard Curtis, machinist, h. 9 Broadway 

Leonard David, stereotyper, h. River, n. Blackstone 

Leonard George A. b. hatter, h. Hampshire, n. Prospect 

Leonard Hiram, produce dealer, h. 121 Otis 

Leonard Isaac Mrs. h. 345 Main 

Leonard John, laborer, h. 18 Spring 

Leonard Michael, bds. 14 Gore 

Leonard Michael, laborer, h. Columbia, n. Hampshire 

Leonard Patrick G. b. salesman, h. Cambridge, n. Atwood's cor. 

Leonard Richard, stonecutter, h. 19 Washington 

Leonard Samuel R. stationery peddler, h. Western ave. n. Pleasant 

Leonard Thomas, junkdealer, h. Gore, n. Second 

Lepott Jacob, farmer, h. Amory, n. Hampshire 

Lerned Benjamin, produce dealer, h. North ave. n. Cedar 

Lerned Frederick T. coal dealer, Main, L. P. h. 13 Vernon, Boston 

Lerned Gilman P. laborer, h. 77 Spring 

Lerned Lucy, h. North ave. n. Cedar J Cambridge 

Lerned Thomas P. coal and wood, Broadway, n. Main, h. Sumner, n. 

Leverett Louisa Mrs. h. 8 Holyoke 

Levy Abram, clothing, 343 Main, h. do. 

Lewin John, shipmaster, h. 12 Worcester 

Lewis Charles J. clerk, Harvard, cor. Clark, h. Essex, n. Chestnut pi. 

Lewis Daniel, carriagemaker, h. rear 403 Main 

Lewis Elizabeth Mrs. h. Garden, n. Chauncy 

Lewis Frederick, b. brushmaker, rear 100 Thorndike 

Lewis Gabriel E. tailor, h. Clark, cor. Harvard 

Lewis George W. porter, h. Garden, n. Arsenal 

Lewis Henry P. Mrs. h. Williams, n. Magazine 

Lewis James M. carriagemaker, bds. Norfolk, opp. Washington 

Lewis John A. student, bds. Davis, cor. Harvard 

Lewis Mary Mrs. h. 62 Washington 

Lewis William H. boxmaker, bds. Clark, cor. Harvard 

Libby Butler, b. clerk, Sixth, n. Thorndike [cor. Broadway 

Libby Charles W. wheelwright, Broadway, cor. Clark, h. Boardman 

Libby Frank, conductor, bds. 52 Auburn 

Libby Sarah Mrs. widow, h. 52 Auburn 

Lilley Thomas, blacksmith, h. Fifth, n. Otis 

Lincoln Abraham, mason, h. 70 River 

i Griffin, Hits Cips, Furs, k, 158 k 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Ladies' and Gentlemen's Underclothing. 


Lincoln Charles A. carpenter, h. 13 Fifth 

Lincoln Charles E. printer, Mt. Auburn, cor. Dunster 

Lincoln Francis M. moulder, bds. 31 Clark 

Lincoln George, carpenter, h. 47 Winter 

Lincoln Henry C. conductor Union Railway, far. Lambert ave. 

Lincoln John L. carbuilder, bds. 60 Essex 

Lincoln Lendall, carpenter, h. 60 Essex 

Lincoln Nathan, music teacher, h. 61 Prospect 

Lincoln Seth W. printer, Mt. Auburn, cor. Dunster 

Lincoln William F. carpenter, bds. 47 Winter 

Ling William, cabinetmaker, h. Hastings, n. Moore 

Linn Catherine, widow, bds. Bridge, opp. Bay State Glass House 

Linn David, plasterer, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 

Linn John, laborer, h. Lincoln, n. Windsor 

Linn William H. plasterer, h. Lincoln, cor. Windsor 

Linnehan Charles, machinist, bds. 298 Main 

Linnehan Charles, teamster, h. Bridge, n. Somerville 

Lipsett James A. carpenter, bds. Mt. Auburn, n. Hilliard 

Lipsett Robert, carpenter, h. Bristol, n. Market 

Litch Albert, bds. Jay, n. Western ave. 

Litchfield Allen, mason, h. 9 Auburn 

Litchfield Allen W. mason, bds. 9 Auburn 

Litchfield Benjamin C. plumber, h. Brookline, n. Franklin 

Litchfield Daniel, b. fishdealer, h. Seventh, cor. Otis 

Litchfield Davis C. b. painter, h. 58 River 

Litchfield George, mason, h. Brookline, n. Hamilton 

Litchfield Judson, h. 385 Main, cor. Columbia [messenger, h. 381 Main 

Litchfield Roland, jr. funeral and furnishing undertaker and City 

Litchfield Roland 3d, conductor, U. H. R. R. h. 385 Main 

Little Allen F. housepainter, h. Otis, n. Seventh 

Little Charles C. (Little, Brown, $ Co.), b. bookseller, 110 Wash- 
ton, h. Highland 

Little Edward P. b. shoedealer, 131 Pearl, h. 241 Broadway 

Little George A. clerk, h. 366 Main 

Little George C. b. bds. C. C. Little's, Highland 

Little John, b. saddler, h. Moore, cor. Harvard 

Littlefield Albert, blacksmith, bds. 348 Main [bridge, n. Broadway 

Littlefield Joseph H. b. broker's exchange, 102 Washington, h. Trow- 

Littlefield Nathan, b. silversmith, h. Williams, n. Pearl 

Livermore Chas. Fred'k, bds. Main, cor. Clinton 

Livermore George Mrs. h. Dana, cor. Main 

Livermore G. K. confectioner, bds. 348 Main 

Livermore Isaac, b. treasurer Michigan Central Railroad, 34 City 
Exchange, h. Main, cor. Clinton 

Livermore John (N. Livermore fy Son),. soap manufacturer, Main, n. 
Columbia, President Cambridge City Bank, h. 9 Williams 

Livermore John, M. clerk, bds. 9. Williams 

Livermore Kidder A. h. Mt. Auburn, opp. Howard 

Liversage William, florist, h. North ave. cor. Willow 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Camkidgeport, Mass. 


Bay State Commercial College, 53S Wash. St., cor. Kut-eland St., Boston. 


Livingston Benjamin F. machinist, h. Perry, n. Pearl [Pearl 

Livingston William D. boxmaker, bds. B. F. Livingston's, Perry, n. 

Lloyd William, U. R. R. h. Gerry 

Lochman J. Edmund, b. 35 Congress, h. Shepard, n. North ave. 

Lochman M. L. clerk, h. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 

Locke Amos, clerk, S. A. Davies, Cambridge, h. at Lexington 

Locke Charles A. Mrs. h. Clinton, n. Main 

Locke Henry, b. brassfinisher, h. 58 Gore 

Locke Horatio, b. Faneuil Hall Market, h. North ave. n. Hollis 

Locke John A. stonecutter, h. Union, n. Lincoln 

Locke John T. clerk, h. Perry, n. Pearl 

Locke W. S. h. 31 Cherry 

Lockhart Charles H. coffinmaker, h. 1 6 Sixth 

Lockhart David, coffinmaker, h. 152 Cambridge 

Lockhart ( William L.) & Seelye (Jacob C), coffinmakers, Bridge, 

cor. Third, h. 150 Cambridge 
Lockland William, constable, bds. Brattle, cor. Story 
Locklin Mary Mrs. widow, h. Wright, n. Norton 
Locklin Jane Mrs. h. Brighton, cor. South 
Lockwood Hiland P. (John P. Squire 8? Co.), porkhouse, Gore, n. 

Seventh, h. Boston 
Lockwood Leverett, fireman, L. R. R. bds. 133 Cambridge 
Loeffler Louis, designer, h. rear 75 Spring 
Logan Henry, dyer, h. Washington ct. 
Logan James, bookbinder, h. Pearl, cor. Valentine 
Lomax William, watchman, h. Winter, opp. Fifth [Somerville 

Lombard Daniel, b. agent ricemill, 15 and 16 Union Wharf, h. Oak, n. 
Lombard Nathan C. b. mechanical engineer and draughtsman, 40 

State, h. 98 Prospect 
Long Daniel, varnisher, etc. h. Erie 
Long David, glassmaker, h. Fourth, n. Bridge 
Long Dennis, b. furniture, 4 Green, h. Harvard, cor. Cherry 
Long James, h. 4 Willard pi. 
Long John, plumber, h. Franklin, n. Soden 
Long William, groceries, 17 North, h. do. 
Longfellow A. Charles, bds. Brattle, n. Willard 

Longfellow Henry W., Prof. h. Brattle, n. Willard [Ash 

Longfellow William P. P. b. architect, studio building, h. Brattle, n. 
Longley Benjamin A. fancy goods and toys, 365 Main, h. do. 
Longshaw William, b. druggist, Pitts, cor. Merrimac, h. Otis, n. Fourth 
Look Elizabeth C. widow, h. 37 Tremont 
Loomer Jacob E. cabinetmaker, h. .10 Windsor 
Loomer Joseph, woodturner, bds. 372 Main 
Loomis George H. b. photographer, h. 84 Thorndike 
Looney Michael, laborer, h. Short, n. Pleasant 
Lopez James, bedsteadmaker, bds. Main, junct. Broadway 
Lord Jotham S. b. 6 Commercial, h. Magazine, n. Lake [North ave. 
Lord Thomas, b. commission mer. 83 Devonshire, h. Wendell, n. 
Lord William, britanniaworker, h. Charles, n. Fourth 

Fairbanks awl Beard, Howard St., Boston, Wholesale Dealers in Draught Ale. 

All Branches of a Complete Business Education Practically Taught. 


Loring John W. Mrs. widow, h. Fifth, n. Thorndike 

Loring Joseph, brewer, Fifth, n. Thorndike, h. 99 Spring 

Loring Michael,' currier, h. 125 Bridge 

Loring Patrick, soappeddler, h. Spring, n. Eighth 

Loring William M. h. 26 Fifth 

Lothrop Charles B. b. tin-plate worker, h. Rockwell, cor. River 

Lothrop George B. b. locksmith, 30 Exchange, h. 158 Harvard 

Lothrop James B. organbuilder, h. 74 Spring 

Lothrop Oliver B. b. music compositor, Spring Lane, bds. Washington, 
cor. Columbia 

Loughrey Ann Mrs. h. Loughrey pi. n. Pioneer 

Loughrey John, painter, bds. Loughrey pi. n. Pioneer 

Louis Michael, pressman, bds. DeWolf ct. 

Lounsbury William, printer, h. 3 Rockwell 

Lovejoy Charles, b. clerk, h. Park [Hamilton 

Lovejoy Joseph C. government agent at Washington, h. Magazine, n. 

Loveland Horace N. b. bookkeeper, h. 18 Tremont 

Lovell O. Edwin, b. commission merchant, h. 52 Essex 

Lovell William S, b. 82 Sudbury, h. 53 Columbia 

Lovering Joseph, Hollis professor of mathematics, and natural philoso- 
phy, and regent, H. U., h. Kirkland, cor. Sumner 

Lovett Catharine Miss, h. North ave. n. Common 

Lovett James, laborer, h. South, n. Brighton 

Lovett Michael, laborer, h. Copperthwait, n. Banks 

Low Francis (F. Sf J. Low), carpenter, h. Prospect, cor. Broadway 

Low Frank A. clerk, bds. Prospect, cor. Broadway 

Low Frederick C. photographer, 112 Cambridge, h. 76 Gore 

Low John (F. fy J. Low), carpenter, h. Prospect, cor. Broadway 

Lowd Jacob R. compositor, Charles River 

Lowe Samuel P. carpenter, h. 30 Auburn 

Lowell Charles R. b. merchant, h. Quincy, n. Harvard 

Lowell Harrison G. sailmaker, h. 2 Douglass 

Lowell James R., Smith professor of the French and Spanish lan- 
guages and literatures, and professor of Belleslettres, H. U., h. 
Elmwood ave. 

Lowell William, blacksmith, bds. R. R. blk., Bridge 

Lowry David, clerk, bds. 32 Fourth 

Lowry Joseph, b. silverpolisher, h. Clifton, n. Spruce 

Lowry Morris, miner, h. 6 North [Washington, cor. Cherry 

Lucas Edmund G. b. railroad supplies, 13 Battery march, bds. 99 

Lucas John, laborer, h. Copperthwait, n. Banks 

Luce Robert, seaman, h. 3 North 

Lucey John, printer, h. Foster, n. Sparks 

Lucy Anthony, soapmaker, h. Harrison ave. 

Lucy George Mrs. widow, h. Brookline, n. Perry 

Lucy Isabella Mrs. h. Somerset, n. Pleasant 

Lucy Thomas H. h. Brookline, n. Auburn 

Luddy Thomas J. brushmaker, h. 82 Spring 

Luke Elijah H. grain store, Main, L. P. h. 50 Norfolk, n. Harvard 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Ciiftlimaii, Mic. to C ashman & Brooks, 90-94 Trcm. St., Boston, 

Luke (James jr.) Sc Bent ( George IT.), coal wharf, Main, L. P. h. 

Austin, cor. Inraan 
Luke William H. carpenter, h. Clark, cor. Broadway ' 
Lull Frederick A. conductor, U. R. R. h. 14 Austin 
Lumbard Lucy, widow, h. Auburn, n. Brookline 
Lunney William, mason, h. Ellery, n. Harvard 
Lunt Alfonso M. b. printer, bds. 16 Sixth 
Lunt Benjamin F. b. varnisher, h. 6 Brooks pi. 
Lunt Isaac, confectioner, Hampshire, h. do. 
Lunt Moses, carpenter, h. Short, n. Magazine 
Lusk Bridget Miss, h. 4 Harrison ave. 
Luske Thomas, printer, h. 7 Harrison 
Luther Thomas H. carpenter, h. Village, n. Front 
Lynch Daniel, laborer, h. Kinnard, n. Putnam 
Lynch Delia Mrs. h. 24 Hampshire 
Lynch Humphrey, stonecutter, h. Hastings, n. Brewery 
Lynch James, mason, h. Brighton, n. the bridge 
Lynch John, laborer, h. Brighton, cor. South 
Lynch John, marbleworker, h. Third 
Lynch John F. b. marbleworker, h. 6 Vine 
Lynch Mary Mrs. dressmaker, h. Cambridge, n. Willow pi. 
Lynch Mary Mrs. h. Green, n. Putnam 
Lynch Michael, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Bay 
Lynch Owen, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Bay 
Lynch Patrick, tailor, h. 49 Gore 
Lynch Patrick, engineer, h. Hastings, n. Brewery 
Lynch Patrick, laborer, bds. 282 Main 
Lynch Peter Mrs. h. Valentine 
Lynch Philip, laborer, h. 6 Vine 
Lynch Richard, soapmaker, h. Pearl, cor. Perry 
Lynch Thomas, laborer, h. Third, foot of Charles 
Lynch Thomas, glassmaker, h. 5 Vine 
Lynes Edward G. b. 122 Washington, h. Orchard 
Lynes Edward M. b. clerk, bds. E. G. Lynes's, Orchard 
Lyngard Reuben, glasscutter, bds. 133 Cambridge 
Lyon Archibald, engraver, bds. Mansion House, Gore 
Lyon George H. billiards, Harvard Sq. h. Main, n. Mt. Auburn 
Lyon Hans, printer, h. Auburn, cor. Pleasant 
Lyon Heber C. b. clerk, bds. Milliard 
Lyon Leonard, billiards, Harvard sq. h. Everett pi. 
Lyon Mortimer, b. 26 Devonshire, h. Hilliard 
Lyon William L. letter carrier, bds. Everett pit 
Lyons Charles, machinist, bds. 372 Main 
Lyons Jeremiah, b. liquordealer, 57 India wharf, h. North ave. n. 

Lyons John S. grocer, h. Cambridge, cor. Medford 
Lyons Thomas, baker, h. Cottage, n. Pearl 

Lyons , glass engraver, bds. Second, n. Gore 

Lyons William, moulder, h. Somerset, n. Pleasant 

Tucsley k Griffin, Hats, Umbrellas, Travelling Bags, k, 15S & 100 Court St., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Ladies and misses' Gloves and Hosiery. 


MACCONNELL HUGH, laborer, h. Pleasant, cor. Somerset 
Macdonald Alexander L. (Macdonald <§• Sons), bookbinder, Arrow, 

Green, cor. Putnam [bds. Green, cor. Putnam 

Macdonald Donald (Macdonald Sf Sons), bookbinder, Arrow, h. 
Macdonald Edmund J. (Macdonald 8? Sons), bookbinder, bds. Green, 

cor. Putnam 
Macdonald Hugh, bookbinder, h. 300 Harvard, n. Hancock 
Macdonald William L. b. bookbinder, bds. Green, cor. Putnam 
Mace Mary Mrs. h. North ave. cor. Harrison pi. 
Mack Garrett, laborer, h. Rice pi. 
Mack Hugh, laborer, h. Donnell n. Tuttle 
Mack Julia Mrs. h. Garden, n. Mason 
Mack Patrick, laborer, h. Brookline, n. Hamilton 
Mackenzie Colin G. printer, h. Concord ave. n. Catholic Church 
McGill Thomas, tailor, opp. 509 Main, h. at Somerville 
McKay T. Barnard, b. merchant, 70 State, h. Brattle, cor. Willard 
Macken James, watchmaker, h. Valentine 
Maddon Ann, widow, h. 128 Bridge 
Maddon Mary, widow, h. 4 North 
Magee James, laborer, h. Rice pi. 
Magee John A. h. Putnam 
Magee Martha W. h. 5 Chestnut 
Magee W. W. bds. 5 Chestnut 
Magee William, Foundry, h. Charles, n. Fourth 
Maginn John, h. Foster, cor. Willard 

Magoun Ann B. nurse, bds. 87 Spring [cor. Prospect 

Magoun Aaron B. master, Harvard Grammar School, h. Broadway, 
Magoun Franklin D. machinist, bds. 62 Otis 
Magoun George C. b. clerk, 36 India, h. Prospect, cor. Harvard 
Magoun Joseph, machinist, h. 62 Otis 

Maguire Anthony, saloon, 69 Cambridge, bds. do. [nut 

Maguire George H. b. steam-pipe fitter, 82 Sudbury, h. Pearl, n. Wal- 
Maguire John L. b. lumber dealer, h. Walnut, cor. Pearl 
Mahady John, cabinetmaker, h. Pleasant 
Mahan Patrick, mason, h. Cambridge, cor. Hunting 
Mahar John, cabinetmaker, h. Harvard, n. Main 
Mahoney Cain, laborer, h. Lambert, n. Gore 
Mahoney Catherine, widow, h. Fourth, n. Bridge 
Mahoney Dennis, laborer, bds. Fourth, n. Bridge 
Mahoney Dennis, shoemaker, h. Franklin 
Mahoney Dennis, laborer, 10 North 
Mahoney Dennis, laborer, h. rear Dublin, n. Railroad 
Mahoney Edmund, laborer, h. 6 North 
Mahoney Ellen E. breadstore, 46 Gore, h. do. 
Mahoney Ellen Mrs. h. North 
Mahoney James, laborer, h. 1 Water 
Mahoney Jeremiah, laborer, h. Sargent 
Mahoney Jeremiah, laborer, h. Green, cor. Bay 
Mahoney John, laborer, h. Green, cor. Bay 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambriitoport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 'Washington Street, Boston, 


Ma honey Julia Mrs. h. Bridge, opp. Water 

Mahoney Timothy, teamster, h. Harvard, n. Railroad 

Maiers Helen Miss, teacher, Webster School, bds. Chestnut 

Maiers John E. Mrs. h. Chestnut, n. Sydney 

Maighan Peter, peddler, h. 67 Pleasant 

Mailman Frederick, cabinetmaker, bds. 103 Bridge 

Mailman William H. cabinetmaker, h. Otis, n. Fifth 

Major Lewis, b. porter, h. Broadway, n. Fayette 

Maldown James, laborer, h. Suffolk, n. Columbia 

Malladge Mary Miss, h. Dana, n. Harvard 

Mallory Richard P. (Kilburn 3? Mallory), b. engraver, 96 Washington 

h. Hancock, cor. Centre 
Mallory William H. machinist, Hancock, cor. Centre 
Mallows James, provision dealer, 364 Main, h. do. 
Malome Philip, tinman, h. Lincoln ct. 
Malone James, at Glass House, bds. 37 Winter 
Malone Patrick, laborer, h. Lambert, n. Cambridge 
Malone Peter, fireman, h. Dublin, n. Railroad 
Maloney John, b. grocer, h. 8 Brookline 

Maloney William, blacksmith, bds. Cambridge, cor. Webster ave. 
Mandell William A. b. broker, h. Austin, n. Essex 
Manion George, soapmaker, h. Perry, n. Pearl 
Manley Jabez W. b. printer, h. Charles River 
Mann Henry, h. Winthrop, n. Eliot 
Mann Horace, student, bds. Mrs. Mann's, Follen 
Mann Horace Mrs. h. Follen 

Mann James F. {Grant Sf Mann), furniture maker, h. 71 Washington 
Mann Rufus, shoemaker, h. Dunster, n. Mt. Auburn 
Mann Thomas, printer, h. Green, n. Putnam 
Manning Adelaide Mrs. h. 84 Harvard, below Moore 
Manning Elizabeth. B. Mrs. h. Linden, n. Harvard 
Manning Francis H. b. bell hanger and hardware, h. Hamilton 
Manning James, laborer, h. 25 Gore 
Manning John, varnisher, h. 65 Washington 
Manning John, b. clerk, 143 Hanover, h. 54 Elm 
Manning Michael, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. Columbia 
Manning Patrick, laborer, h. Brighton, n. Eliot 
Manning Patrick, car driver, h. Garden, n. Chauncy 
Manning Patrick, laborer, h. Short, cor. Second 
Manning William, laborer, bds. rear 25 Gore 

Mannon Henry, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Bolton [Harvard 

Mansfield Daniel, master Washington Grammar School, h. Linden n. 
Mansfield Thomas, laborer, h. rear Mt. Auburn, n. Elmwood ave. 
Mansfield Toby, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Putnam 
Manson John, cabinetmaker, h. 94 Harvard, n. Moore 
Manson Nathaniel G. ( Gay, Manson, fy Co.), b. iron dealer, 22 Fulton, 

cor. Cross, h. Harvard, cor. Lee 
Manson Nathaniel G. b. clerk, bds. Harvard, cor. Lee 
Manson Rufus H. b. clerk, bds. Harvard, cor. Lee 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Soda and Mineral Water. 

for fitting Young Men and Ladies for the Practical Duties of Life. 


Manson Sally Mrs. h. 3 Green 

Mansur James P. kerosene maker, h. Sixth, n. Otis 

Mara Thomas, laborer, h. Washington ct. 

March Clement, b. bookkeeper, bds. 273 Broadway 

March John S. b. cashier Hide and Leather Bank, h. 273 Broadway 

Marcy Henry O. physician, h. 8 Norfolk 

Marcy John H. b. clerk. Custom House, h. 102 Washington 

Marean George G. (Glazier, Marean Sf Co.), b. dry goods, 55 Sum- 
mer, bds. Duffy's, 354 Main [mer, h. 54 Windsor 

Marean Joseph H. (Glazier, Marean Sf Co), b. small wares, 55 Sum- 

Marnan John, laborer, h. Rice pi. 

Marrett D. A. clerk, Bridge, cor. East, h. at Somerville 

Marrett Lorenzo, attorney, Bank Building, Cambridge, cor. Second, 
h. 84 Cambridge 

Mars James W. milkman, h. 63 Gore 

Mars Matthew, candlemaker, h. 63 Gore 

Marsden James, grocer, 313 Main, h. do. 

Marsden Thomas, laborer, h. 297 Main, n. AVindsor 

Marsh George, b. oildealer, h. 54 Spring 

Marsh Daniel S. bds. 31 Winter 

Marsh Henry, h. Preston, n. Cambridge 

Marsh James B. bds. 31 Winter 

Marsh John, printer, bds. Mt. Auburn, n. Hilliard 

Marsh John, glassblower, h. 31 Winter 

Marsh Walter R. clerk, bds. 31 Winter 

Marshall Michael, laborer, h. Baldwin ct. 

Marshall Truman, papercarrier, h. rear 44 Windsor 

Marshall William P. b. liquors, 7 Minot's blk. h. 59 Prospect 

Marsters John, clergyman, h. Orchard, cor. Davenport 

Marston George A. policeman, h. Spruce, n. North ave. 

Marston George W. stairbuilder, h. 70 Spring 

Marston John C. butcher, h. Spruce, n. North ave. 

Martain George E. b. 109 Washington, bds. Broadway House, L. P. 

Martain John C. Broadway House, Broadway, L. P. 

Martell Patrick, teamster, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

Martin Abel C. b. architect, 1 Devonshire, h. Follen 

Martin Albert, clerk, bds. Harvard, n. Lee 

Martin Charles H. bds. Mt. Auburn, n. Putnam 

Martin Dennis, laborer, h. Brookline 

Martin Enoch, b. broker, h. Harvard, n. Lee 

Martin George, fireman, bds. R. R. blk. Bridge 

Martin George H. h. Mt. Auburn, n. Putnam 

Martin George W. b. hairdresser, h. 43 Washington 

Martin Isaac B. teamster, h. 159 Cambridge 

Martin J. A. liquordealer, Cambridge, n. First, bds. 59 Gore 

Martin James, shoemaker, h. South, n. Dunster 

Martin James, b. sailmaker, 114 Commercial, h. Hamilton 

Martin James A. bds. Hamilton 

Martin John, bds. 59 Gore 

Kama's Photographs, Post Office Building, Caiiibriilgeport, Mass. 

K. F. Cushman, sac. to Cnshman & Biooks, 90-94 Trcin. St., Boston, 


Martin John, teamster, h. School, n. Main 

Martin John, bricklayer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Martin Lemuel B. boxmaker, bds. Mt. Auburn, n. Putnam 

Martin Luke Mrs. washerwoman, h. Donnell, n. Tuttle 

Martin Michael, laborer, h. Brighton, n. Winthrop 

Martin Owen, shoemaker, h. Broadway, n. Ware 

Martin Peter, tailor, bds. South, n. Dunster 

Martin Stephen, laborer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Martin Thomas, glassmaker, bds. 95 Cambridge 

Martin Thomas, cabinetmaker, h. Union, n. Lincoln 

Martin William, currier, h. Charles 

Martin William A. b. hardware, bds. Harvard, n. Lee [Washington 

Martin William H. carriage maker, Main, opp. Austin, h. Norfolk, opp. 

Marvin Joseph H. carpenter, Auburn, h. Fremont, cor. Pleasant 

Marvin Mary Mrs. h. Fremont, n. Pleasant 

Marvin Richard T. carpenter, b. Fremont, n. Pleasant 

Marvin William J. carpenter, Cherry, h. 59 Columbia 

Mason Abigail Miss, h. 36 Franklin 

Mason Charles, peddler, bds. R. R. blk. Bridge 

Mason Eliza Mrs. h. 23 State 

Mason Francis M. carpenter, h. Willow, n. North ave. 

Mason George W. stonecutter, h. Bridge, opp. carhouse 

Mason James M. shoemaker, h. 363 Main 

Mason John, b. machinist, h. 46 Windsor 

Mason John F. clerk, College Wharf, h. South, n. Brighton 

Mason Joseph, brassfinisher, h. 8 Harrison 

Mason Joseph, carpenter, h. Columbia, n. Hampshire 

Mason Levi A. b. bookkeeper, h. 76 Thorndike 

Mason Luke Mrs. h. Harvard, cor. Lee 

Mason Mary D. Miss, h. 23 State 

Mason Newell P. b. carpenter, 37 Sudbury, Ti. Worcester, cor. 

Mason Sumner R. clergyman, h. Pleasant, n. Main 
Mason William A. civil engineer, 469 Main, h. Raymond, n. Linnaean 
Matchett Horatio, h. Elsworth ave. n. Cambridge 
Matchland William, b. laborer, h. 20 Portland 
Mathars Bridget Mrs. h. Cambridge, n Webster ave. 

Matherson' , carpenter, bds. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 

Matthes Henry W. b. watch and clock maker, h. Auburn, n. River 
Matthews Richard, superintendent State Nautical School-ship, master 

mariner, h. Lee, n. Main [Main 

Matthews Richard S. b. clerk, State Bank, bds. R. Matthews, Lee, n. 
Max Antoine, furniture painter, h. Bridge, n. Gore 
May James, baker, h. rear 73 Cambridge 
May Joseph H. machinist, bds. Magazine, cor. Somerset pi. 
Maybry Elijah, tinman, bds. Mt. Auburn, n. Brattle sq. 
Maybury Elijah, tinsmith, bds. Mrs. Stevens, Dunster 
Maynard Abel, bds. 15 Windsor 
Maynard Eben W. hats, caps, etc. Main, opp. Pearl, h. 41 Magazine 

Tuesley k Griffin, Trunks, Valises, Bags,k, 15$ k 100 Court St., Boh (loin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Ladies and Gents' Hiincn Handkerchiefs 


Maynard Franklin, agent for rubber Co. h. Wintbrop Sq. cor. Mt. 

Maynard Gideon, carpenter, h. Daniels ct. [Auburn 

Maynard Henry O. stereotyper, bds. Daniels ct. 

Maynard John F. printer, h. Brighton 

Maynard William E. clerk, P. O. bds. Hilliard pi. n. do. 

Mayo Jonathan, cooper, h. Brookline 

McAleer John, bds. Vine, cor. Fourth, 

McAleer Mary Mrs. h. Vine, cor. Fourth 

McAleer Patrick, laborer, h. Chapman pi. 

McAleheny James, glassblower, bds. Gore, n. Lambert 

McAleheny John, laborer, h. Gore, n. Lambert 

McAlier Peter, carpenter, h. Hideout 

McAllen Bridget Mrs. h. Brookline, n. Perry 

McAUen Charles, laborer, h. Brookline, n. Perry 

McAnnelly James, laborer, h. Sargent 

McArdle Constantine, laborer, h. Irving pi. 

McAuley Auley, harnessmaker, h. 6 Walnut 

McAuley William A. clerk, bds. 6 Walnut 

McAvoy Charles, blacksmith, h. Irving pi. 

McBay James, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. Willow pi. 

McBay William, b. printer, h. rear Cambridge, East of Rideout 

McBride James, laborer, h. Concord ave. n. Alewife Brook 

McBride James, peddler, h. Harvard, junct. Main 

McBride John, teamster, h. Otis, n. Seventh 

McBrine Bernard, laborer, h. 125 Bridge 

McBrine Bridget Mrs. h. 35 Winter, cor. Fourth 

McBrine James, carpenter, h. 15 Winter 

McCabe Felix, b. wheelwright, h. Lincoln, cor. Union 

McCabe James, peddler, h. Willow pi. 

McCabe Michael Mrs. widow, h. Concord ave. n. Alewife Brook 

McCabe Patrick, laborer, h. foot of Windsor 

McCabe Patrick, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Railroad 

McCabe Terence, laborer, h. Blair pi. 

McCafFerty John, shoemaker, h. Third, n. Vine 

McCalferty John H. b. brassfounder, h. 4 State 

McCaffrey Bridget, h. Vine, n. Fifth 

McCaffrey Catherine & Sarah, milliners, Cambridge, n. Hunting 

McCaffrey Catherine Mrs. h. Charles, cor. Fourth 

McCaffrey Edward, carpenter, h. 13 Broadway 

McCaffrey Hugh, b. harnessmaker, h. 81 Gore 

McCaffrey James, carpenter, h. Cambridge, cor. Hunting 

McCaffrey John, carpenter, h. Cambridge, n. Hunting 

McCaffrey Philip, laborer, h. Charles 

McCaffrey Sarah, milliner, Cambridge, n. Hunting 

McCalvy James Mrs. h. 14 Pleasant 

McCann Edward, teamster^ h. Lambert, n. Cambridge 

McCann James Mrs. h. Pearl, n. Valentine 

McCann John, glassmaker, bds. 102 Gore 

McCann John H. brushmaker, h. Bay, n. Green 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 


Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, Boston, 


McCann Mary, h. Lambert, n. Cambridge 

McCann Patrick, at Glass House, h. Third, n. Gore 

McCanna Ann, bds. Lambert, n. Gore 

McCanna John, carpenter, h. Third, n. Charles 

McCanna John, laborer, h. Brookline, n. Erie 

McCanna Owen, laborer, h. Lambert, n. Gore 

McCarran Michael, b. salesman, h. 102 Cambridge 

McCart John, laborer, h. rear 17 Gore 

McCarty Alexander, b. stonecutter, h. Charles, n. Fourth 

McCarty Bridget Mrs. h. 13 North 

McCarty Charles, laborer, bds. Columbia, cor. Cambridge 

McCarty Daniel, blacksmith, h. Hastings, cor. Moore 

McCarty Daniel, laborer, h. Kinnard, near Putnam 

McCarty Daniel, printer, h. Inman, n. Broadway 

McCarty Daniel, laborer, h. 7 Winter 

McCarty David, laborer, bds. North 

McCarty Dennis, glassmaker, h. rear 37 Gore 

McCarty Dennis, laborer, bds. 8 Gore 

McCarty Edward, cabinetmaker, bds. R. R. blk. Bridge 

McCarty Eugene, laborer, h. Perry, n. Brookline 

McCarty James, stonecutter, bds. Second, h. Gore 

McCarty James, laborer, h. East, n. Lowell Railroad 

McCarty Jeremiah, tailor, h. Cambridge, cor. Norfolk 

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, bds. 13 North 

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, h. Spruce, n. brickyard 

McCarty Jeremiah, Glass Works, h. Bridge, n. Fourth 

McCarty Joanna, widow, h. Bridge, opp. Water 

McCarty John, laborer, h. Hancock, n. Franklin 

McCarty John, blacksmith, bds. 130 Bridge 

McCarty John, laborer, h. Appleton 

McCarty John, laborer, h. 6 Gore 

McCarty John, b. liquors, 166 J Blackstone, h. 129 Cambridge 

McCarty Mary Mrs. h. Hampshire, n. Amory 

McCarty Maurice, laborer, h. North, n. East 

McCarty Michael, laborer, h. Amory 

McCarty Nicholas, laborer, h. Tannery 

McCarty Patrick, teamster, h. North m 

McCarty Patrick, currier, h. Spruce, cor. Montgomery 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, bds. North, n. East 

McCarty Richard, blacksmith, h. Cambridge, n. Pleasant 

McCarty Terrence, laborer, h. Vine, cor. Third [cor. Elm 

McCarty Timothy, blacksmith, Cambridge, n. Prospect, h. Cambridge, 

McCarty Timothy, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

McCarty Timothy, laborer, h. rear Dublin, n. Railroad 

McCarty Timothy, laborer, h. Cambridge, cor. Elm 

McCarvill James, laborer, h. Windsor, n. Cambridge 

McCarville James, teamster, h. Harvey, cor. Cedar 

McCaughey Arthur, laborer, h. Baldwin ct. 

McCaughley Cornelius, laborer, h. Charles ct. 

Fairbanks k Beard, Wholesale Dealers in bottle Ale, Porter, and Cider. ' 

Send Address for Samples of Penmanship and College Journal. 


McCauley A. harnessmaker, h. Walnut, n. Pleasant 

McClallan James, teamster, h. Brighton, n. the Bridge 

McClannin Isaa/J K. b. clerk, h. 45 Tremont [East 

McClary David N. section master, Boston and Lowell Railroad, h. 26 

McClellan Alexander, h. Eliot 

McClenigan William, crockery peddler, h. 83 Spring 

McCloskey David, boilermaker, bds. 282 Main 

McCloskey Hugh, carpenter, Cambridge, n. First, h. Winter, cor. Third 

McCloud Martin, laborer, h. 6 Warden blk. Main, L P. 

McClure Charles F. h. Harvard, cor. Inman 

McCluskey Ann, h. Brighton, n. South 

McCluskey John, laborer, bds. 8 Gore 

McComb Thomas, b. slater, h. Antrim 

McCormic Bartholomew, glassblower, bds. 14 Winter 

McCormick B. J. & T. J. restaurant, 89 Cambridge, bds. do. 

McCormick James, laborer, h. Donnell, cor. Tuttle 

McCormick John, laborer, h. 2 Munroe's blk. Winter 

McCormick John, boilermaker, h. 76 School 

McCormick Michael, stonecutter, h. 78 Fourth 

McCormick Michael, grocer, 281 Main, h. do. 

McCormick Patrick, laborer, h. Pioneer, cor. Main 

McCormick Richard, soapmaker, h. 2 Gore [bridge, bds. do. 

McCormick T. J. (B. J. § T. J. McCormick), restaurant, 89 Cam- 

McCorrey John, watchman, h. Valentine 

McCourt James, laborer, h. rear 151 Bridge 

McCourt John, laborer, h. Irving pi. n. Foster 

McCourt Michael, glassblower, h. Lambert, n. Cambridge 

McCourt Patrick, soapmaker, h. Lambert, n. Cambridge 

McCourt William, laborer, h. Dunster, n. South 

McCoy Madison, miller, h. River 

McCoy Thomas, hairdresser, 415 Main, h. do. 

McCoy William, laborer, h. Somerset 

McCoy William, tailor, h. Brattle, n. James 

McCreaken James, stonecutter, h. Willard, n. Foster 

McCrellis Charles, machinist, bds. 298 Main 

McCristal James, laborer, h. Light 

McCrossqn John, gardener, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 

McCue James, wheelwright, h. Willow pi. 

McCue Thomas, laborer, h. Cambridge 

McCuen James, laborer, h. 7 Pine 

McCullen Michael, laborer, h. Somerset 

McCullock Barnard, Squires' Pork Factory, h. Somerville 

McCullock John, shoemaker, h. Harvard, n. G. J. Railroad 

McCullock Patrick, laborer, h. Harvard, n. G. J. Railroad 

McCurdy Joseph S. brushmaker, bds. 7 Vine 

McCurdy Mary Ann, widow, h. 7 Vine 

McCusick Nahum, baker, h. Franklin 

McDerm Francis, laborer, h. 2 Webster ave. 

McDermott Bridget, widow, h. Webster ave. n. Columbia 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, (Win import, Mass. 

E. F. Cuahiuan, sue. to Cushnian & Brooks, 90-94 Ticm. St., Boston, 


McDermott Ellen Mrs. h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

McDermott Margaret, bds. Miss Cox's 

McDermott Timothy, laborer, h. rear Short * 

McDermott W. O. carriage and sign painter, First, n. Cambridge 

bds. Flanders' Exchange 
McDevitt Sarah Mrs. h. Brighton, n. Mt. Auburn [burn gate 

McDonald Alexander, marblecutter, Brattle, h. Brattle, n. Mt. Au- 
McDonald Anthony, laborer, bds. 27 Cambridge 
McDonald Daniel, Glass Works, h. Spring, n. Fifth 
McDonald James, soapmaker, h. Third, n. Gore 
McDonald Jane Mrs. h. Amory, n. Hampshire 
McDonald John, stonemason, h. Somerset, n. Pleasant 
McDonald Martin, laborer, h. Kinnard, n. Putnam 
McDonald Patrick, laborer, h. Fifth, n. Vine 
McDonald Patrick, gardener, h. Washington ct. 
McDonald Peter, laborer, h. Leland, n. Brookline 
McDonald Stephen, stonemason, h. Pleasant, n. Walnut 
McDonald Thomas, laborer, h. Vine 
McDonald William, laborer, h. rear Foster, n. Sparks 
McDonnell Maurice, mason, h. n. Dublin 
McDonough William, laborer, h. 5 Willard pi. 
McDowell Samuel, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. Chemical Works 
McDowell Samuel, Chemical Works, h. n. Cambridge 
McDuffie John, postmaster, Cambridgeport, h. 354 Main 
McEleny Cornelius, laborer, h. 97 Gore 
McElroy Alexander, laborer, h. 43 Front 
McElroy Daniel, cooper, h. Charles 
McElroy Edward, laborer, 85 Fourth 
McElroy Elizabeth Mrs. h. 12 Charles 
McElroy Francis G. building mover, h. Vine, cor. Fourth 
McElroy Frank, carpenter, bds. Bridge, n. Fourth 
McElroy Hugh, grease collector, h. Charles 
McElroy James, laborer, h. Columbia, n. Webster ave. 
McElroy John, candlemaker, h. 12 Charles 
McElroy John, laborer, h. Third, n. Charles 
McElroy Patrick, laborer, 85 Fourth 
McElroy Patrick J. glassblower, h. 17 Fourth 
McElroy William, confectioner, h. 436 Harvard 
McElwain Charles, cabinetmaker, bds. 151 Bridge 
McEvelley Michael, coffinmaker, bds. Hubbard's, Second 
McFadden John, laborer, h. Rice pi. 
McFadden Stephen, fireman, h. Franklin, n. Green 
McFarland John, laborer, h. Rice pi. [Church 

McFarland William, confectioner, bds. 348 Main, n. Universalist 
McFeely James A. (Stone, Smith § Co.), Green Glass Works, at 

Charlestown, bds. rear 29 Main 
McFeely John, glassmaker, h. rear 2? Winter 
McFeely John, jr. shipper, bds. rear 29 Winter 
McFeely Mary A. Miss, music teacher, bds. rear 29 AVinter 

Tuesley & (iriffiu, llats, (laps, Furs, k, \tt k ICO Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston." 

Importer and Dealer in Iiinen Napkins and Iiinen Damasks. 


McFeeney Bridget Miss, dressmaker, bds. Third, n. Gore 

McFeeney Mary, widow, h. Third, n. Gore 

McGahey John, stonemason, h. Third, n. Charles 

McGallin Dennis, laborer, h. Lechmere pi. 

McGann Patrick, laborer, h. Franklin 

McGary Charles B. carpenter, Broadway 

McGeoch Alexander, h. 79 Washington 

McGeoch Lydia Mrs. bds. 79 Washington 

McGill James, b. salesman, h. Brookline, cor. Franklin 

McGUl Thomas, tailor, opp. 509 Main, h. at Somerville 

McGinn Frank M. laborer, h. Brighton, cor. Mt. Auburn 

McGinnis Barney, h. Windsor, n. Cambridge 

McGinnis Bridget, h. Harvard, n. Davis 

McGinnis George, tailor, h. Bridge, opp. Water 

McGinnis James, painter, h. 56 Pearl 

McGirr Francis F. b. goldbeater, h. Bridge, opp. carhouse 

McGirr John, planer, h. Hampshire, n. Webster ave. 

McGirr Michael F. b. goldbeater, bds. F. F. McGirr's 

McGivney John, brassfounder, h. Spring 

McGlinchey Eliza Mrs. h. Brighton, n. Eliot 

McGlone Charles, saloon, h. Cambridge 

McGonagle Cornelius, laborer, h. Hampshire, junct. Webster ave. 

McGourlick Edward, laborer, h. Charles 

McGovern Edward, b. upholsterer, bds. 118 Bridge 

McGovern Francis, boilermaker, h. Lambert, n. Cambridge 

McGovern John, fishdealer, h. Third, n. Charles 

McGovern John, laborer, h. Spring, n. Fifth 

McGovern Lawrence, boilermaker, h. Vine, n. Fourth 

McGovern Mary, widow, h. Charles ct. 

McGowen Elizabeth Mrs. widow, h. Brighton, n. Eliot 

McGowen William, laborer, h. Brighton, n. Eliot 

McGrath Daniel, laborer, h. 14 Pine 

McGrath John, machinist, h. Harvard, n. Main 

McGregor John W. carver, h. Market, n. Columbia 

McGregor William H. machinist, 3 Broadway 

McGue Thomas, teamster, h. Bridge, opp. Short 

McGue William, laborer, h. Bridge opp. Water 

McGuen Michael, laborer, h. 14 Vine 

McGuire Anthony, laborer, bds. Fourth, n. Bridge 

McGuire Bernard, farmer, h. rear 17 Gore 

McGuire Charles, laborer, h. Irving pi. n. Foster 

McGuire Frank, varnisher, h. 17 Washington 

McGuire John, blacksmith, h. Bridge, opp. Short 

McGuire Owen, laborer, h. Pleasant, n. Walnut 

McGuire William, painter, bds. Mansion House 

McGurk Hugh, laborer, h. Hampshire, n. Webster ave. 

McHendley Patrick, shoemaker, h. Willow pi. 

McHugh Thomas, moulder, h. School, n. Main [bds. rear 26 Gore 

Mclntire Charles J. counsellor at law, Lechmere Bank Building, 

MamiTs PWograjAs, Post Ollice l>uildiii£, CaniHgeprt, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kneeland St., Boston. 


Mclntire Ebenezer, painter, Gore, n. Second, h. rear 26 Gore 

Mclntire Orin C. watchman, h. Gore, cor. Second 

Mclntire Thomas, jr. clerk, police court, h. 97 Gore 

Mcintosh George, blacksmith, Main, n. Austin, h. 11 Front 

Mcintosh Hugh, turner, h. Clark, cor. Harvard 

McKanna Hugh, carpenter, h. Willow pi. 

McKanna Peter, laborer, h. 32 Gore [DeWolf 

McKay Gordon, sewing machines, b. 2 and 6 Bath, h. Mt. Auburn, n. 

McKeever William, glassmaker, h. Winter, n. Fifth 

McKelleghtt Patrick, wheelwright, h. Lambert, n. Cambridge 

McKendry Benjamin, b. clerk, Baptist Missionary Rooms, 12 Bedford, 

bds. Chester, n. North ave. 
McKenna James, charcoal peddler, h. 82 Spring 
McKenna John, brushmaker, h. Third, n. Charles 
McKenna Patrick, carpenter, h. Eighth, n. Spring 
McKenney Patrick, carpenter, h. Rice pi. 
McKenniff John, laborer, h. 23 Gore 

McKenzie Alexander D. engineer, Riverside, h. River, n. Blackstone 
McKenzie Colin G. printer, h. Madison 
McKeon James, barreldealer, h. Hampshire, n. Clark 
McKeon Robert, teamster, h. Stephens ct. n. Bridge 
McKeown William, carpenter, h. Charles, n. Fourth 
McKindlay Samuel, junkdealer, h. Suffolk 

McKusic Amasa A. (B. P. Clark fy Co.), confectioner, h. Franklin 
McKusic Howard M. clerk, bds. Franklin, cor. Pearl 
McKusic Larry C. driver, bds. Franklin 
McKusic Nahum, baker, h. Franklin 
McLanathan Bradford O. painter, h. Carver, n. Wendell 
McLane Jane, h. Brighton, n. the bridge 
McLane John, laborer, h. Brighton, n. the bridge 
McLane John, laborer, h. 7 Willard pi. 
McLane Martha Mrs. h. 48 Brighton 
McLane Nancy Mrs. nurse, h. 51 Gore 
McLane William, laborer, h. Webster ave. n. Columbia 
McLaughlin James, cabinetmaker, h. Norfolk, n. Broadway 
McLaughlin James, barreldealer, h. Hampshire, n. Prospect 
McLaughlin Martin, laborer, h. 12 North 
McLaughlin Mary, widow, h. 3 Vine 
McLaughlin Owen, tailor, h. Windsor, n. Cambridge 
McLaughlin Patrick H. machinist, h. Tremont, n. Cambridge 
McLaughlin William, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. Lambert 
McLaughlin William, shoemaker, h. Bridge, n. Fourth 
McLearney Bernard, shoemaker, Mt. Auburn, h. Irving pi. 
McMahan John, blacksmith, h. Eliot, n. Mt. Auburn 
McMahon Felix, b. carver, bds. 116 Bridge 
McMahon John, glassblower, h. 116 Bridge 
McManamin Patrick, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 
McManamin William, h. Bridge (U. S. A.) 
McMann Bryan, switchman, h. Ellery, n. Harvard 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Hop and Sarsaparilla Beer. 

Please Call and Examine our Coarse of Instruction. 


McMann James, blacksmith, h. Brighton, cor. Eliot 

McMann William H. printer, Concord ave. 

McMannaman Charles, laborer, h. Willow pi. 

McMannaman Dennis Mrs. h. 1 Bridge 

McMannanan William, laborer, h. 7 Vine 

McManners T. laborer, h. Third, n. Charles 

McManus Felix, laborer, h. Bridge, opp. Bay State Glass House 

McManus Margaret, widow, bds. 124 Spring 

McMasters George C. carpenter, h. Pine, n. School 

McNalls James, lamplighter, h. Bridge, opp: Short 

McNally Peter, mason, h. West, n. Lee 

McNamara Dennis, wheelwright at S. A. Davis', Bridge, h. at Boston 

McNamara James, laborer, h. Valentine 

McNamara John, varnish, h. Webster ave. n. Cambridge 

McNamara Malachi, laborer, h. Leland, n. Brookline 

McNamara Mary, widows h. Short, n. L. R. R. 

McNamara Michael, woodturner, h. Norfolk, n. Cambridge 

McNamara Patrick, laborer, h. Somerset 

McNamara Thomas, laborer, h. Cambridge, cor. Elm 

McNamara Thomas E. upholsterer, bds. Short, n. L. R. R. 

McNamee Hugh J. bootmaker, h. Harvard, n. the Sq. 

McNamee John, marble worker, 495 Main, h. Putnam, n. Western ave. 

McNamee John, butcher, h. 282 Main 

McNamee Robert, laborer, h. rear, 8 Vine 

McNaughton Anthony, wheelwright, h. 51 Washington 

McNeal James, laborer, h. 94 Third 

McNulty Catherine Mrs. h. Willow pi. 

McNulty Michael, Navy Yard, bds. 13 Vine 

McNulty William, laborer, h. rear 8 Gore 

McPeak Patrick, grease collector, h. Charles, n. Fourth 

McPherson George R. cabinetmaker, h. cor. Windsor and Lincoln 

McQuade Mary, widow, h. Charles st. ct. 

McQuade Patrick, bricklayer, h. Charles st. ct. [Charlestown 

McQuatters William, coffinmaker, at Lockhart & Seelye's, h. at 

McQueegan Charles, laborer, h. Bridge, n. Fourth 

McQue Catherine, widow, h. Bridge, n. Fourth 

McQuesten Evarts, clerk, h. 2 State 

McSorley John, stevedore, h. Stephens' ct. 

McSorley Peter, glassblower, bds. Bridge, n. Fourth 

McSorley Thomas, teamster, h. Bridge, n. Third 

McSweeney Daniel, laborer, h. Third, foot Charles 

McSweeney Patrick, laborer, h. n. brickyard 

McWiggan laborer, h. n. Ale wife Brook 

Meacham George A. b. broker, 3 Milk, h. North ave. n. station 

Meacham George Mrs. h. Concord ave. 

Meacham Jeremiah, bds. Concord ave. 

Mead Alpheus, butcher, North ave. n. Meacham 

Mead Bridget F. Mrs. Brookline, n. Erie 

Mead Charles C. b. printer, 91 Washington, h. 300 Harvard 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Caiukidgeport, Mass. 

Tl. F. C ii* Inn a li, sue. to Ciislnnnn & Brooks, 90-94 Trem. St., Boston, 


Mead Charles W. b. clerk, bds. Mead's, 300 Harvard 

Mead Cornelius, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Railroad 

Mead Jacob, apothecary, 127 Bridge, bds. in Boston 

Mead John F. mason, h. Short, n. Pleasant 

Mead William, butcher, h. North ave. n. Meacham 

Mears A. G. delivering clerk, B. & L. R. R. 

Mears Henry A. stonecutter, h. Leighton ct. 

Medex Dinah Mrs. widow, h. 7 Brooks' Buildings 

Megan Henry, glasscutter, h. Union, n. Lincoln 

Megan Thomas, laborer, h. Short, n. Prospect 

Megroth Charles H. carpenter, h. 50 Elm 

Megroth William N. pianoforte maker, h. 3 Green 

Mehan Thomas, cabinetmaker, h. 62 Cambridge 

Meins John, Glass Works, h. Bridge, n. Third 

Melcher Daniel R. carpenter, bds. Somerset, n. Walnut ct. [Dana 

Melledge James P. b. merchant, 39 India Wharf, h. Harvard, cor. 

Mellen Charles {Mellen, Ward fy 3fower), b. broker, 20 Congress, 

h. Harvard, n. Ellery 
Mellen James, building-mover, h. 71 Washington 
Mellen James, jr. h. Douglass 
Mellen John, carpenter, bds. Williams, cor. Pearl 
Mellen John, laborer, h. Pleasant, n. Walnut 
Mellen Michael, laborer, bds. 282 Main 
Melley Arthur, laborer, h. Valentine, n. Soap Factory 
Melley John, teamster, h. Willow pi. 
Melley Patrick, butcher, h. Hunting 
Melley Patrick, collector, h. Willow pi. 

Melley William J. butcher, h. Willow pi. n. Cambridge [59 Third 
Melloon David C. {Melloon fy Chapin), b. produce, 60 Blackstone, h. 
Melloy Teddy, butcher, h. Cambridge, n. Prospect 
Melvin Frank E. brewer, bds. 99 Spring 
Melvin Joanna, widow, bds. 99 Spring 
Melvin William D. peddler, h. rear Fisk's blk. Main 
Melvin William K. laborer, h. Somerset pi. n. Magazine 
Menard John, stairbuilder, bds. Spring, n. Eighth 
Menix John, laborer, h. Hastings 

Menix Matthew B. cabinetmaker, bds. Main, n. Broadway 
Menix Michael, laborer, h. Harvard, n. G. J. Railroad 
Menix Patrick, laborer, h. Main, L. P. [Seventh, h. Magazine 

Meriam John N. superintendent Squire's Pork House, Gore, n. 
Merriam Albert, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 
Merrick Frederick, b. laborer, h. 51 Washington 
Merrill Abraham D. clergyman, h. Sacramento, n. Oxford 
Merrill Arthur, b. insurance agent, 27 State, h. North ave. cor. Mellen 
Merrill David G. laborer, h. 150 Harvard [Sacramento 

Merrill George A. B. b. clerk, 17 Central, bds. J. S. Merrill's, 
Merrill George S. h. Lee, opp. Church 
Merrill Horatio, b. 80 Washington, h. Ellery 
Merrill Isaac, tinplate worker, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 

Tueslcy k Griffin, Hats, Umbrellas, Travelling Bags, k, 158 k 100 Court Si, Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in "White Goods ; all the best makes. 


Merrill James C. b. attorney, 39 Court, h. Oxford, n. Kirkland 

Merrill J. Sanborn, b. com. mer. h. Sacramento, n. North ave. 

Merrill J. Warren {Preston fy Merrill), b. 57 Purchase, h. 317 Harvard 

Merrill Josiah, clergyman, h. Everett pi. 

Merrill Josiah G. bds. Everett pi. 

Merrill Nathan Mrs. h. Hancock, cor. Harvard 

Merrill Richard, jr. teamster, h. 9 Fifth 

Merrill William D. machinist, h. rear 11 Front 

Merrin Hannah, h. Hackett's Yard, n. Green 

Merritt Benjamin, h. Pearl, n. Franklin 

Merry Louis, driver, bds. 49 Cambridge 

Messer Daniel E. {Messer & Bro.), grocer, 337 Main, bds. 94 Harvard 

Messer Gorham {Messer fy Bro.), grocer, 337 Main, bds. 94 Harvard 

Messer Stillman, h. 94 Harvard 

Messer Willard, h. Cogswell ave, n. North ave. 

Metcalf Charles C. foreman, University Press, h. Hilliard, n. Brattle 

Metcalf Charles R. h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Everett pi. 

Metcalf Eliab W. printer {Dakin fy Metcalf), Arrow st. bds. C. R. 
Metcalf's, Mt. Auburn 

Metcalf Franklin, photographist, h. 39 Cambridge 

Metcalf Willard, casemaker, h. Broadway, n. Windsor 

Metcalf William S. clerk, bds. C. R. Metcalf's, Mt. Auburn [bridge 

Metzger Andrew, watch-crystal maker, h. and manufactory, 192 Cam- 

Metzger Andrew, jr. carver, h. 129 Gore 

Metzger Joseph, watch-crystal maker, 192 Cambridge, h. do. 

Meyer Charles E. & Co. b. picture-frame and looking-glass manufac- 
turers, Haymarket Sq. h. 69 Otis 

Meyer John, varnisher, h. Fourth, cor. Gore 

Michelin Francis, lithographic printer, h. 35 Franklin 

Miles Charles W. b. restaurant, 46 North Market, h. Pleasant 

Miles Edmund, printer, h. Charles River, cor. Dyke 

Miles Elizabeth Mrs. h. 19 Broadway 

Miles James, h. 3 Tenny's ct. 

Miles John C. b. painter, 369 Broad, h. Kirkland, cor. Baldwin 

Miles Mary A. Mrs. h. Appian Way 

Miles Patrick, carpenter, h. 19 Broadway 

Miles William H. blacksmith, bds. 38 Windsor 

Millan A. {Millan fy Snow), fishdealer, bds. Franklin, n. River 

Miller Charles, cabinetmaker, h. 10 Harvard 

Miller David, carpenter, h. Market, n. Columbia 

Miller Edward, tailor, h. Cambridge, cor. Norfolk 

Miller Frederick, h. 53 Gore 

Miller Joseph, b. junkdealer, h. Fourth, n. Vine 

Miller Stephen, church furniture, Main, rear Wood's blk. h. 5 Perry 

Miller William H. b. painter, h. Broadway, cor. Inman 

Milligan James, b. tailor, 26 Washington, h. 25 Worcester 

Milliken James S. policeman, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Putnam 

Mills Charles H. h. Irving, n. Cambridge 

Mills James, b. stableman, bds. 3 Tenny's ct. 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Camkidgeporfc, Mass. 


Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Steeet, corner of 

Mills James, H. cabinetmaker, h. 6 Third 
Mills John R. painter, h. 61 Washington 
Mills William H. butcher, h. rear Cambridge, east of Hideout 
Minard Althene S. Mrs. h. Green, cor. Pearl 
Mines Mary Mrs. h. Dublin, n. Railroad 
Mingo Hiram, laborer, h. 6 Harvard 
Minow Mrs. h. Murdock 

Mitchell Alexander, cabinetmaker, h. 43 Cambridge 
Mitchell George E. b. bookkeeper, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 
Mitchell George L. glasscutter, h. 87 Thorndike 
Mitchell Henry A. b. silversmith, 27 West, bds. 15 Front 
Mitchell Horace B. fishdealer, h. 132 Thorndike 
Mitchell John, stonecutter, h. Charles, n. Fourth [Harvard 

Mitchell John, b. boot and shoe dealer, 921 Washington, h. Moore, cor. 
Mitchell John S. photographer, Harvard sq. 
Mitchell Joseph F. stereotyper, h. Pearl, n. Allston 
Mitchell Paul, h. 63 Essex 
Mitchell Richard, h. 63 Essex 

Mitchell Richard, jr. h. 15 Essex [dike 

Mitchell Sarah D. Miss, teacher, Otis Primary School, bds. 87 Thorn- 
Mitchell William, harnessmaker, Cambridge, n. Bridge, h. 27 North 
Mitchell William P. b. painter, h. rear Dock [Fifth 

Mixer John H. piano-forte polisher, h. North ave. n. Shepard 
Moeldner Adolphine E. Miss, music teacher, bds. 46 Second 
Moeldner Anton, gilder, h. 46 Second 
Moley Nicholas, cooper, bds. Fifth, n. Cambridge 
Moltman Robert, farmer, h. n. Alewife Brook 
Monaghen Edward, h. Dublin, n. Railroad 
Monday Patrick, stonecutter, h. Charles ct. 
Monehan Michael, h. 22 Winter 

Montague Samuel L. junkdealer, 168 Broad, h. Fayette, n. Broadway 
Montgomery George, lamplighter, h. Hampshire, n. Davis 
Montgomery Mark W. carpenter, h. rear 43 Winter 
Montgomery Thomas, expressman, h. Davis, cor. Hampshire 
Montgomery William, laborer, h. Cambridge, cor. Hampshire 
Moody Charles E. (S. Peirce Sf Co.), b. grocer, 59 Commercial, bds. 

Mrs. Goodridge's, 67 Windsor 
Moody Joseph G. h. Brattle, cor. Sparks 

Mooney John, peddler, bds. R. R. blk. Bridge [Windsor 

Mooney William J. watchman, Union Glass House, h. Cambridge, n. 
Moor James C. grocer, Cambridge, cor. Sixth, bds. Gore, n. Sixth 
Moore Charles (Donnell Sf Moore), hardware, 15 Brattle, cor. Palmer, 

h. Holyoke, cor. Mt. Auburn 
Moore Clark, real-estate agent and constable, Western ave. opp. Hay 

Scales, Main, h. Norfolk, Middle Arbor 
Moore Edward, glasspresser, bds. Mansion House 
Moore Frederick, laborer, h. 12 Brattle sq. 
Moore George, laborer, h. Rice pi. 
Moore Hannah Miss, b. teacher, h. 43 Magazine 

Fairbanks & Beard, Wholesale Dealers in Lager Beer and Porter, bis, 1-2 Us, k kegs. 

Knee land Street, Boston, Mass. Day and E veiling Sessions. 


Moore James, laborer, h. Sparks, n. Mt. Auburn 

Moore James, soapmaker, h. 3 Essex ct. 

Moore John, laborer, h. rear 124 Columbia 

Moore Joseph C. bds. 76 Spring [Broadway, h. 17 Windsor 

Moore Joseph W. {Sanborn, Moore, fy Co.), machinist, L. P. n. 

Moore Nancy Mrs. h. 6 Jay 

Moore Nancy Miss, h. 43 Magazine 

Moore Nathaniel H. restaurant, Harvard sq. h. Gerry, n. Chapman pi. 

Moore William G. teamster, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Moore William S. carpenter, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Moors George H. carpenter, h. Banks 

Moran Francis, laborer, h. Rice pi. 

Moran Joseph, glassmaker, h. 23 Winter 

Moran Martin, h. Clay, n. Harvey 

Moran Michael, at Soap Works, h. Pearl, n. Valentine 

Moran Patrick, laborer, h. Kinnard, n. Franklin 

Moran Rosanna, widow, h. 14 Vine 

Moran Thomas, laborer, h. Stevens ct. 

Morang Erastus, cooper, bds. 133 Cambridge 

More Charles M. T. b. tender, h. Hastings, n. Brewery 

Morearty James, laborer, h. Third 

Moreland John H. printer, h. 30 Dunster 

Moreland Patrick, laborer, bds. 6 North 

Morey Elizabeth Mrs. h. 86 Harvard, below Moore [Story 

Morgan Alfred, picture-frame manufacturer, Brattle sq. h. Brattle, n. 

Morgan Charles, teamster, h. 516 Main 

Morgan Jacob, cabinetmaker, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Morgan Samuel M. teamster, bds. 516 Main 

Morgan Stillman S. b. salesman, h. 91 Thorndike 

Morgan William, machinist, h. 6 n. Spring 

Moring Anna L. Mrs. h. Quincy, cor. Harvard 

Morpin Robert, mason, h. rear Columbia, n. Hampshire 

Morrill Alfred, machinist, h. Front, cor. Village 

Morrill Jefferson, agent, h. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 

Morrill Jose M. b. watchman, bds. 33 Windsor [h. Front 

Morris Henry (J.Sflf. Morris), harnessmaker, Main, n. Broadway, 

Morris James (J. 8? H. Morris), harnessmaker, Main, n. Broadway, 

Morris James, baker, h. Leland, n. Brookline [h. Front 

Morris Jane M. Mrs. h. Front 

Morris John W. teamster, h. Main, L. P. n. Bridge 

Morris Mary J. dressmaker, h. Hastings, n. Brewery 

Morris Mary Mrs. h. Bridge, n. carhouse 

Morris William, baker, bds. 49 Cambridge 

Morrison Hugh H. b. silverplater, h. 131 Gore 

Morrison Ivory W. edge-tool maker, Bridge, h. Hampshire, cor. Union 

Morrison John, machinist, h. Windsor, cor. Washington 

Morrison John, tin-plate worker, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 

Morse Albert D. clerk, n. Porter's Station, bds. Somerville 

Morse Asa P. b. 9 India Wharf, h. Magazine, cor. Park 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cnshman, sac. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trem. St., Boston, 


Morse Calvin, h. 22 Inman, n. Austin 

Morse Calvin E. physician, h. 22 Inman 

Morse Charles E. bookbinder, h. Somerset, n. Walnut ct. 

Morse Edward, hostler, h. Hampshire, n. Webster ave. 

Morse Francis A. chaisetrimmer, bds. Holmes' pi. n. Kirkland 

Morse Frank R. Rev. bds. 64 Thorndike 

Morse George A. harnessmaker, h. Holmes' pi. n. Kirkland 

Morse George E. h. 24 Auburn, cor. Magazine 

Morse Henry M. bookbinder, Lee, cor. Main, h. 4 Austin ct. 

Morse Isaac S. district attorney, h. Third, opp. Court House 

Morse James, laborer, h. Lincoln ct. 

Morse James B. h. rear 8 Holyoke 

Morse James R. physician, h. Union sq. cor. Cottage 

Morse John, baker, h. Webster ave. n. Clark 

Morse John T. piano-forte maker, bds. 21 Cherry 

Morse Kendall, billiards, 421 Main, h. Green, n. Pleasant 

Morse Peter, brickmaker, h. Garden, n. brickyard 

Morse Royal, h. Holmes' pi. n. Kirkland 

Morse Sarah A. Mrs. bds. 455 Main 

Morse William A. b. salesman, 39 Lincoln, h. Rockwell 

Morse William L. piano-forte maker, h. Harvard, n. Cherry 

Morton Ira A. carpenter, h. Webster pi. 

Morton Joseph F. h. Chapel 

Morton William J. bds. Dr. Morton's, Garden, n. Appian Way 

Morton William T. G. physician, h. Garden, n. Appian Way 

Moses Hamilton, printer, h. Williams 

Moulton Charles H. officer House of Correction, h. Leighton ct. 

Moulton G. B. b cutter, h. Inman, n. Broadway 

Moulton H. C. brushmaker, at H. of C. 

Moulton Jane Mrs. h. 56 Harvard 

Moulton Parkman A. b. clerk, 23 and 24 S. Market, h. 7 Sydney 

Mount Thomas J. feather-Wish maker, h. 37 Spring 

Mower J. E. Mrs. h. 5 Jay 

Mowll Charles F. grocer, h. 65 Gore 

Mowry Albert E. b. 21 Cross, h. Moore, cor. Broadway 

Moylan Michael, blacksmith, h. Eighth, cor. Spring 

Moynihan Patrick, tailor, h. North 

Mulcahy John, blacksmith, h. Willow pi. 

Mulcahy Nicholas, currier, h. Montgomery, n. Spruce 

Mulchany John, laborer, h. Montgomery, n. Spruce 

Muldoon Christopher, glassmaker, bds. 57 Gore 

Muldoon Mary Mrs. h. 57 Gore 

Muldoon Thomas, b. plumber, Third, foot of Charles 

Muldoon William, Glass Works, h. 63 Cambridge 

Mulhall Edward, carpenter, h. 17 Washington 

Mulhearn George, mason tender, h. Willow pi. 

Mull Frederick, turner, h. Cambridge, n Seventh 

Mullen David, lamplighter, h. Harvard, cor. Chestnut 

Mullen James, brushmaker, h. Rideout 

Tucsley k Griffin, Trunks, Valises, Bags, k, 15S & 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Corsets and Skirts. Prices very low. 


Mullen John, boilermaker, bds. Mt. Auburn, opp. Athens [tage 

Mullen John R. b. boot and shoe dealer, Pearl, h. Magazine, cor. Cot- 
Mullen Malachi, laborer, h. Green, near Bay 
Mullen Michael, laborer, h. Hancock, n. Green 
Mullen Nicholas, laborer, h. rear 8 Gore 
Mullen Patrick, laborer, h. rear 2 Gore 
Mullen Patrick, laborer, h. Green, n. Putnam 
Mullen Patrick, laborer, h. rear Gore, n. Lambert 
Mullen Robert, laborer, h. 1 Bridge 
Mullen William, carpenter, h. Charles, cor. Third 
Muller Wm. & Son, (Wm. Midler, jr.), tanners, Tannery, h. do. 
Muller Wm. jr. ( Wm. Muller S? Son), tanner, h. North ave. n. Tannery 
Mullera Michael Mrs. h. 7 Willard pi. 
Mullett William, policeman, bds. 44 Spring 
Mulligan Bridget, widow, h. 14 North 
Mulligan John, candlemaker, h. Perry, n. Pearl 
Mulligan Michael, laborer, h. Concord ave. n. Alewife Brook 
Mulligan Thomas, laborer, h. North, n. East 
Mulliken Edward, carriagemaker, h. Walden, n. North ave. 
Mulloy John, laborer, h. North, n. East 
Mulvahill John, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Putnam 
Mulvany Maurice, laborer, h. Third, n. Gore [Winthrop 

Mumler Frederick A. printer, bds. Mrs. Mumler's, Brighton, cor 
Mumler John F. stereotyper, h. Charles River 
Mumler Lucinda Mrs. h. Brighton, cor. Winthrop 
Munroe Amos, furniture mover, h. Auburn, n. Pearl 
Munroe Charles, mason, bds. 4 Eliot 
Munroe Charles H. clerk, h. 42 Norfolk 
Munroe Charles W. clergyman, h. Austin, n. Inman 
Munroe Edmund Mrs. h. Second, cor. Otis 

Munroe Enoch, wheelwright, Cambridge, n. Bridge, h. 93 Cambridge 
Munroe Frank, bds. Pearl, cor. Auburn 
Munroe Henry P. musicteacher, h. Pearl, cor. Auburn 
Munroe James A. clerk, bds. Dunster, n. the wharf 
Munroe James Mrs. h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Story 
Munroe James Mrs. h. 9 Cherry 
Munroe John, laborer, h. Dunster, n. the wharf 
Munroe Mary A. Mrs. dressmaker, 347 Main, h. do. 
Munroe Nathaniel, clerk, bds. Dunster, n. the wharf 
Munroe Philip, moulder, h. Hampshire, n. Webster ave. 
Munroe Rebecca Mrs. h. 4 Eliot 
Munroe Samuel A. painter, h. 349 Main 
Munroe William, b. reedmaker, h. Park, n. Pleasant 
Munroe William W. b. clerk, Oak Hall, h. 30 Franklin 
Murdock Asa Mrs. h. Main, opp. City Hall 

Murdock Frank, carpenter, bds. Western ave. [chard, n. Beach 

Murdock John N. Rev. b. Sec. Missionary Union, 12 Bedford, h. Or- 
Murdock Robert, nurseryman, h. Western ave. n. Putnam 
Murdock Walter H. nurseryman, bds. Western ave. 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cainkidgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kneeland St., Boston, 


Murphey Martin, b. expressman, h. Spruce, n. brickyard 

Murphey Thomas, laborer, h. n. Fresh Pond House 

Murphy Cornelius, b. pressman, h. Harvey 

Murphy Daniel, teamster, h. Hancock, n. Harvard 

Murphy Daniel, laborer, h. Hastings, n. Brewery 

Murphy Dennis, laborer, h. Murdock, n. Hampshire 

Murphy Francis Mrs. h. Hampshire, n. Amory 

Murphy James, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Bay 

Murphy James, laborer, h. Amory, n. Hampshire 

Murphy James I. glassmaker, h. 86 Fourth 

Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, h. Brookline, n. Perry 

Murphy Jeremiah, tailor, h. Kinnard, n. Putnam 

Murphy Johanna Miss, h. Franklin 

Murphy John, blacksmith, bds. 282 Main 

Murphy John, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

Murphy John, grocer, h. Charles, n. Third 

Murphy John, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 

Murphy John, laborer, h. Donnell, n. Tuttle 

Murphy John, laborer, h. Sargent 

Murphy John, laborer, h. Franklin 

Murphy John, laborer, h. Charles River 

Murphy John A. carpenter, h. Antrim, n. Broadway 

Murphy Mary Mrs. washerwoman, h. Green, n. Bay 

Murphy Mary Mrs. h. Brick Alley, North 

Murphy Michael, tailor, h. Sargent 

Murphy Michael, laborer, h. Short, n. railroad 

Murphy Michael, laborer, h. Fifth, n. Vine 

Murphy Patrick, laborer, h. West 

Murphy Patrick, laborer, h. Third 

Murphy Patrick A. glassmaker, h. 86 Fourth 

Murphy Paul, laborer, h. Dublin, n. railroad 

Murphy Philip F. b. salesman, 103 Hanover, h. Somerset pi. 

Murphy Pierce, cabinetmaker, h. 4 Union 

Murphy Thomas, carpenter, h. Cedar, n. Spruce 

Murphy Thomas, glassmaker, h. 17 Winter 

Murphy Timothy, mason, h. Antrim, n. Broadway 

Murphy Timothy, stonecutter, h. Spring, cor. Fifth 

Murphy William, clerk, h. Rockwell 

Murphy William J. harnessmaker, at Wm. Mitchell's, h. Boston 

Murray Cornelius, glassmaker, bds. Second, n. Gore 

Murray Dennis, laborer, h. 1 Water 

Murray Dennis, gardener, h. Short, Ward 3 

Murray George, carpenter, bds. 32 Auburn 

Murray James, gardener, h. Main, L. P. 

Murray James, laborer, h. South, n. Brighton 

Murray John, depotmaster, Porter's Station, bds. Porter's Hotel 

Murray John, laborer, h. Winter 

Murray John, laborer, h. Shea's Blk. Bridge 

Murray Michael, laborer, h. Garden, cor. Donnell 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Soda, in founts & bottles. Orders promptly attended to. 

for fitting Young Men and Ladles for the Practical Duties of Life. 


Murray Patrick, laborer, h. Third, n. Charles 

Murray Thomas, laborer, h. North, n. Lechmere pi. 

Murray Thomas, laborer, h. 14 North 

Murray Thomas A. bookbinder, h. Pleasant 

Murray Timothy, laborer, h. Webster ave. n. Somerville 

Muzzey Artemas B. clergyman, h. Berkeley 

Muzzey Geo. E. icedealer, h. Concord ave. n. Catholic Church 

Muzzey Henry W. b. attorney and counsellor, Barrister's Hall, 7 

Court sq. h. Buckingham 
Myer Frederick, bookbinder, h. "Walnut ct. 
Myers Godfred, gilder, h. Third, n. Gore 

NASH SAMUEL, carpenter, h. Hampshire, n. Cambridge 

Nason James B. postmaster and druggist, North ave. n. Porter's 

Station, h. Orchard, n. Russell 
Nason James H. b. clerk, 70 Broad, h. Chapel 
Nason W. teamster, bds. Flanders' Exchange 
Natale Emma Mrs. h 52 Western ave. 
Nay Isaac A. b. Faneuil Hall Market, h. 134 Summer 
Nay John K. warehouseman, h. Kinnard, n. Western ave. 
Nay Samuel F. Mrs. h. 100 Prospect 
Neal Nathaniel, mason, h. Allston 
Neal Nathaniel M. cabinetmaker, h. Allston 
Neisdel Peter, laborer, h. 19 Washington, n. Main 
Nelligan David, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 
Nelligan Maurice, cutter, bds. 374 Main 
Nelligan Maurice, laborer, h. Montgomery, n. Spruce 
Nelligan Patrick, tailor, h. 374 Main 
Nelligan Peter, carpenter, h. Foster, n. Sparks 
Nelligan Thomas, laborer, h. Dublin, n. railroad 
Nelson Augustus W. carpenter, h. 131 Thorndike 
Nelson Charles, laborer, h. Third 
Nelson David, laborer, h. Fourth, n. Charles 
Nelson James, Custom House, h. 18 Sixth 
Nelson James, cabinetmaker, bds. Fifth, cor. Cambridge 
Nelson John, glasscutter, h. 71 Spring 
Nelson John, laborer, h. Third, n. Gore 

Nelson Peter, glasscutter, h. Sixth, n. Thorndike [552 Main 

Nelson Rebecca Miss, dressmaker, and boys' clothing, Masonic blk. 
Nesbitt James W. carpenter, bds. 85 Norfolk 
Nesbitt John, carpenter, Concord ave. cor. Sparks 
Nesbitt John, jr. carpenter, Concord ave. cor. Sparks 
Nesbitt Robert B. carpenter, Concord ave. cor. Sparks 
Newcomb Charles, carpenter, bds. 33 Tremont [State 

Newcomb Isaac B. b. fishdealer, 114 Quincy Market, h. Village, cor. 
Newcomb Samuel N. b. pictureframes, h. 84 Spring 
Newcomb Thomas, cigarmaker, h. rear 22 and 24 River 
Newcomb Thomas G. b. bookkeeper, h. 39 Spring [way 

Newell Allston W. b. bookkeeper, 34 Broad, bds. Fayette, n. Broad- 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Camkidgcport, Mass. 

E. F. C ashman, sac. Co Cnshman & Brooks, 90-94 Trent. St., Boston, 


Newell Charles, agent, Hamilton, Woollen Mills, 41 State, h. Fayette, 
Newell Robert R. student, bds. Berkeley, n. Craigie [n. Broadway 
Newell Timothy, h. 33 "Western ave. 
Newell William, clergyman, h. Berkeley, n. Craigie 

Newgen , h. River, n. Auburn 

Newhall Ebenezer Rev. h. Yernon, n. Main 

Newhall George, h. Cambridge, n. Second 

Newman Edward, glasspacker, h. Fourth, n. Bridge 

Newman Edward B. glasscutter, h. 51 Gore 

Newman Henry, h. Park, n. Pleasant 

Newman Patrick, laborer, h. rear 8 Seventh 

Newman Richard, laborer, h. Rice pi. 

Newman Stephen I., IT. S. A. h. 15J Jay 

Newmarch Joseph, baker, Harvard, cor. Clark, h. do. 

Nichols Curtis C. b. Secretary Boston Five Cents Savings-bank, 

School, h. Magazine, cor. Franklin 
Nichols Edward T. b. melodeon maker, h. Columbia, cor. Washington 
Nichols George, editor, h. Brattle, n. Appleton 
Nichols Ichabod Mrs. h. Kirkland, n. Kirkland pi. 
Nichols John T. G. physician, office at Mrs. Humphrey's, Harvard 

sq. bds. at Mrs. Nichols's, Kirkland 
Nichols William H. b. wharfinger, h. Broadway, cor. Inman 
Nicholson John, laborer, h. Garden, n. Brickyard 
Nicholson William, machinist, h. 315 Main 
Nickelson Samuel, h. 26 Auburn 
Nicol George, cabinetmaker, h. Thorndike, n. Eighth 
Nicol James, carver, bds. Thorndike, n. Seventh 
Nihan Daniel, laborer, h. 22 Spring 
Nihan Frank, laborer, h. Bridge, n. carhouse 
Niles Daniel W. bookseller, 451 Main, h. 28 Auburn 
Niles George I. cutter, h. Brooks 
Niles John B. printer, h. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 
Niles Nathaniel, printer, bds. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 
Nixon George, laborer, h. Garden, n. Chauncy 
Nixon Mary Mrs. h. 19 Tremont 

Noble Nathan K. postmaster, East Cambridge, h. 110 Thorndike [h. do. 
Noglar Martin, new and second hand clothing, Cambridge, cor. First, 
Nolan Edward, glassmaker, bds. Mansion House 
Nolan Michael, laborer, h. Short 
Nolan Michael, tanner, h. Spruce, cor. Reed 
Nolan Thomas, laborer, h. 14 Vine 
Nolan Thomas, laborer, h. Sparks, n. Foster 
Noonan John, laborer, h. 1 1 North 

Norcross William R. b. 20 Merchants' Row, h. Frisbee pi. n. Kirkland 
Norris Albert, carpenter, h. Western ave. n. Kinnard 
Norris Alexander, laborer, h. 56 Moulton blk. 
Norris George S. express, h. 50 Fifth 

Norris James D. clerk, at Wood & Hall's, h. School ct. n. Brattle 
Norris Langdon, carpenter, h. Chapel 

Tuesley i Griffin, Eats, Caps, Furs, k, 15$ & 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Goods for Boys' wear, at very low prices. 


Norris William H. T. carpenter, h. Pleasant, n. River 

Norton Charles E. h. Norton pi. 

Norton Edward H. soapmaker, h. Union, n. Lincoln 

Norton John, laborer, h. Vine, cor. Fourth 

Norton Mary S. Mrs. bds. Main, cor. Prospect 

Norton Michael, mason, h. Chauncy, cor. North ave. 

Norton Michael, laborer, h. Kinnard, n. Putnam 

Norton Roger, laborer, h. Stevens ct. n. Bridge 

Norton T. Rollins, carpenter, bds. Story, n. Brattle 

Norton Thomas Mrs. h. South, n. Brighton 

Norton William, h. Shepard, n. North ave. 

Nott Richard, laborer, h. Garden, cor. Shepard 

Nottage Jane L. Miss, h. Hampshire, cor. Union 

Nottage John M. h. Hampshire, cor. Union 

lNoud James, laborer, h. North, n. East 

Nourse B. Frank, b. clerk, 38 Water, bds. Kinnard 

Nourse Benjamin F. bookbinder, 38 Water, h. Kinnard, n. River 

Nourse Harry R. carpenter, bds. 348 Main 

Nourse Newell, b. grocer, 87 Broad, h. 8 Clinton 

Nowell Charles, carpenter, bds. Pleasant, cor. Prince 

Nowell Eliza C. Mrs. h. Pleasant, cor. Prince 

Nowell James A. b. bank messenger, bds. 1 Williams 

Nowell Sarah J. h. 1 Williams 

Nowell Timothy, carpenter, bds. Pleasant, cor. Prince 

Noyes Benjamin, b. clerk, State Arsenal, bds. Main, n. Hancock 

Noyes C. A. lightning-rod agent, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Noyes David S. soapmaker, h. 90 Harvard 

Noyes Etta, milliner, 398 Main, bds. do. 

Noyes Eliphalet S. machinist, h. Clark, n. Washington 

Noyes George D. b. counsellor, 76 State, bds. G. R. Noyes's, North 

Noyes George R., Hancock professor of Hebrew, etc. H. U. h. North 

ave. n. Common 
Noyes Lincoln, b. clerk, bds. 9 Austin 

Noyes Peter W. machinist, h. Clark, between Washington and School 
Noyes Samuel, b. clothing, h. 33 Second 
Noyes Samuel, jr. b. clerk, bds. 33 Spring 
Nudd Jacob, cement manufacturer, River, h. 2 Williams 
Nugent Bernard F. glasspacker, h. Winter, n. Fourth 
Nugent Thomas, laborer, h. Vine 
Nunan Abbie Mrs. h. Dunster, n. South 
Nurse Gilbert, b. 34 Merchants Row, h. 30 Norfolk 
Nute James C. constable, h. 61 Sixth 

Nutter Abby R. dressmaker, h. Main, junct. Broadway, L. P. 
Nutter Grafton, travelling agent, h. Williams, n. Pearl 
Nutting Ephraim M. carriage painter, h. Gerry 

Nutting Jonathan D. hardware and stoves, 314 Main, h. 62 Columbia 
Nutting Pamelia, widow, bds. 15 Third [ct. 

Nutting {Philip) & Prescott (J. K), blacksmiths, Palmer, h. Gardner 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 


Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, Boston. 


OAKES GEORGE, b. brassworker, h. Willow pi. 

Oakes George P. Mrs. h. 92 Washington 

Obery Joseph, polisher, at Glass House, h. Sixth, n. Cambridge 

O'Brien A. photographist, 459 Main, bds. 5 Worcester 

O'Brien Cornelius, laborer, h. North, n. East 

O'Brien Dennis, laborer, h. Cambridge, cor. Norfolk 

O'Brien Ellen, widow, h. Lambert 

O'Brien Edmund, laborer, h. Pleasant, n. Somerset 

O'Brien George N. E. glassworks, bds. 103 Bridge 

O'Brien James, h. Willow pi. (U. S. A.) 

O'Brien James, grocer, h. Winthrop, n. Dunster 

O'Brien James, laborer, h. Gore, n. G. J. R. R. 

O'Brien James, laborer, h. Sparks, n. Concord ave. 

O'Brien James, cooper, bds. Fifth, cor. Cambridge 

O'Brien James F. cooper, bds. Cambridge, cor. South 

O'Brien John, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. Webster ave. 

O'Brien John, laborer, h. Garden, n. Wyeth 

O'Brien John, laborer, h. Charles, n. Fourth 

O'Brien John, laborer, h. Kinnard, n. Putnam 

O'Brien John, cabinetmaker, bds. 103 Bridge 

O'Brien John, laborer, h. n. G. J. Railroad 

O'Brien John C. cabinetmaker, bds. Gore, n. Third 

O'Brien Margaret, h. rear 136 Bridge 

O'Brien Mary, widow, h. rear Vine, n. Fourth 

O'Brien Mary Mrs. h. Willow pi. 

O'Brien Michael, stonecutter, h. 15 Main, L. P. 

O'Brien Michael, laborer, h. Washington ct. 

O'Brien Michael, carver, bds. Charles, n. Fourth 

O'Brien Patrick, laborer, h. rear Vine, n. Fourth 

O'Brien Patrick, laborer, h. Sparks, n. Concord ave. 

O'Brien Patrick, b. tailor, h. Columbia, n. Hampshire 

O'Brien Stephen, laborer, h. 15 Main, L. P. 

O'Brien Thomas, laborer, h. Green 

O'Brien Timothy, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Bay 

O'Brien Timothy, b. boots and shoes, h. Gerry 

O'Brien William, blacksmith, bds. 103 Bridge 

O'Brien William, teamster, h. Harvey 

O'Brien William Mrs. h. Otis, n. Eighth 

O'Corrnell Andrew, laborer, h. Third, n. Charles 

O'Connell Anthony, cabinetmaker, h. Charles, n. Third 

O'Connell Callahan, laborer, h. Sargent, n. Dublin 

O'Connell Charles, ropemaker, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

O'Connell Daniel, laborer, h. Sargent 

O'Connell Daniel, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Bolton 

O'Connell Daniel, b. grocer, h. Allen 

O'Connell Jeremiah, laborer, h. Lambert, n. Cambridge 

O'Connell Jeremiah, laborer, h. Sargent, n. Dublin 

O'Connell Michael, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Bolton 

O' Conner Cornelius, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Rice 

Fairbanks and Beard, Howard St., Boston, Wholesale Dealers in Draught Ale. 

Send Address for Samples of Penmanship and College Journal. 


0' Conner Edward, carver, bds. 84 Gore 

O'Conner James, carver, h. 84 Gore 

0' Conner Jeremiah, laborer, h. Brighton 

O'Conner John, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Sargent 

O'Conner John Mrs. widow, h. Brighton 

O'Conner Margaret Mrs. h. Hampshire, n. Davis 

O'Conner Mary Mrs. h. 84 Gore 

O'Conner Michael, laborer, h. Spruce, cor. Dublin 

O'Conner Michael, bds. rear 25 Gore 

O'Conner Michael, laborer, h. Hancock, n. Green 

O'Conner Patrick, laborer, h. Sparks, n. Mt. Auburn 

O'Conner Patrick, laborer, h. Clay 

O'Conner Patrick, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 

O'Conner Sarah Mrs. h. 31 Bow 

O'Conner William, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Montgomery 

O'Connor Arthur, carpenter, h. 71 School 

O'Connor James, gardener, h. Franklin, n. Putnam [Auburn 

O'Connor Morris, clerk, bds. Mrs. Morris, cor. Dunster, and Mt. 

O'Diorne Sarah B. Mrs. h. Summer, cor. Prospect 

O'Donnell James, carpenter, h. Donnell, n. Tuttle 

O'Donnell James, painter, h. Cambridge, n. Willow pi. 

O'Donnell John, b. merchant, h. 211 Harvard 

O'Donnell Mary Mrs. h. Brighton, n. the bridge 

O'Donnell Roger, laborer, h. Donnell, n. Tuttle 

Ogle Thomas M. b. porter, h. 8 Hastings 

O'Haire John, butcher, h. Montgomery, n. Spruce 

O'Haire Patrick, laborer, h. Spruce, n. brickyard 

O'Hara Edward, laborer, h. Racecourse, n. Clifton st. 

O'Hara John, laborer, h. South, n. Brighton 

O'Hara Thomas, laborer, h. Valentine 

O'Hearn Dennis, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 

O'Hearn John, laborer, h. Antrim 

O'Hearn John, laborer, h. Hancock, n. Franklin 

O'Hearn Morris, laborer, Dublin, n. Railroad 

O'Hearn William, cabinetmaker, bds. Bridge, n. Somerville 

O'Laughlin Catherine Mrs. h. 5 North 

O'Laughlin John, shoemaker, h. North, cor. Short 

O'Leary Dennis, laborer, h. rear 128 Bridge 

O'Leary Dennis, laborer, h. North 

O'Leary Honora, widow, h. Vine, n. Fourth 

O'Leary Jeremiah, laborer, h. Otis, n. Eighth 

O'Leary John, carpenter, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

Oliver David M. b. 26 Faneuil Hall Market, h. 96 Norfolk 

Oliver Hubbard, b. harnessmaker, h. 60 Washington 

Oliver Robert, carpenter, h. Lambert, cor. Cambridge 

Oliver Sarah H. Mrs. h. 29 Bow 

Olmstead Susan H. Mrs. h. Dana, n. Cambridge 

Olsen Peder, b. bookkeeper, 140 Devonshire, h. 23 Norfolk 

O'Mahoney Timothy, laborer, h. Cambridge, cor. Elm 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cainbridgeporfc, Mass. 

E. F. Onahman, sue. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trem. St., Boston, 


O'Neal Felix, laborer, h. Dunster, n. South 

O'Neal John, laborer, h. Tuttle, n. Donnell 

O'Neal Michael, laborer, h. Sargent 

O'Neil Cornelius, soap peddler, bds. Bridge, n. Somerville 

O'Neil James, gardener, h. Windsor, between Harvard and Broadway 

O'Neil James, watchman, Lowell Railroad, h. 15 Fifth 

O'Neil James, laborer, bds. Windsor, cor. Harvard 

O'Neil James, carpenter, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 

O'Neil James Edward, b. clerk, bds. 15 Fifth 

O'Neil John, pedler, h. Union, cor. Lincoln 

O'Neil John, grocer, Vine, n. Fourth, h. do. 

O'Neil Jeremiah, laborer, h. Harvard, n. junct. Main 

O'Neil Thomas, carpenter, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 

O'Neil Thomas, laborer, bds. Windsor, cor. Harvard 

O'Neil William, carpenter, h. Cambridge, n. Windsor 

Onthank William, b. clerk, h. Suffolk, n. Columbia 

Orcutt Alfred H. collector, h. Brookline, n. Walnut 

Orcutt Frank E. b. clerk, bds. 10 Union 

Orcutt J. B. b. 551 Washington, h. Webster, n. school-house 

Orcutt William A. bookbinder, h. Putnam, n. Western ave. 

Orcutt William H. bookbinder, Riverside, h. Union, n. Hampshire 

Ordway Aaron, b. 130 State, h. 9 Worcester 

Orne Ann S. Mrs. h. 58 Auburn, n. Brookline 

Orne Caroline F. Miss, 58 Auburn, n. Brookline 

Orne Joel S. apothecary, 395 Main, h. 397 Main 

Osborn Dalphon, planingmill, State, h. 135 Washington 

Osborn Eldorado, bds. 135 Washington 

Osborn James D. surveyor of lumber, bds. 1 35 Washington 

Osborn Jesse, b. messenger, Shawmut Bank, h. Pearl, n. Walnut 

Osborne Abner J. carpenter, h. Magazine, n. Auburn 

Osborne Charles J. printer, bds. DeWolf 

Osborne Mary A. Mrs. 34 Norfolk 

Osgood Abbie A. bds. G. Osgood's, Cambridge [h. 10 Tremont 

Osgood Byron A. (Fessenden 8? Osgood), b. dry goods, 156 Hanover, 

Osgood Clara C. Mrs. bds. G. Osgood's, Cambridge. [n. Sumner 

Osgood George, b. hats, caps, and furs, 183 Washington, h. Cambridge, 

Osgood George M. postmaster, Old Cambridge, h. Main, n. Putnam 

Osgood Sarah, dressmaking and millinery, 373 Main, h. do. 

Otis James K. b. designer, 42 Chardon, h. Main, n. Pioneer 

Otto William, brassfounder, h. 8 Brimmer blk. Harvard 

Outhwaite Charlotte Mrs. upholsteress, h. Western ave. cor. Dana ct. 

Owen John, bds. Owen pi. [Main, h. Cottage, cor. Magazine 

Oxford (Joseph M.) & Brigham (Charles 0.), furniture dealers, 413 

PACKARD (ALONZO) & Burrell (Charles 0.), brushmanufac- 

turers, 58 Cambridge, bds. 59 Thorndike 
Packard Alvin, coal and wood dealer, Main, L. P. h. 21 Broadway 
Packer Charles, b. gilder, h. Pearl, n. Watson 
Paddock James, b. salesman, h. Prospect, n. Garden 

Tuesley & Griffin, Ms, Umbrellas, Travelling Bags, k, 158 k 160 Court St., Boston, 

Importer and Dealer in Ladies and Misses' Straw Hats and Bonnets. 


Page Asa, b. bookkeeper, h. Pleasant [Cambridge, n. Tremont 

Page Carlos L. cigar boxmaker, junct. Hampshire & Broadway, bds. 
Page George G. & Co. {Charles Gray fy Ovando J. Page), box 
manufacturers, junct. Hampshire and Broadway, h. Cambridge, 
cor. Tremont 
Page Gilman, bds. Manning's, 84 Harvard 
Page Joel C. b. 30 Milk, h. DeWolf, n. Mt. Auburn 
Page Moses C. milkman, h. 93 Gore 

Page Ovando G. {George G. Page S? Co.), boxmaker, junct. Hamp- 
shire and Broadway, h. Washington, cor. Pine [n. Magazine 
Page Perkins C. b. producedealer, 24 Suffolk Market, h. Cottage, n. 
Page William, h. Main, cor. Hancock 
Paige Lucius R. h. 96 Washington 
Paine Calvin C. expressman, bds. Moore, n. Harvard 
Paine Charles A. mariner, bds. 68 Washington 
Paine Charles M. b. optician, 373 Washington, h. 68 Washington 
Paine Henry W. b. counsellor, 30 Court, h. Sparks, n. Brattle 
Paine John, teamster, h. Bridge, n. East [cor. Centre 
Paine John S. {Shearer 3? Paine), b. furniture, 42 Canal, h. Dana, 
Palfrey John C. (U. S. A.) bds. J. G. Palfrey's, Oxford 
Palfrey John G. b. postmaster, h. Oxford, n. Everett 
Palmer Alexander W. bedstead maker, bds. 84 Harvard 
Palmer Granville, carpenter, Auburn, h. 66 Magazine 
Palmer James, b. confectioner, bds. 5 Broadway 
Palmer John, cutter, h. 5 Broadway 
Palmer John, grocer, Gore, cor. Second, h. 70 Gore 
Palmer John K. physician, h. Main, n. Hancock 
Palmer Nancy Miss, h. 77 Gore 
Palmer Samuel, drainbuilder, h. 149 Harvard 
Pancost Charles W. clerk at W. P. Sampson's, h. 28 Green 
Park George W. b. lawyer, 46 Washington, h. Chapel 
Park John, carpenter, h. Washington ct. 

Park William S. b. architect, 46 Court, bds. Cambridge, n. Summer 
Parker Artemas, dealer in rough and hammered stone, Main, n. 
Bridge, h. at Boston [Sacramento, n. Wendell 

Parker Benjamin F. b. doors, sashes, and blinds, 24 Charlestown, h. 
Parker Caroline G. Mrs. bds. Brattle, n. Hilliard 
Parker Charles W. boxmaker, h. 22 Worcester 
Parker Daniel W. b. lumberdealer, h. Pearl, n. Walnut 
Parker Eliza C. Miss, dressmaker, h. Garden, n. Concord ave. 
Parker Ezra, engineer, h. Western ave. cor. Putnam 
Parker George, harnessmaker, h. Pleasant, cor. Putnam 
Parker Hannah R. Miss, h. Magazine, n. Hamilton 
Parker Horatio G. lawyer, bds. Mt. Auburn, cor. Story 
Parker I. Newton, cabinetmaker, bds. Third, cor. Cambridge 
Parker Joel, professor Law School, H. U. h. Craigie 
Parker John L. cabinetmaker, h. 166 Cambridge [Second 

Parker Luther L. deputy sheriff, office, Bank Building, E. C. h. 38 
Parker Phineas, overseer brickyard, h. Spruce, cor. Hollis 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cainkidgeport, 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kueclaiid St., Boston. 


Parker Rebecca E. Miss, b. 88 Cambridge 

Parker Richard G. bds. North ave. n. Shepard 

Parker Sanford A. b. confectioner, h. 1 Prospect 

Parker Susan Miss, dressmaker, h. Garden, cor. Concord ave. 

Parker Theodore D. h. Garden, cor. Phillips pi. 

Parker Thomas B. b. expressman, 52 Court, h. School ct. 

Parker William B. h. Magazine, n. Hamilton 

Parker , dry goods, bds. Charles River, n. Mt. Auburn 

Parkhurst Charles, carpenter, h. North ave. n. Spruce 

Parkhurst Charles, b. bookkeeper, bds. Putnam, cor. Green 

Parkin Robert, h. 23 Broadway 

Parkington Edwin, bricklayer, bds. Portland, n. Hampshire 

Parkinton Jonathan, h. Portland, n. Hampshire 

Parks James, laborer, h. Amory, n. Hampshire 

Parks James H. policeman, h. Prospect, cor. Austin 

Parmenter William Mrs. widow, h. 37 Second 

Parsons Allen B. carpenter, Palmer, h. Mellen, n. Oxford 

Parsons Charles A. clerk, 12 Harvard Row, bds. Allen Parsons's, 

Mellen, n. Oxford 
Parsons Henry K. livery stable, h. Russell, n. North ave. 
Parsons Sylvanus M. cattle broker, h. Russell [Shepard 

Parsons Theophilus, Dane professor of law, H. U. h. Garden, n. 
Parsons William, b. printer, h. Brooks, n. Magazine 
Partridge Henry, h. Meacham, n. North ave. 

Partridge John H. h. Wendell, n. Oxford a / 

Patch Charles A. b. salesman, bds. Harvard, n. Inman qf\fi>> 

Patch Charles R. (Bradshaw S? Patch), b. oildealer, 7 Central.h. 

Harvard, n. Inman r 

Patch Francis E. carpenter, bds. 4 Jay 
Patch John H. lumbersalesman, h. 32 Second 
Patch Samuel, real estate agent, h. 4 Jay 
Pattee George D. livery stable, h. Walnut, cor. Brookline 
Patten John, laborer, h. Third, n. Charles 
Patterson James, gardener, h. Wyeth's Lane, n. Mt. Auburn 
Philbrook Frank, barrelmaker, bds. 1 Leighton ct. [n. Pearl 

Phillips Charles W. billiard saloon, Main, opp. Brookline, h. Franklin, 
Phillips Enos B. brass founder, h. 64 Washington 
Patterson Robert, laborer, h. Concord ave. n. Alewife Brook 
Patterson Thomas, farmer, h. foot of Harvey 
Paul Frederick J. cigarmaker, h. 342 Main 
Payne George W. mason, h. 9 Jay 

Peabody Andrew P. Preacher to the University, and Plummer Pro- 
fessor of Christian Morals, H. U. h. Quincy, cor. Harvard 
Peacock Margaret Mrs. h. Dunster, n. Wharf 

Pear Edward, b. silversmith, 7 Avery, h. Essex, n. Harvard [ard 

Pear Isaac S. (Pettingill fy Pear), b. spring beds, 35 Brattle, h. How- 
Pear John, undertaker, h. 15 Front 
Pear Joseph S. spring-bed maker, bds. 15 Front 
Pear Thomas, b. jeweller, 7 Avery, bds. E. Pear's, Essex 

Fairbanks & Beard, Manufacturers of Soda and Mineral Water. 

All Branches of a Complete Business Education Practically Taught. 


Pear William B. b. silversmith, 7 Avery, bds. E. Pear's, Essex 

Pearl Stephen R. h. Sacramento, cor. Oxford 

Pearson Charles L. cracker dealer, bds. 12 i Washington 

Pearson Charles S. paperhanger, h. Washington, cor. Columbia 

Pearson Henry, Mrs. h. Jennings 

Pearson John A. paperbox maker, 359 Main, h. do. 

Pearson John D. h. Suffolk, n. Norfolk 

Pearson Thomas, h. Chester, n. North ave. 

Peaslee Lucius, bookkeeper, bds. Main, cor. Prospect 

Peasley Charles, in California, h. 121 Cambridge 

Peasley Thomas, machinist, bds. 298 Main 

Peck Louisa T. widow, h. Gardner 

Pedrick George W. b. clerk, bds. Hampshire, n. Prospect 

Pedrick William Mrs. h. Hampshire, n. Prospect [H. U. h. Quincy 

Peirce Benjamin, Perkins Professor of Astronomy and Mathematics, 

Peirce Calvin D. bookbinder, bds. Green, n. Bay 

Peirce Charles S. chemist, h. 2 Arrow 

Peirce Elijah J. shingle packer, bds. Second, n. Gore 

Peirce Elizabeth Charlotte, h. Highland 

Peirce Frank, h. North ave. n. Meacham 

Peirce George, machinist, bds. 372 Main 

Peirce James M. assistant professor in mathematics, H. U. 

Peirce James W. b. bookkeeper, h. Hampshire, n. Prospect 

Peirce Lydia R. Mrs. h. Highland 

Peirce Mary F. assistant teacher High School, bds. 38 Norfolk 

Peirce Samuel, pianoforte maker, h. Green, n. Bay 

Peirce Samuel, b. stovedealer, h. Green, n. Putnam 

Peirce Stillman, carpenter, h. Broadway, n. Prospect 

Peirce Thomas J. (Peirce Sf Hall), icedealer, Cambridge, h. Woburn 

Pell Mary A. Mrs. h. 91 Brattle 

Pendexter Charles, carpenter, h. 64 Fourth 

Pendexter Francis, teacher Eastern Primary, bds. 64 Fourth 

Pendexter Susan M. teacher Otis Primary, bds. 64 Fourth 

Pendlebury Peter, manufacturer of the Thermo. Pneumatic Lubrica- 
tor, h. Cambridge, n. Willow pi. 

Penney Richard, laborer, h. foot of Harvey 

Penney Samuel S. provisions, h. Union, cor. Hampshire 

Penniman Albert B. printer, h. 105 Harvard 

Penniman Benjamin F. b. printer, h. 33 Auburn 

Penniman James W. painter, bds. 6 Brookline 

Penniman John A. printer, h. 6 Brookline 

Penniman Thomas J. carpenter, bds. 6 Brookline 

Pepper Rosanna, widow, h. Oxford, n. Sacramento 

Perham John, jr. b. steam-pipe and gas fitter, 52 Sudbury, h. 78 
Columbia, n. Broadway 

Perham T. W. pattern maker, bds. Third, n. Cambridge 

Perigney Joseph, baker, h. 95 Spring 

Perkins Almon, carpenter, h. Pleasant, n. Walnut 

Perkins Clarence A. tin-plater, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Camuriilgcport, Mass. 

JE. F. t'mhman, sac. to Cushmnn 8c Brooks, 90-94 Trent. St., Boston, 


Perkins Franklin B. b. chiropodist, 265 Washington, h. Willow, n. 
North ave. 

Perkins Herald H. Mrs. widow, h. Somerset pi. cor. Magazine 

Perkins Levi, carpenter, Brighton, h. Everett, n. North ave. 

Perkins Nelly Miss, h. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 

Perkins Nelson L. Mrs. h. 11 Hastings [Waterhouse 

Perrin Franklin B. b. 32 Pearl, bds. at Mrs. N. Gage's, Garden, opp. 

Perry Benjamin F. grocer, h. Eliot, n. Brighton 

Perry Ephraim S. laborer, h. Clifton 

Perry John B. farmer, h. Willow 

Perry Oliver H. expressman, h. 50 Fifth 

Peters Charles J. b. stereotyper, 13 Washington, h. 67 Washington 

Peters Isaac A. printer, h. Broadway, n. Windsor 

Peters Samuel, bookbinder, Riverside, h. Western ave. n. Putnam 

Pettes Phineas, cabinetmaker, bds. R. R. blk. Bridge 

Pettingill Benjamin A. {Pettingill fy Pear), b. spring bed dealer, 35 
Brattle, h. 23 State, cor. Front 

Pettingill Joel, farmer, h. Pleasant 

Pettingill Joseph R. blacksmith, Brighton, h. 620 Main 

Pettingill ( William H.) & Sawyer {Howard M.), oiled-hat manufac- 
turers, Second, cor. Thorndike, h. 48 Second 

Pettingill W. H. jr. oiled-hat maker, bds. 48 Second 

Peverelly George A. confectioner, h. Windsor, cor. Broadway 

Phalen Timothy, h. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 

Phelan William, laborer, h. Bolton, n. railroad 

Phelan William, cabinetmaker, h. 58 Washington 

Phelan William, gardener at Elmwood, Elmwood ave. 

Phelps Albert S. printer, bds. 39 Western ave. 

Phelps Arthur A. mail carrier, bds. 39 Western ave. 

Phelps Stephen D. bds. 39 Western ave. [Magazine 

Phelps William H. electrotyper, 14 Viles' blk. Main, h. Green, n. 

Philbrick Andrew, blacksmith, bds. Cambridge, n. First 

Philbrick Charles B. glasscutter, 14 Viles' blk. bds. Main, n. Pioneer 

Philbrick David, b. insurance agent, 3 Merchants Exchange, h. Main, 
n. Pioneer 

Philbrook Frank, barrelmaker, bds. 1 Leighton ct. [n. Pearl 

Phillips Charles W. billiard saloon, Main, opp. Brookline, h. Franklin, 

Phillips Enos B. brass founder, h. 64 Washington 

Phillips George, moulder, h. Thorndike, cor. Fifth 

Phillips George S. mouldmaker, h. 91 Thorndike 

Phillips Ivers C. (E. G. Lucas fy Co.), b. railroad supplies, 11 & 13 
Batterymarch, h. Orchard 

Phillips James, mason, bds. Franklin, n. Pearl 

Phillips James II. mason, bds. Franklin, n. Pearl 

Phillips J. II. bds. 17 Franklin 

Phillips J. L. h. 61 River [Pine 

Phillips Joseph S. cigar manufacturer, 467 Main, bds. Washington, n. 

Phillips Willard, b. h. Linnrcan, n. Garden 

Phillips William, clerk, bds. Hampshire, n. Norfolk 

Tueslcy k Griffin, Trunks, Valises, Bags, k, 158 & 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Rich Ribbons of every description. 


Pickering Mark, b. 103 Blackstone, h. 3 Norfolk 
Pickering Octavius, h. Berkeley, cor. Phillips pi. »* [n. Avon 

Pickett George E. clerk, Wood & Hall's, Harvard Row, bds. Shepard, 
Pickett Joseph J. mason, h. Dana ct. n. Western ave. 
Pickett Samuel, h. Shepard, n. Avon 
Pierce Abner Mrs. widow, h. Forest,' cor. North ave. 
Pierce Albert E. agent, bds. 99 Thorndike 

Pierce Charles, gasfitter, h. 18 East [River 

Pierce Charles R. expressman, 7 Harvard Row, h. Mill, n. Charles 
Pierce Edward H. b. lawyer, h. Trowbridge, n. Broadway 
Pierce Eliza, widow, h. North ave. cor. Beech 
Pierce Emily Mrs. h. Harrison ave. 

Pierce Ezekiel P. fruitdealer, h. Broadway, n. Elm [nut 

Pierce George S. b. bookkeeper, 160 Canal, bds. Magazine, cor. Wal- 
Pierce George W. moulder, h. 12 Austin 
Pierce Henry A. farmer, h. Forest, cor. North ave. 
Pierce Henry G. h. Austin, n. School 

Pierce Joseph, wheelwright, Western ave. n. Main, h. 10 Green 
Pierce Joseph H. cabinetmaker, h. 99 Thorndike 
Pierce Leander, baker, bds. 336 Main 
Pierce Samuel, inventor, h. Trowbridge, n. Broadway 
Pierpoint William L. blacksmith, h. Seventh, n. Otis 
Pierre Francis, fancyglass worker, h. 50 Gore 
Pike Amos, proprietor Porter's Hotel, North ave. 
Pike Carlos, boxmaker, h. 345 Main 

Pike Edward L. b. printer, 42 Congress, h. Broadway, cor. Windsor- 
Pike George S. hairdresser, Main, n. Windsor, h. 52 Elm 
Pike Henry S. painter, h. 118 Columbia 
Pike James, livery stable, opp. Irving House, h. 6 Norfolk 
- Pike John, hostler, h. 10 Prospect 

Pike John N. switch tender, h. 39 Spring [sq. bds. J. W. Baldwin's 
Pillsbury David P. {Baldwin 3? Pillsbury), provision dealer, Union 
Pillsbury Nathaniel M. tinsmith, bds. Steven's, Dunster 
Pillsbury Tappan P. sawyer, h. 63 Sixth 
Pinder Mary Miss, h. 32 Pearl 
Pinkerton Fannie, widow, bds. 75 Spring 
Pinkerton James, engineer, h. 75 Spring, 

Pinkham George F. b. com. mer. 6 Arch, h. Magazine, n. Brooks 
Pinkham George G. tinsmith, Main, cor. Cherry, h. Green, n. Pleasant 
Pinkham Isaac, h. 346 Main 

Pinsonault Louis, cabinetmaker, h. Third, cor. ct. [n. Shepard 

Piper George C. ( George W. Simmons 3? Co.), b. 34 North, h. Avon, 
Piper George F. bds. G. C. Piper's, Avon 

Piper Henry A. b. dry goods, 47 Franklin, h. Shepard, opp. Avon 
Pitman John F. d*. coaldealer, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Howard 
Place (George G.) & Genther (Gilman), stoves and hardware, 25 

Cambridge, h. 64 Otis 
Place Stephen M. b. produce, h. 1 Chestnut pi. 
Plessenger Joseph, Glass Works, h. 92 Gore 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 


Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, Boston, 


Plummer Edward Li (H. N. 3? E. L. Plummer), bds. H. N. Plummer's 
North ave. n.,R uss ell 

Plummer Horatio N. (H. N. fy E. L. Plummer), b. commission mer- 
chant, 133 Central, h. North ave. n. Russell 

Plummer Warren, provisions, 108 Cambridge, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Plumridge George, printer, h. 25 Brooks Buildings, n. School 

Plympton Sylvanus Mrs. h. Chestnut, n. Harvard 

Poland Edward, bds. Church, n. Brattle 

Poland Sarah F. Mrs. nurse, h. 18 Winter 

Pollard John S. mason, h. 21 Norfolk 

Pomeroy Anne Miss, h. Oxford, n. Kirkland 

Pond John P. b. salesman, h. rear 32 Norfolk 

Poole Francis H. conductor, Union Railway, h. Charles River 

Pope Augustus R. Mrs. h. Concord ave. n. Craigie 

Pope Charles G. teacher at Somerville, bds. 35 Second 

Pope Eugene A. b. clerk, 81 Washington, bds. Mellen, cor. Oxford 

Pope Frederick, clerk, 2 Change ave. bds. Wendell, cor.. Oxford 

Pope George, clerk, Flint & Hall's, Bridge, bds. Brookline 

Pope Ivory H. clerk, bds. Jay, n. River 

Pope John S. bricklayer, h. Jay, n. River 

Pope Lemuel, bds. Mrs. Meacham's, Concord ave. 

Pope Samuel, b. 10 Dock sq. h. Wendell, cor. Oxford 

Porter Albert, laddermaker, bds. 103 Thorndike 

Porter Catherine Mrs. h. Elm, cor. Broadway 

Porter Charles H. b. oil manufacturer, h. Fifth, cor. Otis [Fifth 

Porter J. Augustine, fruit and produce dealer, E. C. bds. Otis, cor. 

Porter James N. glasscutter, bds 48 Fifth 

Porter John L. b. auctioneer, 25 Kilby, h. 350 Main 

Porter Joseph Mrs. h. Winthrop sq. 

Porter Winkworth G. laddermaker, bds. at Binney's, Gore 

Porter William N. glasscutter, h. 44 Spring 

Porter William, expressman, h. 52 River 

Potter Daniel F. fancy goods, 79 Cambridge, h. in Boston 

Potter Henry (Potter fy Demmon), b. porkdealer, 28 and 30 City 
Wharf, h. North ave. cor Linnasan 

Potter Henry S. bookkeeper, bds. H. Potter's, North ave. n. Linneean 

Potter J. Cushing, carpenter, h. River, cor. Cottage 

Powell John A. b. porter, h. Hampshire, cor. Webster ave. 

Power D. Nicholas, printer, h. Main, n. City Hall 

Power James, laborer, h. Copperthwait, n. Banks 

Powers Catherine Mrs. h. Willow pi. 

Powers Daniel, laborer, h. Harvard, n. G. J. Railroad 

Powers Edward, stone mason, h. Suffolk, n. Columbia 

Powers James F. clergyman, bds. 92 Otis 

Powers John, engineer, U. S. N. h. Main, n. Pione&r 

Powers John, laborer, h. North 

Powers John, laborer, h. Harvard, n. junc. Main 

Powers John, tapper, h. 1 Washington 

Powers John Mrs. h. Broadway, n. Dock 

Fairbanks t Beard, Wholesale Dealers in* bottle Ale, Porter, and Cider. 

for fitting Young Men and Ladles for the Practical Duties of Life. 


Powers Margaret Mrs. widow, h. 145 Bridge 

Powers Maurice, teamster, h. Broadway, L. P. 

Powers Patrick, laborer, h. Donnell, n. Tuttle 

Powers Pierce F. machinist, h. 366 Main 

Powers Richard, b. turner, h. Cambridge, n. Prison Point Bridge 

Powers Thomas, harnessmaker, h. Norfolk, n. Cambridge 

Pownall Jeremiah B. machinist, h. Leighton ct. 

Pratt Aaron B. tinman, h. 6 Munroe's blk. Winter 

Pratt Annie L. Miss, h. Brattle, n. Story 

Pratt Francis L. clerk, bds. Charles River 

Pratt Freeman, b. teamster, h. 46 Washington 

Pratt Mary, widow, h. 65 Third [Auburn 

Pratt William A. Mrs. dressmaker, Hyde's Building, h. Village, n. 

Pray William M. b. music teacher, Joy's Building, h. Temple, n. Main 

Prebeck Michael, wheelwright, h. Bridge, opp. Wyman's Wharf 

Preble Sarah A. widow, h. 554 Main 

Prentice C. A. h. Green, n. Hancock 

Prentice Henry H. printer, h. Baldwin [Main, opp. Quincy 

Prentice Robert, furniture dealer, 203 Cambridge, bds. Mrs. Russell's, 

Prentice Samuel W. blacksmith, h. 48 Brighton 

Prentiss Dorcas P. h. 14 Hancock 

Prentiss Mary Mrs. h. North ave. n. Porter's Hotel [Tenny ct. 

Presby Charles E. stone mason, bds. J. W. Presby's, Orchard, n. 

Presby George T. clerk, bds. J. W. Presby's, Orchard, n. Tenny ct. 

Presby James H. stonemason, bds. J. W. Presby's, Orchard, n. 

Tenny ct. 
Presby James W. stonemason, h. Orchard, n. Tenny ct. [ct. 

Presby Mary A. Miss, private school teacher, bds. Orchard, n. Tenny 
Prescott Charles E. b. organmaker, Mason & Hamlin's, bds. Auburn, 

n. Magazine [more Wharf, h. 101 Spring 

Prescott (Ebenezer O.) & Chapin (David), b. wood and coal, Liver- 
Prescott Edwin H. h. North ave. n. Chestnut [Auburn, cor. Howard 
Prescott Joel H. (Nutting Sf Prescott), blacksmith, Palmer, h. Mt. 
Prescott Jonas, engineer, bds. R. R. blk. Bridge 
Prescott Josiah H. piano-forte maker, h. Harvard, opp. Elm 
Price Isaac, glassblower, h. 9 Vine [Thorndike, cor. Fifth 

Price James M. stove3 and hardware, 55 Cambridge, n. Third, h. 
Price William B. Mrs. h. 2 Munroe's blk. 
Priest Edward E. machinist, h. School ct. 
Primrose John W. b. salesman, bds. 10 Moore 
Prince George W. h. Groveland, n. Spruce 
Prinderble James, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Brickyard 
Prior George H. cashier, bds. River, junct. Pleasant 
Prior Henry Mrs. h. Pleasant, cor. River 
Pritchett Thomas, porter, h. 41 Washington 
Proctor (A. R.) & Far well (F. E.), dry goods, West Cambridge 
Proctor Benjamin F. cooper, Allston, h. do. 
Proctor John A. cooper, h. 53 Prospect 
Proudfoot William, glasscutter, bds. 50 Gore 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, 

JE. F.€u*hman, sue. to Cushnian & Brooks, 90-94 Trent. St., Boston, 

Prue John, brassfinisher, h. Spruce, n. Brickyard [Columbia 

Puffer Gustavus A. (Sheriff fy Co.), b. brushes, 22 Exchange, h. 57 
Puidie Charles, student, bds. Putnam, cor. Green 
Pullen Louisa M. Mrs. h. Charles River, n. Mt. Auburn 
Pulsifer Freeman L. clockmaker, bds. 69 Spring 
Pulsifer George F. painter, bds. 24 Tremont 
Pulsifer James W. block-tin worker, h. 69 Spring 
Pulsifer John S. glasscutter, bds. 69 Spring 
Pulsifer Susan Mrs. h. 24 Tremont 
Pulsifer "William, h. Short, n. Magazine 
Punch Margaret, groceries and provisions, 136 Bridge, h. do. 
Punch Philip, California, h. 136 Bridge 
Purcell Hyacinth, cementmaker, h. Mt. Auburn, opp. Athens 
Purcell John, dialmaker, Columbia, n. Hampshire, h. do. 
Purcell Michael Mrs. h. Sparks, n. Mt. Auburn 
Putnam George L. glasscutter, bds. 72 Gore 
Putnam George W. glassmaker, h. 72 Gore 

Putnam John P. (Henry Thayer fy Co.), chemicals, Main, cor. Doug- 
lass, h. at Winthrop, Me. 
Putnam Lewis, surgeon, h. North ave. n. Porter's Hotel 
Putnam Mary E. Miss, music teacher, bds. 72 Gore 
Putnam S. Abbott, cabinetmaker, bds. Fourth, n. Cambridge 
Putney Albert, glasspresser, h. Third, n. Cambridge 
Putney Daniel W. glassmaker, h. 48 Gore 
Putney George, bacon curer, h. 4 Pine 
Putney Horace B. carver, bds. 45 Gore 
Putney Sylvester, glassmaker, h. 45 Gore 

QUAIN PATRICK JOHN, brushmaker, h. Charles, n. Fourth 

Qualey Austin, laborer, h. Cambridge, cor. Elm 

Quails Elbridge, h. 56 Harvard 

Queeny Amos, piledriver, bds. 69 Otis 

Queeny Bridget Mrs. h. Howard 

Queeny Michael M. carriage and sign painter, bds. 41 Cambridge 

Queeny O. M. harnessmaker, Cambridge, n. First, h. 41 Cambridge 



gley Philip, laborer, h. Concord ave. n. Alewife Brook 

11 Dennis, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 

11 Michael, currier, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 

mby Bartholomew, seaman, h. rear Bridge, n. East 

mby Gilman M. Mrs. h. Cambridge, n. Willow pi. 

ncy Nicholas, b. carpenter, h. 7 Broadway 

nlan Daniel, laborer, h. Lambert, n. Gore 

nn Bridget Mrs. h. Kinnard, n. Putnam 

nn Charles, mechanic, h. Moore, n. Harvard 

nn Francis, h. Remington, n. Harvard 

nn Hugh, gardener, h. Broadway, n. Trowbridge 

Quinn James, laborer, h. Franklin 

nn James, painter, h. Hancock, n. Centre 
nn Jeremiah, laborer, bds. North, n. East 

Tueslcy & Griffin, Hats, Caps, Furs, k, 158 & 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Paris Artificial Flowers, Wreaths, Buds, &c. 


Quinn John, grease collector, h. Charles, n. Fourth 

Quinn John, laborer, h. Willow pi. n. Cambridge 

Quinn John, teamster, h. Suffolk, n. Norfolk 

Quinn John, b. tailor, 36 Richmond, h. Pearl, cor. Alls ton 

Quinn Margaret Mrs. h. Granger's Yard 

Quinn Maurice, laborer, h. Short, n. Bridge 

Quinn Michael, teamster, h. 29 Windsor 

Quinn Nichols, carpenter, h. 7 Broadway 

Quinn Patrick, grocer, 92 Fourth, h. do. 

Quinn Patrick, laborer, h. Vine 

Quinn Patrick, laborer, h. Valentine, n. Soap Factory 

Quinn Sarah Mrs. h. Fourth, cor. Bridge 

Quinn Thomas, laborer, bds. Bridge, n. Somerville 

Quinn Timothy, laborer, h. Gore, n. Second 

Quinn Timothy B. fireman, bds. 54 Gore 

Quinn ( William A.) & Driscoll {Florence), porcelain glassmakers, 

Third, n. Charles h. 54 Gore 
Quinnith James, h. Harvard, n. G. J. Railroad 

RABY CATHERINE Mrs. widow, h. Charles, n. Fourth 

Radam Timothy, laborer, h. Brighton, n. the Bridge 

Rady Martin, h. Franklin, n. Putnam 

Rady Mary Mrs. h. Columbia, n. Hampshire 

Rafferty Bernard, cooper, Cambridge, n. Willow pi. h. do. 

Rafferty James, laborer, h. Fourth, n. Bridge 

Ragel Victor, Glass Works, h. Second, n. Gore 

Ramsay Alexander H. apothecary, Harvard sq. h. Holyoke pi. 

Ramsay Edwin A. b. clerk, bds. Holyoke pi. 

Ramsay Harvey, b. cigarmaker, h. 67 Third 

Rand Benjamin Mrs. h. Union sq. 

Rand Benjamin R. conveyancer, h. 61 Thorndike 

Rand Clarissa, widow, h. 27 Broadway 

Rand Henry C. (H. C. Band Sf Co.), b. leatherdealer, 45 Merchants 
Row, h. Elm, n. Cottage 

Rand James Mrs. h. Eliot, cor. Brighton 

Rand Luther Mrs. widow, h. 61 Thorndike 

Rand Nathaniel S. stereotyper, h. Mt. Auburn, opp. Charles River 

Rand Oliver J. (Nourse Sf Band), b. bookbinder, 38 Water, h. Har- 
vard, n. Hancock 

Rand Oliver P. h. 4 Cottage 

Rand Samuel, shoemaker, h. North ave. n. Union sq. 

Randall Benjamin, carpenter, h. 52 Essex 

Randall Catherine Mrs. widow, h. 3 Auburn ct. 

Randall Daniel, laborer, h. Vine, n. Third 

Randall James T. D. telegraph operator, bds. 3 Auburn ct. 

Randall Joseph, carpenter, h. North ave. n. Meacham 

Rawson George W. {Geo. W. Rawson fy Co.), steam-engine man- 
ufacturers, Main, n. Broadway, h. 34 State 

Ray George, gardener, h. Hampshire, n. Prospect" 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cauiuridgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kueelaud St., Boston. 


Ray James, baker, bds. 49 Cambridge 

Ray Perley, engineer, bds. 1 Leigbton ct. 

Raybold William, glassmaker, h. Fourth, cor. Bridge 

Raybold William T. groceries, 71 Cambridge 

Raymond Ari, clergyman, h. 42 Second 

Raymond Emmons, h. Broadway, n. High School 

Raymond John C. bds. J. T. Raymond's, Erie, n. Pearl 

Raymond John T. clergyman, h. Erie, n. Pearl 

Raymond Patrick H. b. clerk, h. Pleasant, cor. Somerset 

Raymond William H. bookkeeper, h. 42 Second 

Raymond William T. clerk, h. Fremont, n. River 

Raymond Zebina L. h. Dana, cor. Broadway 

Read Alexander D. b. clerk, 214 Congress, bds. A. H. Read's Centre 

Read Alexander H. b. leather, 214 Congress, h. Centre, n. Dana 

Read James B. h. Cambridge, n. Irving [bds. 195 Harvard 

Read James J. b. saddlery and harness, 119 Court, cor. Sudbury, 

Read John, bds. W. Read's, Appleton 

Read John & Co. dry goods, Harvard sq. h. Garden, opp. Common 

Read Joseph S. b. real estate agent, 13 Tremont Row, bds. 195 

Read Robert, gardener, h. Green, n. Putnam 
Read Sally Mrs. h. 195 Harvard 

Read Thomas, pressman, h. Copperthwait, n. De Wolf 
Read William ( Wm. Read Sf Sons), b. hardware, Faneuil Hall sq. 

h. Appleton [h. Appleton 

Read William, jr. ( Wm. Read Sf Sons), b. hardware, Faneuil Hall sq. 
Ready James, laborer, h. Spruce n. Brickyard 
Ready Paul, laborer, h. Green, n. Bay 
Ready Susan, widow, bds. 118 Bridge 
Reardon Dennis, laborer, h. Donnell, n. Tuttle 

Reardon Edmund (J. Reardon Sf Sons), candle manuf. h. Erie, n. Pearl 
Reardon Francis, blacksmith, bds. 282 Main 

Reardon John, laborer, h. Antrim, n. Broadway [h. do. 

Reardon John (J. Reardon Sf Son), candle manufacturer, Erie, n. Pearl, 
Reardon Michael, laborer, h. West 
Reardon Owen, laborer, bds. 8 Gore 
Reardon Patrick, laborer, h. Short 
Reagan Michael, laborer, h. Lambert, n. Cambridge 
Reason Anna Mrs. widow, h. Appian Way, n. Garden 
Redding Abigail R. nurse, h. 72 Spring 
Redding Fred. G. b. coffeedealer, h. 5 Austin 
Reddington Anna Mrs. h. Dunster, n. South 
Reddington Patrick, laborer, h. Brighton, n. Eliot 
Reddington Patrick, jr. clerk, bds. Brighton, n. Eliot 
Reddington Thomas, tailor, h. Harvard, n. Columbia 
Redfern J. stereotyper, h. Franklin 
Redfern William, h. Franklin 

Redman Curtis, shipmaster, bds. Franklin, cor. Pearl 
Redy James, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Dublin 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Hop and Sarsaparilla Beer. 

Please Call and Examine onr Course of Instruction. 


Eeed Enos, boot and shoe store, 131 Bridge, h. 90 Cambridge 

Reed Enos W. milkdealer, Gore, n. Second, h. 59 Thorndike 

Reed Frederick, b. upholsterer, bds. Franklin, cor. Pearl 

Reed Freeman S. carpenter, h. cor. Walnut, n. Fort Washington 

Reed George D. b. clerk, bds. 63 Otis [Cambridge 

Reed George H. salesman, Wm. S. Blanchard & Co. East, b. 109 

Reed John, laborer, h. West, n. Lee 

Reed Lucinda, widow, b. 63 Otis 

Read Miriam C. widow, b. rear 73 Cambridge 

Reed Samuel, laborer, h. Murdock pi. 

Read Theodore, clerk, h. rear 73 Cambridge 

Reed William, b. editor, h. Harvard, cor. Ellery 

Reed William, jr. b. teacher, b. W. Reed's, Ellery 

Reehal Mary Mrs. h. 12 Short, Ward 3 

Reehan James, glassmaker, h. 21 Winter 

Reeves Benjamin, F. b. hair-dresser, h. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 

Reeves Edward O. clerk, h. Mt. Auburn, opp. Charles River 

Regan Daniel, laborer, h. Short, n. Bridge 

Regel Frank, glassmaker, h. 14 Gore 

Rehil Thomas, laborer, h. 259 Main, cor. School 

Reichert Frederick, cabinetmaker, h. Eighth, n. Otis 

Reid Andrew Mrs. h. Hamilton, n. Magazine 

Reid Guilford, b. clerk, 130 Tremont, h. Kirkland, n. Baldwin 

Reid James A. plumber, h. 5 Auburn 

Remick Charles, bookbinder, h. Temple, cor. Main 

Remick Jacob B. cattletrader, bds. Curtis's, Groveland, n. Spruce 

Remick John, h. Temple, cor. Main 

Revaleon Dorcas A. Mrs. h. Columbia, n. Hampshire, 

Revaleon John D. b. hair-dresser, 87 Union, h. 40 Western ave. 

Revaleon Robert N. b. clerk, bds. 40 Western ave. 

Rexford Richard W. b. commission agt. h. 112 Otis 

Reynolds Caroline Mrs. h. 9 Webster ave. n. Windsor 

Reynolds Frank, teamster, h. 4 Broadway 

Reynolds James, bookbinder, h. Blackstone 

Reynolds James, laborer, h. Reed 

Reynolds John S. printer, h. Bath - 

Rhoades Cyrus, carpenter, h. Hamilton, n. Magazine 

Rhoades Josiah R. carpenter, h. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 

Rhoades Silas R. (Blodgett fy Rhoades), carpenter, h. Norfolk n. 

Rhoades Solomon, provisions, Brattle sq. h. School ct. 
Rhode Joseph, boots and shoes, 409 Main, h. 25 River 
Rice Chas. D. bds. Mrs. Rice's, Brattle, cor. Lowell 
Rice Edmund Col. bds. Mrs. Rice's, Brattle, cor. Lowell (U. S. A.) 
Rice Elvira S. dressmaker, b. Rice's, Main 
Rice Frank H. bookbinder and album manufacturer, Main, opp. 

Norfolk, h. Auburn n. Magazine 
Rice Homer, b. broker, b. Market, n. Clark 
Rice James B. jr. b. clerk, h. 97 Cambridge 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

JR. F. C ashman, sue. to Cnsbman & Brooks, 90-94 Trent. St., Boston, 


Rice John, laborer, h. Windsor, n. Cambridge 

Rice John jr. organbuilder, h. 32 Fourth 

Rice John F. bds. Joseph H. Rice's, North ave. cor. Spruce 

Rice John S. b. tinplateworker, bds. Rice's, Main 

Rice Joseph H. farmer, h. North ave. cor. Spruce 

Rice Martha J. Mrs. h. 412 Main, n. Harvard sq. 

Rice Mary E. teacher, Irving Hall, bds. 15 Essex 

Rice Moses M. Mrs. h. Brattle, cor. Lowell 

Rice Peter, h. Main, opp. Irving House 

Rice Thomas, teamster, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Sparks 

Rice Thomas G. h. Austin, opp. Temple 

Rich Catherine L. Mrs. h. 151 Bridge 

Richard Michael Mrs. widow, h. Spruce 

Richards Joseph R. b. architect, 46 Court, h. Cambridge, n. Sumner 

Richardson Benjamin F. b. musical instrument maker, h. 2d Arbor 
Norfolk [Dunster, h. Mt. Auburn pi. 

Richardson Benjamin H. books and stationery, Harvard sq. cor. 

Richardson Catherine Mrs. widow, h. Charles, n. Fourth 

Richardson Charles B. (Forbes 8? Richardson), b. dry goods, 46 and 
48 Federal, h. 49 Prospect . [worth av. 

Richardson Charles E. b. tobacco dealer, 15 Central wharf, h. Ells- 
Richardson Chas. H. b. 231 Broadway 

Richardson Charles H. conductor, U. R. R. h. Mt. Auburn, opp. Athens 

Richardson David, painter, h. North ave. n. Cedar 

Richardson David vision dealer, h. 296 Main 

Richardson Edward, Cashier Cambridge City Bank, h. Main, n. Dana 

Richardson George C. & Co., b. com. mer. 96 Devonshire, h. Har- 
vard, cor.Inman [h. 27 Cherry 

Richardson George E. (Merritt fy Richardson), b. 1 Faneuil Hall sq. 

Richardson George E. clerk, 418 Main, h. do. 

Richardson James, shoemaker, 291 Main, bds. Hastings 

Richardson James, carpenter, h. Franklin, cor. Pleasant 

Richardson James, jobber, h. 29 Washington [av. cor. Pleasant 

Richardson James P. attorney, Lamson's Block, Main, h. 21 Western 

Richardson Lorenzo, machinist, h. 5 Village, n. State 

Richardson Robert P. S. mason, h. 13 Hancock 

Richardson Royal, b. broker, h. Wendell, n. North ave. 

Richardson Samuel W., U. S. Assistant Marshal, Court House, 
Tremont, h. Orchard 

Richardson Virgil, engineer, h. 12 Hastings 

Richardson Walcott, h. North ave. n. Cedar 

Richardson Wm. F. h. Sacramento, n. Oxford 

Richardson Wm. H. ( W. F. Webster Sf Co.), cement manufacturer 
Main, junct. Harvard, bds. 34 School [bridge 

Richardson William T. & Co. coal dealers, College Wharf, h. Trow- 

Richmond Ann Mrs. h. Leighton ct. 

Richmond Anna Miss, h. Remington, n. Main 

Richmond Jeannette Miss, b. Leighton ct. [Williams 

Ricker Jedediah, carpenter, River, junct. Western ave. h. River, cor. 

Tuesley & Griffin, Hats, Umbrellas, Travelling Bags, fc, 158 & ICO Court St., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Small Wares, Haberdashery, &c. 


Ricker Luther P. carpenter, h. 14 Cottage [Auburn 

Ricker Moses, carpenter, River, junct. Western ave. h. River, cor. 
Ricker Veasey P. grocer, Harvard, cor. Clark, h. Windsor, cor. 

Riddell John, safemaker, 7 Ward's Block, h. Main, L. P. 
Riley Bridget Mrs. widow, h. Vine, n. Fourth 
Riley Donald, laborer, h. Sparks, n. Mt. Auburn 
Riley George W. T. b. broker, 40 State, h. Otis, n. Fifth 
Riley Harriet S. Mrs. h. 23 North Fifth 
Riley James, laborer, h. Sargent, n. Spruce 
Riley Jeremiah, laborer, h. East 
Riley John, laborer, h. Somerset, n. Pleasant 
Riley Patrick, teamster, h. Somerset 
Riley Patrick, laborer, h. Donnell, n. Tuttle 
Riley Simon, carpenter, h. Harvard, n. Columbia 
Riley Terence, laborer, h. Murdock pi. 
Riley Thomas, watchman, h. Village, n. State 
Rindge Daniel, carpenter, h. 3 Third 

Rindge John, b. wringing machines, 113 Court, h. Ellsworth ave. 
Rindge Samuel B. (Parker, Wilder Sf Co.), b. 4 Winthrop sq. h. 

Harvard, cor. Dana 
Ring James, clerk, bds. 348 Main 
Ring James C. b. clerk, bds. 318 Main 
Rinn Henry, b. cabinetmaker, h. 69 Windsor 
Ripley Richard J. b. carpenter, h. Pearl, n. Erie 
Ripley W. F. machinist, 1 Jennings' ct. 
Rivera Geronomo, h. 469 Main 
Rivers Isaac, carpenter, h. 71 Columbia 
Roach Alexander, cooper, bds. Cambridge, n. Rideout 
Roach James, trader, h. Columbia, n. Somerville 
Roach John, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Jackson 
Roach John, plasterer, h. Brighton, opp. Eliot 
Roach Martin, glass-maker, h. Charles, n. Fourth 
Roaf Chas. G. b. clerk, bds. Main, n. Pearl 
Roaf Robert N. clothing, furnishing goods, hats, and caps, Main, n. 

Pearl, opp. Cambridge Bank, h. do. 
Roaf R. N. jr. b. clerk, bds. Main, n. Pearl 
Roan Thomas, machinist, h. Summer, cor. Amory 
Roane Hugh O. tailor, h. Hampshire, n. Prospect 
Robbins Geo. W. b. agt. Eyelet-tool Company, Gore Block, Pitts, h. 

66 Columbia, cor. Worcester 
Robbins Guy, b. machinist, h. rear 70 Spring 
Robbins John G. b. clerk, h. 57 Tremont 

Robbins Martin D. clerk, 418 Main, bds. 7 Essex [man pi. 

Roberts Alfred A. conductor, Union Railway, h. Gerry, cor. Chap- 
Roberts Anna Miss, dressmaker, h. Green, n. Vernon 
Roberts Benjamin W. master Allston Grammar School, Boardman, 

h. River, n. Kinnard 
Roberts Charles, cabinetmaker, b. Second, n. Gore 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 


Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, 

Roberts George B. {Kendall fy Roberts), steamboiler manufacturer, 

Main, L. P. h. 1 Magazine 
Roberts Geo. B. machinist, h. Magazine, n. Green 
Roberts Hiram, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. Willow pi. 
Roberts John B. teamster, h. Leighton ct. 
Roberts John O. cabinetmaker, h. 7 Seventh 

Roberts Wm. G. b. cabinetmaker, 43 Cornhill, h. Viles' Block, Main 
Robertson Emeline Miss, b. Mrs. Manning's, Linden, n. Harvard 
Robeson Louis, b. Mrs. Robeson's, Brattle, n. Appleton 
Robeson Wm. R. jr. student, b. Mrs. Robeson's, Brattle, n. Appleton 
Robins Francis, b. piano-forte maker, h. 130 Harvard 
Robinson Aaron, b. provision dealer, h. 10 Franklin 
Robinson Alden, engineer, h. 52 Thorndike 
Robinson Armeal, waiter, h. Hastings n. Brewery 
Robinson Bella, 4 Brimmer Block 
Robinson Charles, grocer, 11 Vine, h. do. 
Robinson Charles, carpenter, h. Western ave. n. Putnam 
Robinson Converse L. piano-forte maker, h. Kinnard 
Robinson David, laborer, h. Chas. n. Fifth 
Robinson E. E. superintendent Mt. Auburn, b. Flanders Ex. 
Robinson James, h. Williams, n. Magazine 
Robinson James H. carpenter, b. Hancock, cor. Green 
Robinson Joel, blacksmith, Gore, n. Bridge, h. 61 Cambridge 
Robinson John, carpenter, h. Broadway, n. Windsor 
Robinson John, glass-maker, h. Seventh, n. Thorndike 
Robinson John D. b. 79 Blackstone, h. 123 Washington 
Robinson Levi H. carpenter, h. Webster, n. Magazine 
Robinson Moses, gardener, h. Brookline, n. Erie 
Robinson Moses, b. stair-builder, 24 Beverly, h. 58 Pearl 
Robinson Richard T. clerk, h. 40 Pearl 

Robinson Thomas, N. E. Glass Works, h. rear, 162 Cambridge 
Robinson T. R. machinist, at F. Draper & Co's, Otis, h. at Maiden 
Robinson Wm. L. silverplater, h. River, opp. Williams 
Roby Warren G. {Foster § Roby), b. shipchandlery and metal dealer, 

178 Commercial, h. 36 Second 
Roby William H. carver, h. Otis, cor. Sixth 
Rogers Bethuen, housebuilder, h. 34 Second 

Rogers E. C. shoemaker, 509 Main, h. do. [in Boston 

Rogers George W. stoves and tin ware, Brighton, n. Harvard sq. h. 
Rogers John F. gardener, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Elmwood ave. 
Rogers Mumford, fishmarket, 124 Cambridge 
Rogers Owen, hostler, U. J. Dailey's, livery stable, Cambridge 
Rogers Patrick C. cooper, h. 54 Pearl 
Rogers Samuel T. laddermaker, b. 19 Winter 
Rogers Samuel, laborer, h. 19 Winter 
Rogers Terrence, laborer, h. Hackett's yard, opp. Green 
Rolfe Lydia D. Mrs. bds. W. J. Rolfe's, Broadway 
Rolfe William J. master High School, h. Broadway, cor. Ellsworth ave. 
Rollins A. compositor, h. Harvard sq. 

Fairbanks & Beard, Wholesale Dealers in Lager Beer and Porter, Ms, 1-2 bis, & kegs. 

corner of Kueelcuul Street, Boston, Mass. 


Rollins Amos P. h. 14 Auburn ct. 

Rollins Benjamin F. b. salesman dry goods, h. Main, cor. Hancock 

Rollins David, baker, h. Tremont, n. Cambridge 

Rollins Geo. O. carriagesmith, bds. Mt. Auburn, cor. Athens 

Roper Bernard, ropemaker, h. North ave. cor. Willow 

Roper Howard, hairdresser, 121 Bridge, h. 25 Columbia 

Roper James, ropemaker, h. Cedar, n. Spruce 

Roper Joseph, ropemaker, h. Spruce, n. Montgomery 

Roper Mary E. Mrs. h. Columbia, n. Hampshire 

Roper Timothy, hairdresser, bds. 25 Columbia 

Ropes Hardy, b. 25 Lewis Wharf, h. 560 Main 

Rose Jasentah, cabinetmaker, h. Vine, n. Fifth 

Rose Louis, carpenter, h. Bolton, n. R. R. 

Rose Mary Mrs. h. Vine, n. Fifth 

Rosenberg Joseph, glasscutter, h. Lincoln, opp. Union 

Rosenberg Vendell, glasscutter, h. Cambridge, cor. Seventh 

Ross Fannie, widow, h. Charles ct. 

Ross Hugh, mason, h. Vine, cor. Fifth 

Ross Munroe W. b. grainer, Court, cor. Sudbury, h. River 

Ross Robert, contractor, h. Gerry 

Ross William, block-tin worker, h. Vine, n. Fourth 

Rossi A. Rev. h. Fourth, n. Cambridge 

Rouillard John P. painter, bds. Porter's Hotel 

Rounds Benjamin T. b. mason, 79 Joy, h. 34 Pearl 

Roundy Harvey, bedsteads, bds. 31 Clark 

Rouke James E. h. Elm. n. Hampshire 

Rouke Patrick, peddler, h. Webster ave. n. Clark 

Rourk Lawrence, laborer, h. Harvard, n. Main 

Rourke Michael, laborer, h. Spruce, n. brickyard 

Rourke Michael, strawpeddler, h. Harvard, n. junct. Main 

Rourke Peter, laborer, h. Harvard, n. junct. Main 

Rouse Edward, blacksmith, h. 116 Bridge 

Rowe Andrew C. eatinghouse, 55 River, h. River 

Rowe George H. musician, bds. Noah Rowe's, Linnaean 

Rowe Hugh, stonecutter, Granite Works, n. Bridge, L. P. h. Copper- 

thwait, cor. De Wolf 
Rowe Isaac F. Mrs. h. 3 Everett 
Rowe James S. b. gilder, h. 122 Thorndike 
Rowe Noah, farmer, h. Linnasan, n. Avon 
Rowe Patrick, stonecutter, h. Copperthwait, n. Banks 
Rowe Peter, stonecutter, h. Copperthwait, n. Banks 
Rowe Samuel F. armorer, h. Mellen, n. North ave. 
Rowell Ephriam Q. mason, h. Kinnard, n. Western ave. 
Rowell George W. baker, h. Cambridge, n. Prospect 
Rowell Henry, cabinetmaker, bds. 48^ Spring 
Rowell Samuel, b. broker, h. Walnut, n. Fort Washington 
Rowell Stephen P. cabinetmaker, h. 35 Spring 
Rowell Stephen R. Mrs. dressmaker, h. 35 Spring 
Rowland Michael, tailor, h. R. R. blk. Bridge 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgcport, Mass. 

E. F. Cushmnn, sac to Cushmnn & Brooks, 90-94 Trent. St., Boston, 


Roy John, teamster, h. Bridge, n. Somerville 

Royer Antoine, b. liquordealer, h. 130 Bridge 

Rugg George H. {Homles Sf Rugg), wood and coal dealer, River, opp. 

City Mill, h. Pearl, cor. Hamilton 
Rugg Josiah N. stationer, h. 42 Western ave. 
Ruggles William, carpenter, h. 7 School 
Ruhling Frederick Mrs. h. Harvard, n. G. J. Railroad 
Rumrill Rebecca Miss, h. 125 Washington 
Rundlett Taylor M. h. Broadway, cor. Columbia 
Runey Samuel S. b. earthenware, dealer, h. 68 Spring 
Runey William, laborer, h. Sparks, n. Foster 

Rupert F. b. machinist, h. Broadway, n. Pioneer [°PP* church 

Rupp George, real estate and insurance agent, 469 Main, h. Orchard, 
Russ Augustus, b. attorney, 14Tremont, bds. Prospect, cor. Hampshire 
Russ George L. b. artist, h. Union, n. Hampshire 
Russ Parker, b. gilder, h. 6 Union 
Russ William H. b. bookbinder, h. 8 Union 
Russell Amos, b. clerk, h. Brighton 

Russell Amos W. furniture dealer, 417 Main, h. Tremont, cor. Gardner 
Russell Charles D. printer, h. Bow 

Russell Charles J. b. broker, 12 State, h. Brattle, cor. Willard 
Russell Charles L. policeman, h. Franklin, n. Brookline 
Russell Charles T. b. counsellor, 27 State, h. Sparks, n. Brattle 
Russell Charles T. laborer, h. 48 Fifth [cor. Prospect 

Russell Edw. b. mercantile agency, Congress, cor. Water, bds. Main, 
Russell Edward G. clergyman, h. 550 Main 
Russell Fisk, b. draughtsman, h. Clark, n. Washington 
Russell George H. b. produce, h. 9 Clark, n. Broadway 
Russell George S. produce dealer, h. 103 Norfolk, n. Harvard 
Russell John, repairer, R. R. shop, bds. R. R. blk. Bridge 
Russell John T. machinist, h. Main, n. Pioneer 
Russell Levi F. Mrs. h. Ellsworth ave. 
Russell Loring P. clerk, 417 Main, bds. at Brighton 
Russell Lucy Mrs. bds. Main, cor. Prospect 
Russell Nathan, h. 1 Auburn ct. 

Russell Thomas F. shoemaker, h. Inman, n. Broadway 
Ruston Thomas, glassmaker, h. Lincoln, n. Windsor 
Ryan Charles H. carpenter, h. Donnell, n. Concord ave. 
Ryan James F. plumber, h. 145 Bridge 
Ryan John G. b. printer, h. Perry, n. Pearl 
Ryan Joseph, cooper, h. Cambridge, n. Willow pi. 
Ryan Michael, b. tailor, h. 142 Cambridge 
Ryan Thomas, laborer, h. Webster ave. n. Clark 
Ryan Thomas, laborer, h. 4 Washington 
Ryan Thomas, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Pleasant 
Ryan Thomas F. Mrs. h. Tuttle 
Ryan William, sawyer, Cambridge, n. First 
Ryder George E. (Ryder fy Hardy) , b. shipchandler, 63 Commercial, 

h. Magazine, cor. Franklin 

Tueslcy k Griffin, Trunks, Valises, Bags, k, 158 & 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Housekeeping Goods. Prices very loir. 


Ryder Geo. G. {Ryder <§• Hardy), b. shipchandler, 63 Commercial, h. 

283 Broadway 
Ryder Joseph, Capt. b. boots and shoes, h. Lee, n. Main 
Ryder Richard, shipmaster, h. 9 Tremont 
Ryder Salathiel N. (Ryder fy Co.), grocer, Hampshire, cor.Inman,h. do. 

SACKRIDER CHRISTIAN, b. com. mer. 15 Charlestown, h. 
Shepard, n. Avon 

Sackrider George, clerk, bds. C. Sackrider's, Shepard, n. Avon 

Safford Aaron H. (Sqffbrd, Newton fy Wilson), b. dry goods, 19 Milk, 
h. Prospect, n. Broadway 

Sage Lewis, farmer, h. opp. Porter's Station 

Sallowoy Frank, engineer, h. Bolton 

Sampson William, carpenter, h. 26 East 

Sampson William P. shoedealer, Douglass Block, Main, h. 48 Magazine 

Sanborn Ambrose H. machinist, h. 99 Thorndike 

Sanborn Amos C. & Co. (James F. Sanborn fy H. A. Kemp), granite 
dealers, Sanborn's Wharf, Bridge, h. Magazine, cor. Willow 

Sanborn Charles A. butcher, h. Russell, cor. North ave. 

Sanborn George O. bds. Magazine, cor. Willow 

Sanborn Henry A. clerk, 418 Main, h. Green 

Sanborn James F. (A. C. Sanborn § Co.), granite dealer, Sanborn's 
Wharf, Bridge, bds. Magazine, cor. Willow 

Sanborn Joel L. machinist, bds. 372 Main 

Sanborn Joshua S. clerk, h. Main, cor. Dock, L. P. [cor. Willow 

Sanborn Lyman F. clerk at A. C. Sanborn & Co's. bds. Magazine, 

Sanborn Sulvilyer H. b. bookbinder, h. Walnut, n. Magazine 

Sanborn (Thomas T), Moore (Joseph W.) & Co. steam-engine man- 
ufacturers, Main, L. P. bds. 17 Windsor 

Sanborn William (Thompson S? Sanborn), blacksmith and wheelwright^ 
Main, n. Broadway, bds. Mrs. Grey's, Main 

Sanborn Willard, teamster, h. Cambridge, opp. distillery 

Sanders Charles Mrs. h. Highland 

Sanders Phebe Mrs. h. 20 Broadway 

Sanders Samuel, carpenter, h. Market, cor. Clark 

Sanders Thomas J. glassblower, h. 60 Spring 

Sanderson Christian C. carpenter, h. Amory, n. Broadway 

Sanderson Ede Mrs. h. Winthrop, n. Elliot 

Sanderson Edwin F. b. clerk, h. Viles' Block, Main, L. P. 

Sanderson Joseph, policeman, h. School ct. n. Brattle 

Sands Albert I. bds. Banks, n. Putnam 

Sands Benjamin F. h. Mellen, n. Oxford 

Sands George H. clerk, bds. Pioneer 

Sands George M. hairdresser, h. Everett pi. n. Mt. Auburn 

Sands Harriet E. millinery, 12 College block, bds. L Sand's, Banks 

Sands Ivory, h. Banks, n. Putnam 

Sands John L. brickmaker, h. Garden, cor. Wyeth 

Sands John N. bds. Wyeth, cor. Garden 

Sanger Charles D. foreman Winchester Soap Factory, h. Watertown 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport. Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kneelaud St., Boston. 


Sanger Lewis, policeman, h. Village, cor. State 

Saray Michael, peddler, h. Willow pi. 

Sargent Benjamin, glasspresser, h. Gore, n. Third 

Sargent Daniel T. b. freighthouse, h. 19 Essex 

Sargent George H. b. stationer, 8 State, h. Pine, n. Harvard 

Sargent Gustavus F. b. real estate broker, h. Inman, n. Main 

Sargent John, b. collector internal revenue, 30 Hanover, h. 48 Norfolk 

Sargent John D. b. cashier internal revenue office, bds. 48 Norfolk 

Sargent Jonas G. peddler, Cambridge, cor. Willow pi. 

Sargent Kimball, b. newspaper dealer, h. 3 Rockwell 

Sargent Mary Mrs. h. Main, cor. Harvard 

Sassard John A. wigmaker, h. 82 Harvard 

Saul Wm. H. b. tailor, 79 Franklin,Ji. 61 Columbia 

Saunders Charles H. assessor, h. North ave. cor. Mellen 

Saunders Enoch, laborer, h. rear Columbia, n. Hampshire 

Saunders Francis E.dry goods, Harvard Block, h. North ave.n. Everett 

Saunders George S. (Johonnot Sf Saunders), b. hardware, 21 Dock sq. 

h. Concord ave. cor. Follen [Way 

Saunders Horace F. b. 25 Kilby, upstairs, bds. Garden n. Appian 
Saunders Joseph B. h. Eaton, n. Pine 
Saunders Phebe, widow, h. 20 Broadway 
Saunders William Mrs. h. Garden, n. Appian Way 
Saunders William A. b. 25 Kilby, upstairs, h. North ave. n. Forest 
Savage Abraham, New England Glass Works, bds. 19 Winter 
Savage Daniel W. carver, h. 122 Spring 
Savage Eben D. b. clerk, 2 South Market, h. 2 State 
Savage James M. carpenter, h. Fifth, n. Cambridge 
Savage James Mrs. h. rear Foster, n. Sparks 
Savage John, jr. cashier Lechmere Bank, h. Prospect, Somerville 
Savage William H. at N. E. Glass Works, h. 19 Winter 
Savoy Harriet, widow, h. Columbia, n. Hampshire 
Savoy William B. laborer, bds. Columbia, n. Cambridge 
Sawin Daniel W. Mrs. widow, h. Linden, n. Main 
Sawin John B. expressman, h. School ct. 
Sawin Joshua H. h. Pleasant, n. River 
Sawin Moses M. expressman, h. School ct. 
Sawin Nathaniel D. h. North ave. cor. Chauncy 
Sawin R. L. bookkeeper, bds. Hazard Blk. Third 
Sawin Sam'l H. clerk, bds. S. L. Sawins's, North ave. n. Holmes pi. 
Sawin Sarah L. Mrs. h. North ave. opp. Common 
Sawin Sullivan O. expressman, bds. Sarah L. Sawin's, North ave. 
Sawyer Albert F. painter, bds. 72 Columbia [line 

Sawyer Albert J. dentist, Main, cor. Norfolk, bds. Auburn, cor. Brook- 
Sawyer Charles A. painter, bds. 72 Columbia 
Sawyer Eusebius, soapboiler, h. 72 Columbia, cor. Harvard 
Sawyer George E. lettercarrier, bds. 72 Columbia 
Sawyer George M. brushmaker, h. 89 Thorndike 
Sawyer Howard M. (Pettingill Sf Sawyer), oiled hat manufacturer 

Thorndike, cor. Second, h. 43 Spring 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Soda, in fonnts k bottles. Orders promptly attended to. 

All Branches of a Complete Business Education Practically Taught. 


Sawyer Jabez A. b. attorney, 42 Court, h. Mt. Vernon 

Sawyer John S. mastic roofer, h. 45 Auburn 

Sawyer Josiah, shoedealer, Brookline, h. Auburn, cor. Brookline 

Sawyer Lucy T. Mrs. h. Shepard, cor. Avon 

Sawyer Luther, h. Norton, n. Wright 

Sawyer Mary E. Teacher, h. Brookline, cor. Auburn 

Sawyer Thorndike H. carpenter, h. 74 Windsor 

Sawyer William H. soap manufacturer, bds. 72 Columbia 

Sawyer William L. shoemaker, 373 Main, bds. 372 Main 

Scagel Hiram, hackman, h. rear 403 Main 

Scales True, b. mason, h. 17 Pine 

Scane William, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Clifton 

Scanlan David, laborer, h. Dublin^ n. Spruce 

Scanlan James, tailor, Lamson's block, Main, h. 58 Essex 

Scanlan Patrick, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Jackson 

Scanlan William, laborer, h. Brighton, n. Elliot 

Schaefer William R. b. gunsmith, 11 Dock sq. h. 4 Lincoln pi. 

Schafer George, carver, h. 120 Spring 

Schaffer Conrad, b. furrier, h. Market, n. Union 

Schiebel Conrad, carver, h. 50 Winter 

Schmidt Henry, capmaker, 27 Cambridge, h do. 

Schonland Henri, butcher, h. Sixth, n. Vine 

Schubarth M. L. printer, h. Walnut, n. Pearl 

Schwarzwaelder John, cabinetmaker, h. Eighth, n. Otis 

Scott Arthur, carriagepainter, h. Leighton ct. 

Scott Catherine F. Mrs. h. Mellen, n. North ave. 

Scott Frank N. clerk, h. 35 Auburn 

Scott John W. A. artist, h. Pleasant, cor. Cottage 

Scott Sarah R. widow, bds. 31 Thorndike 

Scott Winfield, furnituremaker, bds. 37 Spring 

Scranton Henry A. woodturner, h. Pine n. School 

Scribner John W. freight master, Lowell Railroad, h. 20 East 

Searles John Mrs. h. 11 Sixth [h. 39 Magazine 

Seaverns George W. piano-forte action maker at D. Osborn's, State, 

Seaverns Nahum, h. 403 Main 

Seavey Charles T. paper collar manufacturer, h. Hancock, n. Green 

Seavey George F. b. stoves, 85 Blackstone, h. 5 Inman 

Seavey Theodore B. paper collar manufacturer, h. 1 Lincoln pi. 

Seaward George W. S. printer, h. Eliot 

Sedgwick Arthur G. h. Kirkland, n. Preston 

Sedgwick Sarah Miss, b. Kirkland, n. Preston 

Seelye Clarissa J. Mrs. h. 154 Cambridge [Third, h. do. 

Seelye Jacob C. (Lockhart S? Seelye), coffin-maker, Bridge, cor. 

Seelye Norman M. machinist, h. 90 Otis 

Seelye William C. carpenter, h. 45 Fifth 

Seger Joseph, varnisher, h. Seventh, n. Otis 

Seger Samuel, Glass Works, h. Winter, n. Third 

Sell James T. laborer, h. rear 4 Washington 

Sennott Edward, blacksmith, h. Portland, n. Hampshire 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cunhman, sue. to Cashman & Brooks, 90-94 Trem. St., Boston, 


Senter Erastus L. laddermaker, h. between Third and Fourth 

Serell Peter, teamster, bds. Mansion House, Gore 

Sessions Lucy Mrs. teacher, private school, h. 2 Austin ct. 

Sever (Charles W.) & Francis (Geo. 0.), booksellers, Harvard sq. h. 

Holyoke, n. South 
Severance Charles H. printer, bds. Mt- Auburn, cor. Banks 
Severance Horace M. printer, h. Kinnard, n. River 
Severance Roswell, printer, h. Kinnard, n. River 
Sewall Henry W. printer, h. Bath 
Seward Josiah L. bds. Putnam, n. Green 
Sexton Patrick, grocer, 117 Bridge, h. do. 
Seymour Charles Rev. h. Harvard, cor. Dana 
Shackford Bailey, bds. L. Shackford's, Shepard 

Shackford Leonard, h. Shepard, n. Avon [way 

Shackley Ebenezer (Thurston, Hall, fy Co.), baker, h. Elm, n. Broad- 
Shackley Owen, b. baker, h. 21 Worcester 
Shackley Rebecca Mrs. nurse, bds. 102 Washington 
Shadwell George, carpenter, h. Sparks, n. Concord ave. 
Shaekeru Michael, laborer, h. Third, n. Charles 
Shaffer George, bds. Flanders' Exchange 
Shaley John, h. 8 Vine 

Sharkey Charles, blacksmith, h. Columbia, n. Cambridge 
Sharkey James, blacksmith, h. Elm, n. Cambridge 
Sharkey Patrick, grocer, h. Winter, n. Third 
Sharon Charles A. b. carpenter, h. 9 Front 
Sharp George H. photographer, bds. Wm. Sharp's, Avon 
Sharp William, artist, h. Avon, opp. Norton 
Shaughnessy Michael, laborer, h. opp. Vine, n. Fourth 
Shaw Caleb B. expressman, bds. O. G. Jones, Chauncy, n. North ave. 
Shaw D. W. (Braman, Shaw, S? Co.), furniture manufacturer, Bridge, 

opp. Prison Point Bridge, b. salesroom 27 Sudbury, h. Chapel, 

cor. North ave. 
Shaw George S. b. 56 State, h. Kirkland pi. 
Shaw Henry C. printer, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Dunster 
Shaw Lewis, Mrs. h. 97 Prospect 
Shaw Samuel P. b. 114 State, h. Kirkland, n. Sumner 
Shaw Thomas, laborer, h. Cambridge, opp. Distillery, Cambridge st. 
Shaw William O. iron moulder, h. Main, L. P. 
Shea Cornelius, laborer, h. Kinnard, n. Putnam 
Shea Daniel, h. 6 North 
Shea Daniel, laborer, h. Dunster, n. South 
Shea Dennis, laborer, h. Lambert, n. Cambridge 
Shea Dennis, laborer, h. 128 Bridge 
Shea Dennis, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Montgomery 
Shea James, laborer, h. Sparks 
Shea John, laborer, h. Hastings, n. G. J. Railroad 
Shea John, laborer, h. Sparks, cor. Foster 
Shea John, b. currier, h. Kinnard 
Shea John, laborer, h. Dunster, n. Wharf 

Tuesley k Griffin, Hats, Caps, Furs, k, 158 k 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Ladies' and Gentlemen's Underclothing. 


Shea John, laborer, h. Winthrop, n. Dunster 

Shea Mary Mrs. h. Green, n. Putnam 

Shea Michael, laborer, h. rear Sparks, n. Foster 

Shea M. H. photographist, 449 Main, h. in Boston 

Shea Patrick, laborer, h. Eliot, n. Mt. Auburn 

Shea Patrick, b. tailor, h. 38 Broadway 

Shea Patrick, grocer, Hampshire, cor. Elm, h. do. 

Shea Patrick, laborer, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Willard 

Shea Timothy, grocer, h. 155 Bridge 

Shea Timothy, pressman, h. Winthrop sq. cor. Mt. Auburn 

Shea William P. tinman, bds. 38 Broadway L. P. 

Sheary James, b. tailor, h. Broadway Block, n. Dock 

Shedd Alonzo F. b. machinist, 66 Beach, h. Harvard, n. Remington 

Shedd James A. clerk, bds. Harvard, n. Remington 

Shedd L. S. bookbinder, h. Short [ington 

Shedd Wm. E. clerk, 148 and 154 Devonshire, bds. Harvard n. Rem- 

Shedgil Hiram, clerk, h. Main, rear Mrs. Coolidge's, 403 Main 

Sheehan Patrick, laborer, h. Elm, cor. Cambridge 

Sheen Thomas, shoemaker, h. 6 Green 

Shehan Jeremiah, laborer, h. Spruce, n. brickyard 

Shehan John, blacksmith, h. Cambridge, n. Webster ave. 

Shehan William, blacksmith, h. Ellery, n. Broadway 

Sheils Faraday, engineer, h. Vine, n. Third 

Sheils James, teamster, h. Vine, n. Third 

Sheils James, plasterer, h. Dublin 

Sheils Michael, laborer, h. 1 Washington 

Sheldon James, painter and glazier, h. 6 Green 

Shepherd Alexander F. h. Charles River 

Shepherd Eliza Mrs. h. rear 22 River 

Shepherd Franklin C. b. clerk, 61 Court, h. Jay, n. River 

Shepherd Jared Mrs. h. 41 Spring 

Shepherd Obed C. carpenter, h. Charles River 

Shepherd Sumner P. (Burrage, Shepherd, fy Co.) lumber dealer, 

Broadway, n. Main, h. Sacramento, n. North ave. [n. Cambridge 
Sherburne Reuben, b. window and door glass, 22 Canal, h. Fayette, 
Sheridan Sarah Mrs. h. Brookline, n. Erie 
Sheridan Sarah Mrs. h. Webster ave. n. Cambridge 
Sheriff Langdon, brushmaker, bds. 43 Thorndike 
Sherman Daniel, policeman, h. Plymouth, n. Portland 
Sherman Elijah, machinist, h, 61 Third 
Sherman Henry, clerk, bds cor. Suffolk and Columbia 
Sherriff Charles H. h. Spring 
Sherriff John L. & Co. ( Wm. S. Soule Sf Gustavus A. Puffer), brush 

manufacturers, Main, salesroom, 22 Exchange, h. 43 Thorndike 
Sherwood John, laborer, h. Sargent 
Shevlen Francis A. stonecutter, h. 40 Broadway 
Shields Owen, teamster, h. East 
Shien Dennis, carpenter, bds. Bridge, n. Somerville 
Shinnick Timothy, teamster, h. Winter, n. Bridge 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Camhridgeport, 


Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street, corner of 


Shivington Patrick, laborer, h. Charles 

Shorey Joel L. b. salesman, bds. 97 Vine 

Shorey John R. boilermaker, h. Spring, n. Eighth 

Shorey Timothy, watchman, h. 97 Vine 

Short James, laborer, h. Columbia, n. Cambridge 

Short John, laborer, h. Spring, n. Sixth 

Short Matthew, wheelwright, bds. 84 School 

Short Matthew Mrs. h. 84 School 

Short Patrick, laborer, h. Columbia, n. Cambridge 

Shroud John, helper, h. rear 4 Washington 

Shuler John, cooper, h. Cambridge, cor. Hunting 

Shulz Frederick, cabinetmaker, h. 90 Gore 

Sias William, b. tobacco dealer, h. Inman, n. Hampshire 

Sibley Frank, machinist, h. 129 Broadway 

Sibley John L. librarian, Harvard College, h. Somerville 

Sibley Rufus, b. bookkeeper, Kinmonth's, bds. 30 Williams 

Siefert Charles A. b. 70 Washington, h. Leighton ct. 

Sigler John, basketmaker, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

Silsbee William Rev. bds. Brattle, n. Hilliard 

Silva Manuel J. hairdresser, h. 35 Gore 

Silva Thomas I. hairdresser, h. Third, cor. Gore 

Sime Thomas, b. trunkmaker, h. 1 Brooks pi. 

Simmons Hiram T. {Leavitt fy Simmons), At wood's cor. h. 8 Cambridge 

Simmons Joseph, Glass Works, h. 74 Third 

Simmons Stephen, machinist, bds. 37 Spring 

Simonds Elvira Mrs. h. 22 Worcester 

Simonds James L. b. dentist, h. Main, n. Hancock 

Simonds Joseph, b. dry goods, 37 Federal, h. Prospect, n. Gardner 

Simonds Warren, L. R. R. h. 133 Bridge [Harvard, cor. Davis 

Simpson Bartlett ( W. E. 3? B. Simpson), boxmaker, Broadway, h. 

Simpson Charles H. b. bookkeeper, h. 36 Windsor, 

Simpson James, baker, h. 38 Tremont 

Simpson James P. b. clerk, 151 Court, h. Perry, n. Pearl [ave. 

Simpson John C. b. painter, 1 6 Leverett, h. off Putnam, n. Western 

Simpson Willard E. (W. E. fy B. Simpson), boxmaker, Broadway L. 

P. h. Broad way, n. G. J. Railroad 
Sinclair James, laborer, h. Sixth, n. Cambridge 
Skahan Thomas, laborer, h. Tuttle, n. Donnell 
Skelton Horace, carpenter, h. Park 
Skelton Warren A. teamster, h. Park 
Skillings D. N. & Co. (Z. Barnes, Chas. Whitney, D. Whitney, $ 

M. Davis), lumberdealers, Prison Point Bridge, h. at Winchester 
Skinner Charles A. clergyman, h. 34 Windsor 
Slack Samuel R. Rev. bds. 142 Cambridge 
Slathery Patrick, laborer, h. 6 Willard ct. 
Slavin Francis, teamster, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 
Sleeper Solomon, S. & Co. {Horace L.), b. grocers, 35 South Market, 

h. North ave. n. Forest 
Sloan Joseph A. salesman, bds. 372 Main 

Fairbanks and Beard, Howard St., Boston, Wholesale Dealers in Draught Ale. 

Knee land Street, Boston, Mass. Day and Evening Sessions. 


Sloan Robert M. harnessmaker, bds. 67 Third 

Slocomb Emmon Mrs. widow, h. Seventh, n. Thorndike 

Slocomb Samuel, agent Bay State Glass Co. h. 71 Otis 

Sloey Patrick Mrs. widow, h. Bolton, n. Dublin 

Small Benjamin, h. Sacramento, n. Carver 

Small Benjamin A. b. clerk, h. Harrison pi. 

Small George P. b. measure^, Custom House, bds. 126 Thorndike 

Small John G. b. Post Office, h. 55 Prospect 

Small Warren W. clerk, bds. 12 Prospect 

Smallcon Robert, carpenter, h. Brookline, cor. Green 

Smallidge Jeremiah W. carpenter, h. Otis, n. Sixth 

Smart Don Carlos, carpenter, h. Main, n. State 

Smart Gustavus A. wood-turning and sawing, bds. 459 Main 

Smart Walter T. lithographer, h. 1 1 Hancock 

Smiley James, b. piano-forte varnisher, bds. Putnam, n. Kinnard 

Smith Adam C. baker, h. Norfolk, cor. Cambridge 

Smith Adeline Mrs. h. 56 Harvard 

Smith Adolphus K. piano-fortes, bds. 68 Washington 

Smith Albert, carpenter, h. Cambridge, cor. Windsor 

Smith Alfred E. b. glass decorator, bds. Inman, n. Hampshire 

Smith Alonzo R. (Whitcher fy Smith), grocer, h. Chester [Magazine 

Smith Alvah C. master Webster Grammar School, h. Williams, cor. 

Smith Andrew G. teamster, bds. Flanders' Exchange [weather 

Smith Benjamin G. (Smith Bros. $ Co.), b. 103 State, h. Fayer- 

Smith Bridget, widow, h. 11 Vine > 

Smith Calvin, superintendent Water Works, h. 28 Green 

Smith Calvin S. glasscutter, h. 17 Sixth 

Smith Catherine Mrs. h. Mt. Auburn, n. Hilliard 

Smith Charles H. painter, h. Pearl, cor. Cottage 

Smith Charles M. lobsterdealer, h. Ward's blk. L. P. 

Smith Charlotte B. D. widow, bds. Gore, n. Sixth 

Smith Chauncy, b. attorney, 46 Washington, h. Phillips pL 

Smith David H. restaurant, Brighton, h. Chapman pi. n. Gerry 

Smith Eben M. printer, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Elmwood ave. 

Smith Edmund, florist, h. Linnaean, cor. Avon 

Smith Elizabeth, widow, h. Dickenson, n. Clark 

Smith Fannie S. Mrs. h. 372 Main [North ave. 

Smith Frank H. b. architect, 34 Studio Building, h. Everett, n. 

Smith Frederick, shoemaker, h. Washington ct. 

Smith George, b. clerk, bds. Winthrop sq. 

Smith George, teamster, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 

Smith George A. b. teller, Hamilton Bank, bds. Lee, cor. Main 

Smith George B. cabinetmaker, h. Gore, n. Sixth 

Smith Henry D. stablekeeper, Gore, opp. Second, h. Prospect, n. 

Smith Herman, barber, h. Hampshire, n. Webster ave. 
Smith Hiram W. h. Plymouth, n. Webster ave. 

Smith J. C. clerk, h. 263 Main [Spring 

Smith J. Charles, fruit and produce dealer, 85 Cambridge, bds. 25 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cnihman, inc. to Cushmau & Brooks, 90-94 Trent. St., Boston, 


Smith James, cabinetmaker, h. Bristol, n. Market 

Smith James, machinist, h. Hampshire, n. Clark 

Smith James, painter, h. School, n, Windsor 

Smith James, cabinetmaker, h. 4 Brooks Building 

Smith James, laborer, h. Murdock, n. Hampshire 

Smith James b. cutler, 152 Washington, h. Jay, n. River 

Smith James A. L. hairdresser,. 41 9 Main, h. 14 Franklin [Cambridge 

Smith James E. refreshment saloon, North ave. n. Walden, h. West 

Smith James Mrs. h. Magazine, cor. WiHiam s ^ 

Smith James S. b. ticket agent, Old State" Housed h. Hamilton 

Smith John, carver, h. Winter, n. Fift^i \ / 

Smith John, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. First [h. 36 Auburn 

Smith John A. sec Cambridge Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Main, 

Smith John C. painter, bds. Third, cor. Cambridge 

Smith John E. cabinetmaker, h. Lincoln, n. Union 

Smith John N. painter, Cherry, h. 4 Walnut 

Smith Jordan E. b. pianotuner, h. Harrison, n. Washington 

Smith Joseph W. machinist, bds. 76 Columbia 

Smith Joshua B. b. caterer, 18 Howard, h. rear 38 Norfolk, 2d Arbor 

Smith Josiah C. b'. gasfitter, h. 15 Erie 

Smith Julius, machinist, bds. Phillips' pi. 

Smith Lewis, cobbler, h. Fourth, n. Gore 

Smith Lewis F. barber, h. 40 Washington 

Smith Lyman G. upholsterer, bds. Wellington's, North ave. 

Smith Maria A. h. 69 Columbia \ [Prospect 

Smith Martin L. wood and coal dealer, Main, L. P. h. Broadway, cor. 

Smith Martha H. Mrs. h. Everett, n. North ave.\ 

Smith Michael, laborer, h. Cambridge, cor. Norfolk 

Smith Michael, laborer, h. Crane 

Smith Peter, b. teamster, h. Hastings, n. Washington 

Smith Porter, b. commission merchant, 15 Arch, h. Ellery, n. Main 

Smith Samuel, harnessmaker, h. Thorndike, n. Seventh 

Smith Samuel J. b. glass decorater, bds. Inman, n. Hampshire 

Smith Sarah Mrs. h. Inman, nr Hampshire 

Smith Sidney, mason, bds. Brookline, n. Leland 

Smith Thomas, blacksmith, Main, n. Irving House, h. 26 School 

Smith Thomas, butcher, h. Harvey 

Smith Thomas, b. harnessmaker, h. 27 Fifth, n. Cambridge 

Smith Thomas L. b. grocer, 61 Clinton, h. Chauncy, cor. North ave. 

Smith William b. cabinetmaker, h. 48 Elm 

Smith William H. b. printer, h. Broadway, opp. Pioneer, L. P. 

Smith William Mrs. h. Elm, n. Broadway 

Smith William W. clerk, bds. 40 Pine 

Smithermon Henry, carpenter, h. Hampshire, opp. Portland 

Smithers Benjamin G. printer, h. Cottage, n. Pearl 

Smye Joseph, laborer, h. Essex ct. 

Smythermon William, b. carpetduster, h. Elm, cor. Hampshire 

Snow Ambrose, carpenter, h. Hancock, opp. Centre 

Snow Eben, Cashier Charles River Bank, h. Fayerweather, n. Brattle 

Tuesley k Griffin, Hats, Umbrellas, Travelling Bags, k, 158 & 160 Court St., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Dry Goods and Millinery. Prices rery low. 

Snow Edward H. b. clerk, b. Magazine, n. Hamilton 

Snow Edward P. printer, b. DeWolf ct. 

Snow Humphrey L. b. dry goods, 65 Hawley, h. 10 Williams 

Snow James, b. mason, h. Essex, cor. Chestnut pi. 

Snow James H. (Millan Sf Snow), fishdealer, b. Franklin 

Snow Leonard, b. children's carriage manufacturer, 89 Haverhill/ h. 

53 Mt. Auburn 
Snow Lewis, brickmaker, h. Clifton, n. Harvey [n. Putnam 

Snow Nathaniel A. stoves, tinware, etc. Brighton, h. Mt. Auburn, 
Snow Russell L. carpenter, h. Hamilton 

Snow Samuel, b. counsellor, 39 Court, h. Wendell, n. North ave. [block 
Snow Seymour B. Cashier Cambridgeport National Bank, h. Masonic 
Snow Simeon, b. leather, 18 Pearl, h. 4 Columbia 
Snow William, baker, rear Fisk block, h. do. [n. Brattle 

Snow William M. Messenger Charles River Bank, bds. Fayerweather, 
Soames John D. overseer at Squire's Pork House, Gore, n. Seventh, 

h. Otis, n. Sixth 
Somerby Charles A. organmaker, bds. 95 Cambridge 
Sommers James, mariner, h. 257 Main 

Sonneman John, portfolio and reticule maker, h. 17 Auburn/ 
Sortwell Daniel R. & Co. (Horace C. Briggs), distillers, Cambridge, 

n. Windsor, h. Otis, n. Third 
Soule Wm. house carpenter, h. rear Luke & Bent's, Main, L. P. 
Soule Wm. S. (John L. Sheriff Sf Go.) brush manufacture, Main st. 

Harrison and Third; b. salesroom, 22 Exchange, h. 55 Thorndike 
Sousla Frederick, butcher, bds. 92 Vine 

Southac George P. clerk and gatekeeper, Mt. Auburn, h. Watertown 
Southward George, b. clerk, h. 52 Fifth 
Southward Thomas, b. trunkmaker, bds. 65 Third 
Southward Thomas W. h. 65 Third 
Southwick Hannah R. Mrs. h. Third, n. Cambridge 
Southworth George M. apothecary, Main, cor. Austin, h. Sydney 
Spain William, shoemaker, h. Broadway, n. Ware 
Spare Elijah jr. ladder manufacturer, Gore, n. Sixth, h. 80 Thorndike 
Sparhawk John B. merchant, h. 3 Williams 
Spark Mary C. widow, h. Quincy, cor. Kirkland 
Sparrow Benjamin F. b. 29 Pearl, h. Columbia, cor. Suffolk 
Sparrow Emeline, assistant teacher Allston Middle School, Boardman, 

bds. 65 Columbia 
Sparrow James H. carpenter, h. 41 Auburn 
Sparrow Josiah, carpenter, h. 43 Auburn 
Sparrow Richard K. h. 12 Cottage 

Sparrow Seth E. b. clothing, 208 Commercial, h. 84 Windsor 
Sparrow Susan Mrs. h. Magazine, cor. Williams 
Spelman Israel M. b. 31 Kilby, h. Sparks 
Spencer Albert A. clerk, bds. 66 Washington 
Spencer Charles H. b. salesman, h. Clark, n. Washington 
Spencer Chas. H. b. clerk, 134 Washington, h. Hampshire, cor. Bristol 
Spencer George, b. clerk, h. Cambridge, cor. Sixth 

• Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kneelaud St., Boston, 


Spencer George H. bronzer, h. Auburn, n. Brookline 
Spencer Hosea, mason, h. QQ Washington [vard 

Spencer Wm. V. b. bookseller, 134 Washington, h. Clinton, n. Har- 
Spooner Ebenezer, clerk, bds. Second, cor. Gore 
Spooner W. A. planing mill, bds. 27 Spring 
Spooner William, peddler, bds. Second, n. Gore 
Sprague George L. b. bookkeeper, h. Chestnut pi. n. Essex 
Sprague J. W. machinist, bds. Flanders' Exchange 
Spring Charles W. bookkeeper, bds. 2 Kinnard 
Spring Francis L. baker, h. 82 School 

Springsteen John, b. porter, bds. Webster, ave. n. Hampshire 
Sproul Andrew, policeman, h. Willow, Ward 5 
Sprowle Joseph, laborer, h. 28 Windsor 

Squire John P. & Co. (H. Lochwood fy E. D. Kimball) b. provision 
dealers, 23 and 25 Faneuil Hall Market, and 39 North Market, 
Pork House, Gore, n. Seventh, h. West Cambridge 
Stackpole John W. b. agent Lubricating Oil Co. 5 India st. h. 60 Fifth 
Stackpole Joseph, stairbuilder, h. 49 South Fifth 
Stackpole Susan 31. Mrs. h. Kirkland, cor. Irving 
Stackpole William, bds. Mrs. S. M. Stackpole's, Kirkland 
Stacy George W. painter, 416 Main, h. Western ave. 
Stacy Horace, b. physician, 103 Court, h. Wright 
Stacy John, carpenter, bds. Western ave. cor. Kinnard 
Stacy Roland J. turner, h. 17 Magazine 
Stafford Thomas Mrs. widow, h. Allston 
Stahl Valentine, glassmaker, h. 54 Fifth 

Staniford John W. glass vial and syringe maker, h. 18 Winter 
Stanley (H. E.) and Frost ( W. G.), provisions and groceries, 60 

Cambridge, h. 133 Bridge 
Stanton Richard T. hairdresser, bds. 87 Cambridge 
Staples James, carpenter, Palmer, h. Concord ave. opp. Arsenal 
Stapley Samuel, b. porter, h. Harvard, n. Railroad 
Starbuck James C. stovedealer, h. Green, n. Pleasant 
Starr Henry C. machinist, h. Pearl, cor. Perry 
Starr Patrick, soapmaker, bds. Fifth, cor. Cambridge 
Staudinger Frederick, brushmaker, h. 41 Gore 
Stayner Andrew, soapmaker, h. 25 Broadway 
Stayner John, printer, h. Perry, n. Pearl 
Stayner William R. tinsmith, h. 3 Pine 
St. Clair John M. h. Front, cor. Sydney 
St. Clair Joseph, peddler, h. 1 Washington 
Stearns Amos F. b. 52 Brattle, h. 39 Seventh 
Stearns Amos O. b. locksmith, 52 Brattle, h. 40 Seventh 
Stearns Charles D. supt. Winchester's Soap Factory, h. So. Maiden 
Stearns Charles E. b. clerk, bds. 29 Seventh 
Stearns Edward A. b. clerk, h. Inman, n. Hampshire 
Stearns George C. b. coaldealer, h. Inman, n. Hampshire 
Stearns George H. h. School ct. [sq. h. Eliot, n. Brighton 

Stearns (James) & Stearns (L. D.), livery stable, Brattle, n. Harvard 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Soda and Mineral Water. 

for fitting^ Young Men and Ladies for the Practical Duties of Life. 


Stearns Joshua B. h. Allston, n. Pearl [vard sq. bds. School ct. 

Stearns Levi D. {J. Sf L. D. Stearns), livery stable, Brattle, n. Har- 

Stearns Oliver, Parkman Professor of Pulpit Eloquence, and Pasto- 
ral Care, H. U. h. Kirkland pi. 

Stearns Thomas, h. School ct. 

Stearns William G. steward H. U. office, 1 Harvard Row, h. at Lowell 

Stedman Levi R. painter, h. Eliot, n. Mt. Auburn 

Stedman Martha R. Mrs. h. 10 South [State, h. 126 Harvard 

Stedman Vernal R. piano-forte action manufacturer, at Osborn's, 

Steele Benjamin H. builder, Brighton, h. Chapel, n. North ave. 

Steele Eugene, tailor, h. Cambridge, n. Fourth [Columbia 

Steele Jacob T. b. hats, caps, etc. 83 Franklin, h. Washington, n. 

Steer John, hairdresser and wigmaker, Buckley's Building, Main, 
cor. Norfolk, h. 42 Tremont 

Stein John, tailor, h. Broadway, cor. Pioneer 

Steinbourg John P. cabinetmaker, h. 263 Main 

Steinmann J. Henry, musician, h. 12 Windsor 

Stenler Daniel, laborer, h. 88 Third 

Stevens Abel, jr. carpenter, Mt. Auburn, h. Ash St. ct. 

Stevens Abraham W. clergyman, h. Hancock, n. Harvard 

Stevens Albert, carpenter, h. Buckingham 

Stevens Atherton H. h. Water, n. Bridge 

Stevens Atherton H. jr. Dep. State Constable, h. 68 Otis 

Stevens Charles B. clerk, Registry of Deeds, h. 83 Thorndike 

Stevens Charles B. jr. clerk Registry of Deeds, bds. 83 Thorndike 

Stevens Edward C. b. carpets, h. Broadway, cor. Columbia 

Stevens Elias H. glasspacker, h. 77 Spring 

Stevens Frank R. lettercarrier, bds. M. Stevens', Harvard sq. 

Stevens George, organ manufacturer, Fifth, cor. Otis, h. 51 Thorndike 

Stevens George H. fruitdealer, h. Front 

Stevens George L. carver, bds. 77 Spring 

Stevens George P. officer at House of Correction, bds. at jailer's 

Stevens John H. plumber, 481 Main, h. Western ave. n. Kinnard 

Stevens Joseph, painter and glazier, Western ave. n. Main, h. Harri- 
son ave. 

Stevens Moses, h. Dunster, n. Main 

Stevens Oliver A. glasscutter, bds. 77 Spring 

Stevens Samuel, cabinetmaker, h. 17 Main 

Stevens Thomas J. h. Elm, cor. Broadway 

Stevens Thomas O. casemaker, h. Washington, n. Windsor 

Stevens William, b. organbuilder, Cambridge, cor. Grover, h. 10 Otis 

Stevens William H. b. painter, h. 120 Thorndike 

Stevenson David, h. 117 Spring 

Stevenson Thomas, plasterer, h. 117 Spring [Fourth, h. 123 Otis 

Stewart (Alonzo) & Son {Orlando Stewart), grocers, Cambridge, cor. 

Stewart Andrew Mrs. h. Willard, n. Brattle 

Steward Elizabeth Mrs. h. 550 Main [cor. Harvard 

Stewart Erie W. boxmaker, junc. Hampshire and Broadway, h. Pine, 

Stewart Frederick, b. engraver, h. Elm, n. Broadway 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cnshmau, sac. to C ashman & Brooks, 90-94 Trcm. St., Boston, 


Stewart Henry L. painter, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Hilliard 

Stewart James, plumber, h. 22 Brookline [h. 65 Sixth 

Stewart Orlando (A. Stewart S? Son), grocer, Cambridge, cor. Fourth, 

Stewart Richard, h. Rice, n. Cedar 

Stewart William H. butcher, h. Rice, n. Spruce 

Stickel Jacob, bootmaker, h. Franklin 

Stickney (Francis If.) & Hadley (Alvah A.), coffin manufacturers, 

182 Cambridge, h. Otis, n. Sixth [town, h. 51 Mt. Auburn 

Stickney Nathaniel N. (Royal Gilkey S? Co.), lumber dealer, Water- 
Stiles John C. superintendent Union Railway, h. Remington, n. Main 
Stiles John E. b. newsdealer, h. 9 Austin [32 Milk, h. Lee, n. Main 
Stiles Lucius (Stiles, Edmunds, Sf Go.), b. wholesale clothing dealer, 
Stiles Samuel, carpenter, h. Willow, n. North ave. Ward 5 
Still Charles, mason, h. 31 Washington 
Stimpson Harrison, carpenter, h. 36 Auburn 
Stimpson Herbert H. h. Linnsean, n. North ave. 
Stimpson John, coachman, h. 7 Oak 
Stimpson John F. pump-blockmaker, bds. 7 Oak 
Stimson Fordyce M. chief of police, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Gerry 
Stimson Royal W. farmer, bds. Concord ave. cor. Sparks 
Stinger Lewis, glassblower, h. Sixth, n. Cambridge 
Stinson Charles, grease collector, h. Porter, n. Pleasant 
Stinson Daniel, laborer, h. 2 Webster ave. 
Stinson James, b. clerk, h. Columbia, n. Hampshire 
Stinson John, grease collector, h. Porter, n. Pleasant 
Stinson John Mrs. h. Columbia, n. Lincoln 
Stocker Alfred A. physician, h. Sumner, n. Kirkland 
Stockwell Edward, b. teamster, h. Lincoln ct. 
Stockwell John N. clerk Sanitary Com. h. Athens 
Stoddard Emeline, widow, h. Cambridge, n. Flanders' Ex. Hotel 
Stoddard Henry, collector, 133 Gore [n. Jarvis 

Stone Anson J. b. Treasurer Mercantile Savings Bank, h. North ave. 
Stone Benjamin, brassfounder, h. 76 Harvard 
Stone Calvin, livery stable, Walden, h. North ave. cor. Walden 
Stone Charles, provisions, Main, opp. Irving House, h. Main, n. Uni- 

versalist Church 
Stone Charles H, clerk, h. Main, n. Universalist Church 
Stone Daniel, proprieter Union House, h. River, cor. Auburn 
Stone Daniel G. boxmaker, bds. 372 Main 
Stone John, stereotyper, Riverside, h. Willow, n. Magazine 
Stone Mary A. Mrs. bds. 11 Windsor [Nursery 

Stone Olynthus B. b. clerk, Lechmere Bank, bds. Cambridge, n. Hovey's 
Stone Peter R. L. h. Lee, cor. Main 
Stone Richard T. h. Portland, n. Hampshire 
Stone William A. clerk, 509 Main, bds. Williams, n. Magazine 
Stone William F. Mrs. h. Cambridge, n. Hovey's Nursery 
Stone William N. student, bds. 1 68 Cambridge 
Storer B. carpenter, h. 3 Union 
Storer Frederick D. print3r, h. Holyoke 

Tucsley & Griffin, Trunks, Valises, Bags, k, 158 & 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in lances, Embroideries, Black JL ace Veils, &c. 

Storer Robert B. b. 47 India Wharf, h. Kirkland pi. cor. Kirkland 

Storer William, clerk, h. 80 Prospect, n. Summer 

Storer William B. bds. Kirkland pi. cor. Kirkland 

Story Albert, glasspacker, bds. Mansion House [Brattle sq. 

Story Francis W. University Press bookkeeper, h. Mt. Auburn, n. 

Stout John J. calker, h. 1 Vine 

Stover B. h. 3 Union 

Stover Theophilus, bds. at Mrs. J. Fogg's, Broadway 

Stowe F. H. conductor, U. R. R. bds. Dunster, cor. Mt. Auburn 

Stowe John A. conductor, U. R. R. h. Norton, cor. Wright 

Stratton Chas. b. 85 Leverett, h. Dunster, n. Mt. Auburn 

Stratton Chas. M. baker, h. 127 Cambridge [Auburn 

Stratton Harrison W. conductor, Union Railway, h. Otis pi. n. Mt. 

Stratton Ira, h. Austin, opp. Douglass 

Straw Daniel, cabinetmaker, h. 90 Third 

Straw Love, engineer, h. 128 Otis 

Stuchel Joseph, carpenter, h. Broadway, n. Clark 

Studley Amasa, carpenter, h. 20 Fourth 

Studley Andrew J. conductor, h. Wright, n. Norton 

Studley Joseph, apothecary, h. Austin, opp. Douglas 

Suarez Manuel, secretary Spanish Consul, bds. 97 Mt. Auburn 

Sullivan Chas. W. b. stationer, 179 Hanover, bds. Pearl, n. Auburn 

Sullivan Cornelius, engineer, h. Green, n. Putnam 

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, h. Lambert, n. Gore 

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, h. 3 North 

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, n. Forest 

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, h. 15 North 

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, h. Lechmere pi. 

Sullivan Cornelius T. baker, h. Brighton, cor. Mt. Auburn 

Sullivan Daniel, blacksmith, h. Hastings, n. Moore 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h. Vine, n. Fourth 

Sullivan Daniel, gardener, h. Green, cor. Bay 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h. rear 136 Bridge 

Sullivan Daniel, shoemaker, bds. 8 Gore 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h. Willow pi. 

Sullivan Edward, laborer, h. Brighton 

Sullivan Dennis P. grocer, h. Pine, n. Cherry 

Sullivan Ellen Mrs. h. Spruce, cor. Sargent , 

Sullivan Eugene, laborer, h. Spruce, n. Dublin j 

Sullivan Garret, glassmaker, h. 88 Otis 

Sullivan Humphrey, engineer, h. 61 Gore 

Sullivan Humphrey Mrs. h. 145 Bridge 

Sullivan James, Glass Works, h. Fourth, n. Bridge 

Sullivan James M. painter, h. Green, n. Putnam 

Sullivan James Mrs. h. 259 Main 

Sullivan Jeffrey, laborer, h. Dublin, n. railroad 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. Elm 

Sullivan Jeremiah laborer, h. East, n. Hastings Wharf 

Sullivan Jeremiah, Glass Works, h. rear 124 Bridge 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 


Bay State Commercial College, 538 Washington Street) Boston. 


Sullivan Jeremiah, Glass Works, bds. Mansion House 
Sullivan Jeremiah, butcher, h. Spruce, n. Montgomery 
Sullivan Jeremiah J. b. printer, h. West, n. Lee 
Sullivan Joanna Mrs. h. West, n. Lee 
Sullivan Joanna Mrs. h. Fourth, n. Bridge 
Sullivan John, b. clerk, bds. Winter, cor. Fifth 
Sullivan John, laborer, h. Franklin 
Sullivan John, laborer, h. Buckley's blk. Bridge 
Sullivan John, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. First 
Sullivan John, Glass House, h. 118 Bridge 
Sullivan John, laborer, h. Lambert, n. Gore 
Sullivan John, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. Sixth 
Sullivan John, laborer, h. Charles ct. 
Sullivan John A. printer, h. Green, n. Putnam 

Sullivan cabinetmaker, bds. 103 Bridge 

Sullivan Margaret, widow, h. 10 North 

Sullivan Mary Mrs. h. Pine, n. Cherry 

Sullivan Mary Mrs. h. Garden, n. Concord ave. 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, h. Copperthwait, n. DeWolf 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, h. Brighton, n. Winthrop 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, h. 128 Bridge 

Sullivan Nellie Miss, milliner and dressmaker, h. Boston 

Sullivan Patrick, glassmaker, h. 45 Winter 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h. Sparks, cor. Foster 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h. 24 Brighton 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h. 136 Bridge • 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h. Dunster, cor. South 

Sullivan Richard, Glass Works, h. Shea's blk. Bridge 

Sullivan Roger, laborer, h. Harvard, n. Main 

Sullivan Stephen, mason, h. Copperthwait, n. Banks 

Sullivan Thomas, Mrs. widow, h. Brighton, n. Bridge 

Sullivan Thomas, butcher, h. Spruce, n. Rice 

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h. Spruce, cor. Clay 

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h. Spruce 

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h. River, n. Tremont 

Sullivan Timothy Mrs. h. Winthrop, n. Dunster 

Sullivan Timothy, cabinetmaker, bds. 56 Pearl 

Sullivan Timothy, Glass Works, bds. Mansion House 

Sullivan Timothy D. stereotyper, h. Pearl, n. Perry 

Sultyze James, b. market, h. 1 Austin, n. Main 

Summers James, mariner, h. 258 Main 

Sumner Bradford Mrs. h. Sumner 

Sumner Eben T. engineer, bds. 25 Third 

Sutherland James C. harnessmaker, h. Brookline, cor. Franklin 

Sutton George J. printer, h. Short, n. Pleasant 

Swain Samuel B. Mrs. h. Hancock, opp. Centre [n. Kinnard 

Swain Sam'l H. b. melodeon maker, 239 Cambridge, h. Western ave. 

Swain S. T. carpenter, bds. 348 Main 

Swan Abigail Mrs. h. Everett, n. North ave. 

Fairbanks & Beard, Wholesale Dealers in bottle Ale, Porter, and Cider. • 

AH Branches of a Complete Business Education Practically Taught* 


Swan Walter S. com. mer. h. Everett, n. North ave 

Swasey John, glasscutter, h. 24 Winter 

Sweeney Andrew, laborer, h. Bridge, n. Gore 

Sweeney Brien, laborer, h. Spruce, n. brickyard 

Sweeney Cornelius, carpenter, h. Seventh, cor. Otis 

Sweeney Daniel, glasscutter, h. Third, cor. Charles 

Sweeney Felix A. upholsterer, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Sweeney John, laborer, h. 4 North 

Sweeney William, laborer, h. Antrim 

Sweet Angeline D. Mrs. h. Otis pi. cor. Mt. Auburn 

Sweet Benjamin D. b. clerk, bds. Mrs. A. D. Sweet's, Otis pi. 

Sweetman John, janitor Law School, h. Dunster, cor. South 

Sweetser Atkins, h. Leighton ct. n. East 

Sweetser Charles W. bds. Leighton ct. 

Sweetser Henry W. bds. Leighton ct. 

Sweetser Samuel, b. leatherdealer, 1 Pearl, h. Trowbridge n. Main 

Swett Lewis C. cabinetmaker and upholsterer, Main, n. Magazine h. 

Magazine, n. Somerset pi. 
Swett Stephen, carpenter, h. Short, n. Pleasant 
Swett William S. upholsterer, h. Magazine, n. Somerset pL 
Swift Henry, laborer, h. Columbia, n. Somerville 
Swift Peter, b. junkdealer, h. junct. Harvard and Main 
Swiney John H. carpenter, h. Sixth, cor. Vine 
Swing Mertis, cabinetmaker, h. Charles 
Sykes C. G. Mrs. seamstress, h. Harvard, n. G. J. Railroad 
Sylvester Eliza B. widow, h. Cambridge, n. Summer 
Symonds Elizabeth H. Mrs. h. Rockwell, n. Pleasant 

TAGGARD THOMAS, laborer, h. Second, n. Gore 

Talbot James, cabinetmaker, bds. 151 Bridge 

Talbot John, glassmaker, h. Winter, n. Fifth [Oxford 

Tamplin James B. b. 17 State, real estate dealer, h. Wendell, n. 

Tandy Eleazer, milkman, bds. Williams, n. Pearl 

Tandy James, h. Williams, n. Pearl 

Tapley Henry M. b. bookkeeper, 64 Pearl, h. Amory, n. Broadway 

Tarbell George F. b. clerk, h. 40 Auburn 

Tarbell Martha Mrs. h. Franklin, cor. Pearl [cor. Pearl 

Tarbell Mary A. teacher Webster Alphabet School, bds. Franklin, 

Tarbell William G. cabinetmaker, b. Magazine, cor. Cottage 

Tarbox George, printer, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Tarbox John, watchman, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Tarbox Joseph K. h. 70 Windsor 

Tarr Jacob, b. U. S. Public Storehouse, h. Clark, n. Hampshire 

Tartery Levi, cabinetmaker, bds. Mansion House [ave. n. Jarvis 

Tate Henry M. b. clerk, Bank of Metropolis, bds. Anson Storrs, North 

Tate William, carpenter, bds. 372 Main 

Tates Charles W. presser, h. Third, n. Cambridge 

Tayhen John, h. Third, n. Vine, U. S. A. 

Tayhen Michael, laborer, h. North, n. East 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, lass. 

E. F. Cuahman, sue to Cughman & Brooks, 90-94 Trcm. St., Boston, 


Taylor Addison H. carpenter, h. 3 Harrison ave. 

Taylor Charles, b. hatter, 3 Province, h. Oak, n. Cambridge 

Taylor Charles H. b. reporter for the Traveller, h. 36 Williams 

Taylor Ira, carpenter, bds. Essex, n. Harvard 

Taylor John, actor, h. Dickinson, n. Clark 

Taylor John B. physician, h. Third, cor. Otis 

Taylor John R. clerk, h. 42 Fifth 

Taylor Julius, bds. 20 Washington 

Taylor Oliver, h. Coggswell ave. n. North ave. 

Taylor Simeon, stoves, tinware, etc. 409 Main, h. 1 Norfolk 

Taylor Thomas, laborer, h. 36 Washington 

Taylor William, fishpeddler, h. Erie 

Taylor William E. b. clerk, 321 Washington, bds. Coggswell ave. [pi. 

Taylor William J. paperhanger, 415 Main, h. Magazine, n. Somerset 

Tayne Dennis, laborer, h. North, n. East 

Tayne Timothy, laborer, h. 16 North 

Teague George M. fishdealer, h. 49 Columbia 

Teel Albert S. carpenter, h. North ave. n. Alewife Brook 

Teel Ammi C. farmer, h. North ave. n. Alewife Brook 

Teel Charles J. farmer, h. North ave. n. Alewife Brook 

Teel Henry C. farmer, bds. A. C. Teel's, North ave. 

Teele Samuel P. {Howe 3? Teele), baconcurer, Main, opp. Windsor, 
h. 72 Washington 

Teirnan Michael, laborer, h. Dublin, n. R. R. 

Teirnan Richard, laborer, h. Spruce 

Temple John M. clerk, h. 103 Thorndike 

Templeton James M. b. Qumcy Market, h. Main, L. P. 

Tendler Maria, Mrs. bds. 105 Harvard 

Terry Calvin, whitewasher, etc. h. 2 Harvard 

Thain John, hemp-dresser, h. Elm, n. Cambridge 

Thayer Cephas P. pressman, Brattle sq. h. Ash, cor. Ash st. ct. 

Thayer Edward E. student, bds. Main, opp. Remington 

Thayer Farwell, printer, bds. Main, cor. Putnam 

Thayer Farwell J. (J. H. and J. P. Thayer $ Co.), 514 and 520 
Main, h. Main, opp. Remington [Garden 

Thayer George A. marblecutter, bds. Thomas Tout's, Appian Way, n. 

Thayer Henry & Co. (John Putnam), chemicals, Main, cor. Doug- 
lass, h. North ave. n. Sacramento 

Thayer James H. (J. H. fy J. P. Thayer Sf Co.), painter and paper 
hanger, 514 and 520 Main, h. Main, opp. Remington 

Thayer John A. machinist, h. 1 Brook's pi. 

Thayer Joshua P. (J. H. § J. P. Thayer S? Co.) painters and paper 
hanger, 514 and 520 Main, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Main 

Thiery Charles L. b. watchcase maker, 7 Harvard pi. h. Sydney, 
cor. Chestnut, Ward 4 

Thies Louis, h. Quincy 

Thomas Abraham, mastic roofer, h. Valentine [Garden 

Thomas Charles G. b. attorney, 20 Court, h. Appian Way, 2d from 

Thomas David, laborer, h. Charles River 

Tucsley & Griffin, Hats, Caps, Furs, k, 15$ k 160 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Paris Kid Gloves. Prices very low. 


Thomas James B. F. b. counsellor, 46 Court, bds. S. J. Thomas's, 

Thomas John, h. 27 Washington [North ave. 

Thomas John N. teamster, h. Bristol, n. Market 

Thomas Seth J. b. attorney, 46 Court, h. North ave. cor. Wendell 

Thomas Zephaniah H. b. shoedealer, 53 Hanover, h. Essex, n. Austin 

Thompson Asa S. conductor Union Railway, h. North ave. n. Walden 

Thompson David, b. clerk, h. 51 Market 

Thompson David, jr. cuttlery, bds. 51 Market 

Thompson Henry, cabinetmaker, bds. 25 Broadway 

Thompson James, machinist, bds. 35 Fourth 

Thompson Jennie Miss, dressmaker, bds. 35 Fourth 

Thompson John B. (Thompson fy Sanborn) blacksmith and wheelright, 
h. Harvard, cor. Norfolk 

Thompson Joseph, marble worker, h. 45 Brookline 

Thompson Mark H. carpenter, h. 52 Elm 

Thompson Matthew, pedler, h. 35 Fourth 

Thompson Talbot, mariner, h. 5 Washington 

Thompson William, laborer, h. Cottage, n. Pearl 

Thompson William, mariner, h. rear 56 Harvard 

Thompson William A. engineer, h. 136 Cambridge 

Thompson William H. ropemaker, h. Spring, n. Eighth 

Thompson William T. clerk, Brattle, cor. Brighton, h. Boston 

Thompson* Wm. V. b. conveyance, 16 Scollay's Building, h. Otis, 

Thornbury Wilson, h. Bay, cor. Green [cor. Sixth 

Thorogood John G. pressman, h. 25 Green 

Thorogood Peter M. carpenter, h. 25 Green 

Thorogood Peter J. printer, bds. 25 Green 

Thrasher Lewis B. b. carpenter, h. 56 Essex 

Thresher James M. b. dentist, 128 Court, h. 47 Austin 

Thurston Chas. F. baker, h. 95 Norfolk 

Thurston Daniel H. (Thurston, Ball, Sf Go.) cracker bakery, Cam- 
bridge, n. Prospect, h. 46 Elm 

Thurston George A. b. carriagesmith, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Athens 

Thurston Lyman, b. intelligence agent, h. 34 Brighton 

Thwing Gardener, H. h. Franklin, n. Pleasant 

Thwing James, wheelwright, Green, h. Green, n. Pleasant 

Thwing James H. provision dealer, bds. Green, n. Pleasant 

Thwing Jane, h. 3 Green 

Tibbetts George H. b. eating-house, 118 Union, h. River, n. Auburn 

Tibbetts Israel, truckman, h. 49 Winter 

Tidd Martha R. Mrs. h. Park, n. Magazine 

Tierney Patrick, printer, h. Franklin and Brookline 

Tiffiny Lyman, bds. Brattle, n. Willard 

Tigh Thomas, laborer, h. 25 North [Boston Bridge, h. in Boston 

Tileston Charles E. (Baldwin fy Tileston), wood and coal, West 

Tilson Apollus J. b. 69 Milk, h. Austin cor. Essex 

Tilton Benjamin, President Harvard National Bank, h. Prospect 
Tilton Benjamin R. (B. N. $ B. R. Tilton), b. lumber dealer, 250 
Harrison ave. h. Prospect, n. Harvard 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, lass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Itiieeland St., Boston. 


Tilton Henry N. b. lumber, 250 Harrison ave. bds. Prospect, n. Harvard 

Tirrell Nancy Miss, tailoress, bds. 68 Thorndike 

Titus C. D. cabinetmaker, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Titus J. M. clerk, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Toba Michael, helper, h. Willow pi. 

Tobin Morris, laborer, h. rear 126 Bridge 

Tobin Richard, laborer, h. Vine, n. Fifth 

Toby Horace P. spike manufacturer, Main, n. Broadway, h. at Brighton 

Todd David, b. jeweller, h. Pine, n. Washington 

Todd James, h. Dunster, n. South 

Tolmey James, tin-plate worker, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 

Toner Charles, mason, h. 6 Hastings 

Toner James, peddler, h. 4 Gore 

Toner James, glassmaker, h. Bridge, n. Fourth 

Toner John, laborer, h. Brookline, n. Perry 

Toohey Daniel, laborer, h. Somerset, n. Pleasant 

Tooker William, printer, h. Inman, n. Broadway 

Toomey Alfred, glassmaker, h. 59 Gore 

Toomey Daniel, laborer, h. 61 Gore 

Toomey James, Glass Works, bds. 61 Gore 

Toomey Mary Mrs. h. Murdock, n. Gardner 

Torbet James, laborer, h. Fourth, n. Gore 

Torrey Henry W., McLean Professor of Ancient and Modern His- 
tory H. U. h. Oxford 

Torrey Maria W. Mrs. bds. Main, cor. Prospect 

Torrey Robert, jr. h. Mt. Auburn, n. Dunster 

Torry Robert, printer, h. Chestnut, Ward 1 

Torry William, printer, h. Bow 

Tourtelle Daniel, painter, h. 7 Green 

Tourtelot Edward, honey peddler, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Tout Thomas, fishing-rod manufacturer, h. Appian Way 

To wan James H. watchmaker, h. Eighth, cor. Cambridge 

Towan Joseph G. watchmaker, bds., Eighth, cor. Cambridge 

Tower Charles B. student, bds. D. B. Tower's, Buckingham 

Tower David B. b. teacher, Park St. Church, h. Buckingham, 

Tower Daniel T. b. dry goods, h. 51 Tremont 

Tower George W. machinist, bds. Broadway, n. Moore 

Tower Levi, b. bookkeeper, h. Ellsworth ave. 

Tower Levi L. ( Cutter, Tower, fy Co.), b. stationer, 89 New Devon- 
shire, h. 88 Prospect 

Tower Mary L. Miss, teacher, h. Follen 

Tower Samuel G. b. patternmaker, h. Follen 

Towne Augustus, b. druggist, h. 261 Broadway 

Towne Edward O. clerk, bds. J. Towne's, Magazine, n. Webster 

Towne {Ezra) & Fuller {James H.), hardware, 477 Main, bds. 
Franklin, cor. Pearl 

Towne George H. clerk, bds. Franklin, cor. Pearl 

Towne Hamilton, cigarmaker, h. 39 Pearl [n. Webster 

Towne Horatio, b. watchmaker, 2 Court, bds. J. Towne's, Magazine, 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Hop and Sarsaparilla Beer. 

Send Address for Samples of Penmanship and College Journal. 


Towne John, b. clerk, Oak Hall, h. Magazine, n. "Webster 

Towne Nathan, teamster, h. Leigh ton ct. n. East 

Townsend Edwin G. b. clerk, bds. Market, n. Columbia 

Townsend Joseph, carpenter, bds. "Washington, cor. Columbia 

Townsend Joseph, pianomaker, h. Washington, cor. Columbia 

Toye Dennis, blacksmith, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

Toye Martin, blacksmith, h. Spruce, n. Rice 

Trace William, b. printer, h. Main, n. Pioneer 

Tracy John, laborer, h. Walden, n. Fitchburgh Railroad 

Tracy Michael F. carpenter, h. Concord ave. opposite Catholic Church 

Tracy Patrick, laborer, h. Rideout, n. Cambridge 

Tracy William, laborer, h. Concord ave. n. Alewife Brook 

Train Edmund, grocer, Bridge, cor. East, h. 75 Thorndike 

Trainer John, b. britannia worker, h. Elm, n. Cambridge 

Traiser Henry, b. cigars, 125 Court, h. Ellsworth ave. 

Trant James, laborer, h. Spruce 

Trask Daniel F. engineer, h. Spruce, n. brickyard [Magazine 

Trask Henry P. b. carriage trimmer, 189 Friend, h. Hamilton, n. 

Trayes George, printer, h. Viles' blk. Main, L. P. 

Trayes John Mrs. h. Viles' blk. L. P. 

Trayes William, printer, h. Viles' blk. Main, L. P. 

Treadwell Daniel, h. Concord ave. n. Garden 

Treadwell Matilda H. Mrs. h. Hancock, n. Franklin 

Tribble Augustus, b. clerk, h. 87 Washington 

Tribou Walter S. lumberdealer, Bridge, n. carhouse, h. in Somerville 

Triggs Thomas, brushmaker, h. 110 Otis 

Trilligan Newey T. blacksmith, h. Clay 

Trott Thomas G. sawyer, bds. 105 Norfolk 

Trow Charles W. bds. Bath, n. Mt. Auburn 

Trow Edward, shoemaker, Cambridge, n. Fourth, bds. 56 Gore 

Trow Francis R. carpenter, h. Bath [Way 

Trowbridge John, teacher, Lawrence Scientific School, bds. Appian 

Trowbridge John H. h. Appian Way, n. Garden 

Trowbridge John S. (P. H. Walker $ Co.), b. hardware, 6 Faneuil 

Hall Square, h. 49 Western ave. 
Troy James, b. tailor, h. 3 Brooks' Building 
Tucker Charles A. b. clerk, Suffolk Bank, h. 108 Norfolk 
Tucker Ebenezer, h. DeWolf ct. 

Tucker Ebenezer, jr. carriage painter at Chapman's, h. Otis pi. 
Tucker Edward O. iron bedstead maker, h. 4 Green 
Tucker James, laborer, h. Bridge, n. East 
Tucker Joseph, laborer, h. 23 Hastings 

Tucker Payson E. b. lawyer, 7 Court sq. h. Preston, n. Cambridge 
Tucker Ruth Mrs. h. 34 State 
Tufts Albert B. upholsterer, bds. 131 Otis 
Tufts Charles, h. 54 Prospect 
Tufts Charles, shoemaker, Brattle, cor. Palmer 
Tufts Ebenezer T. painter, h. 136 Cambridge 
Tufts Francis H. painter, Sixth, cor. Cambridge, h. 131 Otis 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cuihman, sue. to Cushman 8c Brooks, 90-94 Trent. St., Ronton, 


Tufts Frank H. jr. cigarmaker, bds. 131 Otis 

Tufts Hubbard B. painter, bds. 131 Otis 

Tufts Isaac, b. carriagemaker, h. River, opp. Cottage 

Tufts John, upholsterer, bds. 63 Thorndike 

Tufts John A. mason, h. 63 Thorndike 

Tufts John R. cabinetmaker, h. Ward's blk. L. P. 

Tufts Samuel, shoemaker, h. Church, n. Brattle 

Tufts Zebulon, farmer, h. North ave. n. Meacham 

Tumbalty Michael, laborer, h. Kinnard, n. Putnam 

Tumbalty Peter, laborer, h. Kinnard, n. Franklin 

Tulley Patrick, soapmaker, h. 6 North 

Tupper J. C. b. clerk, h. Broadway, n. Clark 

Turbunt James, laborer, h. 943 Third 

Turnbull George, b. carpenter, h. 15 Auburn ct. 

Turner George R. millinery goods, Main, n. Norfolk, h. Chestnut pi. 

Turner H. G. paver, h. 1 Front 

Turner Harriet Mrs. h. Columbia, n. Hampshire 

Turner Jeremiah C. printer, h. 30 Dunster 

Turner Joshua, spring bed manufacturer, h. 292 Main 

Turner Samuel H. {Turner Sf Davis), b. provision dealer, Black- 
stone Market, bds. 100 Thorndike 

Tute Renselaer (Tute, Fay, Sf Morey), b. teadealer, 16 South Market, 
h. Inman, n. Cambridge 

Tuten Edward T. glasscutter, bds. 97 Otis 

Tuten Robert, printer, bds. 17 Sixth 

Tuttle Freeman, farmer, bds. Tuttle, n. Wyeth 

Tuttle Joseph, bookbinder, h. Somerset 

Tuttle Lydia B. Mrs. h. Tuttle, n. Wyeth 

Twiggs Margaret, widow, h. Charles, cor. Third 

Twine William, waiter, h. Hampshire, n. Webster ave. 

Twist William, policeman, h. 36 Pearl 

Twist William H. expressman, h. 7 Austin 

Twohig Dennis, mason, h. rear Foster, n. Sparks 

Twohig James, laborer, h. rear Foster, n. Sparks 

Twohig John, laborer, h. rear Foster, n. Sparks 

Twohig Timothy, laborer, h. rear Foster, n. Sparks 

Tyler Asa, b. boots and shoes, 20 Tremont Row, h. Sixth, n. Otis 

Tyler Daniel G. clerk, bds. Otis, opp. Court House 

Tyler John M. clerk, h. Otis, opp. Court House 

Tyler Joseph H. attorney, and Register of Probate and Insolvency, 
office, Court House, Third, h. 28 Second 

UHLER R. P. assistant in Entomological Department, H. U. h. Di- 
vinity ave. 
Uhrig Joseph, eating-house, 418 Main, h. Green 
Ultsch John, soapmaker, h. 51 Washington 
Umberhand Frederick, brushmaker, bds. Seventh, n. Thorndike 
Underwood Nathan, milkman, h. Magazine, cor. Cottage [h. Short 
Underwood William H. b. pocket-bookmaker and stationer, 131 State, 

Tuesley k Griffin, Hats, Umbrellas, Travelling Bags, k, 158 k 160 Court St., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Ladies and Jflisses' Gloves and Hosiery. 


Upham Catherine Miss, h. Kirkland, cor. Oxford 
Upbam Thomas, h. Irving, n. Cambridge 

VALENTINE H. E. clerk, bds. Trowbridge 

Valentine Jones, clerk, h. Winthrop, n. Holyoke 

Van Allen Henry A. clerk, bds. Oak, n. Cambridge 

Vandine Henry, nurseries, h. Plymouth 

Van Putten John, cabinetmaker, h. 7 Seventh 

Van Rees Nicholas, cabinetmaker, h. Eighth, n. Otis 

Vanstry Augustus, cabinetmaker, h. Spring, n. Fifth 

Vanstry Ferdinand L. cabinetmaker, h. Seventh 

Varnum Charles T. cabinetmaker, h. 78 Cambridge 

Vary Victor Vivian, h. 50 Winter 

Vaughan A. Abbot, b. clerk, bds. C. Vaughan's, Berkeley 

Vaughan Benjamin, b. commission merchant, 42 India, bds. Craigie, 

Vaughan Charles, h. Berkeley [cor. Concord ave. 

Vaughan Charles E. physician, h. Garden, n. Appian Way 

Vaughan William M. h. Craigie, cor. Concord ave. 

Vaupel Louis, glass engraver, h. 96 Thorndike 1 

Velio Joseph, carpenter, h. North ave. cor. Beech 

Venables George, laborer, h. Franklin, n. Bay 

Venner John T. b. melodeon maker, h. Union, n. Hampshire 

Venter John E. b. furrier, h. Moore, n. Washington 

Vickery Joseph D. b. salesman, h. 95 Thorndike 

Vickery William J. carpenter, h. 15 Auburn 

Vigneron John, glasscutter, h. Vine, n. Third 

Viles James, h. Columbia, cor. Suffolk [Hancock 

Vinal Albert, b. real estate agent, 13 Tremont Row, h. Harvard, n. 

Vinal Francis F. window-shade maker, h. 371^ Main 

Vining Caroline M. Mrs. newsdealer, 355 Main, h. do. 

Vining George W. bds. 355 Main 

Vogl Adolph, looking-glassmaker, h. Thorndike, n. Fifth 

Voit William Mrs. boardinghouse, h. 47 Cambridge 

Vollintine Charles H. clerk, bds. William, cor. Pearl 

Vollintine Thomas (D. Fairbanks 3? Co.), b. shoe and leather dealer, 

81 Kilby, h. William, cor. Pearl 
Vollintine Thomas, jr. b. clerk, 81 Kilby, bds. William, cor. Pearl 

WADE ASA, b. flour inspector, 174 State, h. 271 Broadway [zine 

Wade Augustus J. bookkeeper, Denton & Woods, h. Erie, n. Maga- 

Wade Daniel T. b. bookkeeper, Commercial, bds. 271 Broadway [sq. 

Wake George, b. clerk, 45 Merchants' Row, bds. North ave. n. Union 

Wade H. Louisa Mrs. h. 17 Magazine 

Wade Henry F. b. bookkeeper, bds. 271 Broadway 

Wade J. Augustine, bookbinder, h. Erie, n. Magazine 

Wade Rufus R. turnkey at the Jail, h. Thorndike, cor. Third 

Wadman Theophilus G. printer, h. Washington ct. 

Wainwright Edwin S. cabinetmaker, h. 61 Spring 

Wait John B. grocer, Cambridge, cor. Willow pi. 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeporfc, Mass. 


Bay State Commercial College, 538 "Washington Street, Boston. 


Wait John L. machinist, h. 6 Vine 

Waite George W. painter, h. Broadway, n. Windsor 

Waite Reuben, carpenter, h. Washington ct. 

Waite Sarah B. Miss, schoolteacher, bds. Mrs. Tuttle's, Tuttle 

Waitt Andrew S. Superintendent College Buildings, h. Ash, n. Mt. 

Waitt Freeman C. expressman, h. 18 Cottage 
Waitt George P. b. painter and grainer, h. 1 Worcester 
Waitt George W. painter, h. Broadway, n. Windsor 
Wakefield Abner C. shoemaker, bds. Rufus Mann's, Dunster [Putnam 
Wakefield E. H. b. real estate broker, 81 Washington, h. Main, cor. 
Wakefield James H. house joiner, h. Rice 
Walcott H. P. physician, h. Church, n. Brattle 

Wald Henry, soapmaker, h. Otis, n. Fifth [cor. Everett 

Waldron John, b. paperdealer, 53 Union, bds. N. Berry's, North ave. 
Wales Thomas S. provision dealer, Pearl, h. Somerset ct. 
Wales William, butcher, h. Somerset pi. 
Walker Alfred W. laborer, h. Broadway, n. Moore 
Walker Alvah, oil manufacturer, bds. Flanders' Exchange 
Walker Anna J. Miss, nurse, h. Lincoln pi. n. Essex 
Walker Anna M. Mrs. h. Lincoln pi. n. Essex 
Walker B. F. hostler, bds. 348 Main 
Walker Charles, fireman, bds. R. R. blk. Bridge 
Walker Charles, bookkeeper, h. Western ave. cor. Kinnard 
Walker C. B. clerk, bds. 66 River 
Walker Charles T. auctioneer, h. Harvard, n. Clinton 
Walker Cordelia F. private schoolteacher, bds. 19 Tremont 
Walker D. S. clerk, h. Putnam, n. Washington ct. 
Walker Freeman A. b. 83 and 85 Cornhill, h. Concord ave. n. Craigie 
Walker George W. printer, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Hilliard 
Walker Henry, lawyer, bds. F. Walker's, Concord ave. cor. Craigie 
Walker Henry O. b. clerk, bds. 35 Western ave. 
Walker Hiram, butcher, bds. Gore, n. Sixth 

Walker James, clergyman, h. Sparks, n. Brattle [ton ct. 

Walker John, bookbinder, Lee, cor. Main, h. Putnam, cor. Washing- 
Walker John, brushmaker, h. 1 1 Moore 
Walker John H. h. School, n. Cherry 

Walker John H. bookbinder, h. Putnam, cor. Washington ct. 
Walker John W. carpenter, bds. Western ave. opp. Soden 
Walker Joseph H. Mrs. widow, h. Wendell, n. North ave. 
Walker Mary Mrs. h. Fifth, cor. Thorndike 
Walker P. teamster, bds. Gore, n. Sixth 
Walker Samuel, tailor, 80 Cambridge, h. do. 
Walker Thomas O. b. bookseller, 3 West, h. 35 Western ave. 
Walker William T. clerk, h. 116 Thorndike 
Walker Woods F. h. Cambridge 

Walkling Frederick L. machinist, h. rear 162 Cambridge 
Walko Martin (Walko 8? Barman), b. furrier, 16 Summer, h. Oak 
Wall Edmund, painter, h. Light 

Fairbanks & Beard, Wholesale Dealers in Lager Beer and Porter, Us, 1-2 bis, k kegs. 

Please Call and Examine our Course of Instruction. 


Wallace Charles G. b. clerk, h. Pine, n. Harvard 

Wallace Jas. P. jr. provisions, Brattle, cor. Palmer, h. Everett pi. 

Wallace Thomas, printer, bds. Edmund Hayes', AppianWay, n. Garden 

Waller John A. b. hairdresser, h. 63 Gore 

Walmsley Charles R. b. plasterer, h. Webster ave. n. Clark 

Walsh Edward, fishdealer, h. Foster, n. Willard 

Walsh Florence, gardener, h. Foster, cor. Sparks 

Walsh Mark, carpenter, h. Brookline, n. Hamilton 

Walsh Michael, marblecutter, h. Foster, cor. Irving 

Walter A. F. b. grocer, h. 25 Broadway 

Walters Richard J. clerk, bds. 463 Main, cor. Essex 

Walton Harriet Mrs. h. Howard 

Walworth James J. & Co. (M. S. Scudder 3? C. C. Walworth), steam 
and gas fitting manufacturers, old car factory, Main, L. P. bds. 
Revere House, Boston [cor. Kinnard 

Ward Andrew A. provisions, cor. Prospect and Main, h. Western ave. 

Ward Bernard, baker, h. Hastings, n. Moore 

Ward Catherine, widow, h. Hastings, n. Moore 

Ward Charles H. b. banker, 20 Congress, h. Putnam 

Ward Edward A. b. 233 State, h. Sacramento, n. North ave. 

Ward George L. b. manufacturer, 27 Federal, h. Brattle, n. Hilliard 

Ward Hannah M. widow, h. Washington ct. 

Ward Henry B. b. 5 Scollay's Building, h. Dana, n. Harvard 

Ward James, cabinetmaker, h. Hastings, n. Moore 

Ward Joanna, widow, h. North, cor. Short. 

Ward John, at Squires' Oil Factory, h. rear 8 Vine 

Ward John, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

Ward John J. glass engraver, bds. Hastings, n. Moore 

Ward Joshua F. h. Magazine, n. Walnut 

Ward Lyman H. h. 33 Auburn 

Ward Samuel F. clerk, h. Jay, n. Western ave. 

Ward Samuel, jr. b. clerk Fitchburg R. R. bds. Auburn, n. Magazine 

Ward Samuel L. h. Prospect, n. Austin, 

Ward Simon B. h. Pearl, n. Hamilton 

Ward Thomas, laborer, h. rear 25 Gore 

Ward William F. b. clerk, bds. Magazine, n. Walnut 

Ward Winthrop A. provisions, h. Magazine, opp. Brooks 

Wardell John, carpenter, h. Brookline 

Warden Matthew, cooper, h. 129 Broadway 

Ward well Bailey R. b. coaldealer, h. Clark, cor. Harvard 

Ware Frederick, bds. Mrs. W. Ware's, Waterhouse 

Ware Henry, b. counsellor, h. Berkeley, n. Phillips' pi. 

Ware Lyman, Glass Works, h. rear 162 Cambridge 

Ware Wesley, carpenter, 39 Columbia, h. do. 

Ware William Mrs. h. Waterhouse, cor. Concord ave. 

Warfield Henry, b. stereotyper, h. Pearl, cor. cottage 

Warland Altamont, b. bookkeeper, bds. Wm. Warland's, 39 Brattle 

Warland Edward M. b. commission merchant, 36 Indian bds. War- 
land's, Appian Way 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cushuian, sue. to Cushuiaii & Brooks, 90-94 Trim. St., Boston 

Warland Mary A. Mrs. h. Appian Way 

Warland William, h. 39 Brattle 

Warner Caleb H. b. Cashier National Bank of Commerce, 85 State, 

h. Harvard, n. Dana 
Warner William R. blacking dealer, h. Plymouth, n. Webster ave. 
Warren Ann M. Mrs. fancy goods and toys, 345 Main, h. do. 
Warren Charles A. cabinetmaker, bds. 8 Auburn ct. 
Warren George K. photographer, 449 Main, h. 5 Worcester 
Warren Henry W. Rev. h. 71 Prospect 
Warren James, laborer, h. North, n. East 
Warren John, laborer, h. East 
Warren John B. h. 5 Worcester 
Warren Rufus (Clark, Warren, S? Co.), b. boot and shoe dealer, 70 

Federal, h. Cherry, cor. Washington 
Warren William, cabinetmaker, h. 8 Auburn ct. 
Wartts Mrs. h. Murdock, n. Gardner 

Warwick Martha, widow, bds. Gore, n. Sixth . 

Warwick Wm. S. b. tailor, h. Gore n. Sixth 
Washburn Emory, Bussey Professor of Law H. U. h. Quincy 
Waterhouse Hannibal, carpenter, h. Craigie Bridge 
Waterhouse Sarah, h. n. Craigie Bridge 
Waterman Richard, law student, h. Avon, n. Shepard 
Waters Mary Mrs. h. Brighton, n. Winthrop 
Waters Patrick J. laborer, bds. Brighton, cor. Winthrop 
Watriss Oliver W. h. Main, cor. Prospect 
Watson Abraham W. b. clerk, h. 23 Spring 
Watson Alexander, teamster, h. Dunster, n. South 
Watson Alexander H. printer, h. Rockwell, n. Pleasant 
Watson John C. b. broker, 4 Phcenix Building, h. Harvard, n. Dana 
Watson Nancy B. widow, h. 34 Spring 
Watson William, teamster, h. Dunster n. South 
Watson William W. carpenter, h. Willow pi. 
Watts Benjamin, iron bronzer, h. Main, n. Pearl 
Watts Francis A. stablekeeper, h. Daniel's ct. 

Watts Lawrence B. Mrs. widow, h. 87 Spring [4 State 

Waugh William A. (Mcintosh § Waugh), blacksmith, 308 Main, h. 
Wauhan Michael, laborer, h. rear Dublin, n. railroad 
Way Alanson, b. tobacconist, 7 Commercial, h. Tremont, c. Hampshire 
Weaver Anthony, b. shoemaker, h. 84 Fourth 
Weaver Joseph, brass finisher, h. Willow pi. 
Webb Chas. b. clerk, bds. 52 Auburn 
Webb Elizabeth Mrs. h. 4 Brimmer block, Harvard 
Webb John, laborer, h. rear, 5 Washington 
Webb Michael, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Everett pi. 
Webber Alonzo C. physician, h. Pleasant, cor. Green 
Webber Alonzo J. Mrs. h. Williams, n. Magazine 
Webber Harrison, roofer, h. Moore, n. School 
Webber John, carver, bds. Flanders' Exchange 
Webber John H. h. 24 Brookline (U. S. A.) 

Tucsley & Gritliu, Trunks, Valises, Bags, k, (SI I l(jll Court St., Bowdoin S(j., Bostoo. 

Importer and Dealer in Ladies' and Gents' JLinen Handkerchiefs. 


Webber Oliver H. apothecary, Fifth, cor. Cambridge, E. Camb. 

Webber William L. b. clerk, bds. Williams, n. Magazine 

Webster Francis B. h. Maple ave. 

Webster Nathan, h. Sumner 

Webster Orrin P. papercarrier, bds. 25 Spring 

Webster Theodore B. carpenter, h. 66 Fourth 

Webster William F. ( W. F. Webster fy Co.), cement manufacturer, 
Main, junc. Harvard, h. 44 Windsor 

Weeks Ambrose, b. clerk, 128 Hanover, h. Hancock opp. Centre 

Weeks Emmett, printer, h. Rockwell, cor. River 

Weeks Hiram, wheelwright, h. 36 Tremont 

Weinschenk Gustave, compositor, h. Church 

Weitze Robert, sausage maker, Eighth, n. Spring 

Weitzel John, machinist, bds. 372 Main 

Welch {Albion K. P.) Bigelow (Marshall T. $ Co.), printers, Uni- 
versity Press, h. Holyoke, cor. South 

Welch Anthony, laborer, h. Third, n. Kerosene Works 

Welch Benjamin, trader, h. Norfolk, cor. Hampshire 

Welch Benjamin S. h. 324 Main 

Welch Charles O. b. bookkeeper (Jordan, Harsh, Sf Co.), h. Sacra- 
mento, n. Oxford 

Welch Charles P. bds. Norfolk, cor. Hampshire 

Welch Charles W. b. clerk, 123 Pearl, bds. 92 Washington 

Welch Cornelius, laborer, h. Franklin 

Welch David, laborer, h. Webster ave. n. Cambridge 

Welch b. printer, h. 17 Washington 

Welch Edward H. h. 83 Third (U. S. A.) 

Welch Francis, crockery packer, h. Stevens ct. n. Bridge 

Welch Henry T. provisions, h. Howard, n. River 

Welch Hiram Mrs. widow, h. 103 Otis [Cambridge 

Welch James, b. wines and liquors, 170 Blackstone, h. Hampshire, n. 

Welch James, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. Car Depot 

Welch John, laborer, h. Charles ct. 

Welch John, laborer, h. Sheas' Blk. Bridge 

Welch John, laborer, h. Cambridge, n. Webster ave. 

Welch Martin, peddler, h. Sargent 

Welch Maurice, laborer, h. Third, n. Gore 

Welch Oliver, b. machinist, h. 25 Spring 

Welch Patrick, laborer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

Welch Richard, laborer, h. Webster ave. m Somerville 

Welch Robert, laborer, h. Dublin, n. R. R. 

Welch Thomas, ropemaker, h. Dublin, n. Sargent 
Welch Thomas, h. North ave. n. Meacham (U. S. A.) 
Welch Thomas J. bds. Howard, n. River 
Welch Walter, b. livery stable, South, h. Short, n. L. R. R. 
Welch William, blacksmith, h. South, n. Dunster 
Weld Delia Mrs. h. n. Mt. Auburn Gate 
Weld John C. carpenter, h. James, cor. Brattle 
Wellington Ada, teacher Harvard School, bds. 7 Essex 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Caiabridgcport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., eor. Kjieelaiid St., Boston, 


Wellington Austin C. bds. Broadway, cor. Prospect 

Wellington Bros. {Horatio S? Joseph A.) wood and coal, Bridge, n. 

Prison Pt. Bridge, h. at Charlestown 
Wellington Charles W. builder, h. 
Wellington George D. clerk, bds. 2 Norfolk 

Wellington George, b. produce dealer, h. Columbia, cor. Broadway 
Wellington Jonas C. b. wholesale coaldealer, 15 Kilby, h. Broadway, 

cor. Prospect 
Wellington Joseph A. ( Wellington Brothers), wood and coal, Bridge, 

n. Prison Pt. Bridge, h. Avon, n. Linnaean 
Wellington Jos. V. b. 15 and 17 Boylston Market, h. 13 Tremont 
Wellington William W. physician, h. 4 Temple 
Wellman J. W. b. Custom House, h. Brookline, n. Auburn 
Wellman Samuel E. candy peddler, h. rear 59 Columbia 
Wells Benj. C. h. Winthrop, n. Brighton 
Wells C. A. Mrs. h. 97 Mt. Auburn, n. Brighton 
Wells George Mrs. widow, h. Concord ave. n. arsenal 
Wells Henry, soapmaker, h. 21 Washington 
Wells James A. bds. Mrs. Foster's, Garden, n. Appian Way 
Wells James H. salesman, h. Main, opp. Temple 
Wells Jeremiah, teamster, h. Windsor, n. School [lin 

Wells Peter F. (K Williams $ Co.), b. 208 State, h. River, cor. Frank- 
Wells Samuel F. b. clerk, bds. Rand's, Harvard, n. Hancock 
Wells Wm. Mrs. h. Brattle, cor. Fay er weather 
Welsh Edward, laborer, h. n. Dublin 

Welsh Edward, fish dealer, Main, n. Harvard, h. Foster, n. Sparks 
Welts Enos, Glass Works, h. 22 Fifth 

Wenrich Mary A. Mrs. h. Austin, cor. Essex [Main 

Wentworth Benjamin L. painter, Pearl, under Irving House, h. 348 
Wentworth Isaac, h. Washington, n. Norfolk 
Wentworth Jerome, baker, h. 31 Clark 
Wentworth Martin, carpenter, Viles' block, bds. 348 Main 
Wentworth Mary E. tailoress, h. Rindge's block, Spring 
Wentworth Nathan, hatter, bds. Rindge's block, Spring 
Wentworth Reuben, carpenter, h. Douglass 
Wentworth Samuel L. carpenter, h. n. 348 Main 
Wentworth Thomas B. pew and pulpit builder, 336 Main, h. 352 Main 
Wentworth William H. b. marbleworker, h. Orchard, n. Beech 
West Benjamin, sawyer, bds. rear, 41 Winter 
West Levi H. h. Hamilton, n. Pearl 
West Margaret Mrs. h. rear 41 Winter 
West William, surveyor, h. rear 92 Otis 
Western C. Raymond, patternmaker, bds. 51 Winter 
Weston Edward H. physician, h. 113 Otis 
Weston Granville, printer, bds. 103 Thorndike 
Weston Nathaniel, cabinetmaker, h. 61 Spring 
Wetherbee Jeremiah Mrs. h. 25 Brookline 
Wetts Elijah, at Draper's, bds. 22 Fifth 
Weymouth George, b. commission merchant, bds. 7 Essex 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers of Soda, in founts k bottles. Orders promptly attended to. 

for fitting ^ Young Men and Ladies for the Practical Duties of Life. 


Whalen John, laborer, h. Broadway block 

Whalen Martin, laborer, h. 17 Winter 

Whalen Thomas, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Bolton 

Whaler George Mrs. widow, h. Otis pi. 

Whaley James, laborer, h. Broadway, n. G. J. Railroad 

Whall William, Navy Yard, h. Lambert, n. Gore 

Whealan Thomas, stereotyper, h. Short 

Wheaton George H. clockmaker, h. 137 Gore 

Wheeler Calvin F. b. clerk, 45 Franklin, h. Howard, n. Western ave. 

Wheeler Charles L. b. clerk, bds. 42 Austin 

Wheeler Charles Mrs. widow, h. 126 Thorndike 

Wheeler Charles O. driver, h. 13 Austin 

Wheeler Clark M. b. tailor, 7 Summer, h. Kinnard, n. Western ave. 

Wheeler Edward C. confectioner, bds. 31 Franklin 

Wheeler Elijah Mrs. h. 17 Gore [cial, bds. 122 Thorndike 

Wheeler Frank D. (Denison S? Wheeler), fishdealer, b. 90 Commer- 

Wheeler F. S. (Jonathan Wheeler fy Son), dry goods, Cambridge 

Bank Building, h. 35 Second 
Wheeler John F. b. clerk, bds. 42 Austin 
Wheeler Jonathan (Jonathan Wheeler S? Son), dry goods, Cambridge 

Bank Building, h. at Concord [Austin 

Wheeler Lewis ( Wheeler fy Co.), b. druggist, 1 Custom House, h. 42 
Wheeler Lyman W. b. music teacher, bds. 75 Gore 
Wheeler Margaret S. Miss, dressmaker, h. Dunster, n. Winthrop 
Wheeler Mary Ann Miss, schoolteacher, h. 17 Gore 
Wheeler Thomas, stereotype finisher, h. Short, n. Pleasant 
Wheelock Edward, painter, h. rear 89 Thorndike 
Wheelock Samuel A. Dr. 15 Tremont, h. do. 
Whipple John A. b. photographer, 297 Washington, h. Norton 
Whipple Milton D. inventor, h. Main, opp. Dana 
Whipple Randall M. inventor, bds. Main, opp. Dana [den, h. Chester 
Whitcher (B. C.) & Smith (Alonzo R.), grocer, North ave. cor. Wal- 
Whitcomb Henry G. clerk, h. Leighton ct. n. East 
White Abraham, b. salesman, 15 Milk, h. Sacramento 
White Angelina Mrs. h. Trowbridge, n. Broadway 
White C. tin-plate and sheet-iron worker, Cambridge, n. Windsor, 

bds. Cambridge, n. Willow pi. 
White Charles R. clerk,- h. 117 Harvard 
White Charles W. b. trussmaker, h. 150 Cambridge 
White Chester, h. Franklin, n. Pearl 
White Dennis, laborer, h. South, n. Dunster 
White Edward, laborer, h. Moore, n. Harvard 
White Edward, cigarmaker, Clark, cor. School 
White Edward J. gardener, h. Ellery, n. Broadway 
White Ellen, widow, h. Dublin, cor. Sargent [Rice's 

White Francis H. weigher and measurer, North ave. n. Russell, bds. 
White Frederick D. cabinetmaker, h. Seventh st. ct. 
White Gardiner John, b. broker, 19 Doane, h. Phillips pi. 
White George W. horticulturist, h. Hollis 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgcport, Mass. 

E. F. Cnshman, sue. to Cushman & Brooks, 90-94 Trem. St., Boston, 


"White George "W. fishdealer, h. Pleasant 

White Hannah M. millinery, 445 Main, h. Front, rear Church 

White Hannah, widow, bds. 18 Tremont 

White Helen, widow, h. Sacramento, n. North ave. 

White Henry, janitor, H. U. h. Dunster, n. Harvard sq. 

White Horace N. b. steamfitting, h. Clark, n. School 

White J. H. boxmaker, bds. Washington, cor. Pine 

White James, laborer, h. Winthrop, n. Dunster 

White James, laborer, h. 9 North 

White James D. grocer, h. Bay, cor. Green 

White James H. b. musician, h. Washington, cor. Pine 

White John, cigarmaker, h. Front 

White John A. bds. Front 

White John P. carpenter, h. Willard, n. Foster 

White Michael, laborer, h. Elm, n. Hampshire 

White Patrick, laborer, h. South, n. Dunster 

White Stephen Mrs. widow, h. Rice 

White Thomas, laborer, h. Dublin, n. Railroad 

White Thomas J. h. Howard 

White William, laborer, h. Dunster, n. South 

White William, laborer, h. n. Alewife Brook 

White William H. carpenter, h. 81 Norfolk 

Whitehouse John, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 

Whiteley Edward, b. warming apparatus, h. 52 Windsor 

Whiteley William H. bds. 52 Windsor 

Whiting Asa A. baker, h. 35 Essex 

Whiting Charles E. b. music teacher, 291 Washington, h. 91 Prospect 

Whiting John H. agent of F. A. Kennedy, crackerbaker, bds. 35 Essex, 

n. Chestnut pi. 
Whiting Lucy A. Miss, bds. Main, cor. Prospect [Chestnut pi. 

Whiting Lucy H. assistant teacher, Allston School, bds. 35 Essex, n. 
Whiting Mary E. bds. Main, cor. Prospect 
Whiting Sarah D. assistant teacher, Allston School, bds. 35 Essex, 

n. Chestnut pi. 
Whitman Alfred, b. commission merchant, 44 Broad, h. Kirkland pi. 
Whitman Ephraim P. h. Kirkland [man's, Kirkland 

Whitman Francis H. b. manufacturer, 134 Pearl, bds. E. P. Whit- 
Whitman Henry, clerk, bds. Alfred Whitman's, Kirkland pi. 
Whitman William, b. cashier, h. 1 1 Tremont 
Whitney Alvah, soapmaker, h. 47 Gore 
Whitney Amos, engineer, h. Sydney, n. Front 
Whitney (Augustus A.) & Brackett (James), furniture dealers, Brattle 

sq. h. North ave. n. Porter's Station 
Whitney Benjamin D. h. Ash, n. Brattle 
Whitney Benjamin W. attorney, Whitney's Building, Brattle sq. bds. 

North ave. n. Porter's Station 
Whitney Charles (D. N. Shillings S? Co), lumber dealers, Prison 

Point Bridge, h. Lowell, Mass. [Bridge, h. Burlington, Vt. 

Whitney D. (D. N. Shillings 8? Co.), lumber dealer, Prison Point 

Tiieslcy &- Griffin, Hats, Caps, Furs, k, 158 k 100 Court St., Bowdoin Sq., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in Linen Napkins and Limn Damasks. 


Whitney Edward T. surveyor, h. Austin, n. Essex 

Whitney Edward Z. b. clerk, bds. Whitney's, Austin, n. Essex 

Whitney Fanny, bds. Auburn, n. Brookline 

Whitney Henry, agent, New England Glass Works, bds. 35 Second 

Whitney Henry F. b. clerk, 46 State, h. Cogswell ave. 

Whitney Joseph, surveyor, civil engineer, and City Treasurer, h. 
73 Fourth 

Whitney Martin, baker, 127 Cambridge, h. 38 Franklin 

Whitney Richard D. h. Harrison pi. 

Whitney Samuel, teamster, h. 135 Gore 

Whitney William, sash and blind maker, h. 290 Main 

Whitney William H. b. surveyor, bds. 1 Auburn ct. 

Whitney William L. b. hardware, "Union, cor. Friend, bds. Mt. Au- 
burn, opp. Story 

Whitney William L. b. Treasurer Savings Institution, office Whitney's 
Building, Brattle sq. h. Mt. Auburn, opp. Story 

Whitney William L. boxmaker, h. 33 Windsor 

Whiton James, b. printer, h. Lowry pi. n. Pioneer 

Whiton John P. b. grocer, 24 Broad, h. 563 Main 

Whiton John W. b. tobacconist, bds. 563 Main 

Whittaker Joseph W. paymaster, Boston L. and N. R. R. bds. 30 

Whittemore Amos, machinist, Brookline, h. 40 Norfolk 

Whittemore Amos, expressman, h. Thorndike, n. Fifth 

Whittemore Benjamin B. (Brazier, Whittemore, 8? Co.), soap manu- 
facturer, h. 101 Washington 

Whittemore Geo. W. b. Wilde's Hotel, 46 Elm, h. Harvard, n. Hancock 

Whittemore Henry, clerk, h. Seventh, n. Otis 

Whittemore Joseph, bds. Front, cor. Sydney 

Whittemore Samuel, expressman, bds. rear 57 Gore 

Whittemore Thomas, h. 94 Washington 

Whittemore Thomas Mrs. h. 99 Washington, cor. Cherry 

Whittemore William D. b. expressman, h. Moore, n. Harvard 

Whittier Hiram B. carpenter, b. Oxford, n. Sacramento 

Whittier Joseph W. carpenter, h. 5 Auburn ct. 

Whittier Leroy, printer, bds. 1 Harrison ave. 

Whittier Stillman S. carpenter, h. 296 Main 

Whitton George, pipe maker, bds. Mansion House 

Whoriskey John, California, h. 17 Winter 

Whoriskey Richard, stonecutter, h. 15 Winter 

Whorley James, jr. laborer, h. 18 North 

Wiggin Charles H. b. piano-forte maker, h. Front, n. Village 

Wiggin James B. piano-forte maker, h. Webster ave. 

Wiggin John W. clerk, h. Otis, n. Third 

Wight Charles H. bds. 168 Cambridge 

Wight Henry, b. shoedealer, h. 168 Cambridge 

Wightman Joseph C. Rev. h. Chapel 

Wilbur John C. engineer, h. 66 Cambridge 

Wilcox David, b. hatter, h. 46 Spring 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Camkidgcporfc, Mass. 


Bay State Commercial College, 538 'Washington Street, Boston. 


Wilde Benj. h. North ave. n. Porter's Hotel 

Wilder Cyrus D. shoestore, Main, cor. Norfolk, h. 17 Worcester 

Wilder David, b. broker, h. Washington, n. Norfolk 

Wilder Geo. S. b. Mason & Hamlin's, h. Brooks 

Wilder Henry C. paperruler, h. Brooks, n. Magazine 

Wilder James C. painter, 495 Main, h. Austin, cor. Essex 

Wilder John, b. real estate agent, h. Harvard, cor. Boardman 

Wilder Samuel N. b. contractor, h. 54 Washington 

Wildes William Mrs. h. Bowdoin n. Linnaean 

Wiley Charles T. foreman Jones' soap factory, h. Perry, n. Pearl 

Wiley Stephen, printer, h. Eliot 

Wilkinson James F. printer, h. DeWolf 

Wilkinson Thomas, glassmaker, h. Fourth, n. Bridge 

Wilkinson Walter, brass foundry, h. Willow pi. 

Wilkinson William, glassmaker, h. Fifth, n. Gore 

Wilkinson William J. plumber, bds. 16 Winter 

Wilks Richard, glasscutter, bds. 2 Munroe's block, Winter 

Willard Abel, h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Ash 

Willard Benjamin, boxmaker, h. Green, n. Sidney 

Willard Edward A. b. clerk Post Office, h. Charles, cor. Alston 

Willard Evart, box-sawyer, h. Pine, cor. Harvard 

Willard Lucy Mrs. h. Mt. Auburn, n. Dunster 

Willet J. A. brushmaker, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Willey John, teamster, h. Dublin, n. Spruce 

Willey John L. teamster, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Willey Reuben, b. watchman, h. Leighton ct. 

Williams Asa, b. eating-house, bds. 74 Windsor 

Williams Ephraim S. machinist, h. Grossland, n. Clark 

Williams Esther Mrs. washerwoman, h. Line 

Williams George H. laborer, h. Harvard, n. Brimmer block 

Williams George W. policeman, bds. Third, cor. Cambridge , 

Williams James H. soap-maker, bds. 7 Norfolk 

Williams James M. b. Custom House, h. Center, n. Dana 

Williams John, blacksmith, h. Murdock pi. 

Williams John B. carpenter, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Banks 

Williams John E. paperruler, h. Watson 

Williams John M. S. (Glidden $ Williams), b. 114 State, h. Main 

cor. Dana 
Williams Joseph, b. 20 Dock sq. h. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 
Williams Mary Mrs. h. Hampshire, cor. Prospect 
Williams Samuel K. b. salesman, h. Harvard, n. Dana 
Williams Thomas, laborer, h. Winter, n. Fifth 
Williams Thomas, laborer, h. Hampshire, n. Portland 
Willis Charles, b. shoe manufacturer, h. 2 Austin ct. 
Willis George E. tin-plate worker, h. 70 Fourth 
Willis William D. teamster, h. 6 Broadway 
Williston Rachel, widow, h. 9 Pine 

Williston L. Richards, teacher of young ladies' school, h. Berkeley 
Wilson Alex, engineer, h. 25 Winter 

Fairbanks and Beard, Howard St., Boston, Wholesale Dealers in Draught Ale. 

All Branches of a Complete Business Education Practically Taught 


Wilson Andrew, upholsterer, bds. 20 Fourth 

Wilson David, printer, bds. Norton, n. Avon 

Wilson Edwin, proof-reader, bds. Essex n. Main 

Wilson Elijah, jobber, h. Brewery, n. Harvard 

Wilson James, compositor, bds. 31 Bow 

Wilson James, bookbinder, h. Park, n. Magazine 

Wilson Joanna, Mrs. h. Franklin, n. Putnam 

Wilson John & Sons {John, jr. 8? Joshua Wilson), printers, h. Norton 
n. Avon 

Wilson John, h. Trowbridge, n. Broadway 

Wilson John T. student, bds. 20 Fourth 

Wilson John, jr. (John Wilson fy Sons), printer, h. Main, n. Harvard 

Wilson Joshua, bookbinder, h. Jay, n. River 

Wilson Margaret Mrs. h. Bridge, junc. Gore 

Wilson Peter, plumber, bds. in Boston 

Wilson Royal, h. North ave. n. Waterhouse 

Wilson Samuel B. trader, h. Clark, n. Harvard 

Wilson Thomas, glassmaker, h. Lechmere pi. 

Wilson William Mrs. h. 35 Fourth, n. Cambridge 

Wilson William E. printer, bds. Norton, n. Avon 

Wilworth Elias, boilermaker, h. 129 Broadway 

Winchenbach Henry J. b. grocer, h. Kinnard, n. Western ave. 

Winchester E. A. & W. ( G. Berkley Johnson, Stephen S. Winchester, 
fy T. B. Winchester), soap and candle manufacturers, Water, opp. 
North, b. salesroom 15 South Market 

Winchester Jacob B. produce dealer, h. Seventh st. ct. 

Winchester Stephen S. (E. A. fy W. Winchester), soap and candle 
manufacturer, Water, opp. North, b. 15 South Market, h. Boston 

Winchester T. B. (Jfi. A. S? W. Winchester), soap and candle manufac- 
turer, Water, opp. North, b. salesroom, 15 So. Market, h. Boston 

Wing Leander J. b. bookkeeper, h. Harrison pi. 

Winlock William, moulder, h. Harvard, n. Railroad 

Winlo Adams, Glass Works, h. 39 Winter 

Winn Eben S. carpenter, h. 104 Gore 

Winnett Jason, b. real estate agent, 9 State, h. Harvard, cor. Inman 

Winship Cynthia Miss, h. 69 Columbia 

Winslow Lewis R. master mechanic, Boston and Lowell repair shop, 
h. 30 Second 

Winsor Daniel L. superintendent Mt. Auburn Cemetery, h. Roslyn pi. 

Winter Chas. h. Franklin, n. Pleasant 

Winter C. H. photographist, 49 Main, h. in Boston % 

Winward Jesse, bonedealer, h. 6 Broadway 

Wiseman Edward, carpenter, h. Elm, cor. Hampshire 

Wiseman Thomas, laborer, h. rear Clark, n. Harvard 

Witham Thomas, cigarmaker, h. 259 Main 

Witherell Freeman C. fishmarket, 370 Main, h. 34 Franklin 

Witherell Jeremiah B. confectioner, h. Cottage ct. 

Witherell William Mrs. h. 34 Franklin 

Withey Simeon B. carpenter, Brattle, cor. Story, h. Story, cor. Brattl e 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

E. F. Cushinan, sue. to Cushnian & Brooks, 90-94 Ticin. St., Boston, 


AVitt Charles, hotel keeper, North ave. n. Sacramento 

Wolfe Samuel, steward, bds. Fresh Pond House 

Wood Alfred ( Wood fy Hall), grocer, Harvard Row, h. Chauncy, n. 

North avenue 
Wood Caleb {Denton fy Wood), blank book manufacturer, Magazine, 

h. 16 Tremont 
Wood Charles, cabinetmaker, h. 27 School 
Wood Charles C. bds. 7 Cottage 

Wood Charles P. b. 200 State, h. Shepard, n. North ave. 
Wood David G. h. Kirkland, cor. Oxford 
Wood David H. carpenter, h. Mt. Auburn, n. DeWolf 
Wood Elizabeth Mrs. h. 28 Winter 

Wood Franklin A. physician, Main, cor. Essex, h. 49 River 
Wood George, policeman, h. Pleasant 
Wood James, fireman, h. Brighton, n. Winthrop 
Wood James L. tin-plate and sheet-iron worker, bds. 7 Cottage 
Wood John C. painter, bds. Mrs. Mumler's, cor. Winthrop 
Wood John H. b. stationery, 108 Court, h. 3 Auburn 
Wood Jonas, shoedealer, Harvard Row, h. Church, n. Brattle 
Wood Joseph Mrs. h. Hampshire, cor. Webster ave. 
Wood Lemuel, teamster, h. Seventh n. Cambridge 
Wood Matthew F. merchant N. Y. h. Magazine, n. Hamilton 
Wood Obed, h. 7 Cottage 

Wood Samuel, pedler, h. Hampshire, cor. Amory 
Wood Thomas, glassmaker, h. Winter, n. Fourth 
Wood William, stone-mason, h. Webster, n. Cambridge 
Woodard Jonas (Aiken S? Woodard), charcoal dealer, Prison Point, 

h. 121 Cambridge 
Woodard Wm. painter, bds. rear 10 Hancock 
Woodbridge John R. butcher, h. North ave. n. Meacham 
Woodbridge Samuel F. butcher, h. North ave. n. Hollis 
Woodbridge Samuel, h. Rice 

Woodbridge William F. b. Quincy Market, bds. North ave. n. Hollis 
Woodbury Geo. E. & Co. (Isaac A Woodbury), planing mill, Otis, cor. 

First, h. 35 Spring 
Woodbury Isaac A. ( Woodbury fy Co.), planing-mill, Otis, cor. First, 

h. 29 Spring 
Woodbury Israel, laborer, h. 127 Washington 
Woodbury Julia A. bds. 35 Spring 
Woodes Betsy, widow, h. Walnut 
Woodes Jennie, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 
Woodland William, blacksmith, h. Copperthwait, n. Banks 
Woodman Charles, fireman, bds. R. R. block, Bridge 
Woodman Charles, b. piano-forte maker, h. 76 Columbia 
Woodman Cyrus, b. lawyer, 27 Exchange Building, h. Kirkland pi. 
Woodman George, stonecarver, h. 44 Spring 
Woodman Thomas J. b. carver, bds. 81 Spring 
Woods George, b. musical instrument maker, at Mason & Hamlin's, 

h. 10 Green 

Tuesley k Griffin, Hats, Umbrellas, Travelling Bags, k, 15$ & 1G0 Court St., Boston. 

Importer and Dealer in White Goods ; all the best makes. 


Woods Hannah Miss, h. 12 Green 

Woods John, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 

Woods Lucretia, bds. Walnut, n. Brookline 

Woodward Eleanor T. Mrs. h. School, it. Windsor 

Woodward Frederick R. b. 1 Chardon, h. Magazine, cor. Perry 

Woodward James B. druggist, 509 Main, h. Prospect, cor. Broadway 

Woodward James H. furniture, North ave. h. in Somerville 

Woodward Samuel J. provisions, bds. School, n. Cherry 

Woolson James A. ( Wm. Glaflin Sf Co.), b. 83 Pearl, bds. 12 Wor- 

Worcester (Asa) & Austin (O. A.), brushmaker, Fourth, cor. Spring, 
h. 133 Cambridge 

Worcester Joseph E. Mrs. h. Brattle, opp. Irving pi. 

Work Thomas, express, h. 13 Auburn ct. 

Worthing Isaac, carriage smith, h. Pearl, n. Cottage 

Worthing John R. carriage smith, cor. Green and Western ave. bds. 
Pearl, n. Cottage 

Wright Andrew, laborer, h. Walnut st. ct. 

Wright Andrew J. teamster, bds. Mansion House 

Wright Ann Maria Mrs. bds. A. H. Clark's, Wright, n. Norton 

Wright Edmund, b. clerk, h. Pleasant junct. River 

Wright George, clerk, bds. 142 Cambridge 

Wright George F. engineer, h. 1 Broadway 

Wright Samuel J. carpenter, h. Meacham, n. North ave. 

Wright Ward E. botanic physician, h. Pleasant, cor. Main 

Wright William, baker, Mt. Auburn, n. Brighton, h. do. 

Wright William, coffinmaker, bds. Flanders' Exchange 

Wyatt William E. Mrs. h. Quincy, cor. Broadway 

Wyeth Andrew N. freight master, F. R. R. h. n. Raymond 

Wyeth Benjamin F. undertaker, h. Winthrop, n. Brattle sq. 

Wyeth Benjamin Francis, clerk, bds. B. F. Wyeth's, Brattle sq. 

Wyeth Elizabeth Miss, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Cemetery 

Wyeth Henry A. clerk, Jonas Woods, Harvard Row, bds. B. F. 
Wyeth's, Winthrop 

Wyeth James H. grocer, 5 Brattle, h. Brattle, West of Fayerweather 

Wyeth John, farmer, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Cemetery 

Wyeth John, jr. b. clerk, bds. John Wyeth's, Mt. Auburn, n. Cem- 

Wyeth John B. b. clerk, bds. B. F. Wyeth's, Winthrop 

Wyeth Jonas, h. Raymond, n. Linnean 

Wyeth Jonas, farmer, h. Brattle, West of Fayerweather 

Wyeth Mary Miss, h. Mt. Auburn, n. Cemetery 

Wyman Charles F. b. bookkeeper, 47 India Wharf, h. Main, cor. Bay 

Wyman J. Henry, h. 146 Cambridge 

Wyman Jeffries, Hersey Professor of Anatomy H. U. h. Quincy, n. 

Wyman Morrill, physician, office, Church, h. Sparks 

Wyman Rufus, b. conveyancer, h. Craigie 

Wyman William, wood and coal, Bridge, h. 146 Cambridge 

Warren's Photographs, Post Office Building, CamhriuVeport, Mass. 

Bay State Commercial College, 538 Wash. St., cor. Kueelaud St., Boston 


YORK GEORGE II. bookbinder, h. Putnam, n. Western ave. 

Young Charles J. printer, h. Brooks pi. 

Young David, mariner, h. Prince, n. Pleasant 

Young Eliza J. Mrs. h. Pleasant, cor. Webster pi. 

Young Elizabeth J. Mrs. bds. J. W. Young's. Hampshire 

Young H. W. b. clerk, bds. Webster pL cor. Pleasant 

Young Jeremiah, machinist, bds. 322 Main 

Young John, carpenter, h. Hancock, n. Franklin 

Young John. jr. carpenter, Walnut ct. 

Young Joseph W. b. clerk, 41 Congress, h. Hampshire, n. Columbia 

Young Richard, boxmaker. h. Windsor, cor. Broadway 

Young Samuel D. bookbinder, Lee, cor. Main. h. Sidney, n. Front 

Young Sarah E. Miss, h. Garden, opp. Waterhouse 

Youngman Adolph Mrs. h. Blackstone, n. Riverside 

Zenone Anthony, gardener, h. Donnell. n. Concord ave. 
Zoller Lewis, machinist, h. 162 Cambridge 

Zittle Peter, baker, bds. 5 Essex 



And Manufacturer of all kinds of 



(Without the use of Irons.) Warranted to remain so. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Ladies', Gentlemen's, & Children's Hair Cut, Curled, Chain- 
pooed, &e., &e. 

Cor. of Main & Norfolk Sts. up one flight, Cambridgeport. 

Fairbanks k Beard, Manufacturers "I Soda aud Mineral Wafer. 







Ladies' Dress Hats, Caps, Bonnets & Head Dresses, 

Made to order in the latest style. 



Opposite Revere House, 






Ten years have dearly proved that the theory of 
simplicity, the great element of this splendid prepar- 
ition, which allows its use whenever there is tickling 
>r irritation in the Throat, and producing no debility 
is the only and true theory by which Colds, Coughs, 
Hoa/seuess, /irottckfal Complaints, and all 
2hr. a sip talons, which, if neglected, end in Consumption, can be 
effectually cured. 

%^T' Sore Throat, the great origin of Dtptheria, when neglected 
is cured by making a Gurgle with equal parts of water. 

&3^=* Whooping Court h is completely relieved of its violence by a 
constant use of the remedy. 
ft^ Testimonials of undoubted character can be seen at my office by all. 

Srr.all Bottles, 25 cts. Large do. 50 cts. 

To attempt to enumerate the manifold results of the Anodyne 
in c ues of Neuralgia. Gout, Rheaumatism. Nervous Headache, 
Tooth and Ear Ache, Spinal Complaints, St. Vitus' Dance, Hysteria, 
Nervous Debility, Loss of Sleep, Sciatica, Deliruim Tremens, Pains 
in Men-, ir nation, and the most reliable testimonials in my possess- 
ion, to which all are invited to Inspect, would exhaust time and 
patience, and which a confidence to test would perfectly Justify. 


Now declared purely a nervous complaint, is perfectly relieved in most violent attacks 
with doses of 35 to 45 drops each half hour Itelief and sleep will follow the second or third 

ITS'" Sold by all Wholesale and Retaii Dealers in Medicine, at 50 cents per Bottle. 


The claims for this valued Family PHI are heyond that of 
any other in use. A test of them will not only prove this, but the 
greater error of Griping, which has heretofore been called 
^Character. The Ei X.ECTIC PIM,S never require over 
Utco, and seldom hut one for the dose, act on the bowels without the 
hligh!e:t griping, a point of the greatest importance, particularly 

Chronic Constipation, 

For which take a Single Pill every or every other night. They never produce debility 
and Cure Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Head Acht, Liv. r and Kidney Com- 
plaints, Piles, Worms, Loss of, or Impurities of the Rlood, Loss of Appe- 
tite, and all derangements of Bowels or SJomaeh. 

C3F~Sold by all Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Medicine, at 25 cents per Bottle. 


A radical cure for this heretofore called incurable complaint. 

Price, One Dollar Pep Bottle. 

The Testimonials in my p< s -session, to be seen by all, will remove every 
doubt of the perfect character of the above-named preparations, and to 
publish which would only cause them to be classed with the thousands pub- 
lished in newspapers, and not a fraction of them of the least character. 
I beg inspection of such at my office, confidence to test the [.reparation, and 
correspondence from all. 


Sole Proprietor, 


9 COJlTJtrERCIAM, W11.HRF, Boston, .Mass. 

B3P- Sold by all Wholesale and Retail Dealers in YIediciue. 

tW~ The preparations securely packed to be sent in anv qu intity by Express, or t<» di- 

P?~ More full und particular description of each article given in notices, to follow this 
from mouth to month. 


Album Manufacturer. 
Rice Frank H. 459 Main 

Appleton Henry K. 77 Cambridge 
Barrett William M. & Co. 127 Bridge 

BAYLEY AUGUSTUS R. Main, cor. Essex. (See advt. p. 24.) 
Ham Abner, 94 Cambridge, cor. Third 
Hubbard J. H. Harvard blk. Harvard sq t 
Jones M. A. 35 Gore 

Nason James B. North ave. n. Porter's Station 
One Joel S. 395 Main 
Ramsey Alexander H. 1 Brattle 
Southworth George M. 353 Main, cor. Austin 
Studley & Webber, 154 Cambridge 
Woodward James B. 509 Main 

Davies George H. 42 Spring 
Dennison H. B. 80 Cambridge 
Whittier J. W. Green, n. Pleasant 

Scott John W. A. Pleasant, cor. Cottage 
Sharp William, Avon, opp. Norton 

Auctioneers. % 

Farnham John C. Harvard sq., cor. Dunster 
MUNROE WILLIAM A. 81 Cambridge. (See advt. p. 18.) 
Porter J. L. Main, n. Brookline 
KNIGHTS & DAVIS, 493 Main. (See advt. p. v.) 

Bacon Works. 
Hovey A. H. & Co. Main, opp. Cherry 
Howe & Teele, Main, opp. Windsor 
Squire J. P. & Co., Gore, n. Somerville 

Bakers and Bread Stores. 
Ball J. G. Wood's Wooden Block 
Doyle M. J. 16 Cambridge 

Fyfe William E. 465 Main. (See advt. p. 17.) 
Gould William, 49 Cambridge 
KENNEDY FRANK A. (crackers) 336 Main. (See advt. p. v.) 


Mahoney Ellen E. 46 Gore 

Newmarch Joseph, Harvard, cor. Clark, and 122 Cambridge 

Stratton Charles M. 127 Cambridge [(See advt. p. xxii.) 

THURSTON, HALL & CO. (crackers) Cambridge, n. Prospect. 

Whitney Martin, 127 Cambridge 

Wright William, Mt. Auburn, n. Brighton 

Bell Hanging. 
HOYT B. J. 495 Main. (See advt. p. vii.) 


Blake Darius, North avenue, n. Porter's 

Cutter James H. North avenue, n. Porter's \ 

Davis Solomon A. Cambridge, n. Flanders' Exchange 

Day Stephen, Cambridge, n. First 

Gunn James, Palmer 

Hartness George, Palmer 

HEALEY J. H. Main, L. P. (See advt. p. xxiii.) 

Henderson James A. North avenue 

Henderson Robert, North avenue 

Henderson Brothers, North avenue 

Jones Andrew J. Palmer, cor. Church 

KIMBALL WILLIAM, Main, opp. Columbia. (See advt. p. vii.) 

Lehan D. H. horseshoer, Gore 

Mcintosh & Waugh, Main, n. Austin 

Shehan John, Cambridge, near Elm 

Smith T. Cherry, n. Main 

Thompson & Sanborn, Main, L. P. 

Nutting & Prescott, Palmer 

Pettingill J. R. Brighton 

Robinson Joel, Gore junct. Bridge 

Worthing J. R. Green, junct. Western avenue 

Boarding Houses. 
Bournique Hannah Mrs. Cambridge, cor. Fifth 
Cade George L. Mrs. Main, n. Univ. Church 
Caldwell Almira Mrs. 95 Cambridge 
Coffee Dennis, North, n. East 
Collins Mary Mrs. 103 Bridge 
Flemming Mary J. Mrs. Brighton, opp. Eliot 
Hubbard W., Second, n. Gore 
Mason George W., R. R. blk. Bridge 
McHugh Thomas, School, n. Main 
Mumler Lucinda, Mrs. Brighton, n. Winthrop 
Rufals Maria, Dunster, cor. Mt. Auburn 
Stevens Moses, Railway Station, Harvard square 
Voit Fanny Mrs. (German) 47 Cambridge 
Wentworth Mrs. 348 Main 


Boiler Makers. 
ALLEN & ENDICOTT, Main, opp. Harrison (See advt. p. xxii.) 
KENDALL & ROBERTS, Main, n. West Boston Bridge. (See 
advt. p. xvii.) 

Denton & Wood, Magazine 
Houghton H. O. & Co., Riverside 
Learned Lucian S., Main, cor. Lee 
LEMON A. F., Riverside. (See advt. p. xxi.) 
Macdonald & Sons, Arrow, n. Main 
Rice Frank H. Main, opp. Norfolk 

Niles Daniel W., Woods' Block, Main 
Richardson Benjamin H., Harvard square, cor. Dunster 
SEVER & FRANCIS, Harvard square. (See advt. front cover.) 

Boot and Shoe Stores, and Boot Makers. 
Ahnselm John H. 122 Harvard 
Bass J. H., Third, cor. Gore 
Carroll Frederick, 45 Fifth 
Clark William, Allen 
Clausen P. N. 11 Harvard Row 
Dollard James, Brattle square 
Duris Daniel, Cambridge, cor. Webster avenue 
Dwyer Timothy, 123 Bridge 
Fitzpatrick James T., Mt. Auburn, cor. Dunster 
Glaab Leonhard, 349 Main 
Grimm George, 36 Fifth 
Guyer Lewis B., Cambridge, cor. Third 
Hayes Alvin, Wood's Wooden Block, Main 
Harrington J., Winter, cor. Bridge 
Heffernan Joseph, Union square 
Kamp Adam, 24 Brighton 
McNamee Hugh J., Harvard square 
O'Laughlin John, North, cor. Short 
Purcell John, Columbia, n. Hampshire 
Rand Samuel, North avenue, n. Union square 
Reed E. 131 Bridge 
Rhode Joseph, 409 Main 
Richardson James, 291 Main 
Sampson William P., Douglass' Block, Main 
Sawyer Josiah, Brookline, cor. Auburn 
Sawyer W. L. 373 Main 
Trow Edward, Cambridge, n. Fourth 
Wilder Cyrus D. Main, cor. Norfolk 
Wood Jonas, Harvard Row, Harvard square 


Mitchell L. D., Broadway, L. P. 

OSBORN DALPHON, State. (See advt. front col. p. 4.) 
Page George G. & Co., junct. Broadway, and Hampshire 
Simpson W. E. & B. Broadway, L. P. 

Brass Finishers. 
Draper F. & Co., Otis, n. First 

Harvard Brewery, Joseph Loring, Fifth, n. Thorndike 

Cofran Samuel, Concord avenue 
Sands John L., Garden 

Britannia Ware Manufacturers. 
F. Draper & Co., Otis, n. First 

Burton, Fellows, & Co., Gore, n. Bridge, b. salesroom, 21 Exchange 
PACKARD & BURRELL, 58 Cambridge, n. Second. (See advt. 

p. 18.) 
Sherriff & Co., Main, n. Harrison and Third 
Worcester & Anstin, cor. Spring and Fourth 

Building Mover. 
McElroy Francis G., Vine, cor. Fourth 

Cabinet Makers. 
Bicknell Joseph G., Main, n. Columbia 
BRAMAN, SHAW, & Co., Bridge, opp. Prison Point Bridge 

(See advt. front col. p. 2.) 
De Quedville John, Palmer 
Ellis J. A. & Co., Gore 

GELDOWSKY FERDINAND, Otis, cor. First, (See advt. p. 23.) 
Grant & Mann, Hampshire, junct. Broadway 
Grover & Brother, State 
Swett Lewis C, Main, cor. Magazine 

Schmidt Henry, 27 Cambridge 

Car Builders. 
Leighton Bros., Main. L. P. 

Anderson Matthew, Mill 
Bailey Isaac W., Allston 


Black Robert, Palmer 

Blodgett & Rhodes, Elm, cor. Market 

Buck John S., Eighth, n. Otis 

Buck S. B. First, n. Cambridge 

Clark Ozias, 63 South Fourth 

Clark Simon P., Cherry, n. School 

Clark Thomas, 19 Tremont 

Cutler George H., Cambridge, cor. Sumner 

Cutler Isaac, Cambridge, cor. Sumner 

Evans Joseph, Main, opp. Windsor 

Gault Benjamin F., Rockwell, n. River 

Grant Job N. 31 Fourth 

Hancock & Greeley, Western avenue 

Hayes Luther S., Dunster, n. Mt. Auburn 

Hogan J. jr., Osborn's Mills, State 

Kendall Peter, Inman, n. Broadway 

Marvin Joseph H., Auburn 

Marvin William J., Main, n. Front 

McClousky Hugh, Cambridge, n. First 

Norris & Richardson, Western avenue 

Palmer Granville, Auburn 

Parsons A. B., Palmer 

Ricker Jerediah, River, junct. Western avenue 

Ricker Moses, River, junct. Western avenue 

Rivers Isaac H., 71 Columbia 

Sanders Samuel, Market, cor. Clark 

Sparrow James H., Auburn Court 

Staples James, Palmer 

Stevens Abel, jr. Mt. Auburn 

Stevens Albert, Buckingham 

Stiles Stephen, North avenue, n. Spruce 

Stickney Francis H. 182 Cambridge 

Ware Wesley, 39 Columbia 

Whittier Joseph W., Green, n. Pleasant 

Withey Simeon B., Brattle, cor. Story 

Carpet Maker. 
Outhwaite Charlotte Mrs. h. Western avenue, cor. Dana ct. 

Carriage Builders. 
CHAPMAN FRANCIS L., Brattle, n. Palmer. (See advt. p. xxiv.) 
Henderson Bros., North avenue, opp. Walden 
Ivers Francis, North avenue, n. Porter's Hotel 
Martin William H., Main, n. Austin 

Carriage Painters. 
Belcher George G. 308 Main 
Ivers Francis, North avenue, n. Porter's Hotel 


Cement Manufacturers. 
Nudd Jacob, Williams 
Webster & Richardson, 288 Main 

Charcoal Dealers. 
Aiken & Woodard, Prison Point Bridge 

Chemical Works. 
Chamberlain Edward & Co., n. junct. Cambridge and Portland 

Cigar Box Maker. 
Page Carlos L., junct. Hampshire and Broadway 

Cigar Makers 
Aaron Moses, 317 Main 
Busnach Michael, Main, n. Pearl 
Clark Benjamin P. Pearl, n. Green 
Hammond Nathaniel O. 151 Bridge 
Howlett William, Main, L. P. 
LeFrancis P. & T., Main, cor. Windsor 
Phillips J. S. 467 Main 

Circulating Libraries. 
Niles Daniel W., Wood's Block, Main 
SEVER & FRANCIS, Harvard square. (See advt. front cover.) 

Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors. 

Babbitt William E. 138 Cambridge 

Barbour William S. 449 Main 

Chase J. G. 459 Main 

Eliot Charles W., Irving House Block 

MASON WILLIAM A. 469 Main. (See advt. p. xviii.) 

Whitney Joseph, 73 South Fourth 

Anable Courtland W., h. Harvard, n. Ellery 
Abbott Edward, Harvard, cor. Clinton 
Badger Henry C, Auburn, n. Magazine 
Beaman Charles C, Ash, n. Brattle 
Bulfinch Stephen G., Preston 
Colly er I. J. P., h. 100 Cambridge 
Donahue John W., Fourth, n. Cambridge 
Dougherty M. P., Concord avenue 
Fernald James F., Pleasant, n. Main 
Hoppin Nicholas, Follen 
Howe William, h. Main, n. Bay 
Josselyn Aaron, 113 Cambridge 
Mason Sumner R., Pleasant, n. Main 


Murdock J. N., Orchard, n. Beach 
Newhall Ebenezer, Vernon, n. Main 
Newell William, Berkeley 
Peabody Andrew P., Quincy, cor. Harvard 
Raymond Ari, 42 Second 
Raymond John T., Erie, n. Pearl 
Skinner Charles A. 34 Windsor 
Slack Samuel R. 142 Cambridge 
Stevens A. W., Hancock, n. Main 
Warren Henry W., h. 71 Prospect 

Clothes Drying Machines. 
JOSEPH EVANS, Main, opp. Windsor. (See advt. p. vii.) 

Clothing Stores. 
Bartlett William B., Harvard Row 
Brine Robert, Cambridge, cor. Second 
Brine William, Cambridge 
Doyle Joseph (second hand), 361 Main 
Fuller G. C. W. 447 Main 

Howlett Molaneaux A. (^second hand), Brattle, cor. Brighton 
Levy Abraham, 343 Harvard Row 
Kelly Amasa S., Main, opp. Pearl 
McGill Thomas, Main, n. City Hall 
Noglar Martin (new and second), Cambridge, cor. First 
ROAF ROBERT N., Main, n. Pearl. (See advt. p. vi.) 

Coal, Wood, &c. 

Appleton Hubbard, Charles River 

BALDWIN & TILESTON, Main, junct. Broadway, n. the bridge. 

(See advt. p. 14.) [(See advt. p. 2.) 

BROOKS WILLIAM C. & CO., Bridge, n. Bay, State Glass House. 
Chaffee & Cummings (charcoal), Bridge, junct. Cambridge 
Holmes & Rugg, River, opp. City Mill 

LERNED FRED. T., Main, n. Broadway. (See advt. op. title p.) 
LERNED T. P., Broadway, n. Main. • (See advt. p. 28.) 
LUKE & BENT, Main, n. West Boston Bridge. (See advt. col. p. 6.) 
McCORMICK M. 295 Main. (See advt. p. 24.) 
PACKARD A., Broadway, n. Main. (See advt. p. 28.) 
Richardson William T., College Wharf. 

SMITH M. L., Main L. P. (See advt. p. 11.) [(See advt. p. xi.) 
WELLINGTON BROTHERS, Bridge, opp. Prison Point Bridge. 
WYMAN WILLIAM, Bridge, n. Prison Point Bridge. (See 

advt. p. xxvii.) 

Coffin Warehouses. 
LOCKHART & SEELYE, Bridge, cor. Third. (See advt. p. 2.) 
Stickney & Hadley, 182 Cambridge 


Belcher Charles F., Harvard square 
Child Edward F., Main, n. G. J. R. R. 
Clark Benjamin P. & Co. 406 Main 
Knowles & Hazen, 503 Main 
Longley Benj. A. 365 Main. 
McElroy William, 436 Harvard, n. Holyoke 
Varnum Charles T. Mrs. 78 Cambridge 

RafFerty Bernard, Cambridge, n. G. J. R. R. 

PARKER LUTHER L., Bank Building, E. Cambridge. (See advt. 
p. xxviii.) 


Edwards Abraham, Douglass' Block, Main 

ENGLEY WM. F. 455 Main, opp. Pearl. (See advt. p. xv.) 

Folsom S. H., Cambridge, n. Second 

HAMMOND JOHN W. 76 Cambridge. (See advt. p. 22.) 

Holt Joseph G., Main, opp. Irving House 

Kinsley Eli C. 108 Cambridge, 81 Washington, Boston 

Marrett Lorenzo, Bank Building, Cambridge, cor. Second 

Mclntire C. J., Lechmere Bank Building, E. C. 

Tyler Joseph H., Court House 

Whitney Benjamin W., Whitney's Building, Brattle square 

Crockery and Glassware. 
GRAVES GEORGE, Jr. 27 Cambridge, cor. Second. (See advt. 

p. v.) 
HOVEY H. N., Gore, cor. Third. (See advt. p. xxiii.) 
Hyde Edward, Main, n. Prospect 
Munroe William A. 81 Cambridge 
Palmer John, Gore, cor. Second 
Read John & Co., Harvard square 

Croquet Manufacturer. 
SMART G. A., Main, n. Osborn's Mills. (See advt. p. xiii.) 

Fisher Ferdinand, Tannery 

Allen Wilkes, Brattle, cor. Hilliard 
Backus George P., Brookline, n. Main 
Bullock C. 455 Main, opp. Pearl 
Dillingham A. W., Dunster, cor. Mt. Auburn 
Sawyer A. J., Main, cor. Norfolk 
Simonds James L., Main, n. Hancock 


Ulaunfnclurer of 


Horse ©latMtti, 


Brushes, Combs, Whips, Chamois Leather, &c. constantly on hand. 

Elijah e* mmm 

Dealer in all kinds of 




Which will be delivered in any part of the City. 

Wharf & Store, West End West Boston Bridge, 





PHOTOGRAPHS & TINTYPES of all sizes, and at reasonable prices. 
Pictures copied into every style, ami finished in Ink or Colors. 




And Flovreirs, 


Particular attention paid to making- up WREATHS, BOUQUETS. 4C. 
At Conservator), Main, near Dana St. Cambridge. 

0QLEM4N & 0^4PP ? 


Hmjlbi f crarl) & Imtncmt 


4 Coolidge Building, 

E. P. Coleman. 


Ozias Clapp. 


Sortwell & Co., Cambridge, n. Windsor 


Boardman Sarah L. 35 Prospect 

Calender Frances, Douglass's Block, Main 

Corbett Julia, 17 Windsor 

Dalton Mary E., North Avenue, cor. Beech 

Daniels Eliza C. 389 Main, and 78 Tremont 

Dodge Matilda Mrs. 38 Tremont 

Douglass A. J. Mrs., Clark, n. Harvard 

Draper C. W. Miss, 434 Harvard 

Farland S. E. Miss, Harvard square, n. Brighton 

Fowler H. M., Harvard square, n. Brighton 

Gibson Anne Mrs. 4 Washington 

Hancock O. J. Miss, Harvard square, n. Brighton 

Hawkes Mary, East, n. L. R. R. 

Hawkins Mary Mrs., Sixth, cor. Cambridge 

Hobbs Lydia Miss, 32 Cherry 

Hudson Sophia Mrs. 402 Main 

Ireland R. Mrs., Harvard, cor. Pine 

Leathe Melinda, State 

Lynch Mary Mrs., Cambridge, n. Willow PI. 

McFeeney Bridget, Third, n. Gore 

Munroe Mary A. 347 Main 

Nelson Rebecca (room 4), 507 Main, L. P. 

Nutter Abbie R., Main L. P. 

Osgood Sarah, 373 Main 

Osgood W. P. Mrs., house School, cor. Moore 

Powell Stephen P. Mrs. 35 Spring 

Pratt William A., Mrs. Hyde's Building 

Rice Elvira S., Hyde's Building 

Sullivan Nellie, Harvard square, n. Brighton 

Thompson Jennie Miss, 35 Fourth 

White Stephen Mrs., Fifth, n. Spring 

Dry Goods. 

Bates John S., Main, n. Essex 

Finlay & Sheach, 83 Cambridge 

Gibson Ann M., Wood's Wooden Block 

Hovey Horatio N., jr. & Co. 73 Cambridge 

Hyde Edward, 481 Main 

KNIGHT & DAVIS, 493 Main. (See advt. p. v.) 

O'Connell Daniel, Allen St. 

Read John & Co., Harvard square 

Saunders F. E., Harvard Block, Harvard square 

Wheeler Jonathan & Son, Bank Building, East Cambridge 


Brigham J. H., order box Post Office, Main 
Buck's Cambridge Express, Harvard sq. and 10 Ct. Sq. Boston 
Danfbrth H. (furniture-mover), Prospect, n. Broadway, office 402 Main 
Ellis C. H., East Cambridge and Boston, order box Post Office, East 

Ewell's Express, order box, Towne & Fuller's, Main 
Griffin J. Q., at Gerry's Saloon, North Avenue, n. Porter's 
Hayes Henry, 2 Harvard Row 
Holman & Danfbrth, office at Post Office 
Jones & Co., Harvard square 
Parker Thomas, Holyoke, cor. Harvard 
Tibbetts Israel, Winter, n. Fifth 
Twist Wm. H. house 7 Austin 
Waitt Freeman C. 18 Cottage 
Whittemore Amos, order box 71 Cambridge 

Fancy Goods. 
Burton Emma Miss, Sixth, n. Otis 
Callender Charles A. 391 Main 
Gibson E. H. Mrs. 407 Main 
Gardner J. W., Cambridge, cor. Seventh 
Hood M. C. 438 Harvard 
Longley Benjamin A. 365 Main 
Potter D. F. 79 Cambridge 

TURNER GEORGE R. 431 Main. (See advt. p. 3.) 
Warren Ann M. 345 Main 

Fish Dealers. 
Buxton Charles B., Magazine, cor. Main 
Higgins E. A.. Brattle street 
Rogers M. 124 Cambridge 
Walsh Edward, Brattle square 
Witherell & Co. 370 Main 

Fruit Dealer. 
Smith J. C. 85 Cambridge 

Furnishing Goods. 
R. N. ROAF'S, 98 Main, n. Pearl, Cambridgeport. (See advt. p. vi.) 

Furniture Dealers. 
BATES GEO. W. 393 Main, opp. Univ. Church. (See advt. p. 21.) 
BRAMAN, SHAW, & CO. near Craigie Bridge (See advt. front 

col'd p. 2.) 
Daniels, Kendall, & Co., Otis, cor. First 
Ellis John A. & Co., Gore 

Fatal J. J., Cambridge, cor. Columbia [advt. p. v.) 

GRAVES GEORGE, Jr. 27 Cambridge, opp. Univ. Church (See 


GELDOWSKY FERDINAND, Otis, cor. First. (See advt. p. 23.) 
HOLMES & DAVIS, Main, Irving House Block. (See advt. p. 15.) 
MUNROE WILLIAM A. 81 Cambridge. (See advt. p. 18.) 
Oxford & Brigham, 413 Main 

Russell Amos W. 417 Main [last cover.) 

WHITNEY & BRACKETT, Brattle square. (See advt. inside 
Woodward J. H. North avenue, n. Porter's 

Gas Fittings and Fixtures. 
Adams John P. 12 Harvard Row 
Dickson R. W. 469 Main 
GREENLEAF GEORGE W. 43 Cambridge. (See advt. p. 4.) 

Glass and Britannia Ware Manufacturers. 
Bay State Glass Co., Bridge, b. 54 Kilby, S. Slocomb, Agent 
Draper F. & Co. (britannia), foot of Otis, n. First 
Metzger Joseph, 192 Cambridge [Agent 

New England Glass Co., North, b. 45 Batterymarch, Henry Whitney, 

Grain, Hay, &c. 
Atwill John B., North avenue, n. Russell 

Bennett & Coburn, Main, cor. Harvard (See advt. p. 2.) 

BROOKS WILLIAM C. & CO., Bridge, n. Bay State Glass House. 
Davis & Bates, Main, opp. Norfolk 

LUKE E. H., Main, n. West Boston Bridge. (See advt. p. opp. tit.) 
Train Edmund, Bridge, cor. East 

Granite Workers. 
Davis & Goodrich, West Boston Bridge, L. P. 

BLAKE E. H. 156 Cambridge. (See advt. p. 26.) 
Boyden B. F. 499 Main 
Bradford Alex. W., North avenue, n. Walden 
Bridge S. G. & Co. 281 Main 
Burridge Joseph, Main, L. P. 
Carruth Charles E. 64 River 
Cragin Samuel, Fourth, cor. Spring 
Crane John, Brighton, n. Harvard square 
Curtin John, Charles, n. Fourth 
Devine Frederick, Lambert, n. Gore 
Dolloff & Harrington, 12 Gore 
Donnelly P. F., Charles, n. Fourth 
DRAKE & SON, Pearl, n. Main. (See advt. p. 24.) 
Durgin James, North avenue, n. Porter's station 
FYFE & CARRUTH, 64 River. (See advt. p. 17.) 
Fox Peter, 111 Bridge 



Goodnow Geo. W. 258 Broadway 

Hannum L. M., Main, n. Douglass 

HENDLEY & GOODALL, Bridge, cor. East. See advt. p. xxvi.) 

Hoag & Co. Main, cor. Pioneer 

Holmes J. A. & CO. Main, cor. Magazine 

HOVEY H. N. Gore, cor. Third. (See advt. p. xxiiii.) 

HOVEY J. DANA, 360 Main. (See advt. p. xvi.) 

Hooker Frank H. 379 Main 

Hughes Alexander, 147 Bridge 

James Samuel, Main, n. Norfolk 

King Benjamin, 435 Main 

Long Richard, 17 North 

Lyons John, Cambridge, cor. Webster avenue 

Lyons J. S., Cambridge, cor. Medford 

Marsden James, 313 Main 

McCORMICK MICHAEL, Main, cor. Harrison. (See advt. p. 24.) 

Messer & Bros. 337 Main 

Moore James C, Cambridge, cor. Sixth 

Palmer John, Gore, cor. Second 

People's Union, 138 Bridge 

Punch Margaret, 136 Bridge 

Quinn Patrick, 92 Fourth 

Raybold William T. 71 Cambridge 

Ricker Veasey P., Harvard, cor. Clark 

Robinson Charles, 11 Vine 

RYDER H. & CO., Cambridge, cor. Inman. (See advt, p. xxiii.) 

Sexton P. 117 Bridge 

Shea Patrick, Hampshire, cor. Elm 

Shea Timothy, 155 Bridge 

Stanley & Frost, 60 Cambridge 

Stewart & Son, Cambridge, cor. Fourth 

Sullivan Dennis, cor. Main and Windsor 

Train E., Bridge, cor. East 

Viles James, Main, cor. Pioneer 

Wait John B., Cambridge, cor. Willow Hall 

Whitcher & Smith, North avenue, cor. Walden 

Wood & Hall, 5 Harvard Row 

Wyeth James H. 5 Brattle 


Chamberlin Daniel U. 412 Main 

Donnell & Moore, 15 Brattle 

ESTES IVORY P., Harvard square. (See advt. p. 19.) 

Nutting Jonathan D., Main, n. Columbia 

Palmer John, Gore, cor. Second 

Price James M. 55 Cambridge 

TOWNE & FULLER, Main, n. Essex. (See advt. p. xx.) 


Benson Henry J. H. 37 and 87 Cambridge 
Biddle Robert, Gore, cor. Bridge 
Brum Antonio E. 53 Cambridge 
Burr Lemuel, Main, cor. Essex 
Carlie H. K. Mrs., Harvard square, n. Brighton 
Chase George W. 416 Main 
Haddow James L., Brighton, n. Harvard square 
Howard Peter M., Main, n. Pearl 
McCoy T. S., Main, opp. Brookline 
Pike George S., Main, n. Windsor 
Roper Howard, 121 Bridge 

Smith James A. L. 423 Main [rectory.) 

STEER JOHN, Main, cor. Norfolk. (See advt. p. end of Gen. Di- 
Wallers Mad. 63 Gore 

Hair Worker. 
STEER JOHN, Main, cor. Norfolk. (See advt. p. end Gen. Direct.) 

Harness Makers. 
Campbell Edward, Brattle, n. Harvard square 
Fox George J., Brighton, n. Harvard square 
Hancock Belcher, Main, cor. Pearl 
Ivers Francis, North avenue, n. Porter's Hotel 
McCauley A., Main, n. Austin 
Morris Henry & James, Main, n. Broadway 
Mitchell William, Cambridge, junct. Bridge 
Queeny O. M., Cambridge, cor. Fruit 

Hats and Caps. 
MAYNARD EBEN W., Main, opp. Pearl. (See Advt. p. 13.) 
Pettingill & Sawyer, Second, cor. Thorndike 

ROAF R. N. 98 Main, n. Pearl, Cambridgeport. (See advt. p. vi.) 
Wood Jonas, Harvard Row 

Hotels — See Public Houses. 

Hulled Corn. 
Middlesex Hulled Corn Company, H. E. Burton, J. P. Davidson, 
cor. Norfolk and Main. (See advt. p. v.) 

Ice Dealers. 
Chase Samuel F., Elm, n. Hampshire 
Pierce & Hall, opp. Lechmere square 

Ice Tool Manufacturers. 
Sutter J. H., North Avenue, n. Union square 
Pettingill Joseph R., Brighton 


Inkstand Maker. 
HUDSON THOMAS S., Fifth, n. Thorndike. (See advt. p. 31.) 

Insurance Agencies. ■ 
Hastings & Kinsley, 122 Cambridge 
Hews John, 421 Main 
Rupp George, 469 Main 

Sanders Samuel, Market, cor. Clark [p. 9.) 

WHITNEY WILLIAM L., Whitney's Building, Brattle. (See advt. 

Insurance Co. 
Irving. (See advt. p. xii.) 

Iron Founders. 
ALLEN & ENDICOTT, Main, opp. Harrison. (See advt. p. xxii.) 
Bird Henry W., Broadway 

KENDALL & ROBERTS, Main. (See advt. p. xvii.) 
KINSLEY LYMAN & CO. Main, opp. Harrison. (See advt. p. 3.) 

Iron "Railing Manufacturers. 
HEALEY J. I. & BROTHER, Main, L. P. (See advt. p. 18.) 
Robinson Joel, Gore, n. Bridge 

Junk Dealer. 
Wyatt Second, cor. Cambridge 

Ladder Maker. 
Spare Elijah, jr., Gore, n. Sixth 


Bryant Benjamin, h. 78 Prospect 

COX LEONARD, Soden, n. Western avenue (Cambridge), b. office 
97 Washington. (See advt. p. 23.) 

Lime and Cement, 
BROOKS WILLIAM C. & CO., Bridge, n. Bay State Glass House- 

(See advt p. 2.) 
Bun-age, Shepard & Co. Broadway, L. P. 
GALE, DUDLEY & CO., Main, L. P. (See advt. p. xvii.) 
Train Edmund, Bridge, cor. East [advt. p. xi.) 

WELLINGTON BROS. Bridge, opp. Prison Point Bridge. (See 

Livery Stables. 
Daily George E. 252 Broadway 
Daily U. J., Cambridge,, cor. First, East Cambridge 


Daily William, Cambridge, E. C. 
Hunting Henry E., Norfolk, n. Broadway 
Pike James, Main, opp. Irving House 
Putnam Lewis, Union square 
Smith H. D., Gore, opp. Second 
Stearns James & L. D., Brattle, n. Harvard sq. 
Stone Calvin, Walden, n. North avenue 
Watts F. A., Main, cor. Bow 

Locksmith and Bell Hanger. 
HOYT, B. J., 495 Main. (See advt. p. vii.) 

Lumber Dealers. 

Blanchard W. S. & Co., Hall's Wharf, foot of East 

Burrage, Shepherd & Co., Broadway, cor. Court, L. P. 

Flint & Hall, Bridge, n. Craigie's Bridge 

GALE, DUDLEY & CO. Main, L. P. (See advt. p. xvii.) 

Hastings Oliver, East 

Howland & Doughty, Bridge, n. Craigie's Bridge 

Skillings D. N. & Co., n. Prison Point Bridge 

Tribou Walter S., Bridge, n. First 

ALLEN & ENDICOTT, Old Car Factory, Main. (See advt. p. 

Boston & Lowell R. R. Co., n. Craigie's Bridge 
SANBORN, MOORE, & CO., at Metropolitan Iron Works. (See 

advt. p. xvii.) [advt. front col. p. 10.) 

WALWORTH JAMES J. & CO., Old Car Factory, Main. (See 
Whittemore Amos, Brookline 

Manufacturing Pharmaceutist. 
THAYER HENRY & CO., Main, cor. Douglass 

Marble Workers. 
CAREW THOMAS A., Mt. Auburn, cor. Brattle square. (See 

advt. p. 1.) 
HORGAN JOHN J., on Bridge, L. P. (See advt. fr. col. p. 17.) 
KINSLEY LYMAN & Co., Old Car Factory, Main, L. P. (See 

advt. p. 3) 
McDonald Alexander, Brattle, n. Mt. Auburn Cemetery 
McNamee John, Main, n. Prospect 

Masons and Plasterers. 
Bacon Henry A., 100 Otis, and 77 Cambridge 
Bates William, 61 Brattle 
Bennett Wilder, 68 Thorndike 
Burpee Joseph E., Prospect, n. Cambridge 


Dowling Martin C. 105 Thorndike 

Jones Andrew, 31 Second 

Lamson Henry A., Mellen, n. Waterhouse 

Lamson R. & R. W. 54 Essex 

Litchfield Allen, 9 Auburn 

Norton Michael, Shepard 

Pollard John S., Norfolk, n. Washington 

Presby J. W., Orchard 

Spencer Hosea, 66 Washington 

Stevenson Thomas, 117 Spring 

Tufts John A., Thorndike, n. Fourth 

Vaughan Charles E., Garden, n. Appian Way 

Master in Chancery. 
Tyler Joseph H. 28 Second, office, Court House 

Mastic Roofer. 
Sawyer John S. 421 Main 

Milk Dealers. 
Haynes E. W., jr., Lambert, near Cambridge 
Reed E. W., Gore, near Third 
Page M. C, Gore, n. Third 
Mars M. W., Gore, near Third 

Music Teachers. 
Ball Jennie Miss, Fourth, cor. Spring 
Lasselle Sarah B. Mrs. bds. 83 Thorndike 
Lincoln Nathan, 61 Prospect 
Moeldner Adolphine C. 46 Lee 
McFeeley Mary A. rear 29 Winter 
Munroe Henry P., Pearl, cor. Auburn 
Putnam Mary E. 72 Gore 

Milliners, Millinery Goods, etc. 

Boyd Fanny Miss, 398 Main 

Callender Sarah B., Main, cor. Essex 

Gale Harriet A. 434 Harvard, near the square 

Gamble Thomas Mrs. 369 Main 

Hatch E. A. Mrs., cor. Harvard and Norfolk 

Lane Hannah, Main, n. City Hall 

McCaffrey C. & S., Cambridge, near Hunting 

Quinn Margaret C. 65 Cambridge 

Scanlan Timothy, Third, near Cambridge 

Sullivan Nellie, Harvard square 

TURNER GEORGE R., 431 Main. (See advt. p. 3.) 

WHITE HANNAH M. 445 Main. (See advt. p. 15.) 


CAMBRIDGE PRESS, JAMES COX publisher, 421 Main, near 

Norfolk. (See advt. p. 21.) 

459 Main, Wood's Block. (See advt. p. 10.) 

Newspapers, Periodicals, etc. 

Gray William, 402 Main 
James Joseph, 425 Main 

Noble N. K, Post Office, East Cambridge [bridge 

Richardson Benjamin H., Harvard square, cor. Dunster, Old Cam- 
Notaries Public. 
Marrett Lorenzo, Bank Building, E. C. 
Tyler Joseph H., Court House 
Wh itney Benjamin W., Brattle square 

Chase Hannah L., Main, L. P. 
Clark Maria, 5 Auburn 
Fenton M., bds. at Mr. Norris's, Pleasant 
Grant Eliza, bds. D. Brown's, Appian Way 
Hall Elizabeth Miss, 72 Spring 
Hooper Betsy Mrs., at L. L. Daniels, Gerry 
Kinsman Mary S. foot of Watson 
Kuhn Elizabeth R., Clark, cor. Harvard 
Magoun Ann B. 87 Spring 
Poland Sarah F. Mrs. 18 Winter 
Sawin Sarah L. Mrs., North avenue, opp. Common 
Shackley Rebecca, 102 Washington 
Stone Mary A. Mrs. 11 Windsor 
Walker Anna J. Mrs., h. Lincoln pi. near Essex 

Chase Jeremiah C, Plymouth, cor. Hampshire 
Davis & Bates, Main, opp. Norfolk 
Hovey & Co., Cambridge, near Maple avenue 
Liversage William, North avenue, near Willow 
Smith Edmund, Linnean, cor. Avon 
Vandine Henry, Plymouth, cor. Windsor 
White George W., North avenue, cor. Hollis 

Oil Manufacturers. 

McGuire & Campbell, Broadway 

Pettingill & Sawyer, Second, cor. Thorndike 

Organ Builders. 
Hamill Samuel S. 91 Gore 
Stevens George, Fifth, cor. Otis 


Oyster and Refreshment Saloons. 
Belcher John A., Brattle, n. Brattle square 
Belcher E. F., Harvard square 
Carter & Co. Brighton, near Harvard square 
Gerry Frederick A., North avenue, near Porter's Station ■ 
Kent James B. 444 Harvard 
Knowles & Hazen, 503 Main 
Leary Michael A. 69 Cambridge 
McCormick B. J. & F. J. 89 Cambridge 
Moore N. H., Harvard square 
UHRIG JOSEPH, 418 Main. (See advt. p. xviii.) 

Painters and Paper Hangers. 
Belcher George G. 308 Main 
Claflen David D., Union square 
Cook Benjamin, Otis, n. Fifth 
Danforth George O., Palmer 
Davis S. A., Cambridge, opp. Wyman's Wharf 
Dewitt Arthur N. 136 Cambridge 
Flaherty & Andrews, Brattle square 
Forest Robert, 434 Harvard 
Gilson Charles, Western avenue, opp. Soden 
Goins William, Main, near Broadway 
Gunnison Daniel, Moore, near Harvard 
Holt James L., Brattle, cor. Palmer 
McDermott W. O., First, near Cambridge 
Mclntire Ebenezer, Gore, near Second 

SAWYER C. A., 318 Main, near Univ. Church. (See advt. p. vi.) 
Smith J. C, Third, cor. Cambridge 
Smith John A., Austin, cor. School 

SMITH JOHN N. & SON, Cherry, cor. Eaton. (See advt. p. 12.) 
Stacy G. W. 416 Main, over J. A. Holmes & Co. 
Stevens Joseph, Western avenue, near Main 
Stewart H. L., Brighton 
Taylor William J. 416 Main 

THAYER J. H. & J. P. & CO. 514 & 520 Main. (See advt. p. xi.) 
Tufts E. T. 136 Cambridge 

TUFTS FRANCIS H., Sixth, cor. Cambridge. (See advt. p. 26.) 
WILDER J. C. 495 Main. (See advt. p. vii.) 

Paper Box Manufacturer. 
Pearson John A. 359 Main 

Paper Hangings. 
Chamberlin Daniel U. 412 Main 
Gunnison Daniel, Moore, near Harvard 
Niles D. W. 461 Main 
Palmer John, Gore, cor. Second 


SMITH JOHN N. & SON, Cherry, cor. Eaton. (See advt. p. 12.) 
THAYER J. H. & J. P. & CO. 514 & 520 Main. (See advt. p. xi.) 

Photographs, Ambrotypes, etc. 
DANFORTH CHARLES H., Main, opp. Hay Scales. (See advt. 
King Theodore, Harvard square [col. page.) 

Low Frederick C. 112 Cambridge 
WARREN GEORGE K. 449 Main. (See advt. bottom of each p.) 

Physicians— ( Practising ) . 


Old Cambridge. 

Driver Stephen W., Appian Way 

Morse J. R., Union square, cor. Maple 

Nichols J. T. G., Harvard square 

Stocker Alfred A., Sumner, near Kirkland 

Walcott H. P., Church, near Brattle 

Vaughan Charles E., Garden, near Appian Way 

Wyman Morrill, Church, near Brattle 


Allen Charles H., Temple, cor. Austin 

Appleton J. 476 Main 

Chase Hiram L. (Homoeopathic), Main, n. Hancock 

Clarke A. P. 399 Main 

Goddard G. T., Main, cor. Brookline 

HOLT A. F., cor. Essex and Main. (See advt. p. 1.) 

Holt J. G., Main, cor. Essex 

MARCY HENRY O. 8 Norfolk. (See advt. p. 4.) . 

Morse Calvin E. 22 Inman 

Palmer J. K. Main, near Hancock 

Webber A. Carter, Pleasant, Gor. Green 

Wood Frank A., Main, cor. Essex 

Wellington William W. 4 Temple 

Marcy Henry, Auburn 

East Cambridge. 

Barrett William, 129 Bridge 

Cogswell Thomas, 33 Second 

Farns worth Charles H. (Homoeopathic), 170 Cambridge 

Hooker Anson, 86 Cambridge 

Hooker Anson P., Otis, near Third 

Taylor John B., Third, cor. Otis 

Weston Edward H. 113 Otis 

North Cambridge. 


Wright Ward E., Pleasant, cor. Main 


Pianoforte Action Manufacturers. 
Stedman Vernal R., Osborn's Block, State 
Stevens George W. Osborn's Block, State 

Picture Frames. 
MORGAN A., Brattle Square, opp. University Press. (See advt. 
p. 13.) 

Planing Mills . 

Calef S. C, Bridge, near Prison Point Bridge 

OSBORN DALPHON, State. (See advt. fr. colored p. 4.) 

Woodbury & Co., Otis, cor. First 


Bates Edward, jr., Main, near City Hall 

Donnell & Moore, 15 Brattle 

GREENLEAF, GEORGE W. 43 Cambridge. (See advt p. 4.) 

Hawkes Levi & Co. 368 Main 

Stevens John H. 481 Main 

Dakin & Metcalf, Arrow, n. Main 

FISHER GEORGE, Chronicle Office, 459 Main. (See advt. p. 10.) 
Ford John, Harvard Square, cor. Dunster 

GETCHELL & LENFEST, 43 Cambridge. (See advt. p. 5.) 
Houghton H. O. & Co., Riverside 
Wilson John & Sons, Holyoke 
Welch, Bigelow, & Co., University Press, Brattle square 

Private Schools— Teachers. 
Hancock Martha W., Auburn, cor. Magazine 
Hight Ellen M., Kirkland, near Sumner 
Kezar Ellen M. Miss, Cambridge, cor. Fourth 
Presby Mary A., Orchard, n. Tenny Court 
Sessions Lucy, 2 Austin Court 
Walker Cordelia F. 19 Tremont 
Williston L. Richards (for young ladies), Berkeley 

Produce Dealers. 
Baldwin & Pillsbury, Union square 
Smith J. C. 85 Cambridge 
TAYLOR & MASON, Main st, Watertown. (See advt. p. 4.) 

Provision Dealers. 
Bowers William, jr., Cambridge, cor. Sixth 
Boyson George, Main, cor. Windsor 
Bradford Alexander W., North ave. near Walden 
Brown W. P., Main, cor. Douglass 


Flagg Edwin, Main, cor. Douglass [p. xvi.) 

BREWER DAVID, Brighton, near Harvard square. (See advt. 

Brewer Thomas H., Brattle square 

Brown B. A. & Co., Broadway, cor. Norfolk 

BROWN WILLIAM P., cor. Main and Douglass. (See advt. p. 23.) 

Burns Peter, Brighton 

Burns Timothy, Brighton 

Chandler Ebenezer M., Norfolk, near Harvard 

Dodge John H., Magazine, cor. Main. 

Doloff & Harrington, 12 Gore 

Farmer J. P., jr., 13 Harvard Row 

Fitzpatrick James, 2 Gore 

Fuller S. D., Harvard, cor. Clark 

Gove Calvin, under Irving House 

Hart well J. Edwin, 126 Cambridge. 

Hubbard William, Cambridge, cor. Second 

Jones James, Third, cor. Gore 

Leavitt & Simmons, Atwood's Corner 

Mallows James, 364 Main 

Plummer Warren, Cambridge, near Fourth 

Richardson David M. 335 Main 

Rhoades Solomon, Brattle square 

Squire John P. & Co., Gore, n. Seventh 

Stanley H. E., 80 Cambridge street 

STONE CHARLES, 451 Main, opp. Irving House. (See advt. p. 1.) 

Wallace James P., jr., 19 & 21 Brattle 

Ward W. A., Main, cor. Prospect 

Public Houses. 
Broadway House, John C. Martain, L. P. 
Eustice House, Charles Witt, North avenue, near Sacramento 
Fresh Pond House, Wyeth's lane [p. xxiv.) 

FLANDERS' EXCHANGE HOTEL, F. M. Flanders. (See advt. 
Mansion House, Wm. A. Fredericks, Bridge, junct. Gore 
Porter's Hotel, Amos Pike, North avenue 
Union House, Western avenue, cor. Auburn 

. Pulpit Makers. 
MILLER STEPHEN, Main, rear Wood's block. (See advt. p. 1.) 
Wentworth Thomas B. 340 Main 

Pump and Block Makers. 
Ingalls John D., Harvard, near Norfolk 
Ingalls John R., Harvard, near Norfolk 

Real Estate Agents. 
Holt V. S., Main, opp. Irving House 
MOORE CLARK, Western avenue, cor. Main (See advt, p. 22.) 


MUNROE WILLIAM A. 81 Cambridge. (See advt. p. 18.) 
Patch Samuel, 4 Jay 
Rupp George, 469 Main 

Saddle and Harness Maker. 
Read James J. 119 Court, cor. Sudbury, Boston. 

Sash and Blind Maker. 
OSBORN DALPHON, State. (See advt. fr. col'd p. 4.) 

Sausage Maker. 
Weitze Robert, Eighth, near Spring 

Carew T. A., Brattle square, cor. Ml Auburn 
Dexter Henry, 267 Broadway 

Sign and Ornamental Painters. 
Belcher George G. 308 Main [advt p. vi.) 

SAWYER CHARLES A. 318 Main, near Universalist Church. (See 
THAYER J. H. & J. P. & Co. 514 & 520 Main, near City 

Hall. (See advt. p. xi.) 
TUFTS F. H., cor. Camb. and Sixth. (See advt. p. 26.) 

Blevins John, Main, near Harvard square 
Sawyer J. S. 421 Main 

Slaughter Houses. 

Mead Alpheus & William, North avenue, near Meacham 
Goodenough Henry, North avenue, near Tannery 
Stewart William J., Rice, near Spruce 
Woodbridge Samuel F., North avenue, near Hollis 

Soap Manufacturers. 
Brazier & Whittemore, Davis, near Broadway 
Chaney Thomas & Co., Clark 
Cooper Charles, rear 71 River 
Cooper William & Son, Tremont court 
Davis Curtis, Broadway, near Davis 
Davis E. & Co., Main, near Cherry 
Davis J. C. & Co., Broadway, near Davis 
Davis Mason, Lincoln, opp. Union 
Eldridge Smith, rear River 
Hale & Kemp, Davis, near Broadway 
Jones C L. & Co., Pearl 

Livermore Nathaniel & Son, Main, near Columbia 
Lucy Anthony & Bro., Brookline 
Reardon John & Sons, Pearl 


M4^I® ®H©E ETOI?A©Bi 


Warranted to give ample and entire satisfaction I 



These T urnaces present 
a larger amount of effect- 
ive radiating surface than 
any other now in the 

The peculiar arrrange- 
inent of ihe Flues is such 
that the products of com- 
bustion are so complete- 
ly retained and radiated 
as to thoroughly exhaust 
all the heat from* the coal, 
the funnel becoming com- 
paratively cold before i»n- 
tering the chimney; con- 
sequently no arranguieut 
can be more economical 
than this. 

The joints are all so ad- 
justed as to prevent the 
escape of gas or smoke, 
and render once packing 
sufficient for years. 

A careful examination 
of the form and fitting ot 
the Castings will show- 
that tl e liability to crack 
j8 obviated by the ample 
provision which has been 
made for expansion and 

The Fire Chamberbeing 
lined, there can be no red- 
hot surfaces. The air dif- 
fused through the build- 
ing is warmed thoroughly 
without being injured 01 

scorched, thus giving a 
large amount of pure, 
wholesome, warm air. 

The Draft of the Fur- 
nace is effectively con- 
trolled by our Magic 
Regulator, which la ad- 
justable to any degree 
of heat required, secur- 
ing an adaptability on 
the part of tills possess- 
ed by no other furnace. 

This very great advan- 
tage can only be appre- 
ciated by those who have 
used this, after using 
others which do not *miv« 
this peculiarity. 

Simeon Taylor, 





We offer our new patent Magic Cooking Ttftnge* as the result of 
more than forty years experience in the manufacture of Cooking Appara- 
tus of various kinds. 

In this we have obviated the defects in "Ranges, both of our own and 
others' manufacture, and introduced many valuable improvements, for 
seven of which we have received Letters Patent. 

It is the only Range in which at.i. 
steam, odor and dust from boiling, 
broiling, frying, or cleaning the grate 
is entirely carried from the room. 

The only Range whi<*.h has closets 
for keeping meats, etc. warm, conve- 
niently located at the sides of the 
fire chamber. 

The only Range which has damp- 
ers adjustable to the draft of each 
chimney, thus making it impossible 
to burn* more fuel than is necessary 
to bake. 

The only Range which has a shak- 
ing and dumping grate, in which the 
grate can be replaced without remov- 
ing the linings and brickwork round 
the fire chamber. 

The only elevated Oven Range 
which has a charcoal broiler. A new 
and desirable arrangement for broil- 
is well as light cooking in warm 

1 he^only Range in which the wa- 
ter back ; can be taken out to be 
cleaiedor replaced without disturb- 
ing the brick work. 

The grate of this Range is made 
with "special reference to roasting in 
front of the fire. 

All persons in want of a perfect, 
cooking apparatus are invited to call 
andexamine this Range, than which 
there is no better, more economical, 
or convenient Range in use. 

The above Ranges of various sizes are manufactured and for sale at 




Where may be found the celebrated 


moses r»o:Nr> & CO. 

Established 1823. 


Spring Bed Manufacturers. 
Howe Tyler, 292 Main 

Pettingill & Pear, manufactory, in Osborn's Mill, rear Main 
Tucker Manufacturing Co., Broadway, near G. J. R. R. 

Stair Builder. 
Adams Jabez F., Cambridge, cor. Seventh 

Stamped Ware Manufactory. 

Goodrich & Whitney, Pleasant, near Walnut, office 88 and 90 North 
St., Boston 

Steam Sawing and Planing. 
Calef S. C, Bridge, near Prison Point Bridge 

OSBORN DALPHON, State, near Main. (See advt. front col. p. 4.) 
Page George G. & Co., junct. Hampshire and Broadway 
Simpson W. E. & B., Broadway, L. P. 

SMART G. A., Main, near Osborn's Mills. (See advt. p. xiii.) 
Woodbury & Co., Otis, cor. First 

Stone Workers and Granite Dealers. 
Davis and Goodrich, Main, near West Boston Bridge 
Parker A. & Co., Cambridge Bridge, Main 
Rowe Hugh, Cambridge Bridge 

SANBORN A. C. & Co., Bridge, opp. Prison Point Bridge. (See 
advt. p. xviii.) 

Stoves, Tin Ware, etc. 
Bailey Jacob L. (tin plate worker), Cambridge, cor. Second 
Donnell & Moore, 15 Brattle 

ESTES IVORY P., Harvard square. (See advt. p. 19.) 
Nutting J. D., Main, near Universalist Church 
Price James M. 55 Cambridge, near Second 
Place & Genther, 25 Cambridge 
Starbuck James C. 339 and 341 Main 
TAYLOR SIMEON, 409 Main. (See advt. p. 32.) 
TOWNE & FULLER, Main, near Essex. (See advt. p. x.) 

Surveyors of Lumber. 
Patch J. H., h. 32 Second 
Rogers George W., Brighton, near Harvard 
White C, Cambridge, near Windsor 
Whitney Edward T., h. Austin, near Essex 

Tailors and Drapers. 
Brine Robert, Cambridge, cor. Second 
Brine William, 63 Cambridge 
Daniels George L. 491 Main 


Nelligan Patrick, 374 Main 

Dolton Richard, Mt. Auburn, near Brighton 

Higgins James, 110 Cambridge 

Kelly A. S., Main, opp. Pearl. 

Kimball J. F., 453 Main 

Kimball William, 3 Harvard Row 

Lum Isaac E., Broadway, near G. J. R. R. 

McCoy William, Brattle square 

McGinnis Robert, Cambridge, near Vernon pi. 

Steele Eugene, 85 Cambridge 

Walker Samuel, 80 Cambridge 

Muller William & Son, Tannery 

Telescope Makers. 
Clark Alvan & Sons, Brookline, near Bridge 

Trunk Cleet Manufacturer. 
Harlow Charles, Broadway, cor. Hampshire 

Turning and Jig Sawing. 
OSBORN D., State. (See advt. front col. page 4.) 
SMART G. A., Main, near Osborn's Mills. (See advt. p. xiii.) 


Casey William, 82 Fourth 

Hunt Samuel F., Front, rear Universalist Church 

Stickney F. H., Cambridge, n. Fifth 

Litchfield Roland, jr., Main, cor. Columbia 

Pear John, 15 Front 

Wyeth Benjamin F., opp. Winthrop square 

Brine William H., Second, n. Cambridge 
Hixon Edward, Harvard 

WHITNEY & BRACKETT, Brattle square. (See advt. inside 
last cover.) 

Variety Store. 
Kelley Margaret L., Fourth, cor. Winter 

Veterinary Surgeons. 
Jennings Joseph H., Lafayette square, Main} J 
Putnam Lewis, North avenue, near Porter's Hotel] , 

Vial and Syringe Maker."! 
McElroy P. J., Second, cor. Cambridge 


Balch M. P., Main, cor. Norfolk 
Bryant Frederick S. 112 Cambridge 
Donallan J. W., 68 Cambridge, near Second 
Gibbs Benjamin W., Main, cor. Essex 

Watch Crystal Maker. 
Metzger Joseph, 192 Cambridge 

Brown Daniel, Palmer 
Hurd Amos D., Palmer 
McCue James, Cambridge, near Willow pi. 
Munroe Enoch, Cambridge, near Bridge 
Pierce Joseph, Western avenue 
Thompson & Sanborn, Main, near Broadway 
Thwing James, Green, near Pleasant 



Municipal Election First Monday in December. City Government Organ - 
ized First Monday in January. 


J. Warren Merrill. Salary, $1,500. Office, 
City Hall. Residence, Harvard, corner Han- 


Ward 1. 
Francis L. Chapman, and Charles^. Choate. 

Ward 2. 
Sumner Albee, and George B. Lothrop. 

Ward 3. 
Ezra Parmenter, and Joseph H. Tyler. 

Ward 4. 
John N. Meriam, and Asa P. Morse. 

Ward 5. 
Alpheus Mead, and John L. Sands. 

Common Council. 

John S. March, President. 

Ward 1. 

Charles W. Eliot, Nathan G. Gooch, 

Arthur Merrill. 

Ward 2. 
Charles A. Fiske, John S. March, 
Robert 0. Fuller, Aaron H. Safford, 
Augustus Towne. 

Ward 3. 
Lewis B. Guyer, , William Dailey, 
Charles J. Mclntire, Nathan K. Noble, 
Nathaniel P. Brooks, Benj. R. Rand. 

Ward 4. 
Samuel C. Knights, John McDuffie, 
Wm. H. Lounsbury, Joseph Whittemore. 

Ward 5. 
Phineas Parker, Samuel F. Woodbridge. 

Assessors. — Artemas Z. Brown, Charles H. 
Saunders, Andrew J. Green. Salary of the 
Board, 81,200. 

Assistant Assessors. — Nathaniel D. Sawin, 
Varnum S. Holt, Barnabas Binney, Isaac C. 
Holmes, James H. Cutter. Compensation, 82 
per day. 

Overseers of the Poor. — The Mayor, ex 
officio, Chairman, Benjamin F. Wyeth, Joseph 
H. Rice, J. Watson Harris, Martin L. Smith, 
Alonzo Stewart, William Hunnewell. 

City Clerk, and Clerk op the Board op 
Aldermen. — Justin A. Jacobs. Salary, $1,500 
and fees. 

Clerk of Common Council. — Joseph G. Holt. 
Salary, §150. 

City Treasurer and Collector. — Joseph 
Whitney. Salary, 81,500. 

City Auditor. — S. P. Heywood. Salary, 

City Messenger and- Superintendent of 
Lamps. — Roland Litchfield, jr. Salary, 8800. 

Superintendent of Streets and Drains. — 
George L. Cade. Salary, 81,200. 

Warden of Almshouse. — Jacob Hanscom. 
Salary, 8500. 

Weigher and Measurer. — Samuel S. Green, 
East Cambridge. 

Almshouse Physician. — James R. Morse. 
Salary, 8100. 

Ward Boundaries. 

Ward No. 1. — Beginning at the boundary 
line between Cambridge and West Cambridge, 
on Concord avenue; thence by the centre of 
Concord avenue, to a street next north-westerly 
of the estate of E. S. Dixwell ; thence by the 
centre of said street to Garden street ; thence 
by the centre of Garden street to Shepard street, 
thence by the centre of Shepard street to North 
avenue ; thence by the centre of North avenue 
to Sacramento street ; thence by the centre of 
Sacramento street to the boundary line between 
Cambridge and Somerville ; thence by said 
boundary line to a point which would be struck 
by the central line of Dana street, if extended 



northerly to said boundary line ; thence by a 
line to Dana street, and by the centre of Dana 
street to Main street ; thence by the centre of 
Main street to Mount Auburn street ; thence 
by the centre of Mount Auburn street, to Put- 
nam street ; thence by the centre of Putnam 
street, to Western avenue ; thence by the cen- 
tre of Western avenue, to the boundary line be- 
tween Cambridge and Brighton ; thence by said 
boundary line to the boundary line between 
Cambridge and Watertown ; thence by the last- 
mentioned boundary line to the boundary line 
between Cambridge and West Cambridge ; 
thence by the last-mentioned boundary line to 
the point begun at. 

Ward No. 2. — Beginning at the boundary 
line between Cambridge and Somerville, at a 
point which would be struck by the central line 
of Dana street, if extended northerly to said 
boundary line ; thence by a line to Dana street, 
and by the centre of Dana street to Main street ; 
thence through the centre of Main street to 
Norfolk street ; thence by the centre of Norfolk 
street to Washington street; thence by the 
centre of Washington street, to the junction of 
Washington and Main streets ; thence by a line 
at a right angle southerly to the water ; thence 
by the water to the mouth of Broad canal ; 
thence by the centre of Broad Canal to North 
canal ; thence by the centre of North canal, 
and northerly, in a line continued therefrom, to 
the boundary line between Cambridge and Som- 
erville ; thence by said boundary line to the 
point begun at. 

Ward No. 3. — Beginning at the mouth of 
Broad canal ; thence by the centre of Broad 
canal to North canal ; thence by the centre of 
North canal, and northerly, in a line continued 
therefrom, to the boundary line between Cam- 
bridge and Somerville ; thence by said boundary 
line to the waters of Charles river ; thence by 
the water to the point begun at. 

Ward No. 4. — Beginning at the boundary 
line between Cambridge and Brighton, on Wes- 
tern avenue ; thence through the centre of 
Western avenue to Putnam street ; thence 
through the centre of Putnam street to Mount 
Auburn street ; thence through the centre of 
Mount Auburn street to Main street ; thence 
through the centre of Main street to Norfolk 
street; thence through the centre of Norfolk 
street to Washington street ; thence through 
the centre of Washington to the junction of 
Washington and Main streets ; thence by a line 
at a right angle southerly to the water ; thence 
by the water to the point begun at. 

Ward No. 5. — Beginning at the boundary 
line between Cambridge and West Cambridge, 
on Concord avenue ; thence by the centre of 
Concord avenue to a street next north-westerly 
of the estate of E. S. Dixwell ; thence by the 
centre of said street to Garden street ; thence 
by the centre of Garden street to Shepard ; 
thence by the centre of Shepard street to North 
avenue ; thence by the centre of North avenue 
to Sacramento Street : thence by the centre of 
Sacramento street to the boundary line between 
Cambridge and Somerville ; thence by said 
boundary line to the boundary line between 
Cambridge and West Cambridge ; thence by the 
said last-mentioned boundary line to the point 
begun at. 

Ward Officers. 

Ward 1. — Charles H. Saunders, Warden. 
Henry H. Clark, Clerk, William Wright, Joseph 
Williams, William J. Dolloff, Inspectors. 


Ward 2. — George E. Ryder, Warden. Cle - 
ment March, Clerk. John D. Sargent, George 
E. Sawyer, Thomas J. Stevens, Inspectors. 

Ward 3. — Lorenzo Marrett, Warden. John 
S. Wilson, Clerk. Luther L. Parker, Abbot R. 
Davis, Thomas Grieves, Inspectors. 

Ward 4. — Gustavus A. Smart, Warden. 
Joseph Child, jr., Clerk. William F. Engley, 
Charles H. Spencer, Daniel D. Leeds, Inspectors. 

Ward 5. — Edward Mulliken, Warden. Fran- 
cis H. White, Clerk. Andrew N. Wyeth, Charles 
J. Teel, Henry F. Whitney, Inspectors. 

Police Department. 

Police Justice. — John S. Ladd. Salary, 
$1,500. Special Justices, George W. Liver- 
more, Henry W. Muzzey. Clerk, Thomas 
Mclntire, jr. 

Chief of Police. — Fordyce M. Stimson. 

Principal Constables. — District 1, F. , M. 
Stimson. District 2, William Twist. District 
3, John L. Boynton. 

Constables. — Fordyce M. Stimson, William 
Twist, John L. Boynton, Clark Moore, John C. 
Burdakin, Varnum S. Holt, Charles J. Adams, 
James C. Nute, William F. Knowles, Thomas 
Mclntire, jr., James F. Jefferds, Thomas Work. 

Policemen. — District 1, Timothy Ames, 
Thomas D. Cook, Noah M. Cofran, James 
S. Milliken, Andrew Sproul, Micah W. Cook, 
James M. Hilton, John S. Milliken, George 
A. Marston, Benjamin Kennard, Albert D. 
Cleaveland. District 2", Benjamin F. Bridden, 
Abel A. Hildreth, Charles L. Russell, Joseph A. 
Cheney, Lewis Sanger, James H. Parks, Fred- 
erick W. Hagar, John Avery, George Wood, 
George S. Dudley. District 3, Amori Benson, 
jr., Henry Kinsley, William Mullett, Baruch 

C. Floyd, Thomas D. Sanborn, George W. 

Truant Officers. — Benjamin F. Bridden, 
Thomas D. Cook. Abel A. Hildreth, John L. 
Boynton, Fordyce M. Stimson, Timothy Ames. 

Pound Keepers. — William Barnes, Thomas 

D. Cook. 

Coroners. — Nathan Fisk, Luther L. Parker, 
William W. Wellington. 

Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum. — 
Ephraim Buttrick, John S. Ladd, James D. 
Green, Isaac Livermore, Isaac F. Jones, Joseph 
H. Tyler, Bickford Pulsifer, jr. 

Justices of the Peace. — Justin A. Jacobs, 
Abraham Edwards, Charles Folsom, Nathan 
Fiske, Charles C. Little, Richard H .Dana, jr., 
Samuel S. Green, Lucius R. Paige, Eliphalet 
Davis, Lorenzo Marrett, Benjamin W. Whitney, 
Henry W Muzzey, John B. Dana, Charles R. 
Metcalf, Charles B. Stevens, Henry Thayer, 
Benjamin Welch, A. P. Griffin, Joseph A. 
Holmes, James R. Morse, William L. Whitney, 
John C. Farnham, Josiah W. Cook, James C. 
Fisk, Samuel H. Folsom, James B. Thayer, 
Chester W. Kingsley, Josiah Burrage, Epes S. 



Dixwell, Bela F. Jacobs, John Livermore, Elias 
Howe, William A. Saunders, John Sargent, Ed- 
mund G. Lucas, Henry Potter, Edward Richard- 
son, George Stevens, William Wyman, Z. L. 
Raymond, Joseph 6. Holt, Benjamin R. Rand, 
Joseph Whitney. Benjamin A. Gould, George P. 
Carter, D. W. Niles. 

Representatives to the General Court. — 
George S. Saunders, George P. Carter, Lorenzo 

Fire Department. 

Chief Engineer. — George B.Eaton. Salary, 

Assistant Engineers. — 1st, Samuel L. Frye ; 
2d, Theodore Oollamore ; 3d, Thomas J. Casey ; 
4th, George 0. Rollins. Salary, $100 each. 
Secretary, Samuel M. Frye. Salary, $25. 

Engines. — Cambridge, steamer No. 1, on 
Church street, A. J. Rollins, foreman ; Union, 
steamer No. 2, Main, near Windsor, William B. 
Cade, foreman; Niagara, steamer No. 3, Cam- 
bridge street, John W. Byrnes, foreman; Hy- 
drant, No. 4, River, junction W. avenue, San- 
ford A .Parker, foreman ; Daniel Webster, No. 
5, North avenue, George Marston, foreman; 
Franklin Hook and Ladder, Main, near Windsor, 
Daniel E. Frasier, foreman; Hunueman (Inde- 
pendent), No. 7, Church, James P. Wallace, jr., 
foreman ; Washington, No. 9, Cambridge, near 
Prison Point Bridge, C. B. Adams, foreman. 

Fire Police. — Ward 1, Allen B. Parsons; 
Ward 2, George S. Pikej Ward 3, Moses Ricker. 

School Committee, 1866. 

Hon. J. Warren Merrill, Mayor, ex-officio, 

Ward 1, Courtland W. Anable, Henry W. 
Muzzev ; Ward 2, Henry W. Warren, Charles 

A. Skinner. Ward 3, John B. Taylor, Nathan- 
iel Mighill. Ward 4, S. R. Mason. Ward 5, 
James R. Morse, John N. Murdock. W. W. 
Wellington, Secretary. 

Public Schools. 

August 1, 1866. 

High School — Corner Broadway and Fayette 
Street. Teachers. William J. Roffe, William F. 
Bradbury, Joseph A. Gillett, Mary F. Peirce, 
Rebecca K. Shepard, Caroline Child, Alice G. 
Hancock, Emma A. Scudder. 

Allston — Boardman street. Teachers, Ben- 
jamin W. Roberts, Lizzie B. Winnett, Sarah 
M. Gray, Ellen J. Hodges, S. Ellen Hearsey, 
Sarah D. Whiting, Anna F. Stanley, Caroline 
F. Pitkin, Emily R. Pitkin, Emma F. King, 
Lucy H. Whelling, Mary F. Emerson, Sarah F. 

Harvard — Harvard street. Teachers, Aaron 

B. Magoun, Catharine Richardson, Helen A. 
Dodge, Addie H. Wellington, Mary E. Wyeth, 
Martha M. Damon. Lydia S. King, F. A. Hyde. 

Putnam. — Corner of Fourth and Otis streets, 
Teachers. Francis Cogswell, Sarah M. Burnham, 
Almira L. Uayward, Annie B. Josselyn, Marie 

E. Spare, Frances E. Putnam, Mary A. Coburn, 
France E. Pendexter, Lucy A. Draper, Ada A. 

Shepard. — North avenue. Teachers, Mr. 
Daniel B. Wheeler, Abby E. Worcester, KateM. 
Lowell, Olive E. Fairbanks, Augusta M. Howe, 
Lucy T. Sawyer, Emma L.Hutchins, Eveline A. 
Sawyer, Amelia Pasco. 

Thorndike. — Thorndike street. Teachers, 
Reuel H. Fletcher, Anna W. Averill, Eunice B. 
Dyer, Martha A. Martin, Emma F. Munroe, 
Mary G. Parker, Harriet A. Butler, Mary E. 
Willis, Martha H. Butler, Mary E. Burdakin. 

Washington — Brattle street. Teachers, Dan- 
iel Mansfield, Lucy A. Downing, Florence 
J. Reed, Adeline M. Ireson, Catharine P. Green, 
M. M. Nelson, Abby M. Webb, Marianne M. 
Webb, Anna E. Hutchins, Julia H. Kimball, 
Ellen F. Webber. 

Webster — Webster street. Teachers, Alvah 
C. Smith, Eliza K. Brackett, Lucille C. Ban- 
croft, Eliza D.Fisher, Jane Dallinger. Harriet E. 
Hill, Helen J. Maiers, Louise C. D. Harlow, Mary 

A. Tarbell, Mary E. Sawyer, Emma M. Sheldon, 
Anna S. Lawson. 

Boardman — School street. Teacher, Carrie 
M. Brown. 

Bridge — Pioneer street. Teacher, Elizabeth 
E. Dallinger. 

City — Almshouse. Teacher, Etta S. Adams. 

Dana — Centre street. Teachers, Isabel L. 
Barry, Edith A. Barry, Helen J. Barry. 

Dudley — Baptist Chapel, Harvard street. 
Teacher, Abby F. Lothrop, Ada F. Russell. 

Dunster — Concord avenue. Teachers, Sarah 

B. Waitt, Mary E. Andrews, Louise M. Delano. 

Felton — Amory street. Teachers, Emeline 
Sparrow, Ariadne Blish. 

Gannett — Columbia street. Teachers, Sa- 
rah J. A. Davis, Ellen M.Pike, Gertrude M. 

Lechmere — North Third street. Teacher, 
Martha J. Avery. 

Mason — State street. Teachers, M. Lizzie 
Evans, Mary E. Marean, Susan M. Cochrane, 
Julia E. Murdock. 

Otis — Otis street. Teachers. Abby S. 
Taylor, Sarah D. Mitchell, Susan M. Pendexter, 
Mary E. Cannon. 

Quincy — Holmes place. Teachers, Charlotte 
E. Jewell, M. Nellie Cheney. 

Sargent — Broadway. Teachers, Anna M. 
Harrod, Frances J. Harrod, Mary L. Tower, 
Martha J. Cutting. 

Teacher of Music— Nathan Lincoln, $1,500. 

Salaries of the teachers are as follows : 
Master of the High School, $2,500; Sub- 



Masters, 82,000 and 81,800 respectively ; Mas- 
ters of the Grammar Schools, Sl,600 ; for first ' 
year's service. 81,700, for second years service, j 
and $1,800 afterwards. Music Teacher, 81,400. < 
Assistant Teachers in the High School 
8700, and 8600. Assistant Teachers in the 
Grammar Schools, 8550. Principals of the 
Primary Schools. S550 and 8500 ; Assistants, 
8475 and .8425. 

Private Schools. — Teachers. 

Joshua Kendall, Appian Way ; David F. Sav- 
age, Putnam Street : L. R. Williston (for 
young ladies), Berkeley Street : Miss C. F. 

Bates, Ellery Street ; Mrs. Delano, Linnrean 
Street : Miss Folsom, Berkelev Street ; Miss 
M. J. Hall, Williams' Hall; 5liss Martha A. 
Hancock, Auburn Street ; Miss Emma F. 
Harris, Hancock Street ; Miss Ellen M. 
Hight, Cambridge Street ; Miss Howe, Garden 
Street ; Misses Kesar, Cambridge Street : Miss 
Mclntyre, Fourth Street ; Miss Osborne, Har- 
vard Street : Miss Sarah M. Page, North Ave- 
nue ; Miss Mary E. Rice, Masonic Hall ; Miss 
Bobbins, Cambridge Street; Miss Lucy Ses- 
sions, Austin Street: MKs C. Walker, Tre- 
mont Street ; Miss Warland, Appian Way ; 
Miss Wheeler, Gore Street. 


Banks and Insurance Companies. 

Cambridge National Bank. — Cambridge st. 
near Third, E. C. Capital, 8100,000. Daniel 
R. Sortwell, President. John C. Bullard, Cash. 

Directors. — Daniel R. Sortwell, J. H. Tyler, 
Thomas Cunningham, Charles J. Adams, John 
N. Merriam, Joseph A. Wellington, Israel Tib- 
betts. Discount day, Tuesday. 

CambridgepoTt National Bank. — Main 
Street. Capital, 8100,000. R. Douglass, Presi- 
dent. Seymour B. Snow, Cashier. Chas. James, 
Clerk and Messenger." Robert Douglass, Ira 
Stratton, Asa P. Morse, Alexander Dickinson, 
Martin L. Smith, Directors. Lucius R. Paige, 
Solicitor. Discount Days — Monday and Thurs- 

Charles River National Bank. — Harvard sq. 
Capital, S100.000. Charles C. Little, President. 
Eben Snow, Cashier. William M. Snow, Clerk 
and Messenger. Charles C. Little, Oliver Hast- 
ings. William T. Richardson, Abel Willard, J. 
B. Dana, Directors. Discount every day. 

National City Bank. — Melledge's Block, cor. 
Main and Norfolk streets. Capital, S100,000. 
John Livermore, President. Edward Richard- 
son, Cashier. John Livermore, Josiah Bur- 
rage, George W. Colburn, George T. Gale, John 
Remick, Directors. Discount every day. 

National, late Lechmere, Bank. — Cambridge 
cor. Second street. Capital, 8150,000. Lewis 
Hall, President. John Savage, jr. Cashier. O. 
B. Stone, Clerk and Messenger. Lewis Hall, 
Samuel R. Rindge, Thomas Dana, Samuel Slo- 
comb, K. S. Chaffee, A. C. Sanborn, Francis 
Draper, Directors. 

First National Bank, late Harvard. — Main 
cor. Prospect street. Capital, 8200,000. Ben- 
jamin Tilton, President. W. A. Bullard, Cash- 
ier. J. L. Buffington, Clerk and Messenger. 
Benjamin Tilton, Lewis Colby, Alanson Bigelow, 
Newell Bent, Edward Hyde, Daniel U. Cham- 
berlin, Charles Wood, Directors. 

Cambridge Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 
Melledge's Block, Main street, cor. Norfolk. 
Josiah W. Cook, President. John A. Smith, 
Secretary. Josiah W. Cook, James H. Thayer, 
James H. Sparrow. Henry Thayer, Jonas 

Wyeth, 2d Jacob Eaton, Rufus Lamson, Josiah 
Burrage, Joseph A. Holmes, Directors. 

Savings Banks, Railroad Compa- 
nies, Etc. 

Cambridge Savings Bank. — Whitney's 
Building, Brattle square. Stephen T. Farwell, 
President. Emery Washburn, Nathan Fiske, 
Joel Parker, John B. Dana, Vice-Presidents. 
William L. Whitney, Treasurer. James H. 
Wyeth. Secretary. Open every day from 9 A. 
M. to 12 M. Quarter Days — 4th Thursday of 
January. April, July, and October. 

Cambridgeport Savings Bank. — Main street, 
Benjamin Tilton, President. George C. Rich- 
ardson, Robert Douglass. S. P. Heywood, Tice- 
Presidents. D. U. Chamberlin. Secretary. Lu- 
cius R. Paige, Treasurer. Deposits received and 
other business transacted at the Cambridgeport 
National Bank, every day from 9 to 1 o'clock 
only. Quarter Days — 3d Wednesday of Jan- 
uary, April, July, and October. 

East Cambridge Five Cent Savings Bank. — 
Cambridge, cor. Second street. George Stevens, 
President. Anson Hooker, H. N. Hovey, John 
S. Ladd, Yice-Presidents. Lorenzo Marrett, 
Secretary. John Savage, jr. Treasurer. De- 
posits from five cents to one thousand dollars, 
received every day from 12 to 1 o'clock. 

Trustees. — Samuel Slocum, Lewis Hall, Geo. 
W. Fifield, Lorenzo Marrett, K. S. Chaffee, 
Joseph H. Tyler. Isaac F. Jones, Silas B. Buck, 
John H. Leighton, William Hunnewell, James 
M. Price, John Conlan. 

Cambridge Railroad Company. — Gardiner 
G. Hubbard, President. Estes Howe, Trea- 
surer. F. T. Stevens. Clerk. Gardiner G. Hub- 
bard, C. C. Little, William A. Saunders. R. E. 
Demmon, Estes Howe, Directors. Dividends 
paid 1st April and 1st of October. Office, Har- 
vard square. Cambridge, and 39 State street, 
(Room No. 12.) Boston. 

Union Railway Company. — James W. Em- 
ery, President. Estes Howe, Treasurer. F. T. 
Stevens, Clerk. J. C. Stiles, Superintendent. 
H. H. Stimpson, Charles C. Little, Gardiner G. 
Hubbard, William A. Saunders, James W. Em- 
ery, Joseph H. Converse, Estes Howe, Directors. 



Office, Harvard square, Cambridge, 
State street, (Room No. 12,) Boston. 

Cambridge Gas Light Company. — Capital 
$275,000. G. G. Hubbard, President. Estes 
Howe, Treasurer and Clerk. William Gibson, 
Superintendent. Wm. Frost, John Liverrnore, 
Gardiner G. Hubbard, Samuel Slocomb, Estes 
Howe, Wm. P. Butterfield, James W. Emery, 
Directors. Dividends paid 1st of February and 
1st of August. Office, Harvard square, Cam- 
bridge, and 39 State street (Room 12), Boston. 

Cambridge Water Board. — J. Warren Mer- 
rill, President. John Sargent, Robert Douglas, 
Samuel Slocomb, A. K. P. Welch, C W. Kings- 
ley, John S. March. George W. Fifield, Supt. 
Office, City Hall. 

Post Office. — East Cambridge, corner 
Third. N. K. Noble, Postmaster. Mails leave 
at 7i A. M., 12 m., and 6| p. M. Mails arrive at 
same hours. 

Mount Auburn Cemetery. 


Jacob Bigelow, President, 59 Mount Vernon 
street, Boston. George W. Bond, Treasurer, 
office, 167 Congress street, Boston. Austin J. 
Coolidge, Secretary, office 33 School Street, Bos- 
ton. Paul Adams, Edward Austin, Jacob 
Bigelow, J. Ingersoll Bowditch, James Cheever, 
Charles C. Little, Geo. Livermore, Loyal Lovejoy, 
Otis Norcross, Edward S. Rand. James Read, 
Jacob Sleeper, Trustees. Daniel L. Winsor, Su- 
perintendent. George P. Southack, Gate 

The Cemetery contains about 126 acres. There 
are about 3600 private lots. 

The Superintendent may always be found at 
the Cemetery, except on Saturday mornings, 
when he is in attendance at the Treasurer's and 
Secretary's office. Tickets of Admission for car- 
riages may be obtained of the Secretary, at 33 
School Street, Boston. 

Cambridge Cemetery. 

Established in 1853. 

His Honor the Mayor, ex-officio Chairman. 
Albert Stevens,. Daniel U. Chamberlin, J. C. 
Farnham, J. P. Putnam, Silas B. Buck, Commis- 
sioners. Jas. K. Farwell, Superintendent. 

Middlesex County Officers, &c. 

Middlesex County Officers. — William A. 
Richardson, of Cambridge, Judge of Probate and 
Insolvency. Joseph H. Tyler, of East Cam- 
bridge, Register of Probate and Insolvency. 
Isaac F. Jones, Assistant Register of Probate 
and Insolvency. Charles B. Stevens, of Cam- 
bridge, Register *of Deeds, Southern District. 
Ashael B. Wright, of Lowell, "Register of Deeds, 
Northern District. Isaac S. Morse, East Cam- 
bridge, District Attorney. Amos Stone, of 
Charlestown, County Treasurer. Benjamin F. 
Ham, of Winchester, Clerk of the Courts. John 
J . Sawyer, of Somerville, Assistant Clerk. 

County Commissioners. — Leonard Huntress, 
of Tewksbury, Chairman. Joseph H. Waitt, 
of Maiden, Edward J. Collins, of West Newton. 

and 39 I Special Commissioners. — William W. Edger- 
I ton, Shirley. William Hastings, Framingham. 
Meetings — at Cambridge, the first Tuesday in 
January ; Concord, the first Tuesday in June ; 
Lowell, the first Tuesday in September. 

Jailers. — Charles J. Adams, of Cambridge. 
Samuel Staples, of Concord., Charles Kimball, 
of Lowell. 

Overseers of the House of Correction.— G. 
D. B. Blanchard, of Maiden. Thomas Rice, jr., 
of Newton. James M. Usher, of Medford. Rev. 
Wm. R. Stone, of Cambridge, Chaplain. Chas. 
J. Adams, Master. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. — 
Isaac F. Jones, East Cambridge, Bickford Pulsi- 
fer, jr., Charlestown. 

Sheriff. — Charles Kimball, Lowell. 

Deputy Sheriff.— Luther L. Parker, East 

Superior Court. 

Civil Terms. — Lowell, on the 2d Monday in 
March and the 1st Monday in September. Con- 
cord, on the 1st Monday in June. Cambridge, 
on the 2d Monday in December. 

Criminal Terms. — Cambridge, on the 2d 
Mod day in February. Concord, on the 4th 
Monday in June. Lowell, on the 3d Monday in 

Supreme Judicial Court. 

Nisi Prius Terms. — At Lowell, on the 3d 
Tuesday in April, and at Cambridge on the 3d 
Tuesday in October. 

Masters in Chancery.— Joseph H. Tyler, 
East Cambridge. Chas. Robinson, jr., Charles- 
town. Wm. S. Stearns, Maiden. Arthur P. 
Bonney, Lowell. Wm. S. Gardner, Lowell. 

Probate Court. 







\ 2d & 4th 


\ 2d & 4th 


\ 2d & 4th 


1 2d & 4th 


\ 2d & 4th 


\ 2d & 4th 

2d & 4th 

\ 2d & 4th 
\ 2d & 4th 

2d & 4th 
1 2d & 4th 


Concord ' 




















Court of Insolvency. 

Cambridge.— On the 2d and 4th Wednesday 
of each month except July. 

Lowell — On the 1st Tuesday of February, 
April, June, September, and December. 



Concord — On the 1st Tuesday of January, 
March, May, and October. 

Special Session at other times as the business 
of the Court may require. 

Officers of Harvard University. 

Thomas Hill, D. D., LL. D., President. 

James Jackson, M. D., LL. D., Professor of 
the Theory and Practice of Physic, Emeritus. 

Joel Parker, LL. D., Royal Professor of Law. 

, Hollis Professor of Divinity. 

Theophilus Parsons, LL. D., Dane Professor of 

George R. Noyes, D. D., Hancock Professor of 
Hebrew and other Oriental Languages, and 
Dexter Lecturer on Biblical Literature. 

Emory Washburn, LL. D., Bussey Professor of 

D. Humphreys Storer, M. D., Professor of Ob- 
stetrics and Medical Jurisprudence. 

Frederick H. Hedge, D. D., Professor of Ecclesi- 
astical History in the Divinity School. 

John B. S. Jackson, M. D., Shattuck Professor 
of Morbid Anatomy, and Curator of the Ana- 
tomical Museum. 

John Langdon Sibley, A. M., Librarian. 

Andrew P. Peabody, D. D., LL. D. Preacher to 
the University, and Plummer Professor of 
Christian Morals. 

Oliver Stearns, D. D., Parkman Professor of 
Pulpit Eloquence and the Pastoral Care, and 
Lecturer on Christian Theology. 

Louis Agassiz, LL. D., Professor of Zoology and 
Geology in the Lawrence Scientific School. 

Henry Ingersoll Bowditch, M. D., Jackson Pro- 
fessor of Clinical Medicine. 

Oliver W. Holmes, M. D., Parkman Professor of 
Anatomy and Physiology. 

Benjamin Peirce, LL. D., Perkins Professor of 
Astronomy and Mathematics. 

Asa Gray, LL. D., Fisher Professor of Natural 

George Cheyne Shattuck, M. D., Hersey Pro- 
fessor of the Theory and Practice of Physic. 

Francis Bowen, A.M., Alford Professor of Nat- 
ural Religion, Moral Philosophy, and Civil 
Polity and Registrar. 

Joseph Lovering, A. M., Hollis Professor of 
Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, and 

Henry W. Torrey, A. M., McLean Professor of 
Ancient and Modern History. 

Jeffries Wyman, M. D., Hersey Professor of 

John Bacon, M. D., University Professor of 
Chemistry in the Medical School. 

Henry J. Bigelow, M. D., Professor of Surgery. 

Richard H. Dana, LL. D., Lecturer upon the 
Laws of Nations, in the Law School. 

Chas. E. Brown Sequard, M. D., Professor of 
the Physiology and Pathology of the Nervous 

Henry L. Eustis, A. M., Professor of Engineer- 
ing in the Lawrence Scientific School. 

Evangelinus A. Sophocles, LL. D., University 
Professor of Ancient, Byzantine, and Modern 

Josiah Dwight Whitney, A. B., Sturgis-Hooper 
Professor cf Geology in the School of Mining 
and Practical Geology. 

Wolcott Gibbs, M. D., Rumford Professor and 
Lecturer on the Application of Science to the 
Useful Arts. 

James Russell Lowell, A.M., Smith Professor 

of the French and Spanish Languages and 
Literatures, and Professor of Belles-Lettres. 

Richard M. Hodges, M. D., Adjunct Professor 
of Surgery. 

David William Cheever, M. D., Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Anatomy. 

Ezra Abbot, A. M., Assistant Librarian. 

Chas. E. Buckingham, M. D., Adjunct Professor 
of the Theory and Practice of Medicine. 

Edward Hammond Clarke, M. D., Professor 
of Materia Medica. 

Ernst Karl Friedrich Krauss, Instructor in Ger- 

Francis J. Child, Ph.D. Boylston Professor of 
Rhetoric and Oratory. 

Calvin Ellis, M. D., Adjunct Professor of 
Clinical Medicine. 

James C. White, M. D., Adjunct Professor of 

George M. Lane, Ph.D., University Professor of 

Raphael Pumpelly, Professor of Mining, in the 
School of Mining and Practical Geology. 

James Jennison, A. M., Tutor in Elocution. 

Josiah P. Cook, A. M., Erving Professor of 
Chemistry and Mineralogy. 

William W. Goodwin, Ph.D., Eliot Professor 
of Greek Literature. 

Elbridge Jefferson- Cutler, A. B., Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Modern Languages. 

Ephraim W. Gurney, A. B., Assistant Professor 
of Latin. 

Joseph Winlock, A. M., Director of the Observa- 
tory, and Phillips Professor of Astronomy. 

James Mills Peirce, A. M., Assistant Professor 
of Mathematics. 

Edwin Pliny Seaver, A. B., Tutor in Mathemat- 

Isaac Flagg, A. B., Tutor in Greek. 

George A. Hill, A. B., Tutor in Chemistry. 

James B. Greenough, A. B., Tutor in Latin. 

Bennett Hubbard Nash, A. M., Instructor in 
Italian and Spanish. 

Josiah S. Lombard, M. D., Assistant Professor 
of Physiology in the Medical School. 

Louis Thies, Curator of the Gray Collection of 

John Knowles Paine, Instructor in Music. 

William G. Stearns, A. M., Steward. 

John B. Dana, Assistant Steward and Patron, 
Office No. 1 Harvard Row. 

Religious Societies in Cambridge. 

Harvard Street Baptist Church. 

Rev. Wm. Howe, Pastor. Josiah Sparrow, 
Deacon. Gustavus A. Puffer, Clerk. Jacob Ea- 
ton, Treasurer. Church constituted May 9, 1865. 
Robert 0. Fuller, Superintendent of Sab- 
bath School. 

First Parish in Cambridge — Unitarian. 

Harvard square opposite Harvard College. 
William Newell, Pastor. Elbridge Knights, Sex- 
ton, resides in Brighton Street. Wm. Everett, 
Wm. M. Vaughan, Isaac Hyde. Parish Com- 
mittee. C. R. Metcalf, Clerk, Treasurer and 
Collector. There is a Ministerial Fund belong- 
ing to the First Parish, amounting to between 
$1,400 and $1,500. The Trustees of said fund 
are: — Chas. Vaughan, William L. Whitney, 
Abel Willard, M. T. Bigelow, Chas. R. Metcalf, 
Andrew S. Wait, R. M. Hodges. Wm. L. Whit- 
ney, Treasurer. 



Shepard Congregational Society — Trinitarian. 

• — Pastor. Arthur Merrill, Treasurer. 

Prudential Committee, Stephen T. Farwell, 
Chairman. Geo. S. Saunders, Clerk. Benj. F. 
Wyeth, Sexton, resides Winthrop street. 

Christ Church— Episcopal. 
Garden street. Nicholas Hoppin, Rector. S. 
Batchelder, jr., Senior Warden. Gardner J. 
White, Junior Warden. William Wright, Clerk 
and Treasurer. L. W. Connell, Sexton, resides 

St. Peter's Church— Catholic. 
Concord avenue — Observatory Hill. 


Manasses P. Dougherty, Pastor. John Calla- 
han, Sexton. 

Old Cambridge Baptist Society. 
Head of Kirkland street. Rev. C. W. Anable, 
Pastor. Joshua G. Gooch, Chairman Standing 
Committee. John B. Dana, Treas. Austin J. 
Coolidge, Clerk. Wm. T. Richardson, Collector. 
John B. Wyeth, Sexton, resides Brattle street, 
opposite Brattle House. 

Allen Street Congregational Society — Unita- 
Allen street, North Cambridge. Rev. John 
M. Masters, Pastor. Sargent C. Whitcher, 
Chairman Standing Committee. J. A. Sawyer, 
Clerk. F. Ivers, Treasurer. Standing Com- 
mittee, Nelson Howe, J. B. Nason, R. S. Ed- 
wards, J. H. Woodward. D. D. Claflin, Sexton, 
resides Maple place. 

North Cambridge Baptist Society. 
North avenue. Rev. J. C. Whitman, Pastor 
Henry R. Grover, Chairman Standing Commit- 
tee. Warren Sanger, Clerk and Treasurer. 
Nathan AVilson, Sexton, resides Orchard street 
corner Russell. 

Lee Street Church — Unitarian. 
Rev. A. W. Stevens, Pastor. J. C. Dodge, 
Chairman Standing Committee. Geo. B. Eaton, 
Treas. Watson G. Cutler, Clerk. John Harlow, 
Sexton, resides Pine street. 

Cambridgeport Parish — Unitarian. 
Austin street. Rev. Henry C. Badger, Pastor. 
Isaac Livermore, Chairman Parish Committee. 
Roland Litchfield, jr., Treasurer. Alanson 
Bigelow, jr., Clerk. Roland Litchfield, jr., Sex- 
ton and Undertaker, resides Main street, corner 

Second Methodist Episcopal Society. 
Harvard, opposite Essex street. Rev. Henry 
W. Warren, Pastor. G. W. King, Chairman of 
Trustees. J. C. Wilder, Sexton, house Austin, 
corner Essex. 

First Methodist Episcopal Society. 
Cambridge street, corner Third. Rev. J. P. 
Collier, Pastor. Horatio N. Hovey, Chairman 
of Trustees. A. H. Stevens, Treasurer. C. V. 
Bradbury, Clerk. William Adams, Sexton, re- 
sides 62 Otis. 

First Evangelical Church — Congregational. 

Pastor. Charles W. Warner, Sumner 

Albee, William Davis, Deacons. John Savage, 

jr., Treasurer. Joseph G. Bicknell, Sexton, re- 
sides 7 Lincoln place. 

First Baptist Society. 
Magazine, junction of River. Rev. Sumner 
R. Mason. Pastor. Martin L. Smith, Albert 
Vinal, Nathan C. Lombard, Isaac C. Holmes, 
Josiah W. Cook, Edward Crosby, John Ford, Wm 
G. Tarbell, John H. Dodge, Trustees. Albert 
Vinal, Treasurer. J. A. Holmes, Clerk. A. L. 
Barbour, Sexton. 

St. Peter's Church — Episcopal. 
Main street, corner Vernon. Rev. Edwin B. 
Chase, Rector. Edward R. Gogswell and Wil- 
liam W. Dallinger, Wardens. Benj. A. Pettin- 
gill, Clerk. William W. Dallinger, Treasurer. 
Wm. Taylor, Sexton, resides Erie st. 

First Universalist Society. 
Main street, junction of Front. Rev. Charles 
A. Skinner, Pastor. Rufus Lamson, Ward E. 
Wright, James H. Hall, Benjamin F. Sparrow, 
Joseph Whittemore, Standing Committee. Sam- 
uel King, Treasurer. William B. Pear, Clerk. 
Enoch J. Howlett, Sexton and Undertaker, re- 
sides Washington, corner Pine. 

Second Baptist Society. 
Cambridge Street, corner of Fourth. Rev. 
Frank R. Morse. Pastor. Henry S. Hills, 
Chairman Standing Committee, Henry S. Hills, 
Treasurer. Isaac F. Jones, Clerk. Charles 
Tates, Sexton, Third near Camb. 

Evangelical Congregational Society. 
South Second street. Rev. Nathaniel Migbill, 
Pastor. J. H. Taylor, Chairman Standing 
Committee. William Wyman, Treasurer. Geo. 
W. Fifield, Clerk. Charles Coolidge, Sexton, re- 
sides Sixth street. 

Third Congregational Society — Unitarian. 

Third, corner Thorndyke street. Rev. Stephen 
G. Bullfinch, Pastor. George Stevens, Chair- 
man Standing Committee. John Palmer, Trea- 
surer. Henry B. Leighton, Clerk. James 
Hunter, Sexton, resides Winter, near Fifth 

Second Universalist Society. 

Otis, near Fourth street. Pastor. E. 

Spare, jr., Chairman Standing Committee. C. 
W. White, Treasurer. Joseph D. Wellington, 
Clerk J. S. Rowe, Sexton, resides Thorndike, 
corner Sixth. 

St. John's Church — Catholic. 
South Fourth street. Rev. J. W. Donahoe, 
Pastor. William Casey, Sexton, Clerk and Un- 
dertaker, resides Fourth street, near Spring. 

Holmes Congregational Society. 
North avenue. Rev. William Carruthers, 
Pastor. James R. Morse, Chairman Standing 
Committee. John W. Gerry, Treasurer. James 
R. Morse, Clerk. W. Coleman, Sexton. 

Stearns Chapel. 
On Harvard street, between Windsor and 
Clark streets. Mission formed in 1850. Build- 
ing erected and dedicated 1863. Rev. Edward 
Abbott, Pastor. John N. Merriam, Superinten- 



dent of School. Mr. Clapp, Secretary. Henry 
W. Young, Librarian and Treasurer. Robert 
Terrier, ^Assistant Librarian. John K. Nay, 
Teacher of Music. 

Union Mission connected with Stearns Chapel. 

Rev. William R. Stone, Missionary. Mrs. 
Wm. R. Stone, President. Mrs. J. M. Meriam, 
Mrs. J. H. Fuller, Vice-Presidents. Mrs. A. T. 
Whittemore, Secretary. Miss Anna Rundlett 
Treasurer. Mrs. H. M. Fiske, Chairman Pru- 
dential Committee, Prospect st. Congregational 
Church. Mrs. Sampson, Lee street Unitarian. 
Mrs. J. R. Ellis, Universalist. Mrs. Hosea Clark, 
Austin Street, Unitarian. Mrs. Edward Hyde, 
Episcopal. Mrs. Woolson, Methodist. 

Mission Committee: Rev. Edward Abbott, 
Pastor, ex officio. Sumner Albee (deacon), C. 
H. Warner (deacon), J. W. Gates, Chairman. 
B. R. Tilton, Secretary. John N. Meriam. Trea- 
surer. Eben M. Dunbar, A. T. Frothingham, 
T. H. Sparrow, C. B. Grover, C. R. Patch. 

Societies, Arc. 

Dana Library. 

Rooms in Masonic Hall ; open every Wednes- 
day and Saturday from 4 to 8 P. M. Trustees, 
His Honor the Mayor, Chairman ex officio, 
Messrs. Charles Deane, Anson Hooker, W. W. 
Wellington, Sumner Albee, Charles W. Elliott. 
Librarian, Miss Caroline F. Orne. 

This is a public library, and is open to every 
one who resides in Cambridge, and will pay one 
dollar a year. It contains 3100 volumes. Ad- 
ditions are constantly made. 

Dowse Institute. 

Trustees. His Honor the Mayor and the Presi- 
dent of the Common Council, ex officiis.. Charles 
Deane, J. Warren Merrill. W. W. Wellington, 
John C. Dodge, John S. March. Charles Deane, 
President and Treasurer. W W. Wellington, 

The Executors of the will of Thomas Dowse, 
appropriated $10,000 for the establishment and 
support of an annual course of Public Lectures 
in Cambridge, under the name of the Dowse 
Institute. The first Lecture was delivered by 
Hon. Edward Everett, Dec. 7, 1858, at the 
City Hall. 

East Cambridge Female Charitable Society. 

Formed 1824. Composed of ladies from the 
several religious societies. Officers for 1866 : 
President, Mrs. James Jewett ; Vice-President, 
Mrs. Wm. Hunnewell ; Treasurer, Mrs. Mary 
Parmenter ; Secretary, Mrs. Lorenzo Marrett. 
Collector, Mrs. Enos Reed. 

Cambridge Lyceum. 
President, R. M. Hodges. Secretary and 
Treasurer, A. H. Ramsay. Trustees, Chas. R. 
Metcalf, Stephen T. Farwell, Philip Nutting, 
F. M. Stimson, Ebenezer Francis, Augustus A. 
Whitney, A. H. Ramsay. 

Cambridge Horticultural Association. 
Organized October, 1860. President, Chas. 
M. Hovey. Vice-Presidents, Asa Bullard, Alex. 
Dickerman, Wm. H. Brooks, Joel Parker. 
Treasurer, Lewis Wheeler. Secretary , J. C. 
Hovey. Executive Committee, C. M. Hovey, 
Lewis Wheeler, Hervey Davis, P. B. Hovey, 

Alex. Dickerman. Library Committee, James 
Mann, D. W. Niles, J. C, Hovey. 

Irving Literary Association. 
This Association meets in Irving Hall, cor- 
ner of Main and Norfolk sts., on Friday eve- 
nings, at 7 1-2 o'clock. President, T. H. Emer- 
son. Vice-President, J. Warren Cotton. Li- 
brarian, F. W. West. Treasurer, Geo. W. Clapp. 
Recording Secretary, Chas. F. Goodridge. 
Corresponding Secretary, Chas. F. Chandler. 
The above officers constitute the Board of 

Cambridge Humane Society. 
President, S. T. Farwell. Treasurer, A. H. 
Ramsay. Secretary, John C. Farnham. Trus- 
tees, Rev. John A. Albro, A. P. Peabody, Wm. 
T. Richardson, Prof. F. J. Child, Rev. William 
Newell. Agent, 

Howard Benevolent Society. 

This Society was formed in 1851. Its object 
is to relieve the sufferings of the poor and un- 
fortunate. Its officers are as follows : Presi- 
dent, W. H. Brooks. Secretary, Benjamin M. 
Jones. Treasurer, Joseph Whittemore. Mana- 
gers — District No. 1, M. Smith; District No. 
2. M. E. Cushman; District No. 3, J. Stacy 
Read ; District No. 4, Wm. W. Burrage ; Dis- 
trict No. 5, B. M. Jones, District No. 6, J. W. 
Harris ; District No. 7, J. W. Harris ; District 
No. 8, Joseph Whittemore. 

Application for aid to be made to any one of 
the Managers. 

Cambridge High School Association. 
President, Wm. Everett. Vice-Presidents, 
D. T. Wade, W. W. Burrage, H. P. Arnold, J. 

B. Wiggin, G. A. Smart. Secretary, • 

Treasurer, C. K. Ware. Executive Committee. 
Ward 1, Mr. E. A. Ramsav, Miss Sarah White ; 
Wd. 2, Mr. John W. Whiton, Miss. S. C. Fisher ; 
Wd. 3, Mr. O. D. Hazard, Miss M, M. Mitchell ; 
Wd. 3, Mr. W. G. Cutter, Miss L. B. Winnett ; 
Wd. 5, Mr. H. Staples Potter, Miss H. M. Rog- 
ers. Orator, Constant F. Davis. Poet, George 
M. Folsom. 

Union Lodge No. 5 of the American Protestant 
Hall, Cambridge Street. 

Mutual Relief Society. 
St. John's Church, East Cambridge. — Mi- 
chael Deacon, President. John Corcoran, Vice- 
President. Thos. Carroll, Secretary. James 
Alward, Treasurer. Thos. M'Namara, Book- 

Young Men's Sodality. 
St. John's Church, Fourth, East Cambridge. 
James O'Donnell, Prefect ; John Burk, 1st As- 
sistant ; David Clary, 2nd Assistant ; Daniel 
Shaughnessy, Secretary ; Henry Morris, Treas. ; 
John B. Curtis, Chorister. 

St. John's M. R. Society, East Cambridge. 

Thomas E. McNamara, President ; Patrick 
Calinan, Vice-President ; James Aylward, Trea- 
surer ; Bernard F. Nugent, Secretary ; 500 
members ; David Hefferman, Book-keeper. 



Putnam Hall Association. 
Incorporated 1861. President, K. S. Chaffee ; 
Secretary, George L. Mitchell ; Treasurer, James 
M. Price. Office 55 Cambridge street. 

Ladies' Samaritan Society, East Cambridge. 
Meets the first Monday in each month. Pres- 
ident, Mrs. Joel Robinson. Vice-President, 
Mrs. William Longshaw. Secretary, Mrs. Chas. 

St. John's Literary Institute. 
East Cambridge. Meets last Friday of every 
month, at Institute Hall, 77 Cambridge street. 
J. J. Kelley, President. T. Sullivan, Vice-Pre- 
sident. E. B. Munan, Secretary. J. Sullivan, 

Young Men's Union. 
Lyceum, East Cambridge. Meets every Mon- 
day night in S. of T. Hall, Lechmere Bank 
Building. F. D. Wheeler, President. J. M. 
Leonard, Secretary. 

Cambridge Typographical Union. 
President, George Seaward. Vice-President, 

. Rec. Secretary, A. Rollins. Cor. 

Secretary, N. Benney. Financial Secretary, 
M. L. Schubarth. Sergeant-at-Arms, F. A. 


The Masonic Lodges of Cambridgeport meet 
in the new Masonic Hall, Main Street. 

Amicable Lodge — Meets on the first Thurs- 
day evening in every month, at Friendship Hall, 
Pearl street, Cambridgeport. 

Henry Endicott, W.M. ; Eben Denton, S. W.; 
F. H. Gregory, J. W. ; Nathan Fiske, Treas- 
urer ; Charles Tufts, Secretary. 

Mount Olivet Lodge. — Meets on the third 
Thursday in every month, at Old Cambridge. 

B. F. Nourse, W. M. ; Wm. Wright, S. W.; 
Henry W. Muzzey, J. W. ; E. D. Harris, Secre- 
tary ; J. C. Phillips, Treasurer. 

Putnam Lodge. —Meets at Odd Fellows Hall, 
Cambridge street, on the third Monday of every 

Henry B. Leighton, W. M. ; Thomas Chaffee, 
S. W. ; Joseph W. Whittaker, J. W. ; George 
L. Mitchell, Treasurer ; Luther L. Parker, Sec- 

Cambridge R. A. Chapter.— Meets at Friend- 
ship Hall. 

H. Thomas, jr., H. P. William F. Knowles, 
King. Jos. G. Holt, Scribe. C. C. Allen, 
Treasurer. F. W. Gregory, Secretary. 



New England Lodge, No. 4, East Cambridge. 
Meets every Friday evening, in Odd Fellows' 
Hall, on Cambridge street. 

G. H. Loomis, N. G. H. B. Rooney, Y. G. 
T. Goodfellow, Secretary. C. W. Wright, Treas- 

Friendship Lodge, No. 20, Cambridgeport. 
Meets every Monday evening, at Friendship 
Hall, Pearl street, 


United Temple of Honor, No. 7. Meets every 
second and fourth Tuesday of each Month, at 
Sons of Temperance Hall. 

Union Division, No. 8, S. of T., East Cam- 
bridge. Meets every Thursday evening, at Sons 
of Temperance Hall, over Lechmere Bank. 

Charles River Division, No. 38, S. of T. 
Meets every Monday evening, at Williams Hall 

Crystal Fount Union, No. 35, Daughters op 
Temperance. Meets semi-monthly, on Wednes- 
day evenings, at Sons of Temperance Hall. 

Social Council, No. 1, Sons and Daughters 
op Temperance. Meets semi-monthly, on 
Wednesday evenings, at Sons of Temperance 

Independent Order op Good Templars. — 
Hawkins Lodge. Meets Friday evenings, at 
Williams Hall. 

Temperance Reform Association. Meets on 
Sunday evenings, at Williams Hall. 

Unity Division, No. 150, S. of T. Meets on 
Thursday evenings, at Washington Hall. 

Temperance and Mutual Relief Society, 
connected with St. Peter's Catholic Church. 
Peter Kendall, President. Denis J. Crowley, 

Temperance Society, St. John's, E. Cam- 
bridge. Patrick Rafferty, President. Thomas 
Carroll, Vice-President. John Goodwin, Secre- 
tary. Thomas Corrigan, Treasurer. 

Williams Temple of Honor, No. 10. Meets 
every Wednesday evening, at Friendship Hall, 
Pearl street. 

Olive Branch Society. Temple of Honor. 
Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month, 
at Sons of Temperance Hall. 


&&&i@>3 f£t@&t> 



No. 451 Main Street, (Basement,) 


All orders promptly attended to. 


Marble and Stone Works, 


Mount Auburn St. and Brattle Square, 


Corner Essex and Main Si 


J1) 3 2> 



Main St, Rear of Wood's Wooden Block, 

The above business has been carried on by Mr. M. 29 years. 

Cambridge Directory. 

Manufacturers, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 


Of every description, constantly on hand. 

Coffins and Caskets made to Order, 

at shortest notice. 

Cor. Bridge and Third Streets, 


i a Guffaa 

WM. C. BROOKS & Co., 




Wharf on Bridge Street. 

Adjoining the Bay State Glass Works. 

East Cambridge. 


6. R. TURNER, 

Keeps constantly on hand a rich assortment of 




And all other 

IVTo. 431 Main Street, 


« »>» . 

Mourning made at Short Notice. 
{J^A full assortment of GERMAN WORSTEDS.*^ 




Patent Trip«Hamm©p 

Common, Half Patent, and Patent 

Axles, Crow Bars, Tire Benders, 

Windlass Necks, &c. 

Cambridge Directory. 


?Ik?$t@tmm @mA She g©@m 9 

No. 8 Norfolk Street, 

Office Hours, 
3 and 7 £». M. 






> 9 vmvrtffl 
In their Season. 


Orders may also be left at J. UHRIG'S, 418 MAIN 


©@^t© W* IS*©© 



Of every description, 

43 Cambridge St. E. Cambridge, 




D. JR. Flagg, 

B. W. Favor. 


150 Cambridge St. Boston. 

Best Brands of Flour. 

Quality of Teas and Coffees, 

66 66 66 -r-i 


A Select Assortment of Flour, Teas, Sugars, <&c, constantly 

on hand. 

All Orders promptly attended to, and delivered free of charge. 

Depot For 



Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, Theological and 
Philosophical, For Sale, Wholesale and Retail, by 


3 Beacon Street, - - Boston. 


wi rnrnt Smh Ps>imte5>* 

4H ©g»M Mi© @tse@t 9 


Job Printino of every description done in the neatest manner, and at the 
most reasonable prices. 


Cambridge Directory. 

mmm, wmmAm & @@ 

Of all Descriptions, at Wholesale and Retail, 

82, 84 & 86 Union St. Boston. 




All kinds of Trunk Stock at Manufacturer's Prices. Orders 
for Shipping and Repairing executed speedily. 

>$ S)$ 



Office, 15 Congress Street, 

(Over the Banking House of SPENCER, VILA & CO.) 

(^ a Real Estate of every description sold at Auction in all 
parts of the country. 

Houses, Stores, Farms and Lands in every section of the 
city or country bought, sold at private sale, let or exchanged. 


Office hours 10 to 2, 3 to 5. The best references given. 

Justice of the ^eace for acknowledgment of jDeeds, &c. 


iff t§§i 




iv o jOju 

Introduced Monthly 







Cambridge Directory. 

mh% Silte fRla$$ f§fl* t 


I JBa &, m I 






jpAN? ©wiiiii, mmm wars, 


lit Milk @>tGQQ% « » ®@it@m< 


At Cambridgeport, Mass. 




Liverpool, England. 

Boston Office, Nos. 1 & 3 Kilby St. 


Agent and Attorney. 
TV. C. MIGGIJYSOW, Surveyor, 


Authorized Capital, £2,000,000, or $10,000,000 

Paid up Capital and Reserves £1,160,649, or $6,000,000 
Annual Fire Premium £406,403, or $2,000,000 

Total Annual Revenue £600,000, or $3,000,000 

Shareholders liable for all obligations of the Company, 

Insurance against Zoss by Fire, at current ?-ates, either for 

Sho?*t periods or for terms of years, 


1st.— The Royal Insurance Company, founded in 1845, has xeveb amal- 
gamated with any other company. 

2d. — A full and satisfactory exhibit of the business and condition of this 
Company is always afforded by its annual returns to our Insur- 
ance Commissioners. 

3d. — Its uniform practice guarantees Promptness and Liberality in 
the settlement of Losses. 

Applications for Insurance will be received either at the 
Boston Office, or by 





Cambridge Directory. 

The Cambridge C 




@©@sg© Ms&@f| Fs@psl©t@^ 

It is devoted to the interests of the City of Cambridge, to 

Literature, Art, Local and General News, &c, and 

is one of the best mediums for advertising, 

in the vicinity of Boston. 




.was, wumm f miimm- 


Also Large and Small 


In every desirable style and size of Type. 

459 Main Street, . . . Cambridgeport. 

Opposite Pearl Street. 

Advertisements. 11 




This press will stamp or emboss letters and envelopss, and cancel 
effectually revenue stamps at a cost of less than half as much. 

Manufactory, IS & 19 Brattle Square Boston. 




Office, No. 1 Scollay's Building, 

Court Street, BOSTOH. 

♦ > ♦ < ♦ 

Also, at Private Sale, Houses, Stores, and Lands in every section of the 
City ; and Country Residences, Farms, and Lands in every part of the 


M* m, MM®, 




Nearly opposite Harvard Street, ©AS 


Orders by Mail, or left at his residence, Broadway, n. Prospect, receive 
prompt attention. 



Felt & Composition, Slate, Tin & Mastic 



12 Cambridge Directory. 



101 COURT, (opposite Howard St.) 

B O © T O JV. 

Hats made to order. 

H. B. WARD, 


Fat ©ta®© ? tal© ®mtk ^©ailmi 



And Negotiator of Mortgages, 

No. 2 Court Square, 
Tudor's Building BOSTOE 

J. M 8 SlIEfS & S®« , 


Cherry Street, Corner Eaton. 



OK ¥ If AN Oil 

Office, No. 2 Court Square, 

<2i«£or's ^zczldzTig, BOSTON. 

Deeds received for Middlesex, E&sex, and Norfolk Registries. 

Advertisements. 13 

mm & nmyim, 


Patented, March 22, 1864. 

We have received our Patent from the U. S. for our 

Self-Sealing, Air-Tight, Transportation and Burial 

They can be sealed by any person, and are perfectly Air-Tight. 


©WM1M4& wre®M Aram 

Attend to any duty connected with their Profession, at the 
shortest notice, at their Warerooms, 


May be found the largest assortment of Coffins and Caskets, to be found in 
the city. Also, Grave Clothes of all sizes and qualities. 

All orders left at Wareroom, or at House, 72 Green St. or 
at the House over 928 Washington St. promptly attended to. 

P1STSRI flliES MB TOSI-l^fl?©0?§» 


(Successor to J. DeQUEDVILLE,) 


A. good, assortment kept constantly on hand, 
and made to order. 


457 Main Street, Woods' Block, Cambridgeport. 


A good supply of Umbrellas and Gloves, of various styles and prices. 


Cambridge Directory. 







Liberal Cash Advances made on Consignments. Sales of 
Real Estate and Personal Property effected upon the most rea- 
sonable terms. 

A large assortment of Furniture and Housekeeping Goods, 
at private sale at auction prices. Second hand Furniture, 
Bedding, &c. solicited for our Sale at Auction on Saturday. 


- ' " WW 





No. 183 Cambridge St. Boston. 


Near Junctton of Broadway and Main Street, near the 
Bridge, Cambridgeport. 

■ »»» i 

Orders by Mail will receive Prompt Attention. 

Advertisements. 15 






Shoulder Braces, Pads and Skirts, Skirt Elevators, Nelson's Skirt Support- 
ers, Briggs' and Lamont's Systems of Dress Cutting 
taught, and Diagrams for Sale. 



445 Main St., Cambridgeport. 





Main Street, Irving House Block, 

w fbAvS 158 ' ] CAMBRIDGEPORT. 

Upholstering and Repairing promptly attended to. 

§taj f Mto' & tote' |mir §xmm$ §mm$. 


The subscriber having taken these Rooms and fitted them up in a neat 
and tasteful style is now prepared to neatly execute the different branches 
of the business, such as Hair Cu.ting, Curling, Hair Dyeing, Shaving, 
Champooing, &c. &c. Razors honed at short notice. Particular attention 
paid to cutting Ladies' and CI ildren's Hair. 
A share of the public patronage is respectfully solicited. 

Very Respectfully, 




Cambridge Directory. 



French lurr Millstones? 

And MILL GEARING of all descriptions. 



Of all sizes, for grinding Grain. Salt, Coal, Spices, Coffee, Plaster, &c. &c. 

MACHINERY of all kinds for FLOUR and GRIST MILLS, and 
Mill Furnishings of every description. 





© T E DP ©, 

and Drivers, 


and Separators, 

Flour Packers, 




and Bails, 

Corn and Cob 


Screen Wire, 

&c. Jbc. 

Best Oak Tanned Leather Belting, 

Constantly in stock at Manufacturers Prices. 

For Grinding in Oil, double and single. 

Putty mills, Mixers, and all kinds of Machinery used in the manufac- 
ture of Paints and Colors. 



For Manufacturers, and Brainard's Hand Paint Mills, for Painters' use, various sizes. 
Lac Dye Chasers, X/ochineal Pulverizer, and Dry Mills of all kinds, 

Improved Turbine Water Wheels, 

9 & 11 Haverhill, and 2 Beverly Sts. 




Flour or Grist Mills contracted for entire, if desired, with Engine 
or Water Wheel. 












(Next to Phillips' Cigar Store,) 

Cambridge Directory. 



And Wholesale Dealers in Feather Dusters. 

No. 58 Cambridge Street, 

SmfflSSl M&MT OAMBMPfla. 

WM. A. MUNROE, ~~ 

&m%t&Q>w@®w 9 Appeal®©© 






Main St., near West Boston Bridge. 


2 BEST , 
8c INK 


For Marking Clothing. 

^Business iPlates, for Merchants and Manufacturers. 

Agents supplied with plates, and the trade with stock. 


M. J. METCALF & SON, 101 Union Street, Boston. 



Park©p Sewing Machine^ 






s.i.jiii:l, h*. HonajES, .igent. 

Salesroom, 106 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 


®*fl»H», #etw6, <$»#&&, m& MxWk 


Tobacco, Snuff, and. SegaiCascs, Meerschaum, Amber, 

and Horn Segar Holders, Match Safes, Tobacco 

Pouches, and all kinds of Pipe Stems, 


HAVANA AND DOMESTIC SEGARS, of all brands, and all kinds of CHEWING and 
LEAF TOBACCO constantly on hand. Rubber, China, Lava, Clay Pipes, Segar Lighters &c. 

131, 123, 135 & 138 COURT ST., 

Also, Agent for Gail & Ax's i "R O d T O "XT 

Smoking Tobacco, S JD \J O ± KJ Hi . 




H4K® WARM 41© M@VE 

Also, Furnaces, Ranges, Registers, Grates, Tin-Ware, &c. 

All kinds of Tin and Sheet Iron Work done in the best manner. 

u.iiiwmn SQUJMRE, 



Cambridge Directory. 

L 1 



Established, A. D. 1837. 

Office, cor. Court and Hanover Streets, 

Concert Sail Building, - BOSTON. 

Will Bye and Finish in the hest manner 

Satins, Lustrings, Gros de Naps, Thibets, Alepines,, Silk and 
Cotton Velvets, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons, &c. &c. 


Thibet, DeLaine, Alepine, Alpacca, Silk, Satin, and Lyonese Dresses. 
Crape, Stella, and all other woolen Shawls and Scarfs. Straw, Velvet, Silk, 
Plush, and Uncut Velvet Bonnets. All kinds of Cloth Capes and Cloaks. 
Crape Veils done to look like new. Moreen and Damask Curtains, and 
Furniture Plush. Gentlemen's Coats, Pantaloons, and Vests done without 
ripping, and warranted not to smut. Silk Parasols and Sun Shades, done 
whole. Silk and Woolen Fringes, Tassels, Gimps, and Trimmings of every 
kind. Silk Dresses watered in the best style. White Crape and Cashmere 
Shawls Cleansed. Kid Gloves cleansed by a new process, which leaves the 
goods as soft, elastic, and free from odor, as ever. Carpets, Rugs, Blankets, 
Table Covers, Counterpanes, Window Shades, Lace and Muslin Curtains, 
&c. cleansed and done up to look like new goods. 

H. R. HARDING, Agent. 




Cigars, Pipes, 
Wines, A.le, Porter 

61 & 63 Blackstone St. \ 




Dealer in all kinds of 




Residence 24 McLean Street, Boston. 

Advertisements. 21 





T E RM S: 
One Tear, Cin advance) ------- $2.50 

Six Months, " ------- 1.25 


Advertisements inserted at the following rates : — One square, (10 lines 
nonpareil type), one insertion. $1 ; every subsequent insertion, 50 cts. The 
same space for three months, $6; for six months, $11 ; for one year, $20. 


393 Main St., opp. Universalis! Church, Cambridgeport. 




Second hand Furniture bought at liberal prices, and sold at a 

fair profit. 
All kinds of Stoves repaired, and Linings furnished. 



ftoi gttdia ffiwflg, €Wxu $mv, Wm, (Mitt, §titt*r, 


And all kinds of Goods kept in first class grocery stores ; also every variety of 


129 Cambridge Street, 

Next door to J. Butterworth's Apothecary Store, 101T0SL 






Opposite the \ BOSTON. 

Head of Sudbury Street, \ 


Cambridge Directory. 


No. 76 Cambridge Street, 


Office formerly occupied 
by S.H.I olsom. 

And City Constable, 

Cor. Main St. & Western Av. j H ^S2iS.| Cambridgeport. 

Houses For Sale and To Let. 

All business in either capacity entrusted to my care, will 

receive prompt attention. 



Cake, Preserves, *Pickles, Jams and Jellies. 

No. 120 Tremont St. 

Opposite Park Street Church, l©! 



Prices Moderate; One of the Oldest Establish- 
ments in Boston. 


L E A VI T T, 

No. 91 COURT ST. j e ~hZS, I BOSTON.- 

Open every evening the year round until o'clock. 






For the Purchasing, Leasing, Buying, Selling, and Exchanging Houses, 
Lands, Stores, Saloons, Hotels, and all kinds of Business chances. 

2^=" Particular attention paid to the collection of Rents, Dividends, and 
Interest. No charge, except for actual expenses incurred or services 

Those wishing to purchase Stores, Saloons, etc. will do well to call. 
T. Wilson, J. M. Bannister. J. H. Rollins . 


Cor. First & Otis Sts. 

East Cambridge. 



Cor. Main & Douglass Sts. Cambridgeport. 


BISF, &AN§, VSAt, 10??©! % P©IR, 

VEGETABLES AND FRUIT of every variety, in their Season. 

All orders promptly attended to, and Goods delivered free of expense. 


Office in Boston, 97 Washington St, 

All clothes received will be Washed and Ironed unless oth- 
erwise directed. 

Manufacturers, Steamboats, Hotels, &c. will be dealt with 
on the most liberal terms. 

Goods delivered to any part of the city free of expense. 
Work done with neatness and despatch. LEONARD COX, Proprietor, 

24 Cambridge Directory. 




Adjoining Revere House, BOST OH. 

Balls, Routs and Parties furnished with Suppers, 
on short notice. 

©ml© & 8®a, 

Known as the Pearl Street Grocery. 




§tttt*r, (8>ltm f Wmil, Jtor, &ltfh t Jfttpr, & iMit»! 

Citizens of Cambridge : — Please patronize the New- 
Store, and we will suit you in goods and prices. 



Bayley's Glycerine Compound, Bayley's Superior Court 

Plaster, Colognes, Perfumery and Toilet Articles of all kinds. 

Agent for all the reliable Patent Medicines. 

m. Mccormick, 

Cor Harrison and Main Street, CAMBRIDGEPORT. 

Family Groceries of every kind constantly on hand at the lowest 
cash prices, and sent free of expense. Also dealer in 

For Sale at the lowest cash prices ; delivered free of charge, orders rec'd at 

Office, 295 Main Street, Cambridgeport. 

(Nearly opposite Allen & Endicott's Foundry.) 

Advertisements. 25 


Manufacturers of 



Importers of 



Paintings and Engravings, 






26 Cambridge Directory. 

By J. M. OOOK, 

Nos. 106, 108 & MO CONGRESS STREET, 

Boston, Mass. 

J. M. C. having perfected arrangements for doing a more extensive busi- 
ness in the manufacturing of Stained and Cut Glass in all its branches, and 
especially in getting up Memorial Church Windows in all of the best 
styles, hopes to give the best of satisfaction. 

We also get up the best style of Panel lights, Skylights, Flock, Enamelled, 
Embossed, Plain and Stained Glass of all colors. 




Cor. Cambridge «£ Fifth Sts. 

MAWS OAMllllfil* 


Choice Oolong, Japan & Green Teas, 

Pimm Hatter, fSfctm, &M&,«&t* 

Goods delivered to any part of the city, free of Expense. 

W* I, fllf S, 









in 1 


of Bos^ 

5 Water * 

All kinds of ^Printing neatly executed, 
y Orders for Electrotyping and Stereotyping promptly y 

attended to. 


Cambridge Directory. 








>/• .,, , , 

— < s? — >— 






Eeal Estate Agent, 



Particular attention given to selling Farms in all Parts of the 
New England States. 


Successor to E. DAVIS & CO. 

Manufacturer of the best 


Also, the Celebrated and Original 

SAF©!4SI@OT lllllf 1101, 


Cambridgeport, Mass, 

■%t$him HtmMlOfc Iktiiu 

^ J. 6r. McCarty, Prompter, 

Orders may l>e left at 

&& WATER STREET, Room 1Q 9 

All orders by mail promptly attended to. Terms, moderate. 




55 Water Street, Room 19, Boston. 

30 Cambridge Directory. 






I would say to all afflicted with these terrible diseases, that 
after more than twenty years suffering (much of the time every 
joint in my body racked with pains, being so afflicted that I 
could hardly move a limb for months at a time) , and after 
trying every remedy I could find, with but very little benefit, 
I have succeeded in discovering a perfect cure by experiment- 
with my physician on myself. It not only removes the most 
severe pain in a few hours without the least injury to the con- 
stitution, but strengthens and invigorates the whole system, 
causes quiet and refreshing sleep, creates a good appetite, and 
in every way improves the condition of the patient. It has 
proved to me and to thousands of others to be more valuable 
than silver or gold. I know that no one troubled with these 
diseases will be without it after they once know its value. I 
ask every sufferer to send for a circular giving a full descrip- 
tion of the Medicine and containing many certificates from 
some of the most severe cases I ever knew. 

This Mediciue can be obtained of most druggists. I have 
it prepared in the most careful manner and furnish it to all 
who wish at wholesale or retail at a very low price. 

As I have been a well known business man in Boston for 
the last thirty-five years, and a great sufferer with this disease, 
I believe no one will think this a humbug as is apt to be the 
case with most new medicines, 

"Walter* Bryent, 

Furnace and Stove Dealer, 

15 School Street, Boston, Mass. 


Bryent's Patent Cesspool for Yards and Street Drains. 

AT this time this is a very important thing. It is very cheap and simple, and Is easily 
applied to any Drain. It entirely prevents any smell coming from the Drain, or stagnant 
water remaining in the common (Jesspool. It is of the greatest importance that this should 
be applied to every yard or street drain, to prevent the noxious gases from poisoning the 
atmosphere. I believe no one will fail to adopt it after they once know its value, as it will 
do more to purifv the air than anything else that can be used. 

I would call your attention to my great RADIATING FURNACE, which has proved more 
satisfactory to all those who have had an opportunity to use it than any other Furnace ever 
Introduced It Is very simple and durable, and baa a great radiating surface, and will last 
twenty years without repairs. The radiating narface is so large that it never heats red hot, 
and consequently never burns out, or destroys the purity of the air. There is no lining to 
the pot to burn out or clinker up. Every one using this Furnace will find it a perfectly 
reliable article which they never will want to exchange. 

Advertisements. 31 


Best Nova Scotia Blue Grit 




For Farmers' Machinists' and Glass-Cutters' Use, 

NOS. 13 & 14 LEWIS WHARF & NO, 9 T WHARF, 
5 8 T H . 

J^A large assortment rough and finished constantly on hand. 
Stones cut to order. 



That Changes the days and months without being taken apart. 

Large Stamps for Banks, Railroads, Printing* on Books, 4c. 






©@@Mag ®t@v@8 


Kerosene Oil & Lamps, Bathing Tubs, Sitting & Foot Baths, 

Burning Fluid, Camphene, Lard and Sperm Oil. 

3No. 0£> Union St. - - - - Boston. 

Kerosene Oil "by the Barrel or Gallon. 


Cambridge Directory. 

Supapl@p Plumbing Work 



At Lowest Prices, by 


28 Devonshire St 



:§ §?§ig WARS &M 









All of which are warranted to give satisfaction. The selec- 
tion is of the latest improved patterns in regard to economy of 

Custom made Tin and Copper Ware made to order. Stoves, 
Furnaces, and all kinds of repairing done. 


References.- JOHN S. POLLARD, 21 Prospect Street, 
NATHAN AUSTIN, 47 Auburn Street, 
L. GKEELY, Park Street, 

Boston Commercial College, 

94 Tremont Street, (Two Flights.) 

Practical instruction in Penmanship, Business Correspondence, 

Book-Keeping, Arithmethic, Navigation, Tele- 
graphing, Drafting, See. 

mmw SSSSl^ um \ A - D « BILL, Principal. 




CAMBRIDGE, (lou-kh) FORT, 

Marble Monuments, Tablets, Gravestones *c. *c. designed and made to 


«;ra\itk work of all hivos attended to. 
A share of the public patronage solicited. 

$„ B). Ma comber, 

Importer and Dealer in 


And Manufacturer of 

FHfl SBlE.iS, 

69 Washington Street, 


Ettm& Brass & String Band 

James Norton, Prompter, 

Orders may be left at NTo. 4 High St. A. a. MeCarty; or at Band Room, 

200 Friend St. Boston. 

Dr. E. Y. WHITE, 


Main Street, comer E.sse.r, 


Special attention given to restoring and preserving very bad- 
ly decayed and broken teeth, and to filling and regulating chil- 
drens teeth. 

Teeth inserted in the most approved styles on Gold, Silver 
and Vulcanized Rubber, th$$&fcfcest and most agreeable mate- 
rial now in use. 


Administered in extracting, rendering the operation perfectly 
safe and painless. 

Bifis fe e®, 



Entrance, No. 2 Winter Street, - — Boston. 

Photographs of every size and description taken in the best manner; 
plain finish, colored, or in India ink. at prices ranging from si to $30. 
Fine copies of old or partially faded Daguerreotypes taken. Persons 
having such Daguerreotypes of deeeaed relatives, should have them at- 
tended to at once. 


Now so much in favor with the public, at $3.00 per dozen, equal if not su- 
perior, to any in this country. 

Over One Million of Miniatures 

have been made at their rooms within the past nine years, — more than 
one to every house in the Niew England States. 

The Original Twenty-five Cent Ambrotype and One Dollar 
Photograph Rooms. 

Cor. Winter A* Washington Sts. Boston. 

9 3 3 2 4 

Cambridge Memorial Room 1 
Cambridge Public Library/